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Title: Time Doesn't Heal (working title)
Post by: Cassa_Mirdala'Kotep on August 13, 2010, 11:44:14 AM
This is a work of fan fiction and is in now way an attempt to infringe on the rights or property of Lucas Arts or any other entity. All mando'a phrases found within are property of Karen Traviss and Lucas, used with intention to add to the story and nothing more.


Ca'nara ne gotal'u mirijahaal--shi gotal'u haastal. Time doesn't heal. It only forms a scab.) -Mandalorian proverb

That was one sentiment that Tracinya agreed with today. She'd spent ten years on a planet training boys to men to be the very best warriors they could be. She wasn't alone. There'd been 75 trainers like her, 25 others that were a mixed bag of mongrels with useful skills. She'd taken the call from Jango Fett. Tracinya had a load of creds that made sure her 'doctor's office' wouldn't be going anywhere for a while. She'd been able to get the equipment she needed and then some. Now she was on a battle field starring at familiar armor and cursing as she tried to decide what mattered to her most. The boys she'd trained up and adopted; or the folks she'd signed on with to fight the Republic's invasion.

Tracinya ducked her head and kept working on Ruusan's leg wound doing her best to ignore the fact the ones doing the shooting were the boys she'd adopted. They were just doing their job. Following orders. Haran just like she was.

Ruusan twisted slightly and shot back at the commandos that had surprised them. "They're damn good." she said grudgingly and wincing under her helmet as Tracinya finished sewing up her leg. She didn't watch as Cin wrapped it in a bacta dipped bandage.

Tracinya didn't comment inside she smiled though. Yes her boys had been cross trained very well.

The sounds of the battle around her drifted to background noise as her memories flooded her.

"You have to get up Tomad, do it now!" she yelled at the 8 year old that was also 16. That still bothered her the way the boys aged so fast. It was wrong. She knew if she'd tried to stop it though she wouldn,t have gotten far. Others had tried. They'd regretted it too. She had cried a lot the first weeks on Kamino. Never in front of the boys or the other training instructors. In her own rooms though. Yes. It broke her heart. She got through it, she trained the boys. She watched them grow. Those that didn,t get lost during the training. That was the hardest part when the training wasn,t enough and they used live rounds....

A grenade landed less then a meter from where Tracinya had carried Ruusan to treat her wound. "Osik." She had seconds to react it was either cover Ruusan or try and take the grenade blast herself by covering it with her beskar'gam covered body. "Go!" she growled to Ruusan as she lunged, closed her eyes and waited. Seconds then the deafening boom. Her ears were ringing that was a good thing. She lifted her head slowly, taking stock. Nothing had breached her armor. Her HUD said Ruusan had limped out of range barely. She was currently standing hands raised a few feet from where Tracinya lay.

"Don't move Ma'am." the voice was young, determined and slightly sad, yeap she knew that voice.

"Su'cuy gar Tomad." she said softly, her heart breaking all over again.

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Title: Re: Time Doesn't Heal (working title)
Post by: Cassa_Mirdala'Kotep on August 15, 2010, 05:47:44 PM
Few minutes previous...

The flash of very familiar armor moving across the field from the tree line, to the merc Tomad had shot down made him pause his next shot. The gray plates mixed with red-black and brilliant blue specially on the shoulders. The bright silver clan Goran mark against the blue. Yeap it was Sergeant Tracinya Goran, Doctor, Hacker, Sniper. "Osi'kyr, it's buir out there!" Mav said in Tomad's ear from their shared squad link.

"What do we do now Tom'ika?" Vin asked he didn't want to fire on his buir any more than his brothers did.

"We shoot if she shoots." Runi said in a cool voice, then his side of the link went quiet, meaning he was cursing up a storm to himself that was a blessing of the helmets. Tomad didn't have to guess what his brother was saying. He was saying it too quietly. The last letter from their buir had been short and simple. "Got called in for medical back up on a dirt ball. Oya ade! Cin."

Tomad could easily recall the reply he had sent back. "Being sent to repel farmers and others. Oya, buir! Tomad."

