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Title: Inheritance (Halo Role-Play)
Post by: Dha'ward Krayt on May 31, 2012, 12:16:31 AM
Kilo Team:
Richard - Spartan-A033
Homeworld: Arcadia
Born: August 23, 2525
Entered Spartan Program: April 2532

Short Bio: Born the same year as the beginning of the Human-Covenant War some would say you were born to fight it. During the attack by the Covenant armada on Arcadia, Richard's family was evacuated but he was split from his parents when boarding a transport off world. He watched as Covenant Wraith tanks blew the transport out of the sky. he eventually ended up in an orphanage until a UNSC officer arrived and asked is he wanted revenge. At age 6 Richard wanted it. he joined the officer and 6 months later found himself on Onyx under Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose to become a Spartan. His original team was split 6 years after training completion after two Spartans were too hurt for duty and the other cracked under stress. Thus began Richard being tossed from one team to the next. He faces a similar situation on Actium.

Marcus "Hannibal"  - Spartan-A172
Homeworld: Jericho VII
Born: April 4, 2520
Entered Spartan Program: Conscripted into the Spartan-III program with Alpha Company
Ranks: Lieutenant

Short Bio: Marc was recruited as a trainee for the Spartan-III program after he was orphaned by a Rebel bombing in 2525    He began his training at Camp Currahee under Lt. Cdr.  Ambrose in 2531.  He went "active" with the rest of the Spartan-III's November of 2536.    He was Insurrection of Mamore where he was eager to get revenge on the Insurrectionist, but he was even more eager to get revenge on the Covenant who had recently glassed his homeplanet Jericho VII.   Marc was present during the The Battle of New Constantinople and along with the rest of SPARTAN-III's of Alpha Company fought well in the battle and were highly distinguished for their actions during the engagement.   He was severely injured during Operation: PROMETHEUS in which most of Alpha Company was killed.   After a two year recovery he rejoined the Human-Covenant war.  He became a decorated marksman and tactical mastermind giving him the nickname "Hannibal" after the great Carthaginian military commander and tactician during Roman times.  


Wolf "Psycho" Fox
Born: December 30 2519
Enlisted in Spartan Program: 2525
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer (grade 2)

[spoiler]Wolf was born on Circumstance and at the age of six was abducted due to his "Qualifying Aspects" for the Spartan 3 program all thats known as to why Wolf was selected is his family line...All throughout the Spartan III program Wolf was enjoying it, he saw it as a game. Upon completion of the Spartan III program many of Wolf's teammates noticed oddities spring up in Wolf he was prone to fits of laughter even in the most dire of circumstances and fits of rage in a tranquil setting it and speaking to himself in full conversations. Though his teammates thought him crazy he was loyal to them to the end even at the risk of getting captured or shot. Eventually his team was wiped out in an unknown mission, regarding a possible dissenter in a high level potion. Upon return from the mission he was sent to a mental hospital for a short period to ensure that he remained loyal to the UNSC and for a Psych Evaluation[/spoiler]

Psych Eval:
[spoiler]Dr. Ross:This guy....he is 100% crazy he can't handle not having a weapon in hand...He can't relax for long and if there is nothing to do he will "entertain himself"...As for his loyalty it remains rock solid and he would give his life for anyone in a UNSC uniform without hesitation...However ANYBODY not under UNSC protection or uniform should be kept a far distance away from him...I've seen the videos of what he did to some "prisoners" and lets just say it won't end well....If anybody in uniform would be able to tolerate him is another story...His fits of laughter and troubling remarks are distressing to say the least...I would personally recommend him to a nice facility because even for a Spartan this dude is nuts...But he is operationally ready and that's all High command cares about so....Take him away.... [/spoiler]


Spartan - A022 "Vera"
Homeworld: Kuiper, Epsilon Eridani System
Born: October 15, 2507
Enlisted in Spartan Program: 2530
Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Born on the colony world of Kuiper, Vera performed highly above average in her academic life. Graduating High School a year early and entering the Kuiper Institute of Technology with soaring test scores, she was in the middle of her sixth year when she was approached by the Spartan Program. Eager to prove her worth and take the fight to the Covenant she joined, scoring well in technical fields but less so in combat exams. But with the aid of dutifal trainers and the other benefits of the Spartan-III program she overcame these hurdles. After a brief assignment to Spider Team, the death of two of her team members and the team leader sustaining critical injuries the team was disbanded, and Vera is currently awaiting reassignment . . .

Spartan - A041 "Duke"
Homeworld:  Eposz, Reach
Born: Sep 8, 2517
Enlisted in Spartan Program: 2539
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer

His father was a Captain in the UNSC Navy was killed along with his crew during the battle of Harvest he was orphaned, his mother had died when he was born.   He was requited to join the Spartan III program after showing signs of strength and battle intuition.   He began his tour with the younger but more experienced Alpha Company during the Battle of New Constantinople.   This is where he met Spartan-A172 or Marc.   After seeing Marcs strategic approach to battle he began calling him Hannibal after one of his most revered Military commanders.    While he himself Duke had a more direct approach he worked well wish his fellow Spartan.   After requesting to be squad-ed up with A172 he quickly became his right hand.  While he let "Hannibal" do most of the planning and talking, he does not sit idle in a battle.  He is known for accuracy with a Magnum and his keen favor of alien tech.   He fancies himself a scientist at times, helping pioneer the use of cloaking adapted from elite shields.  

Name: A048 'Rusty'
Rank: Lieutenant
Bio: Rusty was abducted from an orphanage by the SIII program, as many of the others were. He sees his job not as something to be relished, but something that must be done. Rusty is very confident in his abilities, and of his purpose in life. Besides, he has no problem with wasting hostiles, be they human or otherwise.

Rusty was recently part of a mission into Covenant-occupied space, to gather intel on the fate of a small outer colony. They found the colony had not been glassed yet, and was being mined for Forerunner artifacts. A small group of survivors was located, but the fear of being discovered proved too great for one member of Rusty's team. The man broke down and caused them to be discovered. Most of the team was killed, including the survivors, leaving only Rusty and his previous partner Dusty alive.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, but firm when speaking. Not afraid of weighty decisions or tight situations.

ODST Recon Team 1-1:

( (

Lt. Commander Jason Worth                              Sargent Major Troy Powers
Homeworld: Earth                                              Reach
Born:2510, December 31st                                2508, August 1st
Enlisted: 2528                                               2526
Bio: Born and raised in the Navy,                      With one parent in the Air Force, and
Worth was destined to be a soldier.                  the other in the Army, Powers saw much
Enlisting in the Navy and joining the                  of the galaxy. Enlisting in the Army as a pilot,
NavSpecWarCom soon after, Worth                  Powers was transferred to SpecWarCom after
was an early candidate for the                         showing remarkable skill in SERE School. It was
ORION project. After the ORION project,            not long after Powers met Jason Worth in
he met Powers in Hellfighter selection, a            Hellfighter selection, and the two became close
joint-special forces command. He is now            friends. Both made it through selection, and
the ground commander for the                          now the two have been tasked as ODST Recon
Hellfighters.                                                    support for a Spartan III Team.

Name: Jacob Callahan
Born: 2509 January 7
Rank: 2nd Lt.
Homeworld: Earth (Germany)
Born and raised on Earth, Friedrich wasn't the average candidate for the ODST, with less experience then was generally expected. Regardless of his apparent shortcomings,
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Post by: Dha'ward Krayt on May 31, 2012, 12:16:52 AM
"Damn dust" thought Richard as he disassembled the optics to his Designated Marksmen Rife (DMR) His last assignment was to a desert planet to evacuated some key personel from an ONI site just after the Covenant slipped in system. He got a few of the bastards before they pulled out. Any kill was a good kill for him. The alien conglomerate owed him a lot of lives. He snapped the housing back together and powered it up. Linking it to his Mark V helmet he ran a diagnostic and it ran green. He placed on the ammo create before him. He removed his helmet and scratched the stubble growing on his chin and sighed.
     He stood in the armory of the UNSC corvette Lady Luck, a ONI ship bound for Actium. The Covenant had found the world and were laying siege but for once stopping them or evacuating civvies wasn't his job apparently. The ONI spooks aboard were reluctant to tell him the details but he was heading there for another purpose. That and to meet his new team. He glanced to his right and spotted the two ODSTs that formed a Recon team heading in before Richard's team. He had worked with ODSTs a few times before. Basicly spartans in everything but the augmentations and armor in his opinion.

     "All Spartans, report to the captain's quarters immediately." blared the ship's AI's voice over the PA. Cracking his sore neck he grabbed his helmet and locked his DMR across his back. His armor was still caked with dust but he knew the cap would get over it. He headed to the bulkhead fore.
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Post by: Mereel Skirata on May 31, 2012, 12:39:13 AM
"All Spartans, report to the captain's quarters immediately."

   Marc instinctively grabbed his helmet and almost put it on when he realized he was aboard a UNSC corvette, he left it off.   He looked at his face in the mirror, he looked so young but it felt like he had lived through a lifetime of battle and torment.  He had just come from a storage room where he awakened from Cryo with a few other Spartans, he recognized all the armor augmentation and designs, and he knew the names of each one.  But he didn't know who any of them were.  They were just names and files.  

    He opened the door leading to a long dimmed hall as a few soldiers walked swiftly by.  He nodded to them as the gazed in slight awe at the sight of a Spartan.  He pulled his helmet tightly under his arm and began a quick pace to the captain's quarters.   As he neared the door a familiar visor could be seen waiting for him outside the briefing room.    "Good to see you slept soundly Hannibal."   The Green Spartans gruff voice said as Marc got closer.   Duke was one of the few to all him Hannibal.

Marc responded in a serious tone.  "Well I'm glad you decided to leave your helmet on, no one wants to see that face."  
Duke let out a slightly sinister chuckle as he shook hands with his friend.  

"Sorry to hear about Miridem, heard it was rough."  

"They all are.  Now lets see what this one brings."   They both entered the briefing room
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Vera was tinkering with a targeting mod for her Magnum when the announcement came for the Spartans to report to briefing.

Dismissing the announcement for a few more seconds, she finished uplinking the pistol's modified targeting sensors with her helmet's HUD. She wanted to run some diagnostics too, but decided against it. She had to make a good impression for her new team. So leaving the electronics behind she left her modest quarters and headed for the captain's quarters of the UNSC Lady Luck.

As she passed UNSC personnel rushing to and from their stations within the hallways, she caught the wayward glances of several men and even women investigating her. Within their armor its easy to assume all Spartan-III's are men, as the high grade metal and insulation disguises all sex-distinguishing features. And even though the personell had no doubt heard of the exploits of female Spartans, its always easier for some to generalize the warriors' population to consist of only one sex.

Vera didn't mind the occasional stares however, she had withstood even worse ridicule within the tense social climate of her school years. And those looks couldn't be compared to the years of extreme mental and physical training of the Spartan program as well as her small, yet significant combat experience against the Covenant.

