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Role-Playing / The Old Republic: Hidden Fronts
« on: September 05, 2016, 05:52:09 AM »
After the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, neither the Galactic Republic or Sith Empire truly stopped fighting. Instead they engaged in a shadow war of proxy conflicts, subterfuge, and intrigue. On the seemingly peaceful, simple planet of Abregado-rae lies one of the hottest nexus of smuggling in the Colonies. Combined with an infamous Shadowport, the planet was one of many taken over by the Sith Empire.

The Republic's Strategic Information Service immediately launched a proxy war using the native Gados and Moochers, trying to make the planet too much trouble for the Empire to hold. In response to the native's aggression the Empire landed a large number of troops, trying to occupy as much of the planet as possible. The proximity to the edge of Republic controlled territory makes large troop movements risky, however.

To help the native resistance, and to help maintain deniability, the SIS has hired a group of mercenaries to help lead and train the local resistance. The mercenaries will also be responsible for engaging in a number of high-risk anti-Empire operations that are outside of the scope of the local resistance.

Character Format:



Name: Kendor Thraskan

Age: 38

Race: Thyrsian

Appearance: Light-skinned for his people, Thraskan is a charcoal grey man with a heavy, muscled build. His face is covered in a trio of crossing scars. His head is shaved save for a thin, black mowhawk matched by a full, black beard. His left hand is missing the middle and ring finger. He constantly rubs his chin as he thinks, often tracing the scars around it. It is rare to see him without one of his droids, small aerial models that serve various functions. He controls and communicates with them from a large datapad on his arm.

Specializations: Droid control, reconnaissance, intelligence analysis, infantry command.

SCYTHE Combat Armor, G-56 Projection X Blaster Carbine, four XTR-42 Aerial Combat Droids (Tracyn, Pirun, Vheh, and Abiik).


Born into a prominent family on Thyrsus, Thraskan was the oldest son and thus set to take his father's place in government. He was tutored and prepared to attend a prestigious military academy on Thyrsus, something the young Kendor dreaded. He spent his time tinkering with the various servant droids in his family's estate, doing his best to cause a bit of havoc and fun.

When he joined the academy, he quickly found he loved the high-stress, high-speed environment. He took to his training, and was the top of his class. His first unit was lent to the Republic and deployed to an active combat zone within weeks of his graduation. He served with distinction, out-maneuvering enemy units despite his relative inexperience. He joined Thyrsian Special Forces once his unit returned home, much to his father's chagrin. Kendor refused to end his service and begin his political career, which resulted in his father disowning him.

During his last operation, Kendor was caught in an explosion which took two of the fingers on his left hand and left him with severe nerve damage. Unable to afford medical treatment, Kendor signed on with Arakyd's Combat Technology Research Group. The company paid for his expensive surgeries and rehabilitation in exchange for testing their high-risk weapons technology in combat zones.

The war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire proved to be the best of both worlds for Kendor: he was able to put his technical prowess to the test while pitting himself against the best the Sith had to throw at him. During the conflict he met his wife, a Mandalorian mercenary named Cyila. She stayed out of the Republic-Empire conflict, working for Arakyd Security. She was the one who named his XTR droids, and introduced him to Arakyd's SCYTHE program; an attempt to mechanize Mandalorian armor into a centralized combat chassis.

Cyila was injured when Imperial Agents sabotaged the Arakyd factory she guarded, the resulting explosion throwing chemicals into the air. Cyila is currently in an Arakyd medical facility in a coma, being treated for her injuries. Kendor was selected to join the mission to lead the mercenaries and keep them tasked on mission. He brings experimental Arakyd technology, command experience, Thyrsian training, and a keen tactical mind to the fight.

Off-topic & Chat / Aftermorrow Productions
« on: November 29, 2013, 05:52:14 PM »
You should check out my indie game company, NoobCo Games, and take a look at our newest game, At Wit's End.

Non-Star Wars Role-Playing / Mass Effect: The Heart
« on: June 05, 2012, 04:17:11 PM »
After Cerberus moves into Omega, the Alliance begins to wonder why. They send one of their joint-species N7 teams to investigate. What they will find is a mystery, as is Cerberus' actions inside the re-purposed mining station.