"Mav can you see what buir's up too from up there?" Tomad finally asked since Mav was in the trees above his head, he had the snipers view as Cin had called it during their training days.

"Quick field dressing and buddy carry heading east at 4 o'clock." Mav said dispassionately.

"Squad Tor to Squad Nuna, you reading me Haran?"

"Nuna here, that you Tomad? Haran here."

"Thought you might want to know we just eye balled buir, out there with enemy." Tomad said like he was reporting anything normal about the job.

"... Great she got any uj'alayi with her?" Haran asked his voice all business but even Tomad could tell he was worried.

"Don't know she's tending wounded. Not ours either." Tomad said with a check to Mav
Mav gave a thumbs up.

"Well I pass the message then. Vor'entye ner vod." Haran cut the link and Tomad was sure that Haran had told his brothers.

It wasn't often that the squads that trained together got to work together again. Specially with all the losses on Geonoisis.

"Is there a problem Sergeant?" that was the 'cultured' voice of their Jedi Commander Padawan Zan Juno. Nice kid really but he picked the oddest times to notice the squads emotional dilemas. Tomad chewed his lip thoughtfully under his helmet and then tackled the jedi down as the merc that Tracinya was treating sent some shots their way. He could see it all from Mav's POV in their shared HUD connection.

"Our old training sergeant is out there tending to the wounded mercs." Tomad said as he knelt beside the jedi.

"I see." Zan's deep purple eyes defocused a moment as he looked in the direction of the shots being fired at them. As Mav returned fire.

"Our orders were to subdue the resistance, capture important military leaders and gather information. Would your sergeant have information that we could use?" Zan stated at last.

Tomad was sure Tracinya would know all sorts of information. Whether or not she'd tell anything was another story....

Tomad got with Haran and they figured out how best to get buir and the merc she was tending too. One of them was going to pitch a grenade and if Tracinya did like in training. She tell the other merc to run while she dove on the grenade.

"I hope she's got her good armor on and not that durasteel mimic." Haran muttered under his breath as he got ready to throw the grenade. Tomad, Mav, Vin and Runi all agreed with Haran's hope. Haran's brothers, Orar, Mird, and Kotep where quiet as they got ready to help go after the merc when they ran, it shouldn't be too hard for them to catch the wounded merc. They figured anyway...

"Okay. Ready set and ......" The grenade sailed through the air and landed not too far but not right on top of Tracinya as she was about finished with her field surgery on the other merc, was wearing armor similiar to Goran's but the colors were orange and green. The clan sigal on the armor wasn't the same either so the squads didn,t feel so bad for having shot them and getting ready to capture.

The silence in the collective helmet comlink was absolute. No breath no swallow. They watched as Tracinya Goran jumped and landed over the grenade with a yell for the other to run. The grenade blew up with a deafening roar and lifted the smaller armored woman from the ground slightly. The other ran limped away but was tackled down by Orar and Mird. Kotep coverd them with his DC 15.

Tomad was the first to reach Tracinya as she was lifting her helmet covered head. He kept his relief she was moving out of his voice as he spoke, "Don't move Ma'am."

"Su'cuy gar Tomad."
Title: Re: Time Doesn't Heal (working title)
Post by: Cassa_Mirdala'Kotep on January 20, 2011, 08:09:34 AM
Cin sat at ease in the chair, helmet off, her hands shackled before her, Ruusan was sitting on the other side of the tent, giving the Jedi an evil eye. Zan Juno, was a kid not much older than the troops he commanded. It made Cin sigh. Kids leading kids into battle. Still he'd been diplomatic. He let Cin finish taking care of Ruusan's wounded leg and even did a jedi healing to take away the worst of the pain. Now it was a stand off. Zan was just following orders, he wanted information on their numbers and who was in charge. Ruusan was the current high ranking officer but she wasn't about to admit it and neither was Cin.

Though stand off wasn't quite right. Zan was trying to use the force to get Ruusan to talk. So far it wasn't working. They were both sweating with the effort. Ruusan for fighting it. Zan for trying to get through her defenses.