As she rounded the bulkhead in the passage to the briefing room, she saw two Spartans enter before her, one with green armor the other with a mix-and-match patter of yellow and blue. Worried that her hesitation had caused her to be late, Vera quickened her pace.
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Post by: Drake Vhett on May 31, 2012, 01:55:16 AM
It was just one of those mornings. Everything seemed to be coming up Snake Eyes for Lt.Com. Jason Worth. Worth, unlike his comrade Sargent Major Troy  Powers, firmly believed in luck, and it usually believed in him. Except this morning. The alarm hadn't gone off, the clock's used-up batteries having died in the night, forcing Worth to rush the rest of his morning. Worth hated doing that. The coffee machine in the ship's mess was busted as well, leaving Worth with no real wake-up call either. A screw-up with the requisitions officer wasted more of his time, and to top it all off was the meeting Worth and Powers just had with the Lady Luck's captain was wearing down Worth's last never. Powers took all of the events befalling the two as he always did, with a silent grin and reassuring pat.

It was in this less-than-pleasant mood that Worth left the Captain's quarters. It was in this mood he didn't see the Spartan ahead of him. It was in this mood, combined with the Spartan's haste, that lead to the two smacking their shoulders into one another. Worth stumbled back a step, the heavier armour putting more force on him than on the Spartan wearing it. Setting himself straight, Worth raised his voice at the Spartan and said,

"Watch where you're going! You Spartans aren't the only ones in these halls you know!" It was a well known fact that most Helljumpers didn't like Spartans. Worth wasn't a Helljumper, but a Hellfighter, so the stigma didn't apply. The Spartans didn't know that, thought. Powers shifted his weight, getting ready to pull one, or both, of the soldiers apart if need be. Worth, however, wasn't the type to pick fights, and Powers knew all he wanted was an apology. It always seemed ironic to Powers how a Navy man was such a stickler for manners.
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Post by: Dha'ward Krayt on May 31, 2012, 02:24:34 AM
Richard had quickened his pace when he realized that the whole crew of Lady Luck had come alive. "They must have be getting close to Actium if everyone had been thawed out" he thought to himself. He slipped his helmet on and made sure the airseals secured. He saw that Lady Luck had been updated in Slipspace on the situation on Actium. As he flipped through the incoming reports of the battle on the planets surface in his HUD he inadvertently smacked into another person with his shoulder armor, knocking the man back. He was about to open his mouth to apologize, when the man yelled. Ever so slightly Richard shook his helmeted head. If the man had been wearing his helmet he would have noticed Richard's Commander rank as he wore no external markings or designation. This was due to ONI's OPSEC. He decided to let it slide as he was in hurry.

"Sorry about that trooper" he said through his helmets speakers as he stepped through the bulkhead into the Captains quarters.

Upon entering the room he first saw the other three members of what was to become his new team. He sized them up with the readouts in his helmet, which displayed their names and rank. To his right was Marcus in his blue yellow armor and beside him was Duke, a large man, even for a Spartan, in dark green.To his left was Vera in tan/yellow armor looking over Richard and the other two Spartans. His list showed a 5th member of their team was missing.

Directly opposite of Richard was Captain Andrew Riely, a short man for military standards he wore his longer than regulation white hair slicked back with some sort of hair gel. This is where the defining characteristics ended. His uniform was pressed and taut while is office was spotless. Rich expected nothing less from a Captain of a ONI spook ship. He stood with his hands braced on his desk scrutinizing a chart on the screen built into his wooden desk. His expression told Richard he was not in the greatest of moods. Standing at attention Richard awaited the final Spartan's arrival.
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Psycho walked towards the meeting room twirling his assault rifle he had in hand, he caught up just in time to see the incident between a "Commander Richard" and some smart mouthed ODST at least he thought it was one. Walking past the trooper he snorted "Smooth" to the trooper then walked in the room giggling to himself and twirling the fully loaded rifle as if it was a toy, he took his seat next to some guy in Green armor...looking around he sized up his new "team" with a glance "Well aren't we all purrtyed up today? Who's got the marshmallows?" Psycho asked in a quick sing song voice periodically interrupted with some giggles. Looking at a spartan in tan and yellow armor named Vera he smiled "Herro nice to meet you nice face" he said with a exaggerated wave which somehow  had a pistol in it...Turning to the spartan whose name appeared to be Marcus he bowed graciously Psycho asked pompously "How do you do good sir?? Teehee". Looking up at the giant of a man named Duke he simply did a little wave with the assault rifle. Finally turning his attention  to  Commander Richard his giggles ceased and he snapped to attention saluted and said "Chief Warrant Officer Psycho repoooting for duty sir" he said with ramrod straight posture.
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Psycho's, different entrance made Richard raise an eyebrow. He defiantly was an odd one, even for a Spartan. Then again a member of one of his former teams had cracked under the stress of war and perhaps this was Psycho's way of dealing with it. "We'll see" he thought.

He returned the Spartan's salute and addressed the Captain. "Sir, Spartan Team reporting as ordered" As he finished his sentence Amora, Lady Luck's Artificial Intelligence appeared over the holotank next to Captain Riely's desk. Her flouresent green body reflected off the 5 gold visors in the room as Riely sighed.

"I know the 5 of you know that Actium is hopelessly out gunned. We had no idea that they had reached this far inside the Inner Colonies" he started, a weary look on his face. "And i know you would want nothing more than to bring the fight to the Covenant, i know i do. Unfortuatnly a mission of both ONI Operational Security and the fate of potential battles in the future is on our hands." He pressed a few keys on his desk and up popped a hologram of General Wilfred Thanas, a tall dark skinned man with a moustache and a eye patch, and Forward Admiral Bruce Hadmin, an aging man about late 50's with close cropped black but greying hair and a pair of ancient glasses across his face.
"These two men are some of our best tacticians. They happened to be on world organizing a force when the Covies slipped in system. The highest levels or High Command and ONI have ordered and requested they pull themselves out and manage the battle from orbit. They are flat out refusing and are now ignoring all HIGHCOMM communications." he snorted and shook his head. "Damn fools. ONI wants you, Kilo Team to get in there, pull their shebs'e out, kicking and screaming if you have to and get them aboard Luck. Also assist in the evacuation of Civvies if possible but these two are your main objectives. Under stood"?

Richard nodded. "Yes, sir"

"Any questions?"

"Sir, you said Kilo Team, i assume that is us?" Richard asked.

"Yes Kilo-1. You'll also be working with a trio of ODSTs know as Hellfighters. They will drop in about an hour before you do to locate the HVIs. They have already been briefed."

Richard nodded.

"Any more?" asked the Captain.
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Post by: CT-1199 Oronk on May 31, 2012, 02:52:39 PM
Stepping up Psycho asked "Sir not to be weird or anything....but these people we are evacuating are UNSC citizens right?"
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Post by: Dha'ward Krayt on May 31, 2012, 02:59:35 PM
Riely nodded, although with a furtive look in his eyes.

"Yes, Actium is a UNSC colony as all Inner Colony worlds are."

Richard really hoped this Spartans, attitude did not become a problem.
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Post by: Mereel Skirata on May 31, 2012, 03:02:40 PM
As Riely was speaking Marcus looked down at the AI,  this was the first smart AI he had come across and he was interested to see how 'she' would be in a firefight.  Her green glowing figure was lifeless, but at the same time the way she listened to the conversation was so human like.    She looked over at him and gazed into his eyes.  He figured it was because it was the only face she could see.    He looked with a blank expression, then  turned to the Riely as he was finishing answering Psycho's question.

"Sir,"  Marcus chimed in.   "I read in the reports that Colonel Mentieth and the 53rd Armoured Division has already set a FOB just outside of Bethia."   He kept eye contact with the Captain.  He felt slightly exposed being the only spartan with his helmet off, but he didn't care.  He has seen life through the gold visor enough in the last 15 years, he made an effort to see things with his own eyes as much as he could.    
"Will we be taking a bird down to the FOB or hitching a ride with the ODST's I saw gearing up?"

He looked back down at the AI who seemed ready to interject on behalf of the Captain.  
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"Ell-Cee, did I just see a Spartan walking round with two loaded weapons, giggling?" Powers asked, scratching the stubble of hair on his head. Looking at his second's dark face, Worth put his head down into his palms. Letting out a low groan and rustling his hair furiously for a moment, he looked back up, his composure regained.

"Sarge, I do believe you did. Why in the hell did we have to  be the ones running support for the nutters? God damn ONI. Lets meet the new guy and see if he's legit or not" Worth said. Powers just shrugged and followed his friend. By the time they got to the racks they were assigned, the new addition was there. Worth moved in quickly, and Powers closed the door behind him, ensuring privacy.

"So, Second-Lieutenant Callahan, seems like you're our third. Anything we should know before we get started? You any good with a firearm?" Worth asked, crossing his arms, mirroring unconsciously the same position the larger Powers had behind him.
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Rusty simply leaned against the wall of the Captain's quarters, listening intently. They all seemed like solid team members, except for Fox. Rusty simply couldn't bring himself to refer to him as something so ridiculous as 'Psycho'. In Rusty's opinion, the man needed taken out of the field for thorough examination. But, since it was not in his power to do so, he simply hoped Fox wouldn't be a hindrance on the mission. Psychological breakdowns had caused him enough trouble recently.

For the first time he spoke up. "Sir, how will Kilo and the Hellfighters be extracting?"
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Sighing to himself Psycho got a little bored then looked around....nothing to entertain himself with. So he figured he would liven up his mood...cutting off all outgoing transmissions in his helmet he pulled up a list of his many modifications that he added to keep himself busy...He scrolled past his AI friend he could talk to her later right now what he needed was...some dubstep so he started his playlist with a good song "Killbot" he cranked it up in his armor and started nodding his head to the beat....
[spoiler] ([/spoiler]
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Vera dismissed the Spartan called Psycho's "greeting", and instead focused intently on the mission being assigned to her. The task seemed interesting, althrough the prospect of safely evacuating valuable personnel that was unwilling to leave presented certain . . . difficulties.

She began thinking of a million ways the mission could go wrong. Stray fire could take down one of their VIP's, the VIPs could ignore orders and put themselves in harm's way. However, there was always the possibility that they could render them unconscious, although Vera didn't like the prospect of dragging an unarmed, unarmored, and vulnerable tactician through Covie crossfire.

She didn't have a choice however. So she eagerly awaited the Captain's answer to Rusty's inquiry, and hoped that it would satisfy her own question.
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Riley unbraced his arms from the desk and clasped them behind his back. Addressing Marcus he replied "What ever the ODSTs deem is best is how you will insert. An you are correct about Mentieth's 53rd. They have their base of operations set up in and around the southern end of Bethia as you said but its more loosely just an area they control and are strewn about in. Its chaos down there. The Colonel has no idea how many men he has and is cut off from communications to our two VIPs, who we believe are just north of the city." He turned to Rusty, "Again you will be extracting by what ever means we can get you. Like i said is bloody hell down there."

Richard nodded. A 6 man spartan team would be more than enough to grab the two stubborn VIPs and get out. Then they would take the fight to the Covenant.

Riley sighed. "If that is all Amora will let you know when the ODSTs are sure its safe for you guys to head down there."

Amora nodded and said "We will be arriving above the planet in 3 hours. The Hellfighters will be dropped immediately into the combat zone. Once enough intel is gathered you will be inserted. Il have a Pelican on stand-by and 6 HEV pods saved for you."

"Good luck Spartans, you'll need it." said Riley. Saluting he dismissed them. RIchard returned the salute and spun on his heel addressing Kilo Team.