Off-topic & Chat / Therapeutic Riding Grant
« on: May 21, 2012, 04:03:01 PM »
As most of you know, I work at a horse farm. Well, as it would happen, the woman I work for is looking to expand her business into therapeutic riding. To do this she needs an in-door arena for riding, which are expensive to build. To this end, she has been looking to get this grant, but to get this grant she needs people to vote for her business. So, head to

Register, Log-In, find Equine Kingdom, and vote. We don't need many more votes, so I'm hoping you guys will be the final push needed.

PC and Console Gaming / Medal of Honor: Warfighter
« on: March 07, 2012, 08:23:07 PM »
The new Medal of Honor is here.

It looks amazing just from the trailer, and slated for October 23rd.

Oh, and there's this.

From what it looks like, the single player is going to be about more than just American Tier 1 Operators, but will follow U.S. Navy Tier 1 OP "Preacher" as he tries to reconcile his family life, and deal with a new threat seeping into civilian boarders. This might be the same Navy SEAL from the prior game.

In multiplayer, you'll be able to play as "....12 different Tier 1 Operators from a variety of nations including the Australian SASR, British SAS, German KSK, Polish GROM and Swedish SOG among others...."

I'll be snuggling up to the GROM class pretty damn quick. And this time, Danger Close is making the whole package. In other words, no DICE to screw up the multiplayer to get rid of competition.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Role-Playing / Remnant of Hope
« on: June 11, 2011, 11:43:05 PM »
While I know we have that whole 1 active RPG per person, I'm setting this up as a test case for a new style of play, playing with a DM, or Dungeon Master as it's formally known. When using the DM system, one player, i.e. me, controls the world and what happens to the characters. While the players take the actions, the DM formulates the response of the NPC's and the world, within reason. While DMing is usually used with table top RPGing, it can be easily formatted for the text style we use.


Two years before the entrance of the Jedi into the Mandalorian War lead by Revan, the Mandalorians were crushing resistance to their conquest. Not all enemies were slain my the Mandalorians, and some even put into prison/work camps to help supply the Mandalorian war effort. This is the story of one such group and how they came to escape such a place together, and survive a harsh, war-torn galaxy.


Player: Drake Vhett
Name: Horace Rad
Age: 36
Occupation: Smuggler
Description: A man of medium height and slim build, he is quite nondescript with his scraggly brown hair and beard, and his dull green eyes. His face bears a patch of healed burns on the back right of his jaw and no other scars. He often wears a green-brown trench jacket(like a trench coat but smaller and more pockets, used by aviators) over his grey shirt which always manages to be half tucked into black pants secured to brown boots. He wears blue tinted aviators when the mod strikes him.
Personality: A quick witted and often snide man to his detractors, he is quite a comedian to his friends and comrades.

Player: Talo
Name: Geric Grey
Age: 40
Occupation: Suspected Spy
Description: He stands at 1.8 meters tall, with dull grey eyes accurate to his name and short brown hair.
Personality: A secretive man without any compunction about using violence to protect his thoughts, his demur attitude and sarcastic remarks often leave others off guard.

Player: Noldorin Mando
Name: Bal Emosn
Age: 41
Occupation: Resistance Fighter (currently POW)
Description: A short man, Emosn stands at a diminutive 5' 6'', but has the broad build of an agricultural worker. Captured on a raid, Emosn still wears his worn olive green combat uniform and Republic-issue combat boots. His hair has grown to the nape of his neck in captivity, split by a scar on his scalp that runs to the midpoint of his eyebrow over his blue eyes.
Personality: Quiet and reserved, Emosn demands respect from those he works with, and is slow to trust. However, he takes the slightest betrayal as a declaration of war, and has, in his opinion, few friends and enough enemies to conquer the Galaxy ten times over.

Player: N-11 Commander Ordo
Name: Narsic Givenar
Age: 35
Occupation: Commando in the Republic resistance forces (Current POW)
Description: Average height, although muscular as any SpecOps trooper would be. Blonde hair, Ocean gray/green/blue eye color.
Personality: A hard, professional man with a get-the-job-done attitude, although has been known to be laid back and sarcastic at times.

Player: Laney97
Name: Drad Kolz
Age: 22
Occupation: Smuggler
Description: With a very large build and tall apperance, Drad also has some burns from previous smuggling runs as he prefers to purposely get into a chase rather than do what most do.  He wears the same green flight suit every time he is doing a run. His eyes are blue with dark brown hair. His spiked hair also adds to his very imposing apperance.
Personality: Even though he understands alot, Drad isn't very good at talking, but is very serious towards his enemys and very helpful and kind to comrades.

