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Fanart & Other Fan Creations / Sigma squad ART
« on: March 28, 2009, 05:29:32 PM »
Yes yes, :P, I'm takeing this Sigma Squad thing to the MAX

Pic 1 is Dov, (Big view)
Pic 2 is Dov (Small View, Also my avvie)
Pic 3 is Dov, If he had made it to the IMP era
Pic 4 is Sig (Small View)
Pic 5 is Sig (Small View IMP)
Pic 6 is Fori (Small View)
Pic 7 is Fori (Small View IMP)
Pic 8 is Hack (Small View)
Pic 9 is Hack (Small View IMP)
Pic 10 is Sigma squad in Formation
Pic 11 is the same as above but in imperial era
Pic 12 is Sigma Squad Alternate Formation
Pic 13 is same as above but in imperial era

(The Other pics will be in new posts, Cos i can only attach 2 pics to each post :\)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Fanfiction / Sigma Squad
« on: March 27, 2009, 06:23:44 PM »
Unit 899 and a fanfic? NO WAI!!!!!

Okay, Story, This is about mah squad, (Sigma squad)
I am Dov, RC-2122, The demolitons man
My  squadmates are
Training Sarge Kal Skirata
Walon Vau (Mentioned only)
Delta squad (Mentioned only)
Entry one, The spider droid training:
I quickly loaded another AA round into my Deecee, Fireing at the artifical Spider Droid, Fori was still trying to hit the BRD, Or Big red dot, But on a hologram, You cant see it "Dov, Get to the grenade postion and use ECs" That was Sig, The squad leader, "Cmon Sarge, let Dov do something useful, Like a sniper postion" That was Fori, The sniper and overall wisecracker "Shut it 21, I'm going to try to turn this thing off" That was Hack, As his name says, He hacks stuff "Stupid kaminoans didnt put a console in here..." Mummerd Hack "Oh come on Hack, Who needs a console when you have a Deecee Sniper?" "I do" He replied, Meanwhile, Sig was unloading with the blaster attachment on his Deecee "Dov, AA, Now!" "Okay okay!" I said, "Anyone here about Vau and his crazy squad that blew their eyebrows off?" "I did, Their Di'kuts".
"Okay lads, Times up, Get some rest Said a voice over the loud-speaker, It was Kal, Our Training Seargent
Entry one over

Republic Commando Game / Idea thread
« on: March 26, 2009, 10:13:03 AM »
Post ideas about what u would want to do in Repcom multiplayer with BA members

My idea

Omega squad in Repcom multiplayer!, Like 4 people could be omega, and 1 could be a camera man

the omegas use night ops skin (Of course :P)

And then they go to a single player map, (Maybe Geo or Kasyyhk) And just fight the droids that spawn, I dunno, someone else might be able to get it better

PS. I am going to save my money, to get a intel based mac, So i can use Bootcamp and then play republic commando :D

Fanart & Other Fan Creations / Jedi Academy ReEdited
« on: February 25, 2009, 02:09:12 PM »
Ever heard of it?, Its on youtube

My fav part is on the christmas special, the jawas singing

Your an ***hole sir your and ***hole, Why wont you hear us sing

Fanart & Other Fan Creations / Sola'lor's Mando armor progress
« on: January 08, 2009, 07:54:33 PM »
Bah, it was bound to come up....But wutever, {BTW A'den Skirata i looked at the Mando mercs fourm and i may try the foam armor type}

Current progress: 0%
Design progress: 5%
I am probaly going to do a Black and orange or black and blue paint scheme, Mostly black with orange or blue highlights
I need to find out a good foam to use, as well as gloves/boots and flightsuit

Fanart & Other Fan Creations / Make YOUR own ARC trooper action figure
« on: December 08, 2008, 10:16:27 AM »
From Your ordinary household items

What you need: A Clone trooper {Any type, super-flexible is the best}, A piece of felt in any color, And a paldaron from another ARC/commander, and a ziptie
what you do: Cut the Felt in a Kama like fashion, Tie it around the ARCS waist with the Ziptie, Then Remove the Head of the ARC, Put the Paldron on. Now with the sharpie, do the colors on any spot you want

PS: The Felt, Sharpie, and Paldron do not have to be the same color

Kad. I just love em

Role-Playing / The Imperial Remnent
« on: November 17, 2008, 09:15:12 AM »
Okay, LOD {Lament of the dead} and AA { Alpha arcs} Both are done, so a new rpg is here, and a rather...Orginal one
(PS: sorry for my spelling, i just got up)

The Imperial Remnent has joined up with the Discple's of Ragnos {Jedi Academy game story}
You're part of the Team of   Disicples and Imperials, you go and fight people, Harvest force energy and then ***** { its a suprise! heh}
Charcter sheet:
Fourm name:
Game name:
Stormtrooper: {If yes, Fill out the armor description if your a Disicple, Fill  out Lightsaber type and clothes
Lightsaber Type:
Weapons:  {Beside's Lightsaber}
Fourm Name: Unit 899
Game Name:  Fonaccca
Storm Trooper:  No
Armour:  No
Lightsaber:  One green
Clothes: .....Fur with white spots
Weapons:  Imperial Heavy Repeater, Wookie Bowcaster
personality:  Wise, Has good tactics
History: Unknown
Species:  Wookiee

Game name: TK-9898 Gyt {Pronounced Gut}
Stormtrooper: yes
Armor: Normal stormtrooper
Lightsaber Type: Fonacca's Green saber
Clothes: Standered Black tunic
Weapons:  E-11, Han solo pistol
Personality: ____ {Whatever i feel like posting}
History: None
Species: Human

Fourm Name: Darin Prudii'Verd
Game Name: Nari`Aronus
Storm Trooper: no
Armour: Black Katarn with a Flying Eagle (Gold, like the one on my Avatar) on both shoulders and right chest
Lightsaber: One Blue
Clothes: Ones like Anakins Jedi Robes
Weapons: Verp rifle (Machine gun/sniper rifle) with clip on the side for lightsaber/bayonet and two DC-17 side arm pistols
personality: Young, Brave, Smart, Has great Mind for tactics, secretive, barely smiles, rarely talks,
History: Unknown, he has never told anyone anything about his past
Species: Human
Age: 20
Appearance: Tall, long Black hair, many scars, Blue eyes,

Charcter sheet:
Fourm name:  Mereel Skirata
Game name:     Sha Roun
Stormtrooper: No
Armor:    Modified Black ARC trooper.
Lightsaber Type: Three (Two Green One Blue) 
Clothes:  Modified Black ARC trooper with red and black cloak. (No kama)
Weapons:  {Verp sniper, ARC pistols}
Personality:   He has no personality that people can tell, Shows no emotion.
History:   Hired as Bounty Hunter at the end of the clone war, to track and kill jedi who escaped the Great Purge, he was mildly successful.   He killed three of the four he tracked.   He went underground during the most of the Empire's rule.   After the Empire fell and the Jedi reappeared, he decided to join the Remnant     
Species:Kel Dor (Plo Koon)


Post on!

Forum Feedback / Double?.....
« on: November 12, 2008, 04:40:36 PM »
on the users online list, it listed me twice!

Republic Commando Game / Good news.....for me
« on: November 12, 2008, 09:23:00 AM »
 Well, i'm saveing up money for a has something where i can install windows onto it {Its a mac, let me tell you} and then i can get RC and play it....RC + mac problem solved

So expect me online in  year or so

Role-Playing / Force Sensitives: Always on the run
« on: September 18, 2008, 11:26:46 PM »
Okay here is a very simple idea for an RPG, you play as force sensitive Storm troopers, not any force senstive stormies though, the Last surviving squad, Sence vader killed em all

here the form

Codename [ must be FS-___, Fill in ___ with  3 numbers}
Lightsaber Color:
Hilt Design:
Armor or robes?:
if armor, what kind?:
if robes what kind?:

--------------------------------------Better story description---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| A long time ago in a Galaxie far far aw- Wait a minute thats what we do anyway                                                                       |
|  U play as Force sensitive stormie Or a jedi that survived order 66, last surviving squad, that is, Always on the run           |
|                                                                                                                                                                                                                      |

Here is mine

Codename FS-607
Nickname: Six-Oh
Species: Human
Personality: the leader of the squad, as the leader his perosnality is very weary, always cares about his squad
Lightsaber Color: Blue {Luke Epi 4 style}
Hilt Design:  Rahm Kota's {From TFU}
Armor or robes?: Armor
if armor, what kind?:  501st Stormie armor {Stormie Armor with 501st Blue markings on it}
somehow i sense this is not going to go well.....

Role-Playing / Alpha Arcs
« on: September 08, 2008, 07:58:10 PM »
welcome to Alpha Arcs the tough life of the ARC {AA TTLOTA}

Story: A special Detachment of ARCS, supervised by fordo, was created After the orginal 100, these ARCS are more useful in a group, Rather then alone, Meet the Wampa 6 


ARC commander A-101 "Comm" "Loves comlinks"
ARC Capt A-102 "Tet" "Always telling tale to be quiet
"ARC LT A-103  "Tale" "Always has a tale to tell
ARC Sarge A-104- "Sarge" "is very quiet
{And i am ARC Heavy weapons A-105  "heav {Who loves heavy weps } }
once all ARCS are taken up, you can create your own

Role-Playing / 899's next RPG
« on: August 31, 2008, 11:14:34 AM »
Okay, heres the info none of them have Sentance limets and you can use any mode you want {3rd person 1st person Etc.}

JT DFTS Jet troopers Death from the sky "You get placed as a Jet trooper  and fight on various planets" {Starts on Geonosis Ends on Utapau}
GM TF Galactic Marines The Furious "you are a Galactic Marine led by barcara {sp} {Starts On Hoth  Ends At Order 66}
AA TTLOTA Alpha Arc The tough Life of the Arcs "Your an Alpha ARC led under Fordo {Or Alpha ill decide if this wins Starts At Kamino Ends....If we choose to rebel or not if we choose to rebel i make another sequal}
AT HAFTS Aqua Troopers Hidden Assaults from the Sea "Your An Aqua Trooper and you will assault from the sea {Starts At Mon Calmari Ends At Order 66}
BT BEYC Blaze Trooper Burn Everything you can "Placed under the Spec Ops Of the Blaze Troopers, You Have to Burn Everything he says" {Starts on Felucia Ends On Courscant}

And there you go  im leaning towards BT BEYC or AA TTLOTA

Vote AWAY!

Role-Playing / The Courscant Guard
« on: August 16, 2008, 06:13:09 PM »
Alrighty this RPG takes place in the middle of the clonewars where Corucscant is under siege by Sep spys


Republic: Needs to Elimnate the sepratist spys on the planet of coruscant
CIS: Find a way to elimnate the senators without being detected

Sep spys
Commander Fox's Guard {Republic}

Commander Fox {Personality Cold,Reliable}
Sarge Ion {Personality: Friendly, Uses Blasters he modified to use tiny TINY bolts of ion}
Commander 899 [sep alliance] {Commander of the sep spys}

Clone Trooper Sarge/liue/private/RC /Commander
BattleDroid Normal/sniper/rocket launcher/Droidika SBD Magnaguard

Charcter name:
Charcter Alliance:
Charcter class:
Charcter Personality:
Unit 899
Sep alliance
Battledroid normal
Daredevil droid loves risks
Upgrades: Jetpack/ 10 buzz droid despensirs grapple hook

Charcter name: RC-1307 "Sev"
Charcter Alliance: Republic
Charcter class: Republic Commando
Charcter Personality: Insane, Psychopathical, And obsessed with killing. (Even more than RC-1207 from the game)

Point Spendage:
DC-17M (180 left)
Dual DC-15s pistols (150 Left)
2 Packs of EMP Grenades (130 left)
Grapple Hook (110 left)
Stealth Device (80 Left)
Upgraded Agilty (10 left)
Another pack of EMP Grenades (0 Left)

Points and weapons

Each person starts off with 200 points you can spend these on upgrades and new weapons you earn points by doing objectives


duel pistols=30ps
stealth devices=50ps
upgraded deflector shield*=70ps
upgrade agilty**=70ps
Upgraded jetpack{requires jetpack} 60ps
grapple hook=20ps
buzz droid despenser*=10ps per pack {3 per pack}
Emp grenades**=10ps per pack {5 per pack}
DC 17m**=20ps

* means sep only and ** means republic only

Alright is that more understandable?

Default weapons
Republic DC 15/17 {Depends on class}
3 Thermal dets
CIS normal Battledroid:
3 Thermal dets

Role-Playing / Trando-Clone RPG {DEAD}
« on: June 08, 2008, 08:55:31 AM »
Ok now..i wanted to see if my game could get anywhere...
Rules: No godmodding {Being Inmortal that sorta thing}
No controlling other peoples charcters {Excpetion of me  i can make actions happen fall in a hole}

Clones {Reccomended for beginners or Clone Fans}
The story for clones is
You..Are a RC {Or if i say so. An ARC} and have been assigned a special mission
A Trando has Kidnaped{sping?} very useful wookies for the upcoming battle of Kashhsyk {Spelling?}
Elimenate Him where ever he goes and save the wookies
Trandos {only one starter trando,may join IF you want
The story for Trandos is
You..are a Mercinary
Your  tribe leader {ME} has kidnapped several very useful wookies from kashhsyk
Get them to a safe place and collect their pelts {Fur}

Heres the form

Fourm Name
Game name
Faction {Trando or Clone
Weapons -Look for list of weapons later in this topic-
Rank {Clone ONLY}
Skin color {Trando ONLY}


Weapons {Default is ACP Repeter, Knife May take 2 others}
-ACP Repeter
-Heavy chaingun

Clones {Default is DC 17m,Vibro Blade and pistol, may take 1 other}
-Plex rocket launcher
-DC 17m
- Vibro Blade
-DC 15 pistol
-AA Attachment
-Sniper Attachment

NOTE: Trando gets 2 more weapons because they dont have a pistol, K?

My one

Fourm Name Trando Tribe Leader [ Pilots the Merc-five]
Game name Li'dea [Status,is waiting for Merc-five to return to him]
Faction Trando
Weapons ACP Repeter,Knife,Sword,Shotgun
Skin color Green

Forum Name: Null ARC 13 {Controls GAR for the moment as he is the only clone}
Game Name: ARC A-88 "Racyn" [Staus Also waiting for Merc-five]
Faction: Clone
Rank: Captain
Weapons: Duel DC15 pistols..and DC17m with 1 attachment.Sniper cause its useful on trandos

Fourm Name: Noldorin Mando { Pilots a Mankvim 814}
Game name: Ka'dask [unknown last seen by the wookie pit on Dosh]
Faction: Trandoshan
Weapons: ACP repeater, Sword, and shotgun
Skin color: Dark Green


Heres my ship and how it looks {Mind poor drawing on Paint}

Heres the ray shield cage

Republic Commando Game / is RC for mac?
« on: March 14, 2008, 02:27:29 PM »
is it? cause i have it for PC but we switched to a mac and i want to get it again

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