"Alright Kilo, fall out. Meet back in the armory in 3 hours. Move."
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Post by: Mereel Skirata on May 31, 2012, 11:41:18 PM
Marc nodded to the Captain and then again to the AI.  He followed Duke as he headed for the door. Once they were both out back into the hall they waited to greet their fellow Spartans.  
He looked up at Duke.
"So what do you think?"    Duke knew what he was talking about and he just shrugged.  Like every battle who could say,  anything is bound to happen.   He and Duke had been lucky survive this long.    
"Honestly Hannibal,  I don't plan on coming back from any mission these days. "     Marc nodded solemnly in agreement.

They both looked up to see the Richard walking out.  "Commander,"  Marc said.  "I heard about what you did on Kholo. I know you lost a lot of good men but you saved a lot of lives."   He reached out his hand in greeting.  Duke did as well.  
"Lieutenant Marcus of Alpha Company, its great to be serving under you.  This is Duke of Beta Company. "
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Post by: Dha'ward Krayt on May 31, 2012, 11:57:35 PM
Richard's heart fell a little when he heard the name Kholo. Jack, Gus, Geoff and Aiden. The other for members of his team, Sword back then, had all died on Kholo. Jack had gave his life for Richard's a few feet before dust off. He hadn't even been able to retrieve their bodies. He quickly snapped out of it and shook both Marus's hand and Duke's.

"Glad to have you two on the team. I have reviewed your files. Very impressive. This mission sounds..." he trailed off trying to find the word. "Interesting. Even work with our friend Psycho?" he asked.
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Post by: CT-1199 Oronk on June 01, 2012, 12:04:07 AM
Psycho looked around noticing everyone exiting the room he quickly followed...He walked out at a fast pace twirling his rifle again and started blaring some music as he past the small gather of Spartans walking past them he threw his rifle in the air flipped them all the bird caught the rifle and started skipping to his quarters and blared his dubstep through his speakers so he couldn't hear them....Sarah was going to be interested in all the friends he made...
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Post by: Mereel Skirata on June 01, 2012, 12:12:59 AM
"Warrent Officer Fox?"  He looked over at the spartan.  "Can't say that I have, Sir."    Like all the other Spartans, he had read all the psych files and combat reports.   "Sounds like be barely passed his psych exam,  but his track record tells me he can get the job done. "  

He looked up and Duke who just shrugged again, then back at Richard.   "We need all the Spartans we can get these days."    He knew what Richard was feeling, they had all lost good friends in the war against the Covenant.  Marc was lucky enough to have a brother still in contact.  Many of the Spartans of Alpha Co. were KIA, MIA or hard pressed holding off Covenant forces all over the galaxy.

"Now Sir if you'll excuse us we are going to raid the mess one more time before we gear up. "    Duke let out a hearty, almost sinister, laugh.   "This guy can tuck it away. " He winked.  "Feel free to join us, sir."
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After getting chuckling about Fox's display he turned to Marcus and listened.

Embarrassed Richard realized he hadn't eaten in almost 48 hours since he got back from his last mission. He pulled off his helmet and said, "Sure I can eat." He followed after Duke and Marcus as they headed toward the mess. The mission to Kholo fresh in his mind he was going to eat something in honor of his fallen comrades. Jack he knew loved steak and Gus, spaghetti. Sword had been the team he graduated boot with. He shook his head. He missed them.
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Psycho made it to his room and closed the door locking it he took off his Holographic display disk off a nearby shelf and plugged Sarah into it...He took the display unit to his bed and laid down on it like a girl would while watching a movie only staring at Sarah...Her image quickly appeared and Psycho smiled "Heyo" he greeted her she replied back in her usual manner "Whats up?" "uhh nothing just met a few new friends..." He then went on a lengthy discussion involving the new Spartans a random elephant and butterflies.
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Jacob looked up from the tablet he had been browsing as his new team members entered.

"Nothing that concerns you now, Lieutenant Commander. And as for my proficiency with firearms, well, you can rest assured that this isn't a baby-sitting detail," Jacob grinned. He stood up, taking care not to hit his head on the bunk above. "I just received a message from the ship-board AI, we have three hours to ready up"

"Three hours? We're not Spartans, we don't need to shine our domes and make sure there are no wrinkles in our dresses" Worth scoffed, not wanting to push his luck with questions. Looking over the man, Worth could tell that he saw action at some point. That was good, they'd need someone with experience for this op. Worth nodded to Powers. It was something Worth was good at, reading people and telling what they were about. Some called him manipulative, others emphatic. Whatever the case, he knew a fighter when he saw one. Powers was also good with people, but his social skills laid in the friend-making area. Where Worth would look at someone and see strengths, Powers saw weaknesses. Worth exploited strengths, Powers shored-up weaknesses.

"I'll grab some shut-eye if you don't mind Ell-Cee" Powers said, lowering himself onto his bunk. Worth nodded and went to do the same after opening the door.

"If anything happens, an open door won't be sealed shut by derbies if we need to get out, and the bulk-head will close if we don't" Worth explained. Hellfighters always expected the worst, it was what put them a step above.

As the other two Hellfighters rolled into their bunks, Callahan returned to his tablet momentarily, after a few minutes he decided to get some much needed rest before they deployed.

~Two-hours and thirty-two minutes later~

Powers was pulling a black BDU shirt over the tank-top he had been wearing before. Worth was unrolling his sleeves, the pair prepping for getting the armour on. Like many ODST's, they kept their gear under the racks, not in the team lockers. The lockers were too far away in-case of emergency. They both had their pistols, the only weapons they could get out of the armory, in the bottom of the rucks. Oddly enough, Powers preferred the smaller, and suppressed, M6C/SOCOM, while Worth enjoyed the kick of the M6D. Looking at each man's size, you would think the opposite. Regardless, both men were expert shots, and both were quick on the draw. It was in short order they were in armour with pistols in the holsters. Powers kept his on his thigh in the traditional way, while Worth went for the under-arm.

"M6C?" Callahan asked, as he rolled out of his bunk and pulled a footlocker from the space below. Powers looked over. "Yeah, Its nice to have something incase you need to keep things quiet, you know? What do you use man?"

Jacob popped the footlocker open, and removed his own sidearm. "Same thing, you can use a suppressed gun in a firefight, but you cant use something loud if you have to infiltrate." Powers nodded slowly in approval.

As Powers and Worth where finishing putting their armor on, Callahan was checking his BDU's seal. He knew they were going to be planet side, and their trip down would be brief, but the fact that the only thing separating him from the cold dark void was a small metal egg was not comforting. The 15 minute protection from what would be certain death was more then comforting. The suit was intact, and Callahan moved on to equipping his armor, holstering his pistol on his thigh, and picking his helmet up, he nodded to the other two Hellfighters and they moved to the armory.

Worth took his helmet from on top of his bunk and moved out of the rack room. Powers was purposely last out and closed the door behind them. It was a quick walk to the drop pod ready-room. It was strategically placed near an auxiliary armory, something the ship's compliment of ODST's had claimed quickly. A few of them were there, maintaining weapons. There was no QRF for this mission, just the Hellfighters and Spartans.

Worth opened his locker and began pulling out a variety of equipment, everything from mag holders, to a par of pull-down binocs, to even a combat knife strapped to his boot. Powers retrieved a variety of ammo belts and a few other odds and ends. Worth screwed on a suppressor to a M7 sub-machine gun as Power's checked and cleared a M392 DMR. The latter weapons was a rare sight in the Navy, but Powers was Army, and Hellfighters weren't bound by normal equipment regs. Worth stowed his M7 and began to connect the scope of his 99 Anti-Material Rifle to his binocs. If need be, he could use the camera feed to shoot around corners. On Powers' side, a M319, yet another Army addition, Grenade Launcher was being stowed onto his back. Both men took enough ammunition for a platoon, Worth storing extra mags and grenades in a ruck bag that clipped to his plates, reducing the possibility of it snagging.

Callahan watched the other two grab their weapons, and opted for the M90 CAWS, figuring that the one field in which his allies were under prepared was close combat. In addition to this, he grabbed a MA5c assault rifle. While the others continued to load up, Callahan grabbed a few grenades, two shaped charges, and an anti-tank mine. He returned to the gun racks, and loaded up on ammo. Finally he attached a standard issue combat knife to his chest plate, which he would use in the event that he was unable to reach the personal bowie knife he had strapped to his right leg.

Worth pulled on his finally calibrated helmet and Powers checked the seal. Powers tapped Worth twice on the side of the helmet and held up a thumb in front of his visor. Worth did the same for him and motioned Callahan over to do the same. Once everyone was checked out, Worth pointed two fingers at his eyes and pointed at a pod, motioning the other's to their pods. Words at this point would break everyone's focus, and focus was key to surviving a HEV drop.

OOC: The rest of you guys should post for the three hours time and preping for insertion, as AA and I are too tired to write that today.
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OOC: Alrighty then.

Richard entered the mess behind Marcus and Duke and immediately jumped in line with a tray. Special today was salmon, or at least what passed for salmon on a small ONI corvette. He grabbed as much as he could. He knew he would be eating much for the foreseeable future so he tucked in. He found a empty spot to eat with his new team members and only after he sat down did he notice the whole of the mess eyeing him. It wasn't every day a trio of full armored Spartans came in for a meal. Most thought they tended to themselves which was true about most Spartans but the few that had been passed from one team to the next like Kilo you didn't have that luxury. He placed his blue Mark V helmet with Command network module, on the plastic mess table and began to eat waiting for Duke and Marcus to join him
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Duke filled his tray till it overflowed with food, then he put more on.  There was nothing he wouldn't eat, and it showed on his plate.   Marcus was not a picky eater but his plate was more organised consisting of only a few types of food.  He was the type to eat as much of what he enjoyed as he could.  One of his favorites was mashed potatoes and gravy.    The two walked over to the table where Richard was.  Marcus slid quickly into the seat across and began eating.    Duke set down his tray and slowly removed his helmet.    His face was very dark skinned for a Spartan suggesting he was naturally dark, his face was rough and quite mangled.  Underneath he could have been a handsome man but one would never have been able to tell.  His noes looked like it had been broken multiple times.  His eyebrows were very bushy except for a cut right through the left one where hair no longer grew.   He had light grey hair that was all amiss from being inside a helmet.
He set down his green helmet and began eating his food.  Marcus on the other had was very pale and bald, though he sported a small goatee.  Unlike Duke he had only a few scars, one small one running along his chin line, and another on the back of his head what look more like a surgical scar.    