Player: Eparavu
Name: Dha'bev Shiskel
Age: 27
Occupation: Professional bodyguard
Description/personality: A maroon devaronian with a permanent grin. His lithe build is unusual for his species, as is his sunny demeanor, which masks the sorrow he feels when around bloodshed. One of the galaxy's remaining crusaders, he made a living providing protection to wealthy merchants and politicians. He joined the neo-crusader movement at the behest of a client who supplied them with weapons. When it was discovered that his client was selling to the Republic as well, he was executed. Dha'bev's resulting revolt and attempted defection led to his detainment and planned execution. He waits with a dour patience, plotting his exit and the retrieval of his armor.

Fanart & Other Fan Creations / Brothers All Prezi
« on: February 22, 2011, 08:59:28 PM »
Just click the right bottom button that says "More", hit "Full Screen", and then use the arrow button in the bottom middle to continue. You have to keep hitting the arrow manually for it to continue.

This is my masterpiece

I hope someone will make a better one someday.

Non-Star Wars Role-Playing / Operation: Sandtrap
« on: December 09, 2010, 11:49:05 PM »
The year is 2013.

Congo warlords have captured members of the cabinet on-route from South Africa to Egypt as part of a Trade and Defense delegation., in particular the head of the Department of Defense and the head of the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. Six other aids were also captured. The security detail was executed by the warlord's militia. The warlords have demanded that in six hours that a ransom of 100,000,000 US dollars be delivered. US Marines, with a SEAL support team, in the area on humanitarian aid missions have been called in to extract the officials from the enemy camp in Longongo.


This will be a hyper-realistic RPG. Sean will be presiding over the "realness". Look in on your posts before you respond, as Sean will be using his mod powers to underlines the parts in your posts that don't make sense and will explain in parenthesis why it is wrong.

Non-Star Wars Role-Playing / Aliens: Colonial Retrebution
« on: January 19, 2010, 08:50:41 PM »
I post this for Oronkonkok.

The company has lost contact with it's colony, LV-429. It sent out a breif message, showing the dreaded creatures that destroyed LV-426. This time they sent in a Platoon of Marines.

Non-Star Wars Role-Playing / OOC Topic
« on: December 29, 2009, 01:11:50 PM »
This is the OOC topic for the non-SW RPG's.

First, who wants to do a Mass Effect RPG?

Non-Star Wars Fiction / O.M.E.G.A. : Jumpstart
« on: December 26, 2009, 06:42:03 PM »
To open this new sub-topic, my Stargate FanFic.


     "General O'Neill?" A man asked tentivly knocking on the doorfraim, his head in the door.

     "Yes?" The General asked looking up from the report he was reading. The man stepped inside the office and exctened his hand. The General stood and took the man's hand.

     "General Jack O'Neill." The General said, "but you know that already.....aperently." are?" The General said as they both sat down.

     "I am Dave Barettle. I work for the R&D devison of Homeworld Security. I'd like to talk to you about the O.M.E.G.A. Project." He said.

     "The what?" The General asked clearly confused. He closed the file he had been reading moments before and put it on a growing pile of files on the corner of his desk.

     "The O.M.E.G.A. Project. The Offworld Multi-Enviornmental and Galactic Assult team?"Barettle asked cocking his head to one side.

     "Ah... Right. What was that about again?" The General asked.

     "Training teams for support roles, deep infiltration missions, and deep cover missions?"Barettle said a slightly condesending tone creeping into his voice.

     "Oh, That!" O'Neill said suddenly remembering. He leaned foreward and knitted his fingers together. He took a file from Barettle and placed it on the pile.

     "I'll look at the file first thing in the morning." O'Niell said.

     "But General, I don't have untill tommorow morning. I need to get it Okayed today."Barettle said. O'Neill sighed and opened the file. He quickly scanned the five pages.

     "Why should I sign off on this Barettle?"He asked.

     "Because of the possible rewards."Barettle said, "At worst we loose some time, money, and a team. At best, we create a more self-sufficient, mobile, better armed version of a SG team Sir. And probably the worst won't happen. Think of it as SG-1 with bigger guns, less-check in's, and the abillity to move from planet to planet without going through Earth or Atlantis."Barettle said, an excited gleam in his eye.

     "SG-1 with bigger guns? I like that. But who would we have on this team? Carter is working on some new laser gun thing, Daniel's unearthing some new culture, Mitchell is leading missions, and Teal'c is dealing with the Jaffa Rebellion. And I'm not exactly still going threw the gate."O'Neill said.

