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Title: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: Commander Dimal on March 16, 2014, 03:09:17 PM
I'm not even sure if this place is active anymore, but I guess this is worth a shot. Here is where we will discuss Season VI of The Clone Wars, known as the Lost Missions, which has been released on Netflix. It is about 13 episodes long, which I thought were all good. For those of you who can't see it on Netflix, I found a site which has it, and is the site I watched them on. It has every episode of The Clone Wars for every season.

At the end, it felt like the creators wanted to do more and add more, but they had to end it right there. This series has come a long way. It's ironic, back in Season I, I kind of hated the show and thought it was stupid because I thought it was destroying canon, but by the end I absolutely LOVED it and actually wanted it to continue. For example, I hated Asoka in the beginning, but by the end she was one of my favorite characters. She changed and matured so much. She is a perfect example of a dynamic character. At the beginning you don't really feel that attached to her, but you slowly start to care what happens to here more and more. The same can be said of Asajj Ventress.

SO, if you've seen Season VI, what are your thoughts?
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: Vlet Hansen on March 17, 2014, 04:06:41 PM
Glorious link, mate, and I'll get to these as soon as I can...
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: tee18 on March 18, 2014, 06:31:38 AM
Yeah.  Sweet link.  I'll get to them over the week end.
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: ARC_Commander_Colt on March 18, 2014, 01:14:28 PM
Just popped in to say...

[spoiler]Shabla aiwha-bait...Fives, no! :( :( :([/spoiler]
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: Commander Dimal on March 18, 2014, 08:57:09 PM
Itís nice to see that the place is at least somewhat active.

[spoiler]It makes sense that they were called Domino Squad. They all fell like dominos.

I also felt bad for Clovis in the end. He seemed like such a tragic figure.

Darth Bane is canon now!!! I could not believe it when he showed up, though his appearance was somewhat different. Also, to clear up some confusion, Moraband is Korriban. Korriban has had many names throughout galactic history. Moraband is the common name for it during the Clone Wars era. The only people who still use the name Korriban at that point are the Sith.

One more thing, did anyone hear the KOTOR reference in the illusion Yoda had of the Jedi temple where everyone was outside?[/spoiler]
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: tee18 on April 02, 2014, 08:42:57 AM
Thought it was pretty good (though I've been a fan since the beginning).
[spoiler]Right.  Thanks for clearing up the Moriband thing.  I was confuseded.  And no, I didn't get the reference, but I haven't played the whole game yet.  Now I have to ask, how did y'all feel about the chip implanted in the clones?  And finally, YODA KNEW!!!!!![/spoiler]
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: Commander Dimal on October 14, 2014, 11:16:41 PM
Not sure if anyone will ever see this, but recently, the creators of the Clone Wars show (who are now working on Rebels), released four unfinished episodes of Season Six that would have comprised a four-part story arc. The episodes are in story reel format and never got to be fully animated, but they are still watchable. If anyone is curious and wants to watch them, here they are. They take place on Utapau, and I found them to be pretty interesting. Some of the banter between Anakin and Obi-Wan was hilarious.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Also, here is an interview with the creators in which they discuss the episodes and other unfinished content that they never got to do for Season Six.
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: Vlet Hansen on October 15, 2014, 02:36:37 PM
nope, never seen this before! thanks!
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: Commander Dimal on April 10, 2015, 02:32:36 PM
I just heard some pretty exciting news. At Celebration Anaheim this month in April, there is going to be a screening of a four part story arc of episodes from the Clone Wars that they never got to do. These four episodes would have been part of a seventh season. Apparently, it will have CLONE COMMANDOS in it, and Rex will be leading a squad of them. Maybe we'll find out what happened to Gregor and if he survived. I'm beginning to suspect that Rex might secretly be an Alpha Class Arc trooper and has been from the very beginning. He was originally going to be the Arc trooper Alpha, but that was changed to avoid having too many people with "A" names. I have a theory that Captain Rex is actually Alpha and that Rex is just an alias he is using.

This article I found on Wookiepedia talks about all sorts of stuff that would have been in later seasons of the Clone Wars. Why did Disney have to cancel this great show? Some of that stuff sounds pretty interesting, and who wouldn't to see more clone commandos in action?
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: Vlet Hansen on April 11, 2015, 07:45:42 AM
yooooooooooo, serious?

Man, I wish I could make it...
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: Commander Dimal on April 11, 2015, 03:35:40 PM
Even if you can't make it to see it in person, I'm pretty sure that soon after, the episodes will end up on the internet when someone puts them up.
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: Commander Dimal on May 05, 2015, 01:01:38 AM
Well everyone, guess what? The time has come. The Bad Batch is here!!! A few days ago the unfinished four part story arc of The Clone Wars was released on and it is also on Youtube as well now. These are the clone commando centered episodes that we have been wanting and asking for. What better day than today, May 4, unofficially known as Star Wars Day, to post this? We'll, I'm a little late, but here it is.