 Since he didn't have his helmet on, Marcus looked up at the mess hall clock.  2 hours and 28 minutes to go.   The mess had filled up quite a lot in the past five minutes.   Officers, crewmen, marines, and even a few medical staff were now in the room.   The table the Spartans sat at was small and off to the side, but he could tell that people were aware of their presence.  You would almost have to be blind to miss three 7 feet plus Spartan III's sitting filling their faces with food.  
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Psycho ran out of topics to talk about with Sarah so he put her back into his armor then checked the time...Seeing the time he booked it for the mess (nearly running over some frightened crewmen) and burst into the mess hall.. He quickly grabbed a platter and started filling it with his favorite...Burgers and fries after he got his platter appropriately stacked he looked around the room noticing the Spartans Psycho waved at them then he noticed a empty table in the corner. He made a beeline for it sat down and pulled off his helmet...He knew his looks surprised people most seemed to expect someone who looked really off...but Psycho looked like he had never been in combat and was a well to do civvie except for one feature...with brown hair and a normal face the only odd thing about his looks were his blood red eyes the Iris's being the only color not red...Psycho started shoveling food into his face and set his helmet up to display mode and he pulled Sarah up again "Hey again long time no teehee see" Psycho said in his sing song voice Sarah waved back at him and they started talking about completely new subjects that he had just come up with while running to the mess...All the while Psycho was shoving food into his face.....
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The small amount of black stubble on Richard's chin kept bothering him. He doubted he had anytime to deal with it. He wore his hair buzzed short, as if his hair had never grown back after the indicatory head buzz all recruits got at boot camp. He wore no facial hair, minus the stubble on his chin now. His skin was the Spartan typical pale white due to being in armor almost 24/7. A large scar ran from his throat parallel around his neck to his back. A lucky SOB Jackel sniper had gotten that one in after his helmet visor was shattered in a Pelican crash.

Soon he struck up a conversation with Marcus and Duke that stretched almost the full remaining 2 and a half hours. The Hellfighters would be dropping soon. He wanted Kilo to be set and ready when the call came in to deploy. 
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Callahan, Powers, and Worth placed their weapons and equipment into their drop pods, and began to strap themselves in. Due to a high likelyhood of Covenant anti-air near the designated landing zone, a larger group of empty HEVs would be dropped in order to draw fire.
Callahan watched to mission clock count down on his HUD. 1:00, The pod closed, and he preformed a final check of the systems, and ensured the landing zone was correct. 0:45 Callahan took a deep breath, and closed his eyes, attempting to clear his mind. 0:30 "Mark." The displays within his pod lit up, showing the status of the other two pods, two screens displayed live feeds of  Powers and Worth. Next to the mission clock display, another clock activated counting down from 30. In unison the HEVs rotated 90 degrees, and began to move forward, into the drop bay.  The countdown reached five. A loud thud shook Callahan's Pod as it locked into place. He looked up into the camera in his pod, and nodded to his comrades. A series of blasts shook the ship as the decoys began to launch. 0:00 Callahan's pod jumped, the force of the sudden thrust straining him against his harnesses. Operation Lassie had begun.

As usual, the first moment is surprisingly peacefull. Aside from the jarring thrust of the initial rocket booster, the experience is not all together unpleasant, the view is unrivaled. Everything changes, however, when you hit the atmosphere. As it moved into Actia's Mesosphere, the first stage of the pod began to burn away, dramatically increasing the temperature of the pod itself. This was the worst part. On other jumps, Callahan had seen and heard men and women literally cooked inside their own pods due to minor imperfections in the pods second stage. Generally the drop commander had the good sense to cut the feed from these pods, but on occasion the channel was left open, or it was the commander himself in the flawed pod.

For Worth and Powers, there were completely different feelings. Powers bowed his head and said a prayer to Vishnu, sustainer and governor of the universe, as the pods drifted through space. Worth was more practical and was calmly checking each system over and over again. Both men were experienced in drops to the point of boredom, but not complacency. Once the rumbling and shuddering of re-entry began, there was a single moment of silence as the initial friction stalled the HEV's movement, a split second of calm before the storm. That was, if the loud baseline didn't split it in half. Worth began nodding his head gently back-and-forth. Power's simple braced himself, his foot tapping invisible to the other two. In annoyance Callahan cut his channel, but that didn't stop Powers and Worth from continuing.

Moments later Callahan's pod shook again as the drogue chute deployed, and he was able to survey the land below. It was a shitstorm. Below him, smoke billowed into the sky and lances of plasma rushed up to meet the HEVs. Explosions surrounded them, but the majority of the covenant AA weapons seemed to be targeting the decoys. Worth and Powers were buffeted by near-misses. Worth flipped a few switches to cut the chute. A moment latter he deployed the secondary, the extra drop time letting him pass Callahan's pod, which had passed him. 'Lead from hell, retreat from heaven.' that was the Hellfighter Officer's Motto, and Worth stuck to it. The pods only took a few more moments to hit the ground. The front panel popped off of Worth's pod and in a moment he was out, scanning the area from a crouched position with his M7. Seeing no enemies in sight Worth opened up the tac-map on his screen. Seeing Powers, Callahan, and a dozen other pods on the ground, Worth moved back to his pod.

--Keep your heads down-- Worth said, climbing up the pod and grabbing a small device. Worth pulled himself up so that his upper body was above the pod and pressed the device. The empty pods erupted in smoke, and in some cases, fire. Some surprises and party favors they had packed into the empty ones.

--Rally on Ripcord-- Worth said, pulling his 99 Anti-M rifle out of the side storage in the pod. Worth rubbed some mud on the barrel. It would eliminate any reflections and keep the barrel cool once Worth started firing. Keeping low, Worth moved across the torn up ground, using small mud piles as cover.

Powers had been the closest to the AO, so he hunkered down and waited, keeping watch on his immediate area. When Worth called out "heads down", Powers tucked his head down under his arm. Mud and bits of metal harmlessly peppered him.

"Cutting it a bit close Ell-Cee" Powers muttered to himself, brushing off a bit of burning leaf that fell on his forearm. Power's heard Worth's order and acknowledged

--Roger that Slipstream-- Powers moved his launcher a bit further on his back as he saw a form in the growing smoke. Raising his DMR, Powers saw that it was Callahan moving in. Powers raised an arm and made a circling motion, getting Callahan's attention.

After retrieving his gear from his pod, Callahan regrouped with Worth and Powers, he moved fast and stayed low. As he emerged from the smokescreen, he was greeted with a raised DMR, he waved his hand as powers lowered his weapon, and approached Worth.

 "Some stunt you pulled Slipstream" he grumbled. Without waiting for a response he activated his radio.

--Lady Luck, Predator is on station. Proceeding with primary objective.--

--Good copy, Kilo is standing by for deployment-- replied the ship's commo officer.

"Whats the plan Ell-Cee?"

"Move up and secure a landing zone for Kilo. We need to clear out one of those Covenant Anti-Air emplacements and make a hole for the party boys" Worth said, motioning with his hands.

Callahan nodded. "I've got one AT mine for a gun. I also brought two shaped charges. I brought them for breaching but they could disable some guns"

"That's the plan. We'll hit the Anti-Air emplacement due north. We all saw it coming in, damn thing nearly blew us all to hell anyways. We might as well get some payback. After the guns are silent we can give Kilo the green light."

Powers nodded "Hooah". Worth made a circling motion with two fingers, pointed at Powers and jerked his thumb back. Powers took up rear security and Worth took forward, leaving Callahan in the middle.

With that, the team began to head north, on to their first objective. The terrain was rough, the mud sucking them down. The sound of the gun's firing was getting louder and louder as time went on. They finally reached a cresting hill. Immediately Worth held up a fist, then motioned down to the ground with his palm, he moved into a prone position. Motioning them forward with an open hand, Callahan and Powers belly-crawled to the rise. Worth put down his bipod and scanned the area.

--Four hostiles on patrol, probably more inside. Bloodhound, you're up. Move on my go, drop on my word. Get inside and plant the charges-- Worth said, swapping to internal comms to reduce outside noise. Worth silenced Powers' developing objection with a wave of his right hand.

--Will do Slipsteam-- Callahan said. Worth scanned down his sight, studying the patrol patterns. Once he felt like he knew the pattern, he tapped Callahan twice on the shoulder.

--Go-- was all Worth said as Callahan got up and started to crouch run toward the emplacement. Worth saw a grunt look outward.

--Drop-- was the order, and Callahan did, the dark armour camouflaging him. Worth held the sight over the grunt until it looked away.

--Clear-- Worth said. Callahan wasted no time in moving forward again. As he got closer, he moved slower, trying to make less noise. The gun battery was open, with no guard inside that he could see. Once Callahan stepped inside he started wincing every step, the boots making an audible clack! with every step. The Covenant was either really lax, or Callahan was really lucky, but he managed to place the mine, set the detonator, and get out no problem.

It was halfway up the hill where a bit of stone screwed him. The man kept going up as Worth watched the stone roll down into a grunt. It yelped, and let out a cry, alerting the others to the intruders. That was a moment before Worth's round burst its skull open. A hail of plasma fire arced toward Callahan as Worth returned fire. Powers did his job and kept watching their back, as much as he wanted to provide cover fire.

Worth blessed his old Sargent in sniper school who taught him how to extend magazines, and to fire and reload at the same time. As the last round was chambered, Worth would reload. Thus he could fire that round as he reloaded. It was less accurate, on that last shot, but at this range, quantity was quality. Callahan got to the top and leapt over the crest, hitting the detonator. Mud and dust billowed out toward them, chased by fire and shrapnel. Worth couldn't see anything for a moment. Looking down, the entire area looked like it had been glassed. Callahan looked back to Powers easily hauling Callahan up by his shoulder. Brushing the man's upper back off, Powers said,

"Nice going man. Few more of those and you'll be one of us" Powers said. Even Worth was even mildly impressed, and in combat he was an ice-cube. Worth balanced his rifle on his knee as he pressed two fingers to his ear. It wasn't necessary to do so anymore, but old habits die hard.

Worth looked to the sky above.

--Lady Luck, Predator 1-1. Landing Zone is clear, repeat, landing zone in clear. Send in the retrieval team, over--

--Solid copy. Pelicans inbound.--
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"Kilo Team report to the armory." Amora said on the PA. Richard stopped mid sentence and stood up.

"Lets move you two" he said to Marcus and Duke. The three Spartans ditched their trays and replaced their helmets. A loose jog later and Kilos 1, 2 and 4 entered the armory. Richard went right for the DMR 7.62 ammo. He slammed a mag home in the rifle on his back and dumped several magazines in the pouches on his cheats plate and around his waist. Slinging the rifle again he chose a pair of M7 sub machine guns and clipped them to each of his thighs and grabbed clips for them as well. 4 fragmentation grenades rounded out his armament that he placed on belt on his back. A duffle bag was then filed with MREs, ammo and some COM gear. He left the explosives to someone else.
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For the first time since he had gotten out of Cryo, Marcus donned his blue, and gold highlighted, Mark VI helmet. The system booted up immediately and the HUD came alive with data.  To any ordinary person the heads up display would be unreadable, but to the trained eye it was a useful and deadly tool.  He, Duke and Richard entered the armory; he could see the Pelican Hanger as marine teams prepared for take-off.

He could see the planet through a nearby window also, it was alive with red and orange spots.  The Battle was raging below.   There were also chunks of debris floating outside,  Both UNSC and Covenant parts could be distinguished.    Marcus focused back on the armory.    He headed over to a weapons rack and grabbed four Frags, he inspected them.  M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose grenades, Casualty radius 15 meters unarmored, Killing radius: 5 meters unarmored.  This will make a mess of things. smiled inwardly as he went over the weapons specs again in his head.    Next he grabbed a BR55 Battle Rifle, he reached for a mag and checked the ammunition.  BR. reasonably high power, a decent rate of fire, and high accuracy with an electronic 2x telescopic sights attachment;  9.5 x 40mm rounds, three round burst... Excellent.  He strapped it across his back and slid extra round in a small pouch.  Lastly he grabbed a pistol.   M6G Personal Defense Weapon System, 12.7x40mm M225 SAP-HE (Semi-Armor Piercing, High Explosive) .50 Caliber ammunition loads. 8 round magazine.   Perfect for max agility and efficient damage.  Rugged and reliable.
Duke was also loading up, 4 frags as well.   He preferred the MA5C Assult Rifle as his primary weapon, he also equipped an M90 shotgun across his back.  He then nodded to Marcus.  

