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Title: Fire and Glory
Post by: Shereshoy on October 16, 2011, 04:49:17 PM
A/N: This is a collab! Ky'ram and I started this a while back, and now, here's the first chapter. Please enjoy.

The hologram on the ship’s control offered a fuzzy and blue image of an overweight Imperial Lord glaring at the only occupant in the room.  The female Kiffar shuffled slightly under his oppressive stare.

--“So you can do it?”--
“Yeah, I can, but I hear a catch in your voice.”
--“What’s so hard to believe about getting paid to bring me the heads of a Rebel cell?”--
Aaray Tracyn stared at him for a moment, then pulled her black hair out of her face, “Fine, I’ll take it.”
--“Good, very good,”-- the image disappeared and Aaray groaned.  Her hand flicked a moment to the yellow stripe on her face that flowed across her nose and continued down her face to about half way to her chin.  Any residual memories left on the paint were now long gone, but the habit from her youth stuck with her.

She set the ship on its course and picked up her helmet.  Something was up, and she was going to figure it out. She twirled the helmet for a moment and found a fleeting thought on it, one from her parents. She let the helmet fall to the floor and chose to ignore it.
* * * * *

Kom’rk nestled into the cockpit of the YT-1900, glancing back toward the entryway to find the T2-B medical droid-turned-copilot shuffling toward his station.
“Long time, no see, eh Dos?”
--”Affirmative, Master Kom’rk”--, the spindly droid uttered as he plugged himself into the old mainframe.
--”We are traveling to...where, Master Kom’rk?”--
”Don’t quite know, yet, Dos. Apparently I’m supposed to be out of system to take a comm on a potential bounty. That’s all I know.”
--”Any particular destination, or simply out of system?”--
The distant tweedle echoing off the walls of the freighter sounded the awakening of the ship’s defense expert: R5-K5. The R5 droid bought by his grandmother and his grandfather was his strong companion, even for a twenty-three year old.
--”That pile of bolts is awake.”--
“Hey, now, Dos. He may be persistent, but he’s good with turrets...”
To add to the cacaphony of noise, the holoprojector in the lounge crackled to life.
“Dos, keep us going.”[color]
Kom’rk stepped out and into the lounge, confidently sitting on the couch as the portly Imperial officer cleared his throat.
--”Kom’rk Parjai’Kote. The Empire requests your assistance on a...slight...problem.”--
“Just tell me what I’m doing.”
--”A Rebel cell has been located on Naboo; I want you to root it out, and bring me the heads of the men responsible.”--
“You’re lying. There’s got to be more than you’re telling me.”
--”Oh yes. I almost forgot. The pay is stellar.”--
--”Five hundred thousand.”--
The man’s eyes widened, then narrowed.
“No catch?”
--”None. Only the heads of the leaders.”--
Brief apprehension gave way to exhilaration, then more apprehension as he mulled over the moral consequences.
“I’m not sure...the prospect of mass murder; even for a Mandalorian, doesn’t appeal.”
--”Shushai...amazing name, is it not?”--
“How would you know that word?”
--”Let’s just say a little...birdie told me.”--
The holocam shuffled to reveal a figure, in bright-colored armor, bound to a chair.
The muffled voice returned a “Kom’ika?” before being silenced by a backhand from the officer.
“Leave her alone!”
--”Eliminate the Rebel cell, and we’ll talk about ransom.”--
Kom’rk nudged the power button on the projector, and leaned back on the couch.
Shushai...why’d you wander from Mandalore?
He shuffled back into the cockpit, and waved to Dos to make the jump.
* * * * * *
“So that’s the catch, huh?”
--“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”-- The Imperial had decided to call back.
“You,” Aaray dropped each word separately,”did not tell me there was another person.”
--“I did not think it necessary.”-- Aaray had been in system for some time now and with each second had become more irritated.
“Are we supposed to work together?”
--“Yes, the two of you should be able to achieve this. I hear good things about him.”--
--“I was under the impression Mandalorian women didn’t fear their men.”-- The Kiffar glared at him until he ended the call.
* * * * * *

The conglomeration of stretched intergalactic space suddenly reformed into reality relative to the YT-1900.
“Hello! The Naboo system! Oh, wow, this is just...amazing! Wow. SO much better than Mandalore. I think I might live here! Heh...that was a joke...right one? Okay.”
--”Master Kom’rk, I am seeing an unidentified starship in orbit. Neither Imperial nor Rebel. Shall I comm it?”--
“, hold off. It’s probably a spacer. I’m going to go get suited up, so send R5 to bug me if you need anything.”
Kom’rk left the cockpit again, this time headed for the ship’s living quarters, a small rectangle of a room.
* * * * * *

Kom’rk pulled the dark grey T-visor over his head, and, with a hiss, the suit of Mandalorian armor powered itself. The HUD lit with streams of code, yet soon cleared into a darker field of vision than normal. A beacon lit up in the right corner of visor, beckoning for a weapon. Several were outlined by the suit, one, a Verpine sniper rifle, two, a pair of WESTAR 34s inherited from his grandfather, three, a twin pair of leather-handled bes’kade inherited from his grandmother, and four, a set of three thermal detonators. Kom’rk equipped all of these, strapping the rifle to his back, the WESTARs to his thighs, the bes’kade in sheaths attached to his chest plates, and the detonators in pockets.

The door irised open, and K5-S5 tweedled inside, whistling merrily.
--“Dos wants me?”-- Kom’rk asked, his voice filtered through the helmet’s system.
A series of staccato beeps answered back, and Kom’rk sauntered into the cockpit.

--”Master Kom’rk, the freighter requests holocomm. Shall I?”--
--”Go ahead, Dos.”--
* * * * * *

The image tinted blue that appeared revealed a Kiffar, helmetless, decked in burgundy beskar’gam with green swirls. Her hair had fallen to cover half her face and she didn’t seem keen on moving it.
Su’cuy gar.” Somehow she sounded polite and unhappy at the same time. ”I’m Aaray Tracyn, we’re supposed to be working together, thanks to that scum bag.”
--”I doubt it.”--
”If you aren’t here to take a target, you don’t have to stay because of me.”
--”I was, I just think you want in on my bounty.”--
“Don’t make me laugh. I’m eliminating a Rebel cell on this planet. I have no problem working with you unless you’re going to act like some egotistical jerk..”
--”Okay, Tracyn--”--
“I have a first name, Parjai’Kote.”
--”Okay, Aaray, look. I’m not sure if we are working together, but if we are, then you would know how much we’re getting paid, and what our Imperial friend wants.”--
”Five hundred thousand, not sure if that’s per person or what, but it better be; and he wants the heads of the Rebel leaders. It could be fun...”
--”Fine. Meet me at the spaceport. I’ve got speederbikes.”--

* * * * * *

Aaray watched the projector shut down. This could go one of two ways, decently bad or never-live-it-down, children-live-disgrace, jokes-passed-down-for-centuries bad.
* * * * * *

Kom’rk waved Dos to pull the ship down, and attempted to patch through to the spaceport authority.
”Freighter Victory’s Revenge to Naboo Port Authority, requesting permission to land.”
--”Er...negative, freighter, the spaceport is closed.”--
”You’re kidding, right? Fine.”
--”Naboo, out.”--

Kom’rk slammed his armored fist on the console, and again waved to Dos.
”Land me near the Heads. I’ll comm Aaray.”

