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General Star Wars / Star Wars: Rebels
« on: May 20, 2013, 12:08:20 PM »
The replacement for TCW has been announced: Star Wars Rebels.

Fanfiction / Star Wars: Episode VII
« on: March 12, 2013, 08:44:46 PM »
This is something I thought up while I couldn't sleep last night and had to put down on "paper." Something like what Disney's movie could be.

Chapter 1

Green light flashed through the narrow hallway, and the white-armored stormtroopers fell back to their positions in front of the gate. Luke Skywalker raised his lightsaber and swung the blade aside, deflecting their bolts to the floor. Beside him, his apprentice, Kam Solusar, swung his silver-blue blade and cut the arm from one trooper.
Within seconds, the troopers were dead or out cold. Luke stepped toward the door and rammed his lightsaber through the gate. Kam joined him, putting his lightsaber in the top corner of the door. Within a few seconds they had a square cut in the gate.
"Republic forces, this is Luke Skywalker," he said into his comlink. "We're in. Begin the attack."
"Roger that," replied Captain Wedge Antilles, leader of Rogue Squadron. "All right boys, let's give those Imps something to think about!"
"This is General Han Solo," another voice said. "All right, ground troops, move in."
Luke gave them a ten-count. When he heard the rumbles of explosions on the outer walls, he nodded to Solusar and entered the Imperial stronghold via the underlevels.
"This is it, Master Skywalker," Kam said. "Do you realize that? If we get the Imperial leader here, we can finally end the war!"
"I know," Luke said grimly. "No pressure, huh?"
Younger Kam smiled vaguely, nodded, and drew his blade. Luke followed his eager apprentice into the lower levels.

* * *

General Han Solo kicked down the door and stood aside as two of his commandos entered the base. The one on the left took down the stormtroopers guarding the entrance, while the second scanned the area with a motion sensor.
"All clear, General," the second soldier said.
"Roger," Han replied. "All forces, move in!"
Chewbacca whipped his bowcaster to firing position and stormed the base. Han followed, his DL-44 blaster held at shoulder height. Three more commandos followed them in.
"Secure the command center," Han said. "But don't get near the throne room. Let Luke and Kam deal with that."
"Understood, sir."
Han stormed up the stairs with Chewbacca. A squad of stormtroopers came around the corner and opened fire. Han rolled aside in time to avoid the shots. He turned back, squeezed off a shot, and moved across the hall to fresh cover.
Behind them, the squad of commandos charged up. The first was cut down by the stormtroopers, but the others survived long enough to kill the rest of the stormtroopers.
"Enemies defeated," the commando sergeant said.
"Come on, Chewie," Han said.

* * *

Wedge Antilles spun his X-wing aside in time to avoid the barrage of a TIE interceptor. His wingman, Wes Janson, took out the interceptor and spun in a wide arc to rejoin Wedge.
"Hobbie, Tycho!" Wedge said. "Disable the turret towers! It'll make things easier on our ground vehicles."
"As ordered, Lead," Tycho replied.
Wedge watched as their X-wings looped away. He frowned. This was the Empire's final fortress! Why weren't they defending it with all their might? Endor had been more difficult than this.
"Something's up, Rogues," Wedge said. "Be on guard."
He received a series of confirming clicks from the others, but they were too busy eliminating the TIEs to respond verbally.
Wedge barrel-rolled and blasted apart a TIE interceptor, looped back, and killed another. Then he saw a wing of TIE bombers headed for the large Juggernaut tanks General Solo's forces were using.
"Antilles to all wings!" he said. "Take out those bombers!"
Corran Horn and Nien Nunb broke off and went to pursue the bombers. Wedge dived, peppered the stormtroopers outside the fortress with laserfire, and pulled back up to take out another TIE.
"Bombers diverted," Corran reported.
"Captain Antilles, this is Admiral Ackbar," came a sudden communication.
"I read, Admiral."
"We have a situation. Three Star Destroyers just exited hyperspace and engaged our fleet."
So that's what they were up to. Wedge flipped his comm channel.
"All wings, back to space!" he said. "The boys up there need a hand."
"As ordered," Corran replied.
"On our way," Tycho said.