“Are you ready Hannibal?”  Even though he had his helmet on Marcus could see an eerie  smile on Dukes face.

Marcus nodded back.   “Let’s give em hell.”
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Psycho sighed and got up dumped his tray went back to his seat grabbed his helmet. And put it on fast then he turned around grabbed the assault rifle he had put down next to him checked its clip and shoved his way out of the cafeteria while blaring some hard rock through his speakers....
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Vera returned to her quarters to finish fine-tuning her equipment. Some called her obsessive, she called herself prepared. Although she admitted that having to restart diagnostics three to five times for every mod, may be a little extreme.

One her seventh re-calibration of her HUD's locator functions, (because seven was just such a perfect number) she forced herself to stop messing with her armor's settings and decided to head to the armory to ready her kit.

Within the armory, she spotted Marcus and Duke running through the weapon racks, grabbing frag grenades, rifles, and shotguns. Vera herself decided to get a hold of a M6S pistol, which she favored for its speed and accuracy, along with a M7 caseless submachine gun, and a Designated Marksman Rifle for longer range. After obtaining some frag grenades and plastic explosives she considered herself well equipped and went over to the tech station of the armory, and grabbed anything that might be usefull on the machine, flares, and a small blowtorch which she safely secured in the hardcase on her thigh.
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Richard looked around at Kilo Team. Realizing they were finished arming up, he gave the go. "To Pelican bay D-27. Move Kilo!"

The entire team took off in a jog to the launch bay passing other members of the crew who were just as busy manning battle stations. The corvette had to de-cloak to deploy dropships. All of Kilo Team piled into the Pelican launch bay behind a modified ONI Pelican. Its usually gunmetal green armor was replaced with a matte black, sensor reflecting skin. The lack of armor made the dropship very vulnerable to enemy fire but it was that lack of armor that made it faster, more maneuverable and the stealth skin, invisible. The nose cannon had been replaced with a M247H Heavy Machine Gun for crowd control. The missile pods that usually were on the stubby wings were replaced by fuel pods for longer and farther flights. The pilot, one Warrant Officer Samantha Venser, waved them in. The 6 Spartans sat in the seats and strapped in best they could. Duke, being almost twice the size of a normal Spartan was forced to simply hang on as the restraints would not fit around his armor. The rear hatched closed and Venser counted down from five to when they would launch. 
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The Pelican shook momentarily as it exited the artificial gravity of Lady Luck.   Marcus could feel the force as the Pelican accelerated away from the corvette and toward the planet.    He sat in the seat closest to the rear hatch, across from Rusty, Duke,  and Richard.  The small ship maneuvered through the debris field and continued its flight down to the surface.   Everything was silent except for the hum and rattle of the engines.  

The ship entered the atmosphere and began shaking slightly.  A few minutes later Marcus stood up and grabbed the top rail.

 "We good, Venser?"     Marcus asked over the comms to the pilot.   "We're a little cooked, Lieutenant.  But she'll hold..."  Venser turned back leaned forward to get a quick view of the battle going on in the city a few clicks east.  Covenant cruisers we're dangerously low, one exploded into pieces littering the city.   She leaned back and continued maneuvering.  

She opened the comm. "Predator 1-1, this is Hound.   Retrieval Team's ETA 2 minutes."    

Marcus and the rest of the Spartans did one last check on weapons and gear.  Venser looked back at Marcus and nodded.   "Alright, pop the hatch."  

The hatch slide open with a slight hiss.   The sky was blue with almost no clouds to be seen and the sun high in the sky.  For the first time, the sounds of battle could be heard echoing across the mountains.  

"1 minute!"  Venser yelled.   "We caught someones attention,  two banshees fast and low on our position, you boys make yourselves scarce. "  The pelican made a slight turn as she got into position.  "15 seconds!"    

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Venser angled the Pelican in so the hatch would face away from the direction the Banshees were approaching. Richard stood and so did all of Kilo. At Vensers go, Richard was the first off the ramp. First one out, last one on is what Richard led by. The rest of Kilo followed suit, dropping a few centimeters in the soft mud below their boots. An icon showing the position of Predator 1-1. He opened a comm to him.

"Predator 1-1 this is Kilo-1, we have your position and are approaching from the east, stand by." Richard unslung his DMR and after the Banshees flew over and lost intreats began to cautiously move forward, with the rest of Kilo taking up the rear. he could see a flaming hulk of a Covenant AA emplacement as he approached the ODST's position. They wasted no time getting busy.

"Lets move Kilo." He waved them on.
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Worth heard the commo call but kept his eyes glued to the sky through his scope. The Pelican had been seen by the Banshees and was taking fire. Worth tracked them for a moment, then made a quick decision.

--Hound, reverse direction and head over the landing zone. We'll take care of the two bandits on your tail, over-- Worth said. For a moment he thought that the pilot hadn't heard him, but the bird finally turned. Worth immediately made a up motion with three finger, pointed at the ground. Powers moved up and allowed Worth to steady his rifle on him.

"Range?" Worth asked.

"Seventeen Two Meters" Powers responded.


"Three Twenty-Two"


"Two-Zero out of the north" Powers said, lowering the spotter's glasses. Worth steadied his breathing, slowing his heartbeat. There was nothing else, not even the Spartans approaching from the east. The Pelican took another hit, and this one was bad. Worth closed his eyes for a moment, opened them, and said one thing:

"Green" and with that he pulled the trigger. The round exited the barrel at a speed greater than that of sound. It dropped slightly on it's path, nudged gently by the wind. Gravity was but a forgotten playmate. The round entered the right pylon of the left Banshee. It careened into the other Banshee and exploded, the weapon it was firing going off as it hit. Worth raised his rifle off of Powers' back quickly and surveyed his work.

The Pelican was still falling, the engine smoldering. It finally went down on the other side of the ridge to the south, away from the FOB. It was close, as the rumbling shake of the crash could be felt. Worth took no time in deciding his next course of action.

"Ripcord, hold here with the Spartans. Bloodhound, on me. We're going to retrieve the pilot" Worth said, standing up as the Spartans arrived and began to trot in that direction.
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--Hound, Predator 1-3, status report--

--My birds screwed. Bloody banshees did a number on me.--

--Can you move Hound?--

--Negative, my leg is messed up pretty bad.--

-- Hold positon, Hound. O- Hellfighters inbound--

-- Good copy, hurry the hell up.--

"She's fine, her legs out, she's gonna need some help walking out of there."

Worth nodded, and the two began to move to the crash site.
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"We need to get to her and get her out quick. We'll use parts from the bird to make a stretcher if need be. The Hell Way or the Highway, we don't leave anyone behind" Worth said vehemently. It wasn't something you did to comrades, especially pilots, who relied on soldiers like them to pull them out of the fire.
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"A stretcher?" Callahan scoffed "She didn't sound that bad and we dont have time, the covies are probably going to be wanting to know who the hell blew a hole in their AA shield. If all else fails I can fireman carry her.We should  have brought one of the big guys. All that damn money they probably could have her at a field hospital by now"
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"Obviously you don't know a hell of a lot about Hellfighters. We're all Sapper-qualified. I can build a two pole stretcher in about twenty seconds," Worth shot back. "One thing I noticed, for all the expenses involved in making them, there seems to be more Spartans that non-Spartans around here"

They crested the ridge and saw the crashed Pelican. It had dug a small furrow in the ground. That was good, big furrows tended to be lethal. Worth pointed at Callahan's eyes with two fingers and then pointed them around, telling him to keep watch. Worth then pointed at himself and then the c ockpit, signalling that he would retrieve the pilot. Moving to the downed Pelican, he saw the pilot inside. Waving, and getting a wave back, Worth tried the manual release. It was stuck, and despite how many tugs, it wouldn't budge. Worth motioned for Callahan to come over as he pulled off a bit of torn siding from the Pelican's wing. Callahan was more then smart enough to realize what Worth was doing and helped him use the metal bar to pop the release. The side of the c ockpit opened up and the pilot could be heard coughing. Worth grabbed her by the armpits and lifted her up. She groaned in pain as the leg was bumped, but otherwise didn't say anything through clenched teeth. Once she was out, Worth laid her down and quickly bandaged her leg.

"Thanks mates. Who the 'ell are you blokes anyway?" she asked, pulling off her helmet to reveal longer-than-regulation length hair. Worth looked up for a moment, blinked once, and looked back down at his work.

"Hellfighters. I'm Slipstream, he's Bloodhound" Worth said, nodding to the man standing guard.

"Too many hounds in this place" Callahan muttered. Worth slung his rifle as he helped the woman up. She grunted, but was otherwise silent. Worth pulled his M7 from its clip and held it in his right hand, using his left arm to help the pilot walk.

"Can I get a real name, mates?" she asked. Worth glanced at her, the motion almost unnoticeable.

"Sorry ma'am, can't do that" Worth said. She looked a bit disappointed as them began to move out.

"I guess not, mate. I'm Warrant Officer Samantha Venser. Everyone calls me Amantha" she said, right before she collapsed with a curse. Worth slung his M7 on his hip and picked up the pilot, one hand under her knees, the other on her back.

"Sorry ma'am, but you're in no condition to walk" Worth said. The pilot looked up at him.

"You blokes call me Amantha. You lot earned that right after pulling me out of the fire. I di'n't see how you took out the 'shee's" Worth looked down for a moment as he moved.

"Single shot to the left one's pylon. It crashed into the other one" Worth said. The pilot whistled.

" 'ell of a shot. Remind me to thank the shooter" she replied, not noticing Worth's rifle.

"You're welcome" was his only reply, the smile on his face unknown to the outside world.

Back at the emplacement, Powers was scanning the Ell-Cee's direction.

"Man, you guys sure took your sweet time getting down here. Could have built a resort while you were gone" Powers said, making conversation.
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--Ripcord, Bloodhound.--

--Copy Bloodhound--

--Hellfighters returning. We have one wounded, see if you can get one of the walking tanks to carry, she shouldn't be too much of a problem.--

-- Good Copy Bloodhound. See you soon.--

--Ripcord, Slipstream, lets not play juggle the pilot, I've got her.--

--Roger Slipstream--

Callahan closed his external speakers. --You've got her? You sure you wont need help? Or is there something you might want to be telling me?--

-- I don't have scrawny little arms like those spartans, I can carry a pilot just fine.--

--Bullshit, I didnt think guys like you were allowed to have feelings Slipstream.--

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--I don't care how many letters you got, don't try and get in my head. I'm team leader, it's my burden to get everyone out alive, even if it means I literally have a burden-- Worth snapped, looking at Callahan. From the quickness of the movement, the pilot sensed something was amiss.

"Everything okay gents?" she asked. Worth nodded.

"We'll link up with the rest of my team, and the Spartans, over the rise" he said. The pilot cocked her head.

"More of you?" she asked.

"Roger that. Ripcord, last member of my team. Good spotter, better man" Worth said, pumping his legs to get up the incline. He kneed her in the rear accidentally.

"Ow! Mind watching it?" she asked in mild annoyance.

"Sure, right after I mind the loud, injured pilot I have to lug up this hill as I debate if saving aforementioned pilot was worth it" Worth replied.
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"You know Slipstream, we do have five able bodied walking tanks just a short ways away. I bet one of them could give our new found burden a hand. Besides, how many people get to say they've been carried around by a spartan?"

Callahan grinned and looked over. Worth shot him another glance which Callahan was sure would be murderous if he could see Worth's eyes.

"You raise a good point, mate. I'll have to think about it."  Vener said.

Callahan tried to keep himself from laughing.
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"Because you want to be in the arms of the Covenant's number one target, so that way all those nice plasma shot get to personally greet you" Worth said dryly. It was at that point in which they reached Powers.

"Looks like the Ell-Cee made a friend!" Powers laughed. Only for a moment did he glance at the pilot and nod one in greeting, the rest of the time his eyes were glued outward, scanning for enemies.

"Let's get to the Operations Base. We can secure ground transport from there and move onto our primary objectives" Worth ordered.
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Rusty saw the ODST carrying the wounded pilot, and weighed offering assistance. This man seemed to hold the same hostile attitude towards Spartans as most other ODST's, but it was pointless having him waste his strength when it would be like carrying a friend's backpack for the Spartans.

He approached calmly and spoke matter-of-factly. "It is pointless for you to waste your strength when there is more efficient ways of moving the missus." Rusty put his Battle Rifle on his back, leaned down, and held out his arms to take the wounded pilot.
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Callahan couldn't hold in his laughter, so he cut his com channels, and tried to keep from buckling over. He was moderately successful, but the slight motion caused Powers to look over, confused.
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Powers looked back at Callahan laughing, and saw a glint. It looked like the spotter sight Elites used to direct Jackal sniper fire. Powers immediately tackled Callahan to get him out of the way.

"Can we just move-" was all Worth said before a carbine round hit the dirt at his feet. Worth looked down at the shot, down at Powers, down to the shot, to the pilot, to the shot, to the Spartan. "MOVE OUT!" Worth yelled, finishing his rather rudely interrupted thought. Worth started running North, toward the FOB. Powers pulled himself and Callahan up with relative ease and dragged him along for the first few steps as he got his feet under him. Powers quickly fell in step with Worth, scanning with him rifle, looking for the source of the shots.

--Operating Base Whiskey, Predator 1-1, we could use ground pick-up or fire support, we'll take anything you can provide most rikki-tick, over-- Worth said into the radio, his voice calm and level.

--Roger that Predator 1-1, we've got you on our sensors. We've got problems of our own, we'll see if we can scramble a Warthog for pickup. Wait two mikes-- the RO responded.

--Roger that Whiskey-- Worth said. "If we can last that long"
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Rusty instantly unhooked his BR, swiveled, dropped to a knee, aimed, and fired off a single burst in the direction of the shot. Then began running towards the FOB, keeping pace with the ODST's, using his larger body to possibly block any fire they would be receiving.

He believed he had hit one of the Jackals, but Rusty had seen several more of them setting up on the ridge. From the way it looked, they had seen the lone ODST, Powers, and were attempting to come upon him from behind when the Spartans arrived and Worth returned with the casualty. The circumstances didn't matter anyways, now they just had to reach the FOB before anyone got hit.

Worth, to his credit, was keeping up a fairly good pace while carrying the woman. Rusty understood his mentality, and would not try to take her from him unless he visibly stumbled. 
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OOC: Callahan was with Worth when he helped out the pilot. Powers was hangin back with the spartans.

As Powers dragged him up, Callahan began to move. He saw the direction one of the Spartans had began to fire in, his HUD told him it was a Lt. Rusty. As he was moving he rotated and began to backpedal, burst firing his assault rifle in the direction the spartan had fired. The Hellfighters moved, Powers, Callahan and Rusty covered Worth and Vesner. The Spartans fell back as well, albiet at a slower pace, engaging the hostiles as they followed the Hellfighters. In the distance a small dust trail could be seen, billowing up on the route from the FOB.
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OOC: Edited.

Rusty turned on his right foot as he moved, locking his upper-body armor plates into place momentarily for a steadier shot while his feet still back-peddled. A few quick bursts, and another Jackal on the ridge went down. However, they were quickly moving out of reliable range for the BR, while the Jackal's Beam rifle was still perfectly accurate.

His HUD informed him that the small dust-trail in the distance was an approaching Warthog. However, it was the passenger variant, which meant no heavy guns for cover.
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Worth continued to move, ocasionally stopping short and movingat an angle to throw off the sniper's shots. In a blessidly short time, the Warthog was upon them and sliding to a stop.

"Get i-" was all the driver could shout before a round hit him in the neck. He slumped over, blood pooling in the seat. Powers swore and yanked the Marine so that he was in the small space behind the driver's seat. Worth moved around to the passenger side and laid the pilot down. He jumped in, covering her unarmored body with his armored body as best he could while retaining his ability to fire. Soon he was adding well-placed shots to the covering fire.

"Man, I hate driving in someone else's blood. It's all sticky and wet" Powers complained as he took the wheel.
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As the ODSTs grappled the pilot and got her into the Warthog, Richard motioned the Spartans to take up walking defensive positions around the hog and that they would run along side the vehicle until it made it to the FOB. He got off a couple rounds from his DMR at the incoming Jackels and he explained this to Worth.

"Go, we'll cover you till you reach the FOB and then secure this side of the base."

He dived behind a large boulder into the mud to avoid an incoming Wraith plasma motor.

"Kilo- 3, Kilo-6, get in that hog and get suppressive fire on that ridge, 2 and 4, knock out that Wraith! Il cover you from here and when you get back. MOVE SPARTANS!
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"Its not going to be someone else's you have to worry about if you dont get us the hell out of here!" Callahan shouted, as he hopped into the back of the 'Hog. He began to fire in the direction of the Covenant hostiles.
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Luckily the Warthog had stopped within the deadly accurate range of Rusty's BR, and he was still landing well-placed shots when it pulled up with a screech. The driver was hit in an instant, right through the artery of the neck. Rusty mechanically made a quick visual assessment of the injury.

Plasma beam round through the neck.

Artery severed.

Burning has cauterized most of the area, but blood still pumping steadily through artery.

Loss of blood, and likely drowning effects.

Factoring in distance to FOB, with rough ride and limited medical capabilities.

Life span: Mere minutes, if even.

Survival: Doubtful.

This he thought in only a moment, and then returned his attention to the action at hand. The ODST's were loading into the truck quickly and efficiently, as expected. Suddenly, a plasma motor from a newly arrived Wraith came howling towards their position. The airy and all-too familiar 'wrrrrr' sound of the incoming round made Rusty shudder. He crouched down low to avoid the concussive wave, since he was luckily out of range of the impact for it to drain his shields to empty.

Without a word, he followed Richard's command and hopped into the back of the 'hog. With one knee on the floor, and the other calf wedged in between a pair of seats for balance, Rusty once again took aim at the ridge. He leaned down and turned over the body of the driver, getting a better look at the wound.

His first glance had been less than a second, only the view he got as the driver slumped to his side. Now Rusty saw that the round had also impacted the top of his spinal cord, severing it and killing him instantly. Better this way than drowning in your own blood. Rusty thought to himself.

He switched his BR to single-shot to conserve ammo and retain more accuracy as the Warthog kicked into gear.
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   Marcus and Duke moved quick as another wraith round came flying their way, the brighter blue light a clear warning.    This one was no doubt going to hit the Warthog in its current position.    

   "INCOMING!”   He and the rest of the Spartans rolled for cover.    
Powers had just managed to hit the accelerator, the plasma round hit the ground right in between the where the group had just been.  The warthog felt the effects of the blast but to no real damage as it did a slight fishtail and continued on its way.
   Duke nodded to Marcus as he unloaded his assault rifle and slowly started to flank left.   He was standing long enough for the wraith to notice him then quickly ducked behind cover of a nearby hill.  Meanwhile Marcus had started flanking to the other side of the wraith.   He stayed behind cover a best he could trying to quickly make it to the enemy vehicle.   The longer he took the more chance Kilo could take a hit.   He neared the wraith now, just to the left of it out of it peripheral vision.  He was close enough now he could see several grunts standing in cover of a nearby hill rock formation firing sporadically down at the Richard and Duke.   The grunts along with the wraith were oblivious to his presence.    
   The wraith fired one more shot and Marcus sprinted up behind it.  He took a giant leap and landed on top of it.   He had taken out enough he knew exactly where the top hatch was.   He yanked it off much to the surprise of the elite driving.  Having already pulled the pin of one of his frags he dropped it with ease into the elites lap.  To make sure he had no chance of tossing it back out he slammed the hatch shut, he did it with such force that practically resealed itself.   The wraith frantically lurched forward as the elite discovered there was nothing it could do.  

  Marcus jumped off and took a small roll and was back on his feet.  In less than seconds he would take out the Grunts.  The way the wraith jumped forward and the way he rolled, he ended up in between the three grunts, just now noticing the spazzing wraith and the blue and gold Spartan.   He grabbed one that was still turned by the neck.  The second he swiftly upward kicked in the head, which went flying off clean off squirting blue blood everywhere.   The third he dispatched with his pistol at the short range, one shot to the forehead.  
The first one was still kicking his arms as the wraith exploded in a great big ball of flames.   He then broke its neck and headed back down to the rest of Kilo.
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Powers' foot was flat on the Warthog's accelerator, redlining the engine. Powers at this point unslung his rifle, dropping his sidearm to the pilot.

"If anything gets close, shoot it!" he yelled over the wind whipping past them. Worth balanced his bipod on the middle beam of the cabin, holding it down with one hand. As more of his shots rang out, less of the Covenant's did.

"Just what I always wanted" was the pilot's retort as she moved into a better firing position. In Worth's scope he saw that the Covenant had ceased their chase, unable to keep up on foot. Turning his head, Worth saw one Ghost scout unit trying to keep pace further back. A single shot ripped through it's 'wing' and his the booster, destroying the vehicle completely.

"I hate tailgaters" Worth muttered.

"What was that Ell-Cee?" Powers yelled back.

--I said, ETA to the FOB?--

--Mike and a half at this rate. The AA net was really close, that's why we had to punch a hole in it--Powers responded, easing off the gas a bit.

--Roger that. We'll get the wounded to the field hospital and secure ground....-- was all Worth said, trailing of as he saw the FOB. It was under attack, plasma fire ripping through it occasionally. It wasn't a bad attack, but Worth knew this was just the beginning of a major offensive.

--Man, shite's going down fast. We need to get moving quick, Ell-Cee--Powers warned.

--Roger that Ripcord. We'll grab what we can and head out before the storm hits, over--
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"Ripcord, we're clear. Slow down and give the Spartans a ride. "

Powers complied, and moments later Kilo team was on board, the warthog sagged under their weight.

"Status?" Richard asked as the 'hog began to growl forward.

Callahan turned to the Spartan "FOB Whiskey looks like its taking a beating.  We need to secure additional transport, and bug out to secure our objective. FOB Whiskey is going to have to hold of the covenant assault on their own."

"What about our wounded?" Another Spartan, Marcus, asked.

"Whiskey's field hospitals will be at their limit. We dont have time to drop her off and if we did she wouldn't be any better off." He turned to the pilot. "You up for a little fun ma'am?"

"If it means a shot at some of these bloody bastards, you can count me in."

Callahan grinned behind his visor and looked up at the base.

--FOB Whiskey. Predator 1-3. Kilo team. Do you read?--

--Holy sh it you guys are still alive. Are you en route to assist?--

--Negative, we have priority 1 objective, direct from ONI. Can you provide transport?--

--We have a couple of spare Hogs, you boys can take one of them, other then that we need everything we have, the covies are hitting us hard.--

The Hog pulled into the FOB and two battered marines closed the gate behind it.  The far side of the base was loud, automatic weapon fire, explosions and plasma bolts created a booming cacophony. A marine pulled up in a M12 LRV. His hair was past regulation, he had a two day beard, and his eyes were sunken from sleep depravation. The marines of FOB Whiskey had been through hell, and to see a full team of Spartan-IIIs show up, just to take one of their vehicles and leave angered the majority of them. He glared at the men and women of Kilo team and their Hellfighter support.

"Heres your fuckin' car. Dont let the door hit your a ss on the way out" he growled. He jumped out of the vehicle and threw a helmet on.

"We do out job right, and these guy's will be off your as ses most Rikki-Tick. If not, we all get to take a dirt nap together," Worth told him. "And let me tell you, Hellfighters don't sleep" Worth's words didn't seem to have much of a noticeable effect, but he knew better. That Marine was going to be waiting for them to take the pressure off, and that gave him hope. And when he told his buddies, so would they.

As the Hellfighters unloaded and got into the LRV He headed back towards the other side of the FOB, and disappeared into the commotion of the base. Callahan manned the gun on the back of the LRV, and helped Warrant Officer Vener climb into the back as well. Worth handed her his SMG while reclaiming his sidearm and climbed into the passenger seat.

"Anyone gets close, that will be more useful" Worth said. The pilot nodded. Powers, the medic among the two, quickly re-wrapped the wound with some bio-foam soaked bandages. The relief was obvious on the pilot's face as the wound numbed.

"That ought to make things a bit cozier ma'am. Ell-Cee, man, I gotta thank you for taking the clean 'hog. Don't like sittin' in no kid's blood" Powers said, taking the wheel.

Callahan handed Worth his assault rifle. Worth stuck it next to him in the seat and replaced his bipod on the top of the windshield.

Callahan looked at Worth and nodded. Worth glared at him under his visor, but didn't say anything.

"Spartans, get the Warthog and let's move out. You take point, we'll cover your six. Any contacts you can't take out yourselves, make sure to tell us. We'll sweep it with the big gun. You know the Objective Zone, move fast, not reckless" Worth said. Powers waved a helmeted Marine over and had a few gentle words. The Marine disappeared into a building and came back out, handing Powers a helmet. Powers then handed it to the pilot. It was a full-visor ODST-style helmet, the standard variant, unlike Worth and Powers' modified versions.

"We were originally going to run ops out of this area, and so we had a few replacement parts and shite shipped down. When everything went to hell, these guys grabbed the extra gear. The 'elmet ought to seal up your suit, especially since I fixed that breech on your leg. It's tapped into our comms, too" Powers explained. The woman took a deep breath, obviously not used to the small world of wearing a full helmet, and pulled it on.

--Thanks-- she said, testing the com. Powers made an 'Okay' sign with his fingers and tapped his chest with it.

--Lock and load. Keep your heads on a swivel, call out your targets. Let's get to work-- Worth told his team.
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Richard watched as Duke and Marcus ran towards the lumbering Wraith and sighted on the pair of Jackels firing on the Warthog. He killed the first one, the enemy responsible for the drivers death and then killed the second. He covered Duke, who covered Marcus as the blue gold spartan ran at the tank. Richard spotted a red blip on his motion tracker, right behind him.

At his 6-o-clock materialized an Elite as he decloaked from active camo. It threw its arms around Richard and squeezed. The Spartan immediately dropped his DMR in the mud, brought both knees to his chest and then mule kicked the alien behind him. The Elite's shield popped with a high pitched ZZZZZZZAAAP! and his chest and abdomen armor plates buckled. It stammered back. Rich spun and brought up both SMGs then squeezed the triggers and hosed the enemy with 9MM bullets. The Elite fell back gurgling its own blood as its face was turned to a pulpy mass. Richard, angry at both himself, and the Elite for getting the drop on him unloaded both magazines. He sighed and reloaded, retrieved his DMR and met up with Duke and Marcus, both jogging away from the smoking wreckage of the tank. Breaking in to a run the trio ran after the hog. It was then that Richard began hearing the frenzied calls of officers and troops from the FOB. He activated his enhanced optics package in his helmet and saw the base under heavy Covenant assault.

After they jumped abrade the warthog and made it into the base. Richard made a quick glance around. He wished, as much as he knew the others of Kilo and the Hellfighters that they could stay and help, but the mission came first. Then they would be back. If there was something to to come back to. He climbed into the drivers seat of the passenger Warthog after Powers vacated the seat. The rest of Kilo shift to obtain better firing positions.

After Worth gave the go, Richard hit the gas and sped out of the base, heading for the city. The last known position of the VIPs was on the western docks. Since the FOB was on the east side they would have to go through the hell of the city to get there.

"Look sharp Spartans. Call out anything you miss to the ODSTs."
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Rusty gently lifted the dead driver's body out of the Warthog, and laid him down at the aid station. He closed the vacant eyes and placed the hands on the chest. Then, without a single moment of mourning or sadness, he sprinted back to the Warthog and jumped into the back.

His shooting had been so precise, Rusty had not even expended a full magazine of his BR ammo yet. So he took it off his back once again and banged on the side of the car.

"Ready to roll."
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Marcus waited for Rusty to make his way back to the Warthog.  He sat in the back seat along with Duke.   He reached out his hand and help Rusty onto the back of the passenger hog.   He watched as Rusty hit the side of the hot and called to Richard in the drivers seat.   "Ready to roll."

They felt the hog lurch forward as Richard hit the gas.  The ODST's in the other hog quickly made their way up behind them and to the right.

Marcus then looked over at Duke to see a rocket launcher sitting across his lap. He nodded his head in approval.    Duke patted the launcher with a gentle caress, he cradled it like it was his new found baby and nodded slowly back.   Marcus laughed at his comical action.

OOC: EDIT: I kept imagining this track playing as we drive off
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OOC: My understanding was that the spartans numbered 5, since Psycho is considered not there for the moment, and thus were in the troop transport. The Hellfighters and the injured pilot were in the normal, minigun kind.
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OOC: The passenger Hog of Halo 3 seats 5. and yes since Psycho voiced not wanted to be in this anymore i have dropped him
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OOC:  Fixed.   changed a bit of stuff.
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As the pair of Warthogs passed through the first toll plaza that led into the city they all saw the several high-rise buildings, skyscrapers and infrastructure burning, crumbling or otherwise heavily damaged. The heavily armed convoy rolled into the first expressway tunnel leading under the east side of the financial district.

"We should be able to avoid any unwanted alien attention down here." said Richard on the units comm. Being underground would cover them from any enemy air attack and he doubted the Covenant had reached the lower levels yet seeing as they were preoccupied with wreaking havoc topside. He steered left of a water main break in the tunnel wall to his left and set geysers of water in the air behind the vehicles large treaded tires. Dodging abandoned cars, vans and delivery vans he thought of the couple million people that inhabited this city. Terrified, running for their lives. No idea what to do or where to go an an enemy hell bent on their deaths rushed in. He slowly shook his head as he careened around a burning delivery truck.

A few minutes of driving down the red emergency lit tunnel brought the convoy to stop. An emergency bulkhead had closed, blocking the entire highway tunnel.

"S hit" he breathed.
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OOC: il wont be posting till late tomorrow. long day of school ahead
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 Duke stood up inside the hog and looked around.  Marcus handed his rocket launcher to Duke and hopped out of the hog.    

"Sir, that service entrance may lead to a control room."  He motioned with his gun in the direction slightly back down the tunnel.    "We'll see if we can get these doors open."   There was another set of similar doors on the other side of the highway.   "We should check the other side as well."  

Richard agreed and hopped out of the hog as well.   "Vera, with me.    Duke stay with the ODSTs."    Richard barked orders as he quickly made is way to the doors.  

Marcus and Rusty started in the direction of the other doors. He then stopped and looked back at Duke and the ODST's  "We have no idea what is behind those doors, be ready."     Looking more closely at the doors you could see they had been recently shut, AFTER the original assault and rush to leave the city.    He then turned to catch up with Rusty.  

Rusty had taken position at the door and waited for Marcus.   Marcus reached the door and Rusty nodded to him.   He kicked the door in and rusty quickly rushed in to secure the area.   The door lead to a pitch black hall that ran the length of the highway.    Marcus was behind Rusty as he entered.    They quickly turned on they helmet headlamps and checked the hall.   It was empty and quiet.    Rusty unslung his M90 shotgun.   Marcus stepped slowly to one side and let him take the lead as the continued down the hall in the direction that the bulkhead was located.   
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Post by: Dha'ward Krayt on June 06, 2012, 11:52:59 PM
As Marcus and Rusty entered the service entrance across from them Richard and Vera entered their door. Richard had both his SMGs drawn and Vera had her own single sub machine gun. The two Spartans communicated in hand singles down the corridor into the room at the end. To their disappointment it was the control room to a water pump system that would pump any flood water that had entered the highway tunnel system. Richard opened his comm.

"Kilo-1 to Kilo-2. We got nothing down this service corridor. Just a water pump control. Find anything yet?" he asked.
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Post by: Mereel Skirata on June 07, 2012, 12:27:18 AM
Marcus and Rusty had made in about to the distance to where the Bulkhead was.   There was a larger room and the hall moved up a metal staircase to a catwalk.  It was built so that the door could slide easily under it.  
"Negative Commander."   The catwalk continued on around and back down where the hall looked like it continued on.   However at the top center of the catwalk was a closed door that read Caution Authorized Personnel Only.  Just as two were about to reach the door there was a faint screeching sound.  Marcus looked at Rusty.  "Was that what a think it was?"   Rusty shrugged.    "I'm not sure"  he replied.      Rusty opened the door.  It was another room that had several broken computer screens, there was a few that were intact.  The room opened up in the back and here was another large hall.  There was another faint screeching sound, this time followed by scratching.  
"Sir, I think there is something else down here."   Rusty moved across the room to check the area.   "We also found what looks like a control room.  Running diagnostics now."     The screeching was getting louder now.   Rusty moved back to grabbed Marcus's shoulder.   He took the hint.   "Almost got it."    

Rusty opened the door to check the way back and see if it was still safe when all of a sudden the screeching and scratching stopped.    Marcus looked up at him then slammed one final key.    

BOOM, the door giant bulkhead slowly began to open.  The gears grounded loudly as it slid under the catwalk.