"You want to tell me what you know." Zan's voice was firm, cultured determined.

"Go jump on your light stick jetii." Ruusan shock back. She added in a few other curses too that made Cin smile.

Tomad and his brothers were standing still, DC's pointed and ready should Ruusan or Cin decide to try something. Though Cin was willing to bet every credit she had that they were talking. Helmets were a wonderful blessing. You could shout yourself hoarse in the privacy of your helmet and the outside world would be none the wiser.

Cin lightly tapped her left hand fingers on her left knee. Using old morse to tell the boys she was so proud of them. And she was, bursting with pride. They'd done there job even though it had been on the other side of the line from her. A parent couldn't ask for more then knowing their kids would be alright in the big bad universe.

Title: Re: Time Doesn't Heal (working title)
Post by: Cassa_Mirdala'Kotep on January 20, 2011, 08:27:45 AM
"Buir's lost weight." Vin's voice was soft in his audio feed. Tomad agreed, There was some silver in her hair now too. Her eyes were bright and alert as ever though. "Dry rat diet even did agree with her." Runi said with a snort.

"When Zan gets through the commanders defenses you think that means we can talk freely? Mav asked his voice hopeful.

"I have no idea." Tomad said evenly.

It was not easy holding a DC on his buir or the one that had hired her to be medic. He did it though. Orders were orders. Still Tomad would have gladly traded places with Haran and his brothers to be out searching for the other mercs.

"You want to tell me what you know." Zan's voice was firm, cultured determined.

"Go jump on your light stick jetii." Ruusan shock back. She added in a few other curses too that made Cin smile.

Tomad had to fight hard not to laugh, his buir had an infectious smile and her laughter could set everyone off. When her fingers tapped her knee lightly, the old morse she'd taught them made his heart ache. She was proud of them.

"Aw geez buir I'm gonna cry." Runi muttered. "It's okay Runi she'll rock you later." Vin shot back.

"You got the heart of fire from her didn't you Tom'ika?" Mav asked.

Tomad had it in his belt. She'd given it to him before he and Mav put the shackles on her wrists. "Elek ner vode." Tomad said. He knew why she'd done it. So if something when wrong the stone would be safe. It ment the world to her as much as they did. He knew that. They all did.
Title: Re: Time Doesn't Heal (working title)
Post by: Cassa_Mirdala'Kotep on June 17, 2012, 12:56:07 AM
Cin had to admire the jetii's guts and nerve he wasn't giving up. Though he and Ruusaan both looked ready to drop. The match of will against force was still
going it had been hours now. The other squad came back with some injuries and one other prisoner. The injuries had been well taken care of and Cin was surprised and pleased to see more of her boys.

A comlink beeped drawing the jetii's gaze from Ruusaan and he took out the device and steped outside the tent. Both squads kept at the ready watching Cin, Ruusaan and a bearded man that Cin had not been introduced too.  His armor was stained with blood, mud and speeder fluids. The color was crimson, with dark golden yellow patches. He'd cursed up a storm giving the boys a good fight but they finally got the drop on him. Kotep had even treated his injuries.

"We're moving our camp and they are to come with us." Zan Juno said as he came back into the tent looking perplexed.

Cin bit back a laugh. This was NOT going to go well. She was sure of that.


"Well that was not the way I'd have figured things to go down." Cin said with wry surprise.  Zan had pulled a jetii trick she'd never encountered before. The kid had hit her, Ruusaan, and the man without actually touching them. Result was still the same black out followed though there was no pain or even dizziness that follows after normal hits.

Truth be told she was impressed, though she couldn't voice it. She was on contract after all.  Ruusaan looked furious and the bearded man just looked tired.

There was more jetii in the tent now too. Two knights and another padawan,  They were taking turns focusing on Cin, Ruusaan, and the bearded man trying to get them to give them information.

Cin fought hard for her own sake but she didn't know much anyway. "I am just a hired medic sorry to disappoint." Cin said evenly. True she knew how to hack into computer systems and the like. True she often worked as a sniper too. But for this time and place she was just a medic.