* * *

Luke spun and decapitated a stormtrooper. The body fell over, its finger automatically triggering the blaster it held. The bolt flew high and slammed into a control panel on the wall. A door slid down between Luke and the throne room.
"Blast!" he growled.
Behind him, Kam finished off the last of the stormtroopers. He turned, saw the blast door, and stepped up beside Luke.
"Let's hurry this up," Kam said.
Luke nodded. Once again, they began to cut through the door. But Luke realized within a few inches that it would not be that simple. These doors were not made of simple durasteel.
"Some kind of processed animal hide," he said. "It's resistant to our lightsabers."
"No problem," Kam replied with a grin.
He stepped back, raised his hands, and with a mighty grunt, he blasted the door to splinters with the Force. Inside the door, two red-robed guards who had once protected the Emperor stepped forward and activated their electrostaffs.
"Same material as the door," Kam observed keenly.
Luke nodded. "Take them down any way you can. I've got the one on the left."
He leapt in and slashed. The guard raised his staff, blocking his lightsaber. Luke ducked under a horizontal slash that would have decapitated him and cut at the guard's legs. The guard jumped, and Luke redirected the blade. The guard dodged, but the green blade took off a segment of the red cape.
Luke tried to glance at the throne to see who had been behind the scenes this whole time, but the guard pushed him back in the moment of distraction and Luke had to desperately roll aside to avoid being impaled.
His gaze hardened and he lunged, his blade pointed at the guard's gut. The man tried to spin aside, but too late. Luke's blade pierced his kidney. The guard cried out and fell to the ground, where Luke decapitated him.
He spared a glance at Kam. His apprentice was still fighting his opponent, but he appeared to have it well in hand. Nodding to himself, Luke dashed for the throne.

* * *

Kam dodged a power blow from the guard, turned, and slashed at his enemy's side. The guard blocked with his lightsaber-resistant staff and pushed Kam back. The young Jedi back-flipped and landed on his feet, raising his silver-blue blade at guard.
The red-robed warrior stormed forward, but to Kam's surprise he pulled a small holdout blaster on him and fired. Kam deflected the shot into the man's shin. The guard grunted in pain, and Kam leapt in and impaled the man clean through the heart.
He sighed in relief and lowered his lightsaber. His master was headed for the throne now. He took a moment to refresh himself with the Force and then charged ahead to join Luke.
He caught up to the slightly older man quickly and stopped at the foot of the stairs to the throne. The high back of the throne hid the occupant from view, and Kam felt his pulse intensifying in fear and anticipation.
"Show yourself," Luke said softly.
The throne slowly began to turn. Kam raised his lightsaber instinctively. The throne finished its turn and Kam saw Luke recoil in shock. The man in the seat was dressed in deep red and gold armor, but his was very reminiscent of Darth Vader.
"Skywalker," the masked man hissed.
"Do I know you?" Luke asked hesitantly.
"You did," the man said. Kam could see the smile beneath the semi-transparent mouth grille. "As I was, not as I am."
"What does that mean?" Kam challenged.
"We knew each other, once," the man said. "My name then is not my name now."
"You are strong in the Force," Luke observed. "I think I would have remembered meeting you."
"Oh, but you do," the man said with a laugh. "You must, for I was the first being you discovered with Force ability."
"Master...?" Kam asked in shock. "I thought I was the first Force sensitive you discovered."
Luke shook his head. "No, you were the first one I trained. I...discovered one before. I was going to train him, but there was a Imperial attack. I believed him dead."
"Not dead," the man snarled. "Reborn. I am the master of the Empire now, Skywalker. You should have looked for me!"
Luke stood firmly. "I'm sorry for losing you. But I will stop you."
He nodded. "As I expected. Very well." He stood and reached for the lightsaber at his belt. "Then the Jedi will taste the blade of Lord Kueller!"

* * *

Wedge gritted his teeth, spun around, and took the TIE off Hobbie's tail. The pilot breathed a thanks and swept away to fire a proton torpedo at one of the Star Destroyers without shields.
"Good shot!" Tycho complimented.
Indeed, Hobbie's shot had gone straight into the Destroyer's hangar, destroying a wing of TIEs that had yet to deploy.
"This is Admiral Ackbar!" came a transmission from the capital ship. "All ships advance on the first Star Destroyer."
"Copy," Wedge replied. "Rogues?"
"Happy to comply," Wes said.
Rogue Squadron swept down and fired at the first Star Destroyer, their blasts tearing small holes in the surface. Wedge saw tiny points of white that were stormtroopers being sucked into space...
No. Wait.
"Spacetroopers!" he said.
He pulled his ship aside, but not fast enough to keep a bulky-armored spacetrooper catch one of his S-foils and pull itself aboard his ship.
"Ar-five!" Wedge said. "Electrify the surface!"
His astromech beeped a reply and complied. The spacetrooper fell off silently as electricity zapped his armor. Hobbie and Wes weren't as lucky. Their astromechs were ripped apart by the space-troopers. Wedge gritted his teeth in determination and fired a quick volley. One of his bolts tore apart the spacetrooper on Wes' fighter. Suddenly, as if by magic, the trooper on Hobbie's fighter was lifted off and hurled away.
Wedge switched channels. "Corran?"
Corran Horn, Jedi, responded. "Yes."
"I thought you couldn't move things."
"I...can't. Not very well. See, I made the space-trooper think he was on the back of a TIE, so he jumped off for an X-wing he thought he saw."
"Clever," Wedge said. "Back to it."

* * *

Han holstered his blaster as the command center was cleared out. Two commandos lowered their rifles and stepped up to the terminals vacated by Imperial technicians.
"Okay," Han said. "Here's what we're doing. Get those terminals activated. I want the anti-orbital cannons online and taking down those Destroyers in one minute."
"Can do, General," one commando said.
"Good. And find my brother-in-law!"

* * *

Luke slashed at Kueller's head, and the Dark Jedi ducked the slash and side-kicked Kam. The younger Jedi fell back and hit the ground hard. As he fought Kueller, Luke wondered to himself where the man had gotten his training. Certainly not from any of Luke's handful of Jedi.
Luke back-flipped to avoid a Force blast from the Dark Jedi and leapt into the air, driving his saber down at the helmeted head. Kueller rolled aside and slashed his silver blade at Luke's neck.
Luke parried the blow and followed it with three quick jabs; one to the knee, another to the left elbow, and the third at Kueller's chin. Kueller parried all three, barely, and pulled back. Kam rejoined the fight and leapt high, striking at Kueller's shoulder. The Dark Jedi turned barely in time, but the silver-blue blade severed two fingers on his hand.
"Who trained you?" Luke demanded as Kueller switched his saber to his left hand.
"He's dead," Kueller rasped. "I killed him, as a true Sith does!"
Luke felt a strange relief at that. So Kueller truly was the last. If they could capture or kill him, it was all over.
Kam seemed to realize this too, and stepped up his attack. Kueller reversed his grip and blocked one of Kam's blows backhand, at the same time sending a quick blast of Force energy at Luke. Luke held up a calm hand and redirected the energy into the throne, knocking it to the ground.
Then he leapt in, flanking Kueller to the right. Kam was still pressing Kueller, and with a quick move Luke slashed Kueller's legs off at the knees. The Dark Jedi roared in anger and dropped his saber. Luke sighed in relief and pointed the tip of his green blade at Kueller's throat.
"Surrender," he said.
Kueller hit Luke with a suprising blast of Force lightning. Caught off-guard, Luke stumbled back a few paces. The lightning ended abruptly. Surprised, Luke looked up and saw Kam's blade protruding from Kueller's back.
"Kam..." he said.
"Sorry, Master," Kam replied. "He left me no choice."
"No matter," Luke said reluctantly. "Okay, let's tell Han the battle's won. It's over. The Empire will have to sign our treaty now."
Kam nodded, grinning. "Finally."