     "You won't have to. If you look at page three you'll see the personell I've reviewed. There are four prime candidates. They have cross-skill sets, and are all profficient in combat." Barettle said. The General slid the file to the center and opened the file.

     "Lets have an Air Force Leuitenant, a chineese archeaologist, a Marine Sergent, and a Russian doctor. No, an ex-Soviet Union Spetsnaz Russian who happens to be a doctor. Are you sure?"The General asked scepticly." There is quite a lot of.... deversity in the members."

     "That's excactly why I need them. Thier range of skills and personalities will keep them together and make them indipendent of the SGC and Atlantis." Barettle said.

     "I'm still Not sure." The General said.

     "I've talked to the CO's of the Leuitenant and Sergent, and I can have them. The good doctors also have agreed."Barettle said."Actually, they are all doctors. The Leuitenant has a PhD in Mathematics, Robotics, and Applied Physics, the Sergent has a PhD in Botany."Barettle chuckled at the last one.

     "They all have security clearance?"O'Neill asked.

     "The Leuitenant works at Area 51, the Sergent also, our Chineese friend reviews the cultural aspect of our mission reports for the Chineese government, and our Russian buddy is a Xenobiologist for the Russian Government."Barettle said.

     "Okay Barettle, you've convinced me. You can have your O.M.E.G.A. team." he said signing the report.

     "They're actually called SGO teams. They'll be SGO-1."Barettle said rather smugly.

Republic Commando Game / RepCom Achivements
« on: December 06, 2009, 08:38:33 PM »
What would your Achivements for RepCom game would be?

Swinging Lizard 5G-Kill a Repelling Trandosian

Return Gift 15G-Kick back a Gernade

The Squad is your Weapon 20G- Your squad has over 1,000 kills. Avatar Award- Squad Prop

You are your Weapon 20G- You have over 1,000 kills Avatar Award- Commando Armor

L337 Hax0r Skills 15G-Hack 100 Terminals

Bomberman 15G-Place and detonate 100 Det Packs

Breach in Contract 15G- Breach 100 Doors/Rooms

Hunting in the Bush 15G-Get 100 kills while using the Sniper Rifle

Standard Stuff 15G-Get 100 kills using the DC-17 Rifle Attachment

Stunning! 15G- Use the PEP Laser to stun 100 enamies.

Me+Blowing Stuff Up=Happy 15G- Kill 100 enamies with the anit-armor attachment

Gunslinger 15G- Get 100 Pistol Kills

Old School 15G- Get 100 Shotgun Kills

Heavy Weapons 15G- Get 100 Heavy Trandoshian Reapeater Kills

Vortexter 15G- Get 100 (whatever the gun that Eatin used is called) Kills

Big Bang 15G- Get 100 gernade kills

Cheese 15G- Stun 100 enamies with the Flash-Bang

Sonic Boom 15G- Get 100 Sonic Gernade Kills

Bullets Down Range 15G- Get 100 ACP kills

Bigger Guns 15G- Get 100 Turret kills

Bug Squisher 15G- Kill 100 geonosians

Scrap Yard Worker 15G- Kill 100 Droids

Lizard Skinner 15G- Kill 100 trandoshians

Armorless 5G- Relive a SBD of his arm, chetplate, and face

White Job 15G- complete the trainging on Kamino

Bloody Sand 15G- Complete the Geonosian Campaign

Jedi 5G- Find the hidden lightsaber

RAS recovery 15G- Complete the RAS campaign

Tree Hugger 15G- Complete the Kashyyk Campaign

Farmer Boy 15G- Complete the Quillera Campaign

000 15G- Complete the Triple Zero Campaign

Diplomat 5G- Go through an entire level without firing a shot

My Brothers 50G- Complete Nova Squad's campaign with the same three friends over x-box live

All the Same, or not 5G- Customize your character for Nova Squad

Delta and Omega 50G- Complete the Delta and Omega's campaigns

Secret(Alpha Squad) 15G- Complete the secret Alpha Squad mission[Shadowxander's Alpha Squad]

Ragdoll 15G- See first-hand the rag-doll physics[die and be thrown around by explosians, tea-baged, or fall from a great hight when dead by sliding off the edge.]

That looked closer 5G- Fall to your doom

Hardcore 200G- Complete all 3 campagins on Hard

Untouchable 25G- Complete a campaign without being downed

Wets 15G- Kill 100 Human foes

Forum Feedback / Subfourm
« on: November 10, 2009, 07:44:59 AM »
This topic is part question part request.