  Marcus grabbed his gun and quickly got up to follow Rusty out the door and down the off catwalk.    Just as he did 15 drones came flying out of every crevice and vent.    Between the two of them they instinctively took out three, however they were quickly overrun.   Rusty looked down the catwalk to see many more flooding in from the way they came.   The two quickly headed down the opposite side.   By the time they managed to get to the bottom of the catwalk and back into the hall,  the gate-room was now swarming.    Marcus took a hit to the shoulder with several needles from bugger,  it then took a Battle Rifle burst to the face.    

"Commander, it a trap....." There was nothing but static.   "Kilo-1!"    Still nothing.

"There appears to be sometime of interference with the communications."   Amora's voice said calmly.  

"Damnit."  He yelled as he pulled the needles from his shoulder.  One managed to slip in between his armor and blood dripped down his back.   He ignored it and continued firing down the hall. 

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After the booming sound of the bulkhead dropping everything was a blur in Richard's helmet. First a swarm of about 20 Drones filled the corridor they had entered and then several more burst from one of the empty sage green pumping pipes over head. He squeezed the triggers at the first swarm, killing many with the fast automatic fire. Vera took aim on the second swarm that had burst from the pipe. Richard quickly reloaded to take on the next 20 or so buggers screeching down the hall. He had managed a glance at his comma signal indicator to find its signal strength 0%. By now he had to reload for the second time but a group of 4 of the Drones were still alive. He threw his weapons at the first two aliens killing both as they flew. He drew his combat knife and grabbed the third in mid air with his left hand and stabbed it through its soft underbelly with his right. The forth bugger managed to get a few plasma pistols shots off at him that splashed across his armor's shielding, only angering Richard. He got a hold of the needler that the bugger he just killed was carrying and shot a flurry at his attacker. The green insectoid alien's carapace exploded. Taking the moment of respite, he sheathed his combat knife and recovered his SMGs.

In the fight Vera had tackled another bugger and pulled its wings from its sockets and punched its face in. She was out of breath and on he hands and knees but okay.  Richard tried his comms.

"Kilo-2 do you copy? Preadtor 1-1? Kilo-4?"
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"Man, did he just call us ODST's? Dawg, that's f ucked up. We ain't ODST's. We're Hellfighters" Powers muttered. Worth tapped him on the shoulder.

"We'll tell them off in a moment. Right now, we need to get moving" Worth said.

--Kilo-1, what's your status?--Worth asked. The static response was not good. Worth motioned for Powers to back up the 'hog as he got out, taking the assault rifle with him. When the door began to open, Worth heard a familiar trilling sound. Worth dropped to a knee, one leg extended forward, and bent over at the waist. This awkward position put him perfectly in line to open fire on the attacking drones.

"Drones!" Worth yelled back to Powers. Callahan needed no warning, as the machine gun was already rocking and rolling. Worth rolled backwards, rising to a standing position.

"Get moving Powers!" Worth yelled. Powers gunned the vehicle forward, smashing through the insects. Worth reached out a hand and was yanked into the seat when it jolted him forward.
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Rusty quickly and calmly cleared a path back to the gate room with his shotgun, leaving a gruesome trail of green gore and shattered Drone bodies. Whenever there was a respite, he took the time to reload as many shells as possible before the next Drone was upon him.

One bug, whose plasma pistol had overheated, dropped the weapon and made a suicide dive straight for Rusty's face. With a quick swing of the shotgun, he knocked the creature to the floor and crushed it's skull. Rusty once again put a shell down the hall.

"Marcus, cover me."

Rusty said. He had to reach into his bandolier for more shotgun ammo, his immediate supply he kept on his thigh was out.
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Callahan gritted his teeth as the LAAG spun up. The gun made short work of the flying aliens, turning their bodies into a greenish pulp. Casings flew from the weapon, landing around his feet. As Powers accelerated into the swarm, Callahan held down the triggers, and let the LAAG roar. Any drones that escaped its fire were handled by Worth or Vesner.
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The sound of the LAAG firing and tires squealing made Richard look down the corridor. The Hellfighters were still alive. He motioned to Vera and he pair ran back down the corridor to the highway. As they stepped out a flurry of needles and plasma made them jerk back out of the way then Vera took a kneeling firing position while Richard fired over her with his SMGs. After the majority of the Drones had either been killed off by the Hellfighters, Vera and Richard or had flown off in terror, the Spartan duo ran across the hall to check on Marcus and Rusty.
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Marcus continued to ignore the pain in his shoulder as he covered Rusty.   He fired bursts with his Battle Rifle,  there was almost no way he could miss, there was bugger still coming out sporadically out of the vents but Marcus and Rusty were making quick work of the swarm.   

As the two made it into the narrower hallway it was quicker work on the drones as the filed into the line of fire. 

"If I know one thing about Drones.... they don't like to take all the credit."   He said to Rusty as they both decimated drones as they flew into the hall from the gateroom.  "They no doubt have notified any nearby forces."  He reloaded his BR and continued firing.    "We have to get back and let the rest of Kilo and the troopers know we might be having company."   He blew the face off a drone.     

There was a pause in their firing and you could hear the faint sounds of turret fire echo through the halls.   "If they don't know already."
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"I think they've got some houseguests of their own already. Rowdy ones,  by the sound of it."

Rusty, knowing he would want his shotgun for later, shouldered the weapon and took out his Battle Rifle. He switched the selector from single-shot to three round burst. Rusty and Marcus, seeing a small lull in the action, charged forward through the hall.

--Kilo 1, this is Kilo 5. We are almost back to the vehicles. What is your status?--
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The Warthog continued through the cloud of Drones until it reached the other side. The sight before them wasn't much better. It seemed that the Covenant had set up a fuel and ammo dump behind the closed door. That wasn't the bad part. The bad part was the droves of Grunts, and their Elite handlers, turning too look at the commotion. Raised weapons soon followed, including those of a Hunter pair. Actually three Hunter pairs, but Worth's view was obstructed by Drone guts.

"Ripcord, turn this Warthog around!" Worth yelled. Powers was already doing so, executing a power slide to flip them around. Powers yet again flattened the accelerator and punched through the mass of Drones, again.

"Not this shite again!" Venser yelled, peppering Drones with rounds.

"Bloodhound, get ready to cover. Ripcord, we'll swap seats. Use the launcher and hit a fuel container. It should shake them up and give us some breathing room" Worth yelled. It wasn't out of panic, it was just loud with all the gunshots, screeching, and thumps.

"We ain't nearly close enough for that Ell-Cee!" Powers yelled back. Worth gave him a thumbs up.

"I'll get us close" was all he said. Powers pulled out of the Swarm and braked behind an abandoned semi. They quickly changed seats, careful to avoid any bits of super-heated metal on the 'hog from the Drone's occasional Plasma Pistol fire. Worth took the wheel, and headed for the mass of Drones yet again. It was a good thing most had Needlers, as most of the explosive barbs bounced off of the 'hogs armour, the rest off the Hellfighter's plates. It wouldn't last long, their luck or their plates, but they only needed one more trip.
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"Kilo-5 this is 1. Im with 3 on our way back to the highway. Was that you on the LAAG?" he asked.

He wiped out the remaining Drones in the area and saw that their support had driven off in the Warthog but the bulkhead had been opened. Then he saw a barrage of plasma and needler fire and the Warthog driving about. A drone swarm tracked them as they hid behind a semi truck.

"Predator 1-1! Whats your situation?"
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-- -dat- -1 -ituat-n--

Callahan continued to squeeze down on the trigger, the LAAG roaring as it threw rounds at the covenant forces. The barrel of the weapon was blazing, and parts of the shield mounted to the gun were on the verge of melting from plasma strikes.  Worth drove like a madman, avoiding moving in to predictable a fashion, as sections of the vehicle already seemed to be melting away, given enough time the repeated impacts of plasma rounds would eventually burn their way through the hog's external armor, and into the engine. They pulled close enough to the ammo and fuel dumps for Powers to get a reliable shot off. 

"Ripcord, take the shot!" Callahan yelled, as another green orb struck the shield on his gun, and actually caused a large chunk to slowly flow apart from the left side of the plate.

Powers let the cough of his grenade launcher respond for him. The grenade flew forth, bounced off of the ground once, and impacted the fuel dump. As Powers fired, Worth slammed on the gas, the hog leaped forward as Worth navigated away from the fuel dump. The grenade exploded a second after impact, and ignited the fuel dump, which in turn set off the covenants ammo store. A massive bluish purple fireball erupted, killing everything within close proximity, and scorching many more. A few of the drones were outside of the blast radius, and returned fire at the fleeing warthog.  A green plasma bolt flew forth, and sailed directly past where part of Callahan's shield should have been. It impacted his shoulder plate, the force of the blow knocking him back. He grunted and lost his footing, as he fell he knocked the LAGG, and it rotated ninety degrees to the left. He landed with a thud next to Vesner as the LAAG went silent.

--Bloodhound! Status!-- Worth shouted. He yanked the steering wheel around, trying to get behind an abandoned vehicle. In a few moments they were. Worth and Powers were out of the vehicle in a moment.

"Ripcord, check on Bloodhound. Venser, get on your feet and provide flank security" Worth said. He moved to the front of the Warthog, scanning from left to right, rile up. His plates were steaming, the residual heat from the fuel dump blast evaporating any water in the air around him. Vesner managed to get down and scan the other side with minimal difficulty, Power's earlier ministrations having great effect.

"Hey, man, you 'aight back here?"Powers asked Callahan.

--Preadator 1-1! What's you situation?-- Worth head. The jammer must have been in the dump.

--Kilo-1, hold for five mikes, over-- Worth responded, not wanting to have to deal with the Spartans at the moment. One of his men might be down, and he didn't need a Spartan splitting his attention from the task at hand.
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"I'm good. I'm good. My plates busted. I need to get it off." Callahan groaned.

He reached for the plate, and quickly removed it, taking care not to touch the center, which was glowing red from the impact of the shot. A moment later he was back on his feet, his shoulder hurt from the impact, but that was nothing. He took hold of the LAAG, and everyone got back into their positions. Behind the cold reflection of his visor, Callahan glared.

His words betrayed his mood, they were almost a growl. "Drive the f ucking car."

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"Kilo-1, hold for five mikes, over" crackled over the freshly unjammed COMMS. Richard nodded to himself.

"Kilo, in the 'hog now!" he ordered. They were going to head in and support the Hellfighters by either eliminating or drawn off their attackers. He slammed a new clip into each of his SMGs and holstered them on his sides. He sprinted to the Carrier Warthog and jumped in the drivers seat.

"Move it Kilo-3" he shouted to Vera.
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--Kilo-1, we're all set here. Rallying to your position. We've got the remnents of a Covenant ammunition dump on the other side of the bulkhead. We'll bust through it together, over-- Worth said, returning to his seat in the Warthog. Powers resumed his control of the diver's seat once again.

"Some crazy shite, Ell-Cee" Powers muttered, pulling the warthog around.

"Let's not do crazy-arse bollocks like that again" Vesner added. Worrth ran a hand across the bottom of his helmet, below the visor.

"Roger that" was all he said.
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Rusty and Marcus made it back to the Warthog, and climbed aboard promptly.

"Nice to see you all again." Rusty said with some dark sarcasm as he reloaded and sat down.

"Nice of those Hellfighters to blow the dump for us. We'll have to send them a card sometime. How far are we from the objective?"