Fanfiction / Journal of Fi Skirata
« on: December 01, 2012, 04:56:52 PM »
Entry 1:
Some things never change

So, it’s the day after we get back from Qiilura, right? We’re going back to Ord Mantell, and our ship is diverted to Ord Cestus.

Why? Geonosian brain worms possessed some squad of white jobs. I mean, brain worms. Really. I thought those things were a myth.

Now we’re sitting on a medical station and we have to wait for a new pilot, because ours had to take the place of the possessed pilots. In other words, we have several hours to burn. Alone. In a medical station.

So, yeah–Atin’s bored. Darman is checking his inventory of what we have left from the mission to Qiilura. In other words, our Deeces, a handful of grenades, and Atin’s Trandoshan weapons. Niner’s over calling General Zey telling him about the delay–yes, General Zey, we did receive the orders from General Kenobi. Yes, General Zey, we did get them authenticated. No, General Zey, it won’t be an inconvenience.

So I decide to go looking around. There are some Kaminoans around, and they’re looking at me with a mixture of surprise that I know how to use any of this medical tech and annoyance that I’m getting in the way.

Kaminoans. Some things never change.

Time to go look at my Hokan armor, I guess. That’s always fun.

Fanart & Other Fan Creations / My new wallpaper
« on: November 24, 2012, 08:55:20 PM »
Don't know who drew this, but props go to them for giving me my new wallpaper!

Republic Commando Novels & Short Stories / Actors/actresses
« on: August 18, 2012, 06:18:03 PM »
Choose who would play each character if they made a RepCom movie. For me:

Clones (Hard Contact-True Colors): Bodie Taylor

Clones (Order 66-501st): Temuera Morrison

Etain Tur-Mukan: ??? (You guys tell me)

Kal Skirata: Ed Harris

Walon Vau: Lance Henriksen

Bardan Jusik: ??? (Again, tell me)

Besany Wennen: Kate Upton

Fanart & Other Fan Creations / ARC Speak
« on: July 10, 2012, 08:29:12 PM »
Well, it's official. I've been inspired! big thanks to the GAR Blog and its creator (you know who you are ;) ;) )! I have now created an ARC Trooper version of the blog! Anyone who wants to ask an ARC trooper a question, head over here! Current ARCs are: Alpha, Fordo, Maze, Ordo, and, of course, Colt! Let me know if there are any other ARCs you'd like to talk to!

Fanfiction / Tales of the Mandalorians
« on: May 19, 2012, 04:06:16 PM »
You know about Kal Skirata, Mij Gilamar, and Rav Bralor. But what of the other Mandalorians? These are their stories.

Knife Fighter:
The Tale of Jun Hokan

Stepping into the small room, Jun Hokan fingered his intricate knife made of beskar. Meetings with Hutts usually involved violence, and more often than not it started before the contract was even accepted.
     Jun was dressed in green-and-tan beskar’gam, and a gun belt with two WESTAR-34 blasters filling its holsters rested on his waist. In addition, a matching WESTAR-35 was slung over his shoulder and around his jetpack. Jun, however, preferred his knife to any other weapon. It had gotten him through more issues than any of his three blasters.
     Jun took another step, sweeping the room with a gaze. A Houk bodyguard stood against one wall, and Gammoreans were spaced throughout the room, axes in hand. Taking literal center stage of the room was a trio of Mirialan females, their green skin covered–scarcely–in tight leather.
     Jun examined the bodyguards. DL-22 pistols. DH-17 carbines. Vibroknives. Light armorweave vests. Amateurs.
     Then Jun turned his attention to the Hutt. Known as Durga, this Hutt had a strange black birthmark over his right eye in the shape of a scar. As Jun approached, two Gammoreans and the Houk came toward him, but Durga raised his hand.
     The Hutt rumbled something in his language, and a silver protocol droid translated, “Let him pass. The Mandalorian is here of His Great Obesity’s desire.”
     Jun struggled not to chuckle at the nickname, because he knew size was actually attractive to Hutts, and the bigger the Hutt, the more attractive. So he merely stepped past the Houk, thankful for his helmet and its concealing visor.
     The Hutt said something again, to which the droid translated, “The Great Durga bids you welcome, and desires you to remove your helmet.”
     Jun nodded and removed it, looking briefly at the brown-and-green design and the T-visor that was traditional in Mandalorian culture. Then he held it under his left arm, leaving his right free to reach for his knife.
     Jun rubbed his shaved head, feeling the scar that ran from his left ear to his jaw. The scar he had earned fighting alongside Jaster Mereel in the Civil War.
     “My job, Great Durga?” he asked.
     Durga chuckled. “Your job,” began the droid, “will be to track another of Great Durga’s bounty hunters, who had the audacity to demand more than his share of payment when the job was done. He shot one of Durga’s highest bodyguards and fled.”
     “You got a holo of the guy?” Jun asked.
     The Houk stepped forward and activated a small holo. The bounty hunter was a Duros, with blue skin and red eyes. He wore a broad-brimmed hat and a trenchcoat. In custom leather quick-draw holsters, he had custom LL-30 pistols.
     “His name,” the droid said, “is Cad Bane.”

Jun didn’t know how, but he had been swindled into staying for dinner. The Mirialan dancers had begun putting on “personal” shows, which Jun studiously ignored–or at least, tried to.
     Instead, his thoughts were turned to Galidraan. The fact that he hadn’t been there was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because he would have been killed had he been there–all Mandalorians there save Jango Fett had.
     A curse, because his wife had been there.
     His wife, the woman he’d married and had a son with, had died by the hand of a Jedi. She had fought alongside Jango to the end, but in the end a Jedi had cut her down.
     And he had been left alone with his son.
     Eventually, even his son had left–grown to adulthood and married himself. Jun was proud of his son–but he missed him.
     One of the Mirialans saw him sitting alone and began swaying her way over. She stood behind him and ran her hand across his cheek before sitting on his lap, her back pressed against his chest. She sat so her chest was directly below his chin–if he looked down to get a bite of his food…he’d get an eyeful as well as a mouthful.
     He glanced at her and raised an eyebrow, and she gave him a lascivious smile. He was tempted–oh, so very tempted–to look down. But the memories of his wife were still too painful.
     The Mirialan stuck out her lip in a pout that made her somehow even more attractive, and she leaned in close, brushing her lips across his cheek. Jun’s entire body shuddered.
     He was saved when his comlink beeped. The dancer stood, disappointed, and walked away. Jun stood and pulled out his comlink.
     “Hokan,” he said.
     “Hokan, it’s Skirata.”
     Jun smiled a little. Munin Skirata was one of his best friends. Walking over to a private corner of the dining room, Jun answered.
     “How’s it going, ner vod?”
     “Good, Jun. A couple of us got a job battling a group of anti-government enemies on Yag’Dhul. You want to join us?”
     Jun chuckled. “Wish I could, old friend. But I’ve got a job. A really dangerous one.”
     “Oh? Who’s the target?”
     “Cad Bane.”
     Munin paused. “Tion’ad hukaat’kama?” Who’s watching your back?
     “No one, vod. I’m doing this one solo.”
     Jun could imagine Munin shaking his head. “Good luck, Jun.”
     “Thanks. Ret’urcye mhi.” Goodbye.
     “Ret’urcye mhi.”

Thankful to be away from Durga’s palace, Jun flew his personal fighter into hyperspace. After he’d hung up his comlink, the Mirialan had assumed he was available, and had tried advancing on him again–and again and again.
     Jun flew his ship faster. The sooner he was away from that place, the better. Jun knew Cad Bane was considered the second-best bounty hunter out there–losing only to Jango Fett. And since Jango had been missing since Galidraan, Cad Bane was by default the best.
     So Cad Bane would be taking on the biggest bounty currently out there.
     Jun turned on his ship computer.
     “Computer, find the biggest bounty out there.”
     “Confirmed,” said the automated voice. “Largest sum currently on the head of a sentient is for seven hundred thousand credits.”
     “Whose head is it on, and who placed it?”
     The computer hummed. “The bounty is on a man named Hityamun Kris.”
     Jun knew the name. Hityamun Kris had once been a Mandalorian–as young as they came, in fact. He was only half Jango’s age. At the age of twelve, he had left the clans when Jaster Mereel had been killed. Ever since, he had been a street kid, finding jobs where he could.
     But that had been years ago. Kris must have been almost twenty by now. Jun had heard rumors about him–a bounty hunter on the rise, some said. Others insisted that Kris was a bodyguard to a Black Sun Vigo. Either way, the price on his head was huge. And Cad Bane was just the man to take it.
     “So,” Jun said aloud. “I track down Kris, convince him not to fight, and wait for Cad Bane to show up so I can take him down.”
     The computer beeped. “Why not just take Kris’ bounty?”
     “He was once a Mandalorian,” Jun said. “I don’t hunt my own people.”

Jun stood on Nar Shaddaa, watching the traffic with care. He had heard Hitch Kris would be running an errand for a Vigo today. Time to go.
     Jun lowered his helmet’s rangefinder and focused on one specific speeder. The sleek black vehicle sped across the skyline and landed at a building Jun knew was an office. He raised his rangefinder and took off.
     Breaking down the back door of the office, Jun walked in carefully, one blaster raised. Two security officers, on a Weequay and the other human, charged at him, and he shot them both down.
     Then he charged into the main office. Inside stood Hitch Kris and a human male in a business suit. Near the door were two bodyguards wearing Mandalorian armor. Both of them raised their rifles.
     Hitch’s eyes widened. “Mandalorian,” he said.
     “Hityamun Kris,” Jun replied. “I’m here to warn you. There’s a large sum of credits on your head, and I believe Cad Bane may try to collect.”
     Kris reached for his blaster, and for a moment Jun was afraid he would fire. But the man walked to him instead.
     “I can handle myself,” he said.
     Kris was wearing his Mandalorian armor, save for the helmet, which was slung behind his belt. His jumpsuit was gray, with light blue armor plates.
     “Come on,” Jun said.
     Abruptly there was the howl of a sniper shot, and the man in the business suit collapsed. Jun pulled out his second pistol and looked around. One of Kris’ bodyguards stood in front of the man, while the other scanned the area.
     Then the window shattered, and a white-skinned woman with red hair leapt in. She wore a sleeveless red jumpsuit and brown vest and boots, and at her sides hung a pair of pistols. She was holding a red-bladed lightsaber.
     “Aurra Sing,” Jun said.
     The bounty hunter sheathed her lightsaber and pulled out one of her blasters, training it on Kris. Too late, the ex-Mandalorian reached for his helmet, but Sing fired. One of the bodyguards leapt forward and took the shot on his throat.
     Jun fired his blasters. Sing leapt aside and pulled out her other pistol, firing back. Jun kicked over the desk and ducked behind it. Kris and his remaining bodyguard joined him, and together the three fired on Sing.
     Despite being outnumbered, the bounty hunter was controlling the battle–and winning. Then, too suddenly to register, a blue stun bolt shot from the door and slammed into Sing. She collapsed, and Jun looked up to see an IG-86 assassin droid standing there. Jun raised an eyebrow. Why would an assassin droid fire on stun, unless–?
     And then a rain of blaster bolts slammed into the droid, breaking it to pieces. Then Cad Bane entered the room.
     “I may be able to use Sing later,” Bane hissed. “But those droids are a decicred a dozen.”
     Jun grinned under his helmet. His target had arrived. Drawing his knife, Jun leapt forward. Bane fired his pistols, but Jun used his jetpack to maneuver around the blasts.
     Then he landed in front of Bane and lunged with his knife. The Duros ducked and dropped his pistols, at the same time rolling aside to grab a vibroblade from a sheath on the dead bodyguard.
     Jun lunged, stabbing the knife out in front of him. Bane’s slightly longer blade blocked the blow, but Jun was faster, and his knife was already low, going for Bane’s gut. The bounty hunter rolled back and slashed, and Jun reversed his grip on the knife, holding it backhand.
     Bane slashed, and Jun blocked. The backhand grip was easy to attack with, giving him greater speed and an easier block. But Bane was unpredictable. Jun would need to use all his tricks to win this one.
     “You’re good, Mandalorian,” said Bane. “Too bad you’re not Jango Fett. I’d like to meet my match.”
     Jun snarled and feinted left. Bane started an overhand slash, but Jun rolled aside and slashed out, and his blade cut through Bane’s trenchcoat, tunic, and shirt. Blue blood spurted everywhere, and Jun realized he’d accidentally hit what was, for a Duros, a vital organ.
     Bane dropped.
     “Nice job,” Kris noted. “You here to collect the bounty on me, too?”
     “No,” Jun said. “You may not be of the clans, but you once were. I won’t betray that.” He saluted with his finger. “Stay safe. Three deadly bounty hunters took a shot at you at once. I’m sure you’re not out of danger yet.”
     Kris nodded, then turned to his bodyguard. “Let’s go,” he said.
     And Jun left to collect his bounty.

Mandalorians / Images of your favorite Mandalorian armors.
« on: March 31, 2012, 01:57:04 PM »
Well, I wanted to start this thread so people can show off their favorite Mando armors. I'll start.

And pretty much all of them in this image here...

Clone Wars Era / The Clone Wars - Season V
« on: March 28, 2012, 03:33:40 PM »
Well, Season Four is over. Looks like it's time for discussion on S5. What do you want to see in Season five?

Personally, I want:

-Conclusion to Ventress' arc
-Embo and his dog
-More of Rex's doubts from the Umbara arc
-More Fives ARC awesomeness
-Boba Fett
-Rahm Kota and his militia

Fanfiction / Havoc Squad: Hammer Strike
« on: March 05, 2012, 12:02:25 AM »

Major Prudii of Havoc Squad ducked under the bush as the team of Imperial patrol droids went by. One hand on his rifle, he crept past them in the opposite direction.
     “Prudii here,” he said. “Report in.”
     “Elara here,” replied Lieutenant Dorne. “I’ve got nothing.”
     “Captain Jorgan,” said another voice. “Nothing.”
     “Sergeant Vik. Nothing.”
     “Corporal Yuun sees nothing.”
     “This is M1-4X. Confirming all clear.”
     Prudii nodded to himself, rose to his knees, and confirmed his squad’s report. Sure enough, the guard droids had been the last patrol.
     “Move in,” he ordered.
     He flicked on his helmet’s spot-lamp and moved into the Imperial compound. A ray shield and four heavy blaster turrets protected the base, along with a squad of Imperial commandos.
     Prudii saw the turrets sweeping their spotlights back and forth across the forest. Prudii ran forward and pressed himself to the wall. He saw Elara on his left, and the others were beginning to emerge from their hiding spots.
     “All clear,” Aric Jorgan said. “No one spotted.”
     “Now to shut down the ray shield,” Prudii replied.
     Yuun, a Gand, snuck forward and stabbed a probe into the control panel. After giving it a quick twist, Yuun nodded to them. The force shield shut down.
     Prudii cocked his rifle and led the way inside. Jorgan, Prudii’s second in command and a member of the Cathar species, signaled that the commandos were all inside the central building.
     “Surround the building,” Prudii ordered.
     “Yes, sir,” they all replied.
     Prudii snuck forward and stopped at the front door. Tanno Vik, a Weequay weaponry specialist, stayed with him, while Jorgan and Four-Ex went to the back and Elara and Yuun went up to the roof.
     Vik put a breach charge on the door and held up three fingers, then lowered one. Two, one. The charge made a light thump and the door opened.
     Prudii raised his rifle while Vik drew a very large vibrosword. The commandos here must have been sloppy, for all the lights in the corridors were off and he heard the sounds of laughter.
     Prudii raised his index finger to his helmet’s voice box, indicating for Vik to be quiet. He snuck around the corner, kicked open the door…and found a sound box playing the laughter in a loop.
     Knowing something was wrong, he turned to warn Vik, but was stopped cold by a stun blast. He fell and dropped his rifle. The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was Vik being blasted by several stun bolts.

Prudii awoke an undetermined amount of time later, lying on his back. He sat up and found that his hands were bound behind his back. He looked around.
    “So, you’re awake,” a cocky voice said.
     Prudii rubbed his forehead and sighed. Whatever had hit him, it hadn’t been a normal stun blast. Some extras had been put in. Probably pain enhancers.
     “What’s your name, soldier?” the voice asked.
     Prudii tried to reply but found that his mouth had been strangely stuffed with a sock. Or at least, it felt that way. He couldn’t speak.
     Suddenly, a needle was injected in his arm, and the Mandalorian words that escaped Prudii’s mouth proved that he had regained use of his tongue.
     “Name. Now.”
     “Prudii,” he hissed.
     “Hmm. Mandalorian for ‘shadow.’ Nice.”
     “You know Mando’a?”
     “Longer than you, soldier.”
     “Doubt that.”
     “Oh, really? Dar’manda.”
     That stung. Dar’manda meant ‘one who is no longer Mandalorian’ or ‘one who had lost his way.’ He hadn’t lost his way…had he?
     “Why’d you leave Mandalore?” the voice asked.
     Prudii determined that the speaker was behind him and he tried to turn, but it seemed his legs were just as impaired as his mouth had been.
     “Differences with Lord Mand’alor,” Prudii said. He hadn’t realized how much he missed his kind. “I don’t want to talk about it.”
     “You really have no choice,” the voice said. “I was paid to keep you occupied until the Empire could get a shipment offworld…so occupy you I shall. If you don’t want to talk, I start shooting your friends.”
     “Fine,” Prudii muttered. “Truth is…the truth is that Mandalore allowed the Empire to attack one of the moons of our homeworld. I was living there at the time.”
     “I see. Your home was torched.”
     “Worse. My family, my…sister.”
     The voice said nothing. Prudii heard footsteps and knew that the man was moving. Whoever this was, he was clearly Mandalorian, and he was clearly ‘in charge.’
     “I feel sorry for you,” the man said. “But let me give you a hint. Your sister is alive.”
     Prudii felt a knife jab through his heard. How dare this stranger tease him about something like this? He tried to stand again, felt the numbness in his legs start to wear off.
     “Chakaar,” Prudii snarled.
     The man laughed. He actually laughed. Prudii gave standing a third try, and this time was partially successful. But he fell back down.
     “I’m telling the truth!” the man said.
     “Prove it.”
     The man stepped out in front of Prudii. He was a human, strongly built, with large muscles, a thick set of beskar’gam–Mandalorian armor–and an ugly scar covering almost his whole face. He had yellow hair and bright blue eyes.
     And he was Prudii’s brother-in-law.

* * *

Verd looked down at his brother-in-law and tried not to make a face. Prudii’s right cheek was a horrible web of scars. Verd shuddered imperceptibly.
     “She’s alive, vod,” Verd said.
     Prudii had stopped struggling, at least. Verd saw the expression on his face darken, then go impassive. That was bad. When he was spitting made, he could at least be controlled. When he calmed, he had made up his mind.
     “We didn’t know you were alive, either,” Verd said. “Had we, we’d have found you.”
     Prudii still said nothing. Verd sighed. If he had known that his brother would be his contract, he would not have accepted it. He reached down, primed his blaster, and walked behind Prudii.
     “So you’re going to kill me?” asked Prudii.
     