That was a lie, of course. If there was one thing he had learned from his grandfather and father, it was that you didn’t trust anyone unless you knew something of their background. He had doubts about the Kiffar.
Maybe, though...she was a fellow Mandalorian, and a female, so he decided to comm her anyway.
* * * * * *

“Can I help you?” The Kiffar tried to make her voice as sweet as she could and still have an icy undertone.
--”Port authority’s closed. Land at the Heads, about twenty-five klicks southwest.”--
“Got it. Sorry about that, patience doesn’t exactly run in the family. So what’s the plan?”
--”I guess when we meet up, we’ll grab the speeder bikes and get to the general area.”--
“I’m fine with that. Why the Heads though?”
--”I have a hunch.”--
“Oh good, so you’re a Jedi with a bad feeling now, eh?”
--”I call it situational meditation, but yes.”--
“Just what I always wanted, a mission to squash Rebels with a karkin’ Jedi.”
--”My mother’s a Jedi and my father’s a clone, what do you think I am?”--
“Poodoo, I never... Wow. There’s got to be a bounty on someone like you that could make a fortune.”
--”You willing to collect it?”--
“Nah, waste of time.”
--”Fine then. See you at the Heads, Tracyn.”--
* * * * * *

Rune, happy?
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I, for one, like it...but I'm biased.
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Well, well. Kom'rk sure does know what weapons put a bad punch in it's target. Nice one Shereshoy and Kyr'am!
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I would very much like to see another installment. Soonish.
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Post by: Ky'ram Parjai'Kote on October 16, 2011, 10:32:47 PM
We're working on it as feverishly as our schedules allow. And I'm working on a mock cover for it.

Stay tuned, my friends.
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Title: Re: Fire and Glory
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Chapter II should be up later today or tomorrow.
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Aaray shook her head softly. She really needed to get around him and find something she could read his thoughts from. She could just tell he was hiding something from her, and she wanted to know. She glanced at the chrono, on auto-pilot she would arrive in ten minutes. Her fingers hovered over the comm for a moment as she tossed back and forth the idea of calling, ‘Just say you have an Imperial job now, apologize, they’ll forgive you.’ An alarm beeped, too late now. She picked her helmet from the floor where she had dropped it and steeled herself to depart.
* * * * * *

Deep underground, guarded by a nek’s furball of trees, lay the fortress holding the Rebellion outpost. Inside scurried a copious amount of soldier, vanguard, and officer, all attempting to bore their way into another cavern for their base. The passageway to the base, a normal-looking elevator which occasionally dotted the landscape, offered no evidence to its true purpose. Thus, the Rebel infantry stationed there felt secure.
* * * * * *

The YT-1900 Victory’s Revenge II landed with a slight shudder, and, lowering the ramp, the grey-decked Mandalorian lowered the ramp. His bes’kade glistened in the afternoon sun, the scars in his armor scattered light across its jagged surface. He gazed into the sun, which was briefly eclipsed by the other Mandalorian’s ship.
Now or never, Kom’rk. Get through this, and you can get Shushai back. That’s what matters.
The ramp of the other ship descended, and the other Mandalorian stepped down, her armor’s deep burgundy and dull green she looked at home in the shadows.
“Nice to meet you in person Kom’rk Parjai’kote.” Her helmet muffled her voice.
“Likewise, Aaray. I imagined someone...taller.”
“Your mother didn’t raise you very well, did she?”
“Of course.”
“I’m sorry, what?”
“I was raised wrong. I’m a terrible child. My mother should have died. Yes. I surf the Holonet,” he commented, sarcastically.
“Hilarious. Your obvious ability to take life seriously really shows.”
Thank you! But, you know, I have these speederbikes, and I assume you don’t know where the outpost we need to get going.”
“But you do know?”
“So where are we going?”
“Good question. Our corpulent friend wasn’t exactly specific...I guess we could use my ship with the thermal scan...”
“Or head over to Theed. There has to be at least one corrupt, loose lipped informant there.”
“Fine. Your choice.”
“Shall we?” Kom’rk asked, with a mock wave of his hand and a bow toward the ramp of his ship.
Aaray lowered her head suspiciously, “After you.”
“Ladies first...”
“You don’t have manners, remember?”
“Oh, right. I guess I’ll go first then.”
Aaray rolled her eyes inside her helmet, but walked up the ramp anyway.
“Fine. Prove me wrong. I see how you are.”
“The galaxy isn’t centered on you, you know.”
“Gah. I’ll fire up the ship.”
Aaray looked around, “Not bad. Better than mine, but then I don’t spend much time in it.”
“Where do you spend your time, then?”
“I have reason to believe that’s none of your business.”
“So it’s not the kitchen, then...”
“For your information, I have, until recently, spent most of my non-working time at home.”
“Whatever you say. Let’s go.”
“Fine, will anything blow up if I look around?”
“Nah. It shouldn’t.”
Kom’rk sat down in the pilot’s chair, spun around once, and then called for Dos.
“Dos? Come in here!”
“You’ll see.”
The spindly droid waddled into the room, glanced quizzically at Aaray, then glanced at Kom’rk.
“She’s my...colleague for this bounty. Anyway, I need you to get R5 in here. We’re headed to Theed.”
--“Yes, Master Kom’rk.”--
Victory’s Revenge II lurched and slowly cruised off, bound for Theed.
* * * * * * * * *

Should I? No. Why not? You don’t know her well enough. So what? What would Shushai say? I don’t care. I’m going for it. Whatever...

R5-K5 tweedled, alerting Kom’rk from his meditation. He jumped, and sat up. He tapped a command out on the console, and Dos hobbled back into the cockpit.
“Tell Aaray we’re here.”
--”Absolutely, Master.”--
The droid toddled out; Kom’rk lowered the ship a klick from the capital city of Theed, and stepped into the living area.
“Anyone get dismantled? No, alright. Time to go. But first, I need to ask something.”
“What?” The chair Aaray had opted to sleep in turned to face him. Her long black hair was falling and her blue eyes still looked a little fogged from sleeping. The yellow tattoo across her not quite human face was the only feature that hadn’t been disrupted by her sleep.
Kom’rk, his helmet attached to his belt, glanced around the living area. His face reflected years of caring for his sister after his mother had died from substance abuse, leaving the three alone. Then, his father had died during a bounty, but not before transferring several hundred thousand credits into their hands. His hair a dark black; his eyes a deep brown; his face itself torn between nourished and malnourished. He placed his gray helmet on his head, and lowered the ramp.
Aaray was used to part of the look she saw in Kom’rk’s eyes, the same look most humans gave Kiffar; suspicion that the second they turned their back she would pry into every private thought. She imagined it was the same kind of look Jedi got. “If it makes you feel any better at all, I never took my gauntlets off.”
“I wonder, has anyone asked you to marry them?”
She reeled back, “Beg pardon?”
“Just asking.”
“You just ask questions like that a lot?”
“Oh yeah, in fact, people are divided on whether that’s one of my strengths or my weaknesses.”
A smile tugged at her lips. “Well, we did just spend the night together I suppose...”
“Funny. So that’s a ‘No’?”
“Yes, it’s a no. You’re the first person to get near the subject. Outside my mother of course.”
“Shame. Such a wonderful person.”
She cocked an eyebrow and looked like she was about to speak.
As if on cue, R5 chimed in, alerting Kom’rk to the fact that the ramp was still lowered. A slight breeze blew through the open ramp, sending Aaray’s hair askew.
“Shall we? We’ve got a klick to travel.”
* * * * * * * * *
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Awesome!!! More please...
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A/N: This is a collab! Kyr'am and I started this a while back, and now, here's the first chapter. Please enjoy.

Ahem. Actually, I'm Kyr'am. And I think I would have remembered writing a fanfic with someone. Therefore, the gentleman you are seeking to name would be Ky'ram and NOT Kyr'am.

And I'll probably read this later. Probably... Maybe... I'll have to get rid of the ants that are crawling all over my desk and keyboard first. Bah!

Vor entye,
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No more comments equals a Ky'ram sadface.
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I liked it!, Can't wait for more!
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“Where do you spend your time, then?”
“I have reason to believe that’s none of your business.”
“So it’s not the kitchen, then...”


I like. But it can be a bit confusing knowing whose perspective we're in at times. Maybe do a slight color change for one? Nothing blinding, but a light grey and a normal white to differentiate?
Title: Re: Fire and Glory
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I was thinking about that. Normally how I differentiate is by putting them in a scenario where one has a helmet on and one doesn't, so the one with the helmet on has the little dashes before the quote, like so: --"blah blah"--; but yeah, I'll talk to Sher about editing it...
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"I'll talk to Sher" Goody.
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Chapters have been edited according to Rune's suggestion.
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Ky tries too hard sometimes. But we intend to extend our contract.
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Kom’rk dismounted the speederbike after Aaray, and, after securing it, walked into the isolated cantina.
The organized chaos inside the doors was typical of any cantina: the bartender sternly analyzing any new arrivals, the regulars either smoking or up to their ears in alcohol; the one popular person mobbed by dozens of suck-ups--Kom’rk headed for him.
The sight of a Mandalorian in full armor halts any discussion; Kom’rk used this to his advantage.
”I’m looking for someone who knows anything about any anti-Imperial resistance.”
The peons glanced nervously at each other, their idol, and various spots on the wall, then followed suit when their leader burst out in laughter. The grip of one peon’s neck silenced everyone, and all eyes shifted to the Mandalorian once again when the peon was thrown into another booth.
“I’ll ask again. Is there anyone who knows about a resistance movement?”
The leader piped up, stabbing his cigar into the table, to the chagrin of the bartender. “Ye’h. I know som’on’. Hey boys, how ‘bout you all split? Leave me an’ th’ Mando alone.”
The ragtag audience shuffled out in various stages of denial, leaving the two to a private discussion--private being relative, due to Aaray’s link to Kom’rk’s helmet comms.
“You know who?”
“Ye’h. Tha’ person is me. I kno’ ekksactly w’ere the Rebels are. They’r’ in th’ forest, ‘bout sev’n klicks from th’ Heads.”
“How many are there?”
“Tha’ I dunno. I jus’ kno’ they’r’ in th’ forest. Also saw them Gungans luggin’ rock into th’re ‘bout three week’ ago.”
“Thanks for your help.” Kom’rk rolled his eyes underneath his helmet, turned, and glanced around for Aaray.
* * * * * * *
Aaray noticed the man walking out looked nervous, well more nervous than the rest of the patrons. His eyes held more than fear of getting beaten and left for dead in a dark alley, but of revealing something. She followed him out. He didn’t notice until the knife slipped around his throat. She moved fast, slamming him against the wall and pinning his hand to the wall, “Where is the Rebel base?”
His eyes got wide for a moment, then narrowed, “What makes you think I know?”
She got her helmet as close to his face as she could, “The way you smell.” She drove the knife into his arm. He screamed in pain, Aaray took the blade out, “I ask again, where is the base?” He looked up, “You won’t find it.”
“So you do know. Lovely, no doubt you’re thinking of it right now. So I suppose you could just tell me, or I’ll cut lower.”
“You have issues lady, you’re really sick.”
“Maybe, but hey, watch this.”
Kom’rk turned the corner. “He-hey! Castration! Can I help?”
She wheeled, “Where did you come from?”
“There’s a guy in there who said he knew where it was. This guy’s one of his peons.”
“He knows more than you think. Can you hold him a second?”
“I can hold him...”
“Then do it.” Aaray handed the man over and ripped her left gauntlet off, “Where his hand is pressed to the wall, can you peel it off? Of the wall, not his arm.” She shot a look at the man on her last sentence.
“Yeah,” Kom’rk said as he peeled the man’s arm from the wall. The Kiffar shoved her hand against the place where the man’s was and closed her eyes. “If you can do any super special Force thing to help me sort through this load of thoughts, it’d be great.”
“I can try.”
Kom’rk remembered back to a time when his grandmother showed him how to focus his thoughts to fix things, sometimes assimilate thoughts. He focused on the spot on the wall, letting the influx of atoms and brain synapses enter his mind. He channeled them into one flow, and focused on one glimpse into this man.
Aaray could feel the pain, the horror, the fear, and loyalty. She found the memories she was looking for, coordinates, codes, things you want to avoid talking about under pressure but can’t help thinking about. “I have it.”
The man piped up, “W-what are you doing?”
“What is it? And can we kill this son of a bantha?”
“I have everything this loser wanted to hide about that place, so go ahead.”
“Let’s go then...”
“C-can I g-go?”
Kom’rk pulled a bes’kade and jabbed it into the man’s chest, pulled it back, and sheathed it.
“Thanks for your help, mate.”
“So what did you get?”
“Everything. Turns out our friend here has actually been to the base.”
“You handled that better than most. It has a tendency to disturb most people.”
“You’re saying I’m not disturbed?”
“Are you? I might have to be disappointed.”
“What? I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I get the feeling you’ll tell me anyway.”
“Well, you know my parents? Of course you don’t, but my parents died when I was fourteen.”
“This touching backstory’s purpose is?”
“I figured you’d want to know. So my dad died when I was fourteen when he tried to blow up the Aargau Bounty Hunter Union Headquarters. My mom drank herself to death in grief. So I grew up without a dad, really, and I had to fend for myself and my sibling.”
“I don’t think I’m in the ‘reveal everything’ mood, sorry.”
“I haven’t even told you everything. But I have a slight chance of being categorized as disturbed.”
Aaray laughed lightly, “I think I have been. My parents think so any way.”
“Hmm. Are they Empire or Rebel sympathizers?”
“Imperial, which is a good hunk of the reason, I’m not.”
“I just go for the highest bidder, per se.”
“I expect a little more sentiment than that from you.”
“My parents are dead, I raised myself and a sister. Do I need sentiment?”
Aaray shrugged, “ It helps. What now?”
“We get to the ship and you fly us to the base.”
“It’s your ship, why am I flying?”
“You know where the base is...”
“I can put them in a computer, but I don’t know how to fly your ship. How do you not know this?”
“Forget it.”
“Whatever, wait, do you hear crying?”
“No...wait. What? No. Yes. Maybe. Where?”
Aaray turned and rushed back around the corner. “Kom’rk, you’d better come here.”

She just stared for a moment, kneeling over the dead body was a little girl. She looked up through tears, “Who are you?” Aaray closed her eyes and took off her helmet, “Someone who wonders what a child is doing here. Where are your parents, cyar’ika?”
“Mommy’s shopping, and this is- is- DADDY!!” Aaray hesitated a long time, but eventually tentatively picked the girl up, she was probably about four or five, and hugged her.
“Wow. Well that’s not guilt-inducing at all...”
She turned around and shot Kom’rk a look that clearly meant ‘Shut up’.
“Momma didn’t want our family to come here, she said it dangerous. Daddy wanted us all to be together and away from the Empire. He was really nice, why would anyone do this?” The girl was still sobbing when Aaray put her down and donned her helmet again. They switched to helmet comms. “How did I miss his thoughts about his family? It should have been right on top. I’ve got to be losing it.”
“Let’s liquidate her.”
“What?!?! Why?”
“She’s an asset. What do you do with assets? You either invest them or liquidate them.”
“She’s an upset little girl whose dad we just killed.”
“She’s a potential leak about our position.”
“She’s proof that something may be wrong with all this. We can’t massacre a whole city! Not to mention that either he has mental training that could be feeding us wrong info, or I’m losing my ability, and that’s not normal.”
“Are my Force abilities blocking anything?”
“I hope not, but this isn’t the first time this has happened. I’d hate to never see you again because of it.”
“I’d hate to not see you. Been a pleasure working with you so far.”
“Is there a chance it’s your mythical power stuff?”
“Maybe. Depends. Probably some emotional issues going on with me if there are any problems.”
“Emotional issues?”
“I’ll tell you later. Once we’re in the ship.”
The arrival of the little girl’s mother sped along the process, and the two Mandalorians slipped into the shadows.
* * * * * * *
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Drunks, backstory, and little girls!

Also, there is now a cover for this story:
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Nice cover..
I'll get around to reading it.
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Did I send you via the GOT? Already?!

Man, advertisement is amazing.
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 Nice picture and nice story
 you get a smile  :)
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Nice!!! Now who thought of the castration part? I was laughing for 5 minutes when I read that!
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Yours truly happened to think of that...

Yeah. Just wait. It gets better later.

Stay tuned, my friends, soon we'll turn this into a feature film!
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Yours truly happened to think of that...
You liar! That was my idea! I was writing that before you were online!
And he messed Aaray's armour a little.
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Post by: Ky'ram Parjai'Kote on October 29, 2011, 10:36:58 PM never told me what you wanted it to be...besides that picture...

And the castration line was my idea. DON'T make me go back in the chat history...
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With a push of a button on the gauntlet, the ramp lowered, and the two stepped toward the YT-1900. Kom’rk waved his hand toward the ship and the pair entered.  He gestured toward a seat for Aaray, and made his way to the pilot’s chair. He took his helmet off, tapped in several commands, and the ship rose and cruised slowly in a northern direction.
Aaray ripped off her helmet, “We really need to figure this out, because it’s kinda scaring me.”
“I know. Tell me where we’re going?”
“No. No, I won’t.”
“Women. They’re so fickle.”
“I happen to be against slaughtering innocents. I don’t know about you.”
“I am, but I have a legitimate reason to do it.”
“What reason legitimizes massacre?!”
“I told you I have a sister, right?”
“You mentioned it briefly.”
“She’s my younger sister, her name is Shushai, and she can’t understand that when I say ‘Stay on Mandalore’, it means ‘Stay on Mandalore’. She decided to come after me, and she got captured somehow by our portly benefactor. She’s being held on the Star Destroyer.”
“And I am sorry, that’s horrible, and I will help you, but it just doesn’t justify this. I’m so, so sorry.”
“It doesn’t matter. If you want to leave me to do it alone, then fine. See if I care.”
Aaray stood up, “You can’t just do that! You aren’t the only person in the universe, and you definitely aren’t the only one with problems! My parents practically disowned me a year ago! I haven’t been close enough to touch another person except for when  I’m trying to intimidate them since! I can’t make myself get close to anyone! My family was the most important thing I had, now they don’t even care! How do you think that feels?”
Kom’rk shook his head; a thought hatched in his mind--he latched onto it. He grasped Aaray’s shoulders and pulled her in. Their lips met in sweet embrace, his thoughts racing furiously, faster than he could process them. His mind was telling him it was wrong, he didn’t even know her well; his body replied with a simple rebuttal: “Who cares? It feels good.”
Aaray froze, unable to think for a moment; she wasn’t really used to touching anymore, let alone this . She didn’t move for a long time, but eventually she could feel the warmth and pressure of his body leak into the corners of her mind, and she kissed back.
He didn’t know how long to hold the kiss, he assumed until she pulled back, but he didn’t know. He reveled in the fact that he had actually made the first move: years of bounties, years of attempts at his heart. He had rejected all of them...but now? Did he want to abandon this?
When they finally pulled apart his hands were wrapped in her hair, and hers were on his shoulders. It was the best she had felt in a very, very long time. She traced his cheekbone with two fingers and buried her face into his shoulder, “Maybe I gave up on people too soon.”
”Would you still help me, then?”
“Of course, why wouldn’t I?”
“Really? I’m willing to take on the whole Empire, then. Wait. I know where our ‘friend’ is. I can track the comm message.”
“You always take on huge ships with no plan?”
“My name’s not Solo, is it? You ever seen that guy?”
“Never heard of him.”
“Some spacer with a lucky streak.”
Kom’rk moved toward the holoprojector, and plugged his gauntlet into the slot. He traced backward to the call he had made earlier, and ran it through his suit system. The numbers cycled through, trying to find the source. He would cross reference that with a list of Imperial Star Destroyers in this quadrant.
The gauntlet pinged: it had found a result.
This ship’s ID: 7435K8H315H1BB3N-Q5614613
Now to match that up with the database--he tapped in several commands. He leaned back, waiting. Several seconds later, it pinged again: ISD Undaunted. It was in the quadrant. Perfect.
He turned, “You have a plan, Aaray?”
“Not yet, but give me a second.”
“One. Okay, plan!”
She glared for a minute, “I’m at a bit of a disadvantage, I have no information with which to make a plan.”
“Well, let’s see. If I know anything about our friend, he probably has Shushai holed up in a cell. The detention blocks are at the lower parts of the ship, where the maintenance shafts are.”
“And they probably are planned for a one-pronged attack, so if we went in different ways...”
“Good idea. I’ll upload a schematic to your HUD, as well as mine.”
“So, tomorrow morning?”
“Yeah. There’s a bedroom I don’t use on the other side of the hall, if you want it.”
“Has to be better than a chair, thanks.”
“No problem. Least I could do.”
* * * * * * *