Question: Amy, do yoy know how to add a subcatagory?

If you don't know what a subcatagory it(and I may be saying it wrong) is a branch off of one of the catagories. Basically, if there was one in the Off Topic & Chat section, you would click on OT&C and then there would be a second catagory heading over all the topics not in that catagory. You could then click that and all of the topics in that subcatagory would be displayed and all of the topics not in that subcatagoey would not be displayed.

Request: I belive I speak for the majority of the RPGer's and say that we could use a subcatagory for all Non-SW RPGs.

Have at it. All coments are welcome(as long as they are O.T.)

Forum Feedback / Something you may have not known....
« on: July 08, 2009, 09:19:04 PM »
If you double click a clone helmet with orange( Telling you that there are new posts in that section) you will be moved to a small screen that shows what topics have new posts.

Role-Playing / Fight For Survival 2 : Sins of the Father
« on: April 06, 2009, 10:36:58 PM »
       After the end of the Clone Wars, and the rise of the Empire, Mandalorians have found a Galaxy full of scum that are up for grabs. The Empire has brand new contracts, and there is money to be made. A group gathers in a familliar canteena on Coroscaunt. This is where thier journy, full of pain and joy, raging from the Dead sands of Geonosis to the Lush jungles of Felucia, to the Frozen wastes of Hoth, begins.

Music--Fight For Survival Music

Fight For Survival 1--Fight For Survival

Character Sheets-

Fourm Name:
Character Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Age:21-30(If you were part of FFS 1 you can have an older character, or more than 1.)
Armour:(Use this site to create --> Mando Creator


Vhett Family-Drake           Allera                 Allenis             Drasin

Fourm Name: Drake Vhett
Character Name:Drasin Vhett
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Green
Background:He's the son of Allera and Drake Vhett.
Personality: He's and oportunist and very Cynical.
Armour:See Above

Fourm Name: Drake Vhett
Character Name:Allenis Vhett
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Green
Background:She's the Daughter of Allera and Drake Vhett.
Personality: She's very light hearted and trusting.

Forum Name: Corr Ordo
Character Name: Trikar'la Ordo
Hair Color: Short, scraggley and blonde
Eye Color: Dark green
Age: 18
Background: Trikar'la was born aboard his father's ship in the Outer Rim during a cargo run and lived there until it eventually failed beyond repair and they were forced to make residence to Mandalore.
Personality: As his name implies, he is a very somber individual. He is happiest when things are looking bad, possibley because that's the only time his father would praise him for a good performance.
Armour: (see pic)

Fourm Name: Mereel Skirata
Character Name:  Mereel A'denla
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:   Brown
Age:  22
Background:  He was born on Concord Dawn were he was trained with his brother, by their Father in the Mandalorian way.  He was first hired at the age of 17 to kill crime lord on Coruscant.  His rep only grew from there

Personality:Laid back,  but not a afraid to voice his opinions to his brothers

Fourm Name: Mereel Skirata
Character Name:  Kyr'bes A'denla
Hair Color:  Blond
Eye Color:   Blue
Age:  21
Background:  Trained along with his brother Mereel by their father, he discovered his natural talent for sniping. He grew up a Merc helping his brother on many occasions.

Personality:  Very trusting of any Mando, but not to anyone else.  He'll kill any Civvy without a second thought if he though they were going to hurt one of his friends,  also very protective of Mereel.


Forum Name: Corr Ordo
Character Name: Trikar'la Ordo
Hair Color: Short, scraggley and blonde
Eye Color: Dark green
Age: 18
Background: Trikar'la was born aboard his father's ship in the Outer Rim during a cargo run and lived there until it eventually failed beyond repair and they were forced to make residence to Mandalore.
Personality: As his name implies, he is a very somber individual. He is happiest when things are looking bad, possibley because that's the only time his father would praise him for a good performance.

Forum Name: Ardent Oriteroch
Character Name: Xyriil “Xy” Oriteroch
Hair Color: Pale Brown, tips dark brown.
Eye Color: Viridian
Age: 22
Background: Xyriil was not born into a Mandalorian family, but after the loss of his parents at the age six he was found by a Mandalorian who adopted and raised him in the Mandalorian ways, but also trained him to be agile, quick-minded, and to always think before acting. His method led to him getting contracts due to his ability to be stealthy.
Personality: Typically open-minded and not afraid to voice his thoughts, Xyriil is quick to make allies.. or enemies. Xyriil is often laid back and puts a great deal on the issue of trust. Xyriil’s method of coping with stress is to separate from others and be alone. At times, Xyriil can be cryptic in his responses while other times he can be very blunt and straight-forward.