Before you watch it, you should know that the Bad Batch aren't like regular clones. They came out defective and mutated, causing their appearances and voices to be different, but they also acquired some "desirable" mutations. It would seem that they are cut from the same cloth  as the Null-class arcs, who might have been the inspiration for them. Also, it would seem that like in the RC books, the clone commandos of the Bad Batch, and the Arc troopers Rex and Jesse don't seem to get along too well.

Here they are. These episodes had some nice clone commando action in them, almost like something out of the RC video game and books. You can tell that the creators have played RC and that the Bad Batch is based on Delta Squad. I can only imagine how good these episodes would have looked completed. Also, apparently there was a second Bad Batch story arc that would have happened later.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

There also a cool interview that the creators of the Clone Wars did after the Bad Batch arc was shown at Celebration Anaheim.

There were also a few short clips of other unreleased content for the Clone Wars in story reel form.

Here is four of them:

Here's another one:

That story reel clip of the Bad Batch on Kashyyyk fighting those kinraths would have been part of the second Bad Batch story arc. That one got me really excited. Do you know why? Let's see, a story involving clone commandos, and it takes place on Kashyyyk. Who do we know of that's a clone commando and was on Kashyyyk? SEV!!!!!!!! It is very likely that the creators may have had some plans for Sev. We might have even learned what happened to him. From what Dave Filoni has said before, he's played Republic Commando and loved it. The story arc might have involved the Bad Batch coming across Sev during their mission on Kashyyyk and rescuing him.

Why did Disney have to cancel the Clone Wars? Couldn't they have just moved it to their channel instead? They didn't have to completely axe it. We could have gotten some great stories if they had been allowed to continue it. According to the creators, some of the last episodes of the Clone Wars would have taken place alongside Episode III. Maybe in the future they might be allowed to go back to it and finish it, but that's just wishful thinking.
Title: Re: The Clone Wars - Season VI
Post by: Commander Dimal on March 09, 2016, 09:17:12 PM
I'm wondering, has anyone heard of any of the stuff from the Clone Wars Legacy? It's basically all the unfinished story arcs released in some form or another, like as books, comics, and story reels.

I've always felt really bad that the Clone Wars was cancelled way before its time. The thing that has always irked me the most about it is how Disney has never given a clear reason for why they pulled the plug on it. Some of the crew from the show said that The Clone Wars was "winding down",  but this is obviously not the case and it's easy to see that they were told to say that by Disney. If it really were "winding down" then they would not have cut it off in the middle of a season they weren't even finished with, and from the looks of all the stuff they released for the Clone Wars Legacy project, it's obvious they had many more stories left to tell. Dave Filoni even said at one point that The Clone Wars would have had a total of around eight seasons, and that the last episodes would have actually been occurring alongside the events of Episode III.

Luckily, the material from the Clone Wars Legacy project at least gave us some closure on some of the storylines from The Clone Wars, like for the stories of Darth Maul and Asajj Ventress. Disney easily could have just moved the show from Cartoon Network to their own channel. Perhaps the reason was because they felt the show was a little too mature for their demographic, which is young children, and if that's the case, then that means that Rebels could get cancelled eventually too once it reaches the same amount of maturity that The Clone Wars reached.

I feel as though the main reason that Disney canceled the Clone Wars and then immediately started on Rebels was because they are done with the Clone Wars era and only want to focus on the Original Trilogy era, evidenced by the fact that so far all of their new expanded universe material has solely been focused on the characters and events from that era, with many more to come. When Disney says that Star Wars is "about the fans", I hope they don't just mean only the fans of just the Original Trilogy and are leaving out all of the other fans. Sooner or later, Disney is going to have to leave this tiny bubble of just the same old Original Trilogy era stuff we all already know, and actually start expanding the Star Wars Universe; I mean, isn't that the whole reason they threw out the old expanded universe in the first place, so that they could make a new one?

Maybe one day once Disney reaches the end of this Cloud 9 high they have on Original Trilogy era stuff a few years from now, then maybe they might decide to bring back the Clone Wars, but at that point, it could be very difficult if Rebels is still going. With Rebels going, it would be almost impossible for Dave Filoni and the team to work on two shows at the same time, unless they found some way to alternate between the two, like make one in the off season of the other, or alternate years. But then again, old cancelled shows have come back before. Maybe it would be much easier than we think for them to jump back in and finish up the Clone Wars if they used all the unfinished story reels and scripts left laying around, which would save them a lot of work. Season 6 was already almost done, and Season 7 was already in production, so that just leaves Season 8 (if that would have been the last one) as the only one left where they would really have to do a lot of work for (if they're not starting from scratch.

By the way, if anyone's curious about what sort of stuff would have been in later seasons, this video details most of it:

If you really want the Clone Wars to come back, there is a petition for it. Spread the word and sign it: