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Fanfiction / Kappa Squad: Kamino
« on: March 25, 2011, 07:05:41 PM »
Pow!  Pow!  Ping! The sounds ricocheted across the room.  A clone in bulky gray armor, RC-1242, swiftly dodged the blaster bolts.  He dropped to his knees behind a broken boulder.  The commando popped his head up for a brief moment, before ducking back down to avoid an unwanted haircut.

Another clone, this one whose tag identified him as RC-1010, scrambled toward his brother.  Plasma burned into the ground behind as he tucked into a roll.  The two crouched behind the rock as several explosions went off near them.  Debris rained down, a fine spray that spattered against their armor.

“Careful there, Talc,” said RC-1010, panting ever so slightly, “wouldn’t want to have to scrape you off the floor.”

“Yeah, I’d hate to be a burden to clean up, so I’ll just go die nice and neatly, Ten,” Talc said irritably.  “Ugh, where is the rest of the squad?  What does it take to knock out a guard tower?”

“Apparently it takes four grenades and an EMP,” spoke RC-1475, joining Talc and Ten behind the boulder.  Following closely behind was RC-1903.

“Nice to have the whole squad back together again, eh vode?” RC-1903 said to his brothers.

“Yeah, I feel all warm ‘n cozy now,” Ten sighed.

Talc elbowed him, and then turned to RC-1903.  “So what’s the plan, Kando?” Talc asked his sergeant.

“Well,” began Kando, “Ten and Spiral can take the left flank and knock out those guns.  Talc and I will provide cover.  Got any EMPs left, Spiral?”

   “You bet,” Spiral said.  He was the squad demo expert, and loved anything that went bang—or boom, he was flexible.  “I’ve still got an anti-armor round left, too, Sarge.”

   “Good, we’ll need it,” said Kando.  “Ten, I want you to slice into that terminal behind the guns and turn off the jamming transmitter, once that’s down, we’ll all rush the main body of droids from the ridge and call in air support.  Understood?”

“Yessir, Sarge,” responded the rest of the squad.

“Then lets do this, vode an,” Kando said.

On his signal, Ten and Spiral headed off for the gun turrets with Talc and Kando returned fire to the droids.

“That’s it, tinnies,” Talc muttered, busying himself with droids.  “Come to the nice clones so we can send you to the trash compactors…”

“So far, so good,” Kando said.

“Yeah, at least until something goes wrong,” Talc grumbled.  He raised his DC-17 and picked off five droids consecutively.

“Nice work keeping up the role as squad cynic,” Kando told him, while ejecting his vibroblade to take care of a tinnie that had gotten a tad too close to the commando.

“Well, it doesn’t pay much, but at least there’s job security, Sarge” Talc replied.  Underneath his helmet, Kando smiled.

“Crackle, crackle…bzzzzzzzz…is Ten, come in, Sarge.  Do you read me?” Ten’s voice drifted through the squad frequency.

“Copy that, Ten,” Kando said, “Call in air support and meet us at the landing zone.”

“Yes sir,” said the clone.

“Come on, Talc, I hate splitting the squad up so often,” Kando said.

The two broke off in a zigzag pattern, running and firing at the same time.  They quickly regrouped with Spiral and Ten before proceeding to take out the last of the droid resistance.

“Where’s our air support?” Spiral wondered out loud.

“They should be here any minute.” Ten tried to reassure him.

Talc spoke up, “I love bashing clankers and all, but these droids are starting to get on my nerves.  How long does it take one larty to travel a quarter of a quarter of a quarter of a quarter of a klick?”

“Do you think the pilot stopped off for caf?  I sure hope he buys us some cookies to go with,” Ten said.

“Be sure to tip him well if he does,” Kando said.

The four commandos pounded away at the droids, but they were slowly losing ammo.

“I’m down to my pistol,” Ten informed his brothers.  “Anyone got a reload?”

“Nope, but I do have a surprise for these tinnies,” grunted Spiral as he kicked a droid that had managed to climb the ridge.  It fell with a satisfying clang.

“What?  A little ticking box wrapped in flimsy with a pink bow tie?” Talc asked.

“Only if you can giftwrap an anti-armor round,” Spiral said, switching the attachment on his Deece.  “Ready when you are, Sarge.”

“Aim for the middle column…steady, fire!” Kando cried.  Spiral pulled the trigger.

A solid explosion rocked the droids—the majority of which turned into shards of shrapnel—and shook the very ground beneath the squad.

 “Sarge, get down!” Talc shouted, tackling Kando.  The two commandos fell to the ground as a large piece of jagged metal was flung over them.

“Whew, thanks ner vod,” Kando said.

“Any time, Sarge,” Talc replied, getting back up onto his feet.

“Aw, shoot,” Spiral grumbled, shooting droids, “I messed up my paint job and those droids are still running.  What does it take to tell them to go away?”

“Uuuuuuh, a cheap holoflik and a bouquet of roses?” Ten suggested.  “Let ‘em down easy, I say.”

Spiral and Talc snickered.  Kando stared upwards.

“Wait, did you hear that?” Kando asked.

The squad fell silent.

“Endex,” a strong voice called from above; there was the slight crackle of static.  Kappa squad straightened as the holograms began to fade away, restoring the room to its usual pristine white layout.  “Endex.  Kappa Squad, hit the ‘freshers.”

General Star Wars / Deceived Novel
« on: March 21, 2011, 07:05:12 PM »
New SWTOR novel coming out tomorrow by Paul S. Kemp.  Anyone plan on reading it?

Fanfiction / Upsilon Squad
« on: March 09, 2011, 09:58:07 PM »
Special Operations Brigade HQ Barracks, Coruscant
198 Days after Geonosis

“So, we’ve got about an hour to blow,” Di’kut, or Koots, said.  “Any plans?”

“Grab something to eat,” said Odds.  “Then eat some more.  I’m not losing my chance on going on a mission with an empty stomach.”

“The mess sounds good,” Talc said, rapping his knuckles on his chest plate.  They were on their first break ever since they got back from Felucia and had debriefed with General Zey.  Talc bristled slightly as he thought about it—the mission, not the debriefing with Zey.

“We can go over Intel before we ship out,” inputted Sharp.  “I want every man to have the layout of the Seppie space station memorized before we take off.”  Sharp was constantly planning ahead, thinking of ways to make them, Upsilon Squad, more efficient.  This was why he was also known as “Sarge.”

“Eat and memorize at the same time,” Di’kut told him.  “’Multitasking isn’t just for Besalisks,’ my old sarge used to say.”  
Talc heard a slight dip in the commando’s voice when he mentioned his sarge.  Koots wasn’t always as upbeat as he acted, though he was a tad cocky.

This wasn’t their original squad.  Odds, slicer, and Di’kut, trained demo expert, were from the same pod, lucky to still have each other.  Sharp had lost all three of his original brothers, and constantly tried to keep his new ones alive as sergeant.  Sadly, Talc, sniper, had lost two brothers from Kappa Squad and then the rest of Aiwha-2, before being placed in Upsilon.  This was their home, and often Talc felt like it was a patch that could never quite fix the hole.

Mess Hall

Upsilon Squad sat down at a table.  Commandos tended to stick to their squads, so they were left alone.
Talc smashed his fork against the rectangular, nutrient-loaded-vitamin-packed-perfectly-proportioned ration on his tray.  It didn’t even break.  The thing could’ve been used to knock someone out.

“Sheesh, slow down there Odds,” Di’kut said to the clone.  “That ration cube isn’t going anywhere.”

Odds was already on his second serving.  “Last time I was on Tatooine playing reconnaissance I ran out of rations and ended up sucking on dried rank weed.  Need I paint you a picture?”

“Okay, okay, I get the idea,” Di’kut said, making a face.

“Have you memorized the file?” Sharp interjected.

“Yessir, Sarge, but isn’t it downloaded onto our HUDs?” Di’kut questioned.

“It is, but sometimes the best way to learn things is to do it the simplest way,” the sergeant said.

“Write it down on flimsi…?” Koots asked.

Sharp just gave him a look.

Onboard the small shuttle, Upsilon squad fell back to old habits, checking and rechecking their equipment.  Talc wiped down the barrel of his DC-17 and checked the optics on his sniper attachment.  He recalled a member of Delta squad who said, “A well-built sniper rifle is a beautiful thing. Ours has two separate levels of zoom: 'Up-close-and-personal' and 'Hello-you're-dead.”  He amused himself thinking about how true that was.

“’ello, Upsilon, I’m Smash and I’ll be your pilot today,” came a lighthearted voice over the open comlink channel.  “Please remained seated and keep all hands, legs, and other bodily parts that you are fond of inside at all times.”

“Can we have some free peanuts, or do those just go to first class?” Di’kut asked.

A soft crackling noise came over the channel, as if Smash was laughing.  “First class only, sorry private.  That’s what you get for flying economy,” he answered.  “We’ll be arriving at the drop point in 0020 standard minutes.”

“Affirmative,” Sharp said.

After Smash close the link on his side, Odds looked up at Sharp.  “Lighten up, Sharp.  Demoralization is catching.”

   “And so is overconfidence,” Sharp retorted.  Still, he seemed to relax ever so slightly.  Like going from a brick to a block of wood, Talc mused.

The squad waited patiently.

“Upsilon, we are entering the atmosphere.  The wind is going to make this a bit rocky outside the space station, so prep your cables,” Smash called.

The commandos took out there cable lines.  Talc could feel the larty vibrate as Smash pulled the ship’s nose up.  Talc recalled the briefing earlier.  They were being dropped off on a Separatist station in the atmosphere of some desolated planet.  Their job: infiltrate the station, place the charges, call for Smash, and get out.  Simple enough, as Di’kut had said.  However, there was always a “but,” as Talc said.

“Are we coming in unnoticed?” Sharp questioned.

“Yessir, Sarge.  The new stealth tech on this thing is working, ‘grats to Procurement Development,” Smash said.  “Jamming software…really comes a long way.”

“Hmmph,” Sharp grunted, “so long as they don’t see us coming.  This really is a job for somebody else like HOPE Squad.”

“Too bad we had to steal their invitation, right, Sharp?” Di’kut jibed.  Sharp ignored them.

“Ah, let them take the next one.  Funny though, I don’t remember calling dibs on this job,” Odds said.

“There’s some wind turbulence.  Its going to be a bit…bumpy…leveling the ship to a nearby platform…  Doors opening in five…four…” Smash began to count.

“Prep cables,” Sharp said.

“Cable lines in place, Sarge,” Odds responded.

“…two…one!  Doors open!” Smash shouted.

“Go!” Sharp ordered.

The commandos dropped out of the larty, clinging to their lines as they quickly descending.  Talc could feel himself swaying in midair.  Smash had been right about it being windy.

“Easy, easy,” Sharp whispered.

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