Fourm Name: Unit 899
Charrie Name: Prudii Ruus'ika
Hair Color: Blonde with some brown
Eye Color: Olive
Age: 21
Backround: After the group took down the destroyer, They sent Sola'lor's Buy'ce to Prudii, He has it in his house, Hanging on the wall with words ingraved under 'Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la' [Not gone, Merely Marching away]. After that, He's been in ....Some contact with the group, But he is eager to fight the empire, and will get in alot of firefights with them

Role-Playing / Fight For Survival 2
« on: April 04, 2009, 08:47:04 PM »
Link---> Fight For Survival

Answres for "What should I do?" is 1-3. Answers for "When should I make it?" is 4-6.

And If you haven't played FFS 1, don't vote.

I will wait for your opinions(Nolodorin and N-11 basically, unless anyone else who played it is still here.)

Oh, and here is the Official Music(not licensed but the Playlist I would have used[I know it's all by Breaking Benjamin, but these songs fit with the various scene's and settings]).

Fight For Survival Music

Fanfiction / Star Wars: Clone Wars Scripts
« on: March 13, 2009, 06:46:41 PM »
Ok, here's what I thought. Anyone who is interested could write a script for a Star Wars: Clone Wars episode using characters we know and love(and a few we don't[As in custom characters, not ones we hate|But those too|]) and we could make a composition of these episodes. And what would be really great if someone knows how to animate(As in cartoon animation[like the ST:CW series]) could make the scripts into a movie(30 Minutes like on TV) and someone else(or the same person) could edit clips of audio together to create the audio. And if nessasary create sound clips.

Everything in Italics is Optional. Just a thought. So, who wants to join.

General Star Wars / Starwars Dances
« on: February 06, 2009, 12:15:00 AM »

Fanfiction / Tales of the Empire : Shadows in The Abyss
« on: December 21, 2008, 11:56:54 PM »


                                                                                ~Middle of the Hydian Hyperspace Way~

       It was dark. Unnaturally so. As if some force had sucked out all of the light. Or extingueshed the stars, as the case was. The figure was driffting through space. All of the stars were gone. The bright firey companions of everyone in the universe were gone. Leaving a void as desolate and eeire as it was black. To anyone else, this would be a time when they felt Lonely, Unloved, and Hated by everything.

       This did not bother the figure. These feelings had followed it for some time. It had almost forgetten anyother feelings. It was trully a creature of the void. It releshed in the Sorrow the blackness caused. It was intoxicated by the Pain. It knew that this was it's path. But it did not know that it could take other paths, other branches off this barren strech leading to bountiful gardens of emotion. Some good, some bad.

       This figure did not care for these gardens. It knew that the barren strech would not change, would not abandon it. This figure knew the pain these gardens caused. Ever changing, just like the seasons. It liked the simplicity of it's choices.

       The figure cared not for Love, Kindness, Morality, and things of this nature. It knew these things were meer delusions. Only the simplicity of Animal pain was true. Only the void was kind. And yet, the void was deviod of emotion, just as it was full of hate.

       But this was not on the figures mind. No, the ending that was Death was on it's mind. And not it's own. No, the death of others. The ones who were dead by it's hand, the hands of others, and the natural deaths of many. No, this figure did not even belive it could die. Only fade away when it's purpose was fufiled.

       Everything was so clear. It had never questioned it's fate after one day, many, many years ago. No, nothing had been questioned. It had been told what to think. It had developed other idea's, but these were squashed by the original ideas. The ideas that were more important than it's own.

       Death was an idea avoided by the original master. The master had wanted death to be forgotten by this being, so it was. The idea of loyalty to the master was key. The Master had shown the figue what it was, and what it had to do. The single driving thought behind the figure was making the Master know it had completed it's purpose.

       One thing that was confusing to the figure was that it had another master, whom was more important to the original master. And this master had another master. The third master however, was what the figure realy wanted to know. It wanted the third master to know it's purpose was fufilled.

       The third master was everything. The third master, whom was more important than the second and first masters, was the figure's purpose. Without the third master, the figure wouldn't be what it was today.

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