A/N:Oh, this is the interesting chapter. Goody. You have any idea how hard it was for two people who have never been in a romantic relationship to write a kiss scene? Ky'ram has proven multiple stereotypes to me.
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Good chapters, Can't wait for more, I infact have to say that the different colored text is helpful for me :P
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Things get freaky!
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Yep, it's a Star Wars story when it's mushy. Nice job Ky and Shere.  ;)
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 The different colored text helps allot
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Aaray was glad to be out of her armor and into plain clothes, she knew most Mandos lived by their armor, but she just didn’t enjoy being cooped up in it too long. She sat down cross legged and forced herself to relax; a lot had happened recently, she needed to think. She tried to imagine the mission tomorrow, but kept coming back to her parents. Her parents and Kom’rk. She thought about the former for a long time, her mind and heart trying to find a common ground to fix it up.
“Tomorrow, I will comm them, I’ll tell them that I’m not sorry about what I’m doing, but I still love them.” The sound of her voice in the quiet startled her for a moment. Then she moved on, and had no idea what to think. He made her head whirl, she had never been in a situation like this before. So many different feelings sprung up that she couldn’t sort them out. She hadn’t know him long enough to really love him, but she didn’t deny that there was something. ‘You’re going to have to do something eventually.’ she shook her head, the last thought she had before finally falling asleep was that she still had no idea what was wrong with her psychometry.

Kom’rk moved the stack of armor plates into the corner, and collapsed on the bed. His head was swirling with emotions; his brain trying to process all that had happened that day.
To aid his slumber, he tried to think of Shushai, but an image of Aaray pulled his thoughts from his sister and to the stunningly beautiful Kiffar. He couldn’t think straight.
His mind taunted him: This is what you get for getting involved with a woman.
He ripped his thoughts back to the mission at hand. He caught a fleeting glimpse of some panoramic premonition: burgundy dragged away by green-and-yellow, yellow-and-red screaming for the faded-grey dueling with innumerable white. What did it mean? Why? Was it bad?
He knocked the thoughts from his mind and turned over in his bed, finally embracing sleep.
* * * * * * * *
The morning had passed, Kom’rk had awaken several times, finally sleeping the night away in a chair; he groggily arose and walked into the cockpit. He caught himself before instinctively sitting in the pilot’s chair: Aaray was seated in his spot.
“Frak. I almost sat on you.”
“I’d prefer if you didn’t, this is hot chocolate.” She held up a cup as she looked him over, “You’re not overly fond of the armor either?”
“Not really. Too stuffy, encumbering.”
She nodded and got up, “Want some?” She gestured to the cup as she moved to the co-pilot’s seat.
“I’ll pass. So...”
”Yeah. That was...”
Aaray stared into her cup for a little while, then drank, “Why did you do it?”
”I honestly...don’t know. I had a thought, then I guess I just did it.”
”I don’t...know. But I do care, you know.”
Aaray felt something inside her flip, “You’re the first then.”
* * * * * * * *
Kom’rk leaned back in his chair: the trip to the Star Destroyer would take awhile. He glanced over at Aaray, then stood and walked to his bedroom. He would pass the time by tinkering with his weaponry.
* * * * * * * *
Shushai Parjai’Kote leaned her head against the bulkhead of her cell, deep in the bowels of Undaunted. She was expecting another visit from Captain Caton Brower, the portly third-in-command of the ship; this time, however, she would do something. She wouldn’t cower, she wouldn’t lie to protect herself: she would escape. She would kill the shabuir if she so wished.
* * * * * * * *
Kom’rk sat on the bed in his bedroom, a Verpine Sniper Rifle on his lap, the scope in between his gloves. He tinkered with the reticule, then placed the scope on the rail of the gun, aiming it at the wall. He adjusted a setting, then set the gun down on the bed, picking up his WESTAR-34s and tinkering with it as well. He gasped as his eyes flashed an image. His mind involuntarily grasped the thought and processed it.
He saw a yellow-red figure screaming his name: Shushai. He saw a burgundy figure dragged away by another figure in green and yellow: Aaray and...Boba Fett? The innumerable white: stormtroopers.
I’ve got a bad feeling about this...
* * * * * * * *
Aaray heard a tweedle behind her, “Hey little guy.” The droid made more noise, “I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you’re saying.”
Dos toddled into the room. --”He is concerned about your length of staying. Consequently, so am I.”-- 
“What seems to be the problem with it?”
--”You have been on this ship for quite some time now. Would you care to explain?”--
“I’m helping rescue Kom’rk’s sister. It was easier than having two ships.”
--”I find it hard to believe that Master Kom’rk would allow a female onto his ship. The probability of it is 314,159,265 to one.”--
“You worked the odds?”
--”I am a droid,“--
“I’m Aaray Tracyn.”
--”Mistress Aaray. My purpose is to calculate.”--
“But why that specifically?”
--”I find it unreasonable that Master Kom’rk would allow someone, nonetheless female, onto his ship, after all the females that have tried to seduce him.”--
“This is really bugging you, isn’t it?”
--”Your presence, yes.”--
“Odds aren’t everything. Think of it like this, there’s always a one.”
--”Your synapses exceed mine in imaginative thinking.”--
“Synapses send the impulse, they don’t form it.”
“Congratulations. You passed his test. Not very many people do,” Kom’rk said, leaning against the wall, his helmet attached to his belt.
“How long have you been standing there?”
“How long do you think?”
She shrugged, “I think I scare your droid.”
“He has a problem with the physiology of a female. It drives him insane, which is hard for a droid.”
“I’d suggest reprogramming him, but I get the feeling it’s your fault anyway.”
“Whatever you say. By the way, we have thirty minutes.”
“I’m not going to lie to you, I get the feeling this won’t end well. I’m not very confident about it.”
“Maybe, maybe, but either way...”
“You know something, don’t you?”
“You think I actually know what I’m doing?”
“No, but I do think there’s something you’re not telling me.”
“I do have a feeling.”
“Tell me,” her tone between questioning and commanding.
“I feel I’m going to lose you. And I don’t want to lose you. Not now.”
He pulled her in close, their lips meeting again. This time, he had no regrets, no doubts.

Aaray didn’t freeze now, she moved closer, as close as she could get now that her armor wasn’t there. She felt his hands slide around her waist, she felt everything. Her heart pounded so loud she could barely hear. She didn’t know whether this felt like electricity or fire, but regardless, she shuddered with pleasure.
Kom’rk moved his hands closer together, tightening the caress, clutching tightly around the Kiffar’s small frame. He needed to enjoy this. His thinking was almost epicurean, contrasted from the philosophy of his grandparents: “refrain from gluttony, it was wrong, take things slowly.”
The devil on his shoulder that was his desires screamed in excitement; the angel that was his ancestors’ thinking dissipated from his shoulder. His memories flashed desperately in a last ditch effort to the repeated denials of many a female--he wondered if he had made a mistake. His body, satiated with the fact that he had not, told him to proceed, which he eagerly did. His mind agreed: she wasn’t trying to seduce him. He marveled at that. He purposed in his mind: the attempts of all the sultry Zeltrons in the galaxy could not deter him from what he was pursuing at the current moment. And they wouldn’t, couldn’t. Not when he’d come this far.
Dos shifted uncomfortably as the two continued their embrace, then turned to R5.
--”This is why I would not permit females to board my ship. It always ends like this. Frankly, my nuts-and-bolts companion, I am glad I am a droid.”--
A tirade of tweedles and beeps interrupted the osculation; Kom’rk glared at the bipedal medical droid and tri-wheeled astromech.
“I guess I forgot about the droids...”
--”Master, if I may interject upon this...tense moment, we have approximately twenty-five minutes until arrival.”--
“Alright.” He nodded toward the hallway. He grabbed her hand and led her into the corridor.
“Frak, we need to get ready.”
“Will you do me a favor?”
“Can I use your comm for a minute?”
“Sure. Why...?”
“My parents, if I don’t make it back...”
“Alright.” He unpocketed the comlink and handed it to her. “Take as long as you need, but we only have twenty-four minutes.”
* * * * * * *

Kom’rk sat back in the pilot’s chair, his head reclining on his chest. The Verpine Sniper Rifle that rested next to him would get limited action in this battle, but he would take it anyway, if only to give it to Shushai when they broke her out. She would need a weapon, he reasoned.
The fact that his vision featured Boba Fett scared him. What was the unusually moral bounty hunter doing on a ship in the Naboo system? That was certainly a factor to consider. Would he be able to kill the famed Mandalorian? Or was this just assurance of his death?
Either way, he had kindled a relationship with a Kiffar he had met only two days. What would Shushai say? Would she encourage it? Or would she reject Aaray?
Kom’rk Parjai’Kote II had doubts about the mission that would happen in less than twenty minutes. He would kill the Imperial officer, even if it meant his death. Of that, he was sure.
The rest? He was in turmoil. Shushai was guarded by an unknown amount of stormtroopers, and he wasn’t sure if he and Aaray could take them all down.
Kom’rk stepped into the bedroom, the door irising closed behind him. The stack of armor plates was still there where he had left it. He sat down on the bed and ceremoniously placed each one in its place on his vest and jumpsuit. Finally, he placed the helmet on his head again. The rush of binary and byte streams materialized into a coherent image, the icons cycling through the weapons on his person. He was ready.
* * * * * * *

Shushai glanced out of the cell, then ducked back behind the wall. Boba Fett.
Even if Kom’rk was on his way to rescue her, would he be able to get through him, regardless of the infinite stormtroopers Brower could throw at him. Unless her brother had found some help, he wasn’t going to survive long enough to see her, let alone rescue her. Maybe she could help...
* * * * * * *

Aaray sighed as she put on her boots. The mental timer in her head hit fifteen. She flopped down on the bed armour and all. She needed to work this out now or she would go into a fight distracted, something she didn’t want at all. She was aware her culture was ‘live fast die hard’, but forging a relationship with someone in two days seemed a little extreme even then. She had her doubts about how far this could go and how long it would last. ‘Blast it, how did this happen?’
A random thought passed through her mind, their number one problem would be getting on the ship unnoticed, but if had a legitimate reason to show up...
Pieces fell into place, brute force wouldn’t work here, they were far too outnumbered. But stealth just might. Aaray grabbed her helmet, the last piece of her armour and ran through the Star Destroyer’s specs again—it could work.
Offhandedly she wondered if this was her way of getting around her nerves, but she dismissed it; nothing was set in stone, bad feelings can just be bad feelings. She shook herself free of pessimism, went back to work; it had been a long time since she’d had this nice a challenge.
* * * * * * *

Kom’rk sat down into the pilot’s chair, his chronometer showing he had ten minutes until they arrived. He ran through the plan while impatiently waiting for Aaray to finish her call —why did women take so long to do everything?
Deep in his mind, he scolded himself for passing some of his anxiety onto the Kiffar: he didn’t know why he was suddenly so nervous. Was it Aaray? Shushai? Both? Why?
He snapped out of it. Focus, Kom’rk. You’re just taking on a Star Destroyer with only the help of a Kiffar you barely know. Nothing too major.
“Kom’rk! You need to hear this!” Aaray rushed in, obliterating the quiet.
“What is it?”
“The plan, I reworked it. I think it definitely increases our chance of success, even gives you a shot at the low-life that started this.”
“I like it. What do you have in mind?”
“Well, sneaking in and fighting through a hanger would be very hard, what if you called and said you were delivering the heads of the Rebels? I could sneak out from there, you could draw attention.”
And get Brower. Alright.”
“Since when do you know his name?”
“Since he commed me. I never felt the urge to tell you.”
“Glad to know I rank so highly in your book.”
“You never...asked?”
“You never said I had to ask.”
Kom’rk sighed. “So I go in under the guise that I’ve got the Rebel leaders, you drop in and have some fun in the bowels of the ship, and I go pummel our friend to death. I like it.”
“But after you kill him, if I don’t have your sister and alarms start going off we’ll have a problem.”
“So drop everything and rendezvous at the hangar? I’ll have Dos get the ship out of danger.”
“No, you wait for alarms about an escaped prisoner, then kill him.”
“Again, I’m okay with it.”
Aaray milled over details for a moment, “Okay then. Oh, here’s your comm.” She tossed it onto the control panel
“Thanks. We’ve got...six minutes.”
“You’re not going to ask how it went?”
“I usually leave personal details to the person in question.”
“Well they didn’t answer, so it doesn’t really matter.”
“Okay. Well, shame they don’t know you could very well die...”
“Your comforting words greatly ease my plight,” her voice was totally deadpan.
Dos toddled into the cockpit, and nervously made a sound entirely unlike clearing his throat, a trait Kom’rk had tried to teach the 2-1B medical droid.
“Yes, Dos?”
--”The Star Destroyer is within targeting distance. We are also within maximum tractor beam distance.”--
“Call them now, if they ask ‘Why the wait’, just snark about how you didn’t want an ambush waiting.”
“Alright. Moment of truth.”
Kom’rk punched in a series of commands, and, after a screech, he was patched into the Star Destroyer’s comm systems.
--”Unknown freighter, this is Star Destroyer Undaunted, please state your business.”--
“Undaunted, this is freighter Victory’s Revenge II, requesting landing. I am returning a bounty from Captain Caton Brower.”
--“ not know what you are saying...”--
“I am returning a bounty. You do not want me to get angry.”
--”Understood, freighter. Activating tractor beam...”--
The freighter lurched, and then moved without any direction, until it made its way closer to the hangar.
“ might want to see this...”
“Hmm?” She looked over toward the hangar bay.
“Guess whose ship is parked in the hangar?”
“That was not part of the plan. She isn’t pretty, is she?”
“Erm...I wouldn’t know...maybe? Why?”
Aaray shrugged, “Guess I was expecting someone like Boba Fett to keep his ship in better condition.”
“Either way, we’re screwed.”

A/N: And with that touching sentiment we end Chapter Five.
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Things get even freakier, and also get  really serious.
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Pardon the double-post, but just giving an update.

Due to Shereshoy's vacation, we obviously have been unable to post the next part.

But, rest assured, faithful reader (yes, that means you, even if you don't post >_>), as soon as Shereshoy returns and is somewhat accustomed to normal life again, we shall write for your ever-impatient enjoyment!
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It'll be a very short wait, honest.
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Victory’s Revenge II swiveled into the hangar, parking next to Slave I.
“Alright, Aaray. You know where she is. Find her. Feel free to slot any of the ‘expert marksmen’ that round the corner.”
“I wasn’t aware I needed your permission.”
“Whatever. With our luck, Fett dragged some Journeyman Protectors with him. Great. Alright. If you don’t hear from me in thirty minutes, get to the ship. Dos will get you out of there.”
“Or carry on because you’re waiting for my signal, not the other way around.”
“Fine. See you around. Hopefully with Shushai in tow.”
“I suppose if anything goes wrong you can go all mystic guardian on me.”
“Feel that? That was me poking you with the Force.”
“Very funny, my Basic must have failed me,I heard an intelligent, reasonable statement. I really need to practice more.”
“It’s what you get for trying to think me a rational person.”
“Here they come, I can hear them.”
“Alright. See you.”
The boarding ramp hissed open and a squad of pristine white Stormtroopers entered the ship with the subtlety and harmlessness of a blizzard. “Sir, we’ve been given orders to take you to one of the conference rooms. And to ask you leave any weapons here.”
“Give me a minute, then.”
The whole group shuffled for a minute like they all shared one mind, “Very well then.”
Kom’rk dropped the Verpine rifle on the ground, as well as one WESTAR. He kept the other in his boot, as well as the bes’kade.

Aaray saw her window and took it. Her armour had a very limited cloaking field on it, she decided to see just how far she could push it. She ran behind the troopers and into the hanger. Her helmet pointed her to the nearest computer console, there she could find out exactly where she was headed.

The troopers moved as one behind the Mandalorian as they led him to the conference room. They walked past featureless corridors, passing many a stormtrooper and officer. Eventually, they reached the conference room, and guided him inside.

Caton Brower grinned  as the Mandalorian walked into the room, a dark.look on his face.

“Where is the female?”
“Dead,” Kom’rk lied. “She died within minutes of our assault. I did bring the heads of the leaders.”
“Good; that alien scum wasn’t needed anyway. We will negotiate your payment and the release of your sibling.”

Cell 2469. Aaray wondered for a moment how the cells got their number, but dismissed the thought. ‘No alarms, that’s got to be a plus.’ She rounded a corner and ran right into a passing guard. The impact threw her fragile cloak off and she was left staring at a very surprised liability. “What is the meaning of this?” She didn’t bother answering, just shot him where he stood. Now it would get interesting; she broke into a sprint. The synchronized ‘clomp’ of boots approached as she left.

    Kom’rk rolled his eyes under his helmet: Brower was simply spouting nonsense. And he called the entire Kiffar species ‘scum’. Whatever respect as a man Kom’rk had left for the captain was gone. Abruptly, the door opened, and in stepped the worst possible person at the worst possible time.
“And you are?”
“Kom’rk Parjai’Kote. What are you doing here?”
“Captain Brower had some business for me. And you?”
“Eliminating a Rebel cell. Not that it’s worth anything to you.”
Boba Fett ignored the other Mandalorian, and glanced at Brower.
“Anything else for me, Captain?”
“No, Fett.”
The mood in the room tensed as a lackey barged into the conference room.
“Captain, we have an officer down near the detention level. Course of action?”
The captain’s eyes shifted and focused on the Mandalorian in grey.
“Parjai’Kote, do you have something to do with this? At this very moment, I could pull up the surveillance footage from that very sector.”
Kom’rk tried to maintain his calm: “I have no idea what you are talking about, Brower.”
Fett positioned himself between Kom’rk and the door; Brower reached down, and with surprising strength for a man of his paunch, hauled Kom’rk from the chair and against the wall.
“You know this intruder. I know you do.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about, you thieving fool. I came prepared.” Kom’rk pulled a bes’kad from his boot in a well-practiced move, and brought it to Brower’s neck, turning the tables. The lackey instinctively pulled his sidearm; Fett pulled his EE-3. Kom’rk pulled his WESTAR with his free hand and fired one shot at the lackey, the smoking hole in the cranium confirming the kill.
Fett fired a burst at Kom’rk, the three-bolt streak aimed for the head. The momentum of Fett’s draw acted negatively; one hit Kom’rk below the shoulder plate, the other two bounced off of the shoulder plate and into the bulkhead. Kom’rk grimaced, dropped Brower, and took the opportunity to bolt toward the door.

Blaring alarms did not help her concentrate. Aaray had given up sprinting and was now just running. The door appeared in front of her. The lock took about four seconds to pick. More alarms rang out. Red light flooded the corridor and her adrenaline spiked. “Su’cuy? Anyone here?”

The weak voice from inside the cell answered, “Ni olar, meg gar?”
“Aaray Tracyn, and now would be a very good time to get very far away.”
The alarms blared a little louder, “Like five seconds ago now.”
“You’re you have a weapon?”
“Actually, right now I’m having having to use random stormtroopers’ blasters because mine got hit. They’re not as bad as you’d think.”
“You’re a conversational person, aren’t you?”
“In high stress situations, yes. On average, not really.”
“Hm. So no weapons. I’ll hide in here then.”

Aaray never cursed, she took it as an uncreative way to deal with problems. But after today she could understand people’s use of them. This was beginning to get repetitive. Shoot, kill, make progress, hope you got to the end of the hall alive. It was almost depressing. ‘Nothing like the smell of burning ozone to trigger deep thought.’

“Over here!” She groaned.
A shot rang out and the air around her buzzed. “Missed again, really, thought you guys were better than that.” More blaster fire, now she had their location pinned. ‘Sounds like... twelve. What I wouldn’t give for a grenade right about now.’

Kom’rk staggered out of the conference room, and ran into the hallway. The surprisingly deserted hallway was occupied only by the squad of six stormtroopers that had brought him here. They glanced at him, then lurched into a ready position as he sliced the throat of the one holding his Verpine Sniper Rifle, grabbed it, and fired at the other five. In the blink of an eye, only the Mandalorian remained standing. Kom’rk clutched his shoulder, grabbed his second WESTAR as the spurt of adrenaline wore off. His wound flared again, so he broke into a run toward the cell block. He found the first door, and hacked his way best he could into it.

The door led him to a maintenance hallway, a dimly lit, scarlet-bathed corridor of durasteel and bulkhead. He opened up the schematic on his HUD, grimaced as his wound flashed, then tried to find a way to Aaray.

    Caton Brower fixed his collar; this Mandalorian was a tough one. He nodded to Fett, then opened the door. Outside lay the bodies of the six stormtroopers who had brought the Mandalorian. One of them had died from a slash wound to the throat, probably from the saber Mandalorians were notorious for carrying; the rest had died with a slug in their chest, center mass, probably killed before they could react. He would personally dismember him. He knew it.
He called out to a passing sergeant who seemed to care less about the carnage before him.
“Get me six squads on the double. Have them converge on the detention level. I presume the source of this carnage as well as our officer’s assassin are working together. We will wipe them out.”
The sergeant nodded, and darted the opposite way. Brower turned around, and glanced at the silent bounty hunter.
“Do you know this Mandalorian?”
“No, I don’t. But while I don’t condone his reckless abandon, I do appreciate his resolve to do what he wants.”
“So you applaud the destruction of an entire squad worth of resources? I could have Vader upon you in a millisecond.”
“Vader could try to kill me, nothing more; however, we are wasting time.”

    Kom’rk was at the detention level. Unfortunately, already he had encountered another squad, presumably looking for Aaray. He had no comms, so he was basically flying blind. He peered around the corner, then sneaked quietly down the hall. According to his helmet schematics, he wasn’t too terribly far off from Shushai’s presumed location.
The sounds of blasterfire ahead resounded off the walls. He sighed to himself: the Kiffar would not give up. He placed his Sniper Rifle snugly in the crook of his shoulder, and advanced toward the echoes.

    Shushai ducked behind the bulkhead, and wildly wondered what the female Mandalorian trying desperately to clear the hallway was doing here. Was she affiliated with Kom’rk? Or was she a reckless bandit who suicidally decided to amble into a Star Destroyer and free a prisoner?
Abruptly, more stormtroopers began falling, either a bes’kad to the chest or a slug to the back of the helmet.
The last grunt fell, and the grey-decked Mandalorian appeared. Aaray appeared to loosen visibly, and walked toward the male. Shushai stood and crossed her arms.
“Glad you chose to show up. It just wasn’t a party without you.”
“So I see you found yourself a companion, brother.”
The filtered voice answered back, “It’s not what it looks like, Shu’ika...”
“So she’s more than a companion, Kom’rk? You know that Buir would not approve.”
“Buir is dead, Shushai! You decided to get into trouble, when I explicitly told you not to leave Mandalore; and you’re getting on to me for finding a female that doesn’t want to exploit me? I’m sorry I have a free will.”
Aaray cleared her throat, “Still here you know,” She murmured.
Shushai cast a glare at Aaray. She sighed and spoke again. “Kom’rk, you know that’s not what I meant. I was just concerned about you. You had been pretty down the days before you left.”
Kom’rk raised his hand, ending the discussion. He clutched his shoulder, and Shushai gazed worriedly at the wound.
“I’m fine, Shu’ika. Fett hit me--” The hissing of the bulkhead signaled the renewal of the firefight. He dropped into a crouch, and Shushai followed suit.
“Shushai, here. Take this.” He handed her the Verpine, and pulled his WESTARs. “You’ll need it. Aaray, we’ve got two choke points at the ends of the hallway. I cleared one end, if we want to head that way. Shushai can take them out from long distance, and we can focus on getting out of here.”

    Caton Brower glared at the stormtroopers waiting to enter the detention corridor. He understood that within was imminent death, but he expected them to do their duty. If only he had some clones from the Republic. He heard they did their duty without question.
The bulkhead hissed open, and the stormtroopers filed into the hallway. A deadly hail of slugs and blaster bolts cut down most of them, so Brower ducked into cover. Fett unslung his EE-3 and let off several bursts at the trio of Mandalorians.

    Kom’rk ducked as a new staccato of blasterfire entered the fray. He tried to not get killed and protect Aaray, who was hacking the door open, at the same time.
“How long until you’re finished? There are way too many of them...”
“How about now? Let’s go.”
“Fine. Shushai, send ‘em a frag.”
Shushai nodded, took the thermal detonator her brother had offered, and threw it down the hallway. The door hissed open, and they stepped through.
    “Sir! They’ve entered at the other end of this corridor! We confirm three intruders.”
“Fett, encircle them!”
“I’ll do what I please.”
Boba Fett lowered his weapon, nodded to the majority of the stormtroopers, and led them back down the hallway.

A clang resounded down the hall. Aaray turned her head to listen. “Frack!”
“What was that?” Shushai asked, nervously clutching the Sniper Rifle.
“Lots of troopers, and someone not wearing the same boots. Not good.”
“We need to figure something out. No handy ventilation shafts...yup. Going to have to stand and fight.”
“No, we’d never hold out. You two go, I’ll cover.”
“No way. You take Shu’ika, I’ll hold them off.”
She shook her head, “Not going to happen. I’m using one of their blasters, I can use the dead’s ammo, I have a chance. We came here for your sister, take her and go.”
“I’m not leaving without you. Not now.”
“I- I...” A shout this time, closer, “I don’t have time to argue, just go. Please.”
Kom’rk looked to Shushai, as if for guidance.
“Are you sure you want us to leave, Aaray?”
“We don’t have a choice. I’m sorry. So sorry, I-” A shot sounded. Aaray shot one look back at them, then ran off.
Kom’rk shouted in grief, a final “Aaray!” before pulling himself away and turning. He opened the door again, and raised his WESTARs at the remaining stormtroopers, blindly guided by fury. He tore through too many of them, noticing the fleeing Brower. He squeezed several shots off, but was stopped by a stormtrooper who took the bullets. Shushai helped as best she could by taking down the stragglers, but when the enemy was dead, she could not help but notice her brother wasting rounds on already-deceased stormtroopers.
“Kom’rk, stop! They’re dead! We need to get to the ship!” She said, placing a hand on his shoulder.
He ignored her, and ran toward the opposite doorway.

Purple static laced itself over Aaray’s burgundy armor. Her helmet whined and screeched. Blinding black and white covered the HUD. She threw it off, disregarding safety. The rancid smell, the searing heat, and deafening sounds of the plasma from the enemy’s blasters dulled her now unshielded senses. “Surrender! The Empire will accept your surrender, and you shall be rewarded with a swift death.” A voice, filtered to sound like a million of his peers scraped above the carnage. His answer was an energy bolt through the weak spots in his armor. Aaray bent down over the body to retrieve the fallen’s ammunition, she had to keep going. If it was the last thing she did, which it probably would be, she had to keep going. She had made this choice, she’d stick with it to the end. ‘Whatever end that may be.’

    The hangar bay. The ship was within sight. Unfortunately, Brower was smart enough to have two squadrons guarding it. Kom’rk nodded to Shushai, and she placed a round in each of the twelve stormtroopers’ heads. She was accurate--deadly accurate, he gave her that.
They were home free, twenty yards, fifteen yards, ten...suddenly Kom’rk dropped. Shushai dropped into a ready stance. The stormtrooper that had sneaked in unsuspectedly had landed a shot to Kom’rk’s side. Shushai raised the Sniper Rifle, and fired. She grabbed her brother’s arm, and dragged him the rest of the way to the boarding ramp. She pressed the button on her gauntlet, and the ramp lowered. She struggled into the ship, and deposited Kom’rk in the bedroom for Dos.
She sat down in the pilot’s chair, and punched the stick forward as soon as she was off the ground. She needed to escape the tractor beam...
She yanked the stick to the side, and the ship dipped toward the underside of the Star Destroyer. Once there, it hovered, and she punched in coordinates to Mandalore. They would be back.

“Don’t move.” An ominous click resounded from around where Aaray was knelt over the body of the trooper. She lifted her eyes, white boots formed a circle around her position, and judging from the stance, they all had blasters. Moving as quickly as she could she spun to pull the legs out from under the trooper behind her, as she did so she pulled herself up to kick out at the next one. Rings of blue emerged from one of the blasters and the last thing Aaray Tracyn saw was blinding white.

End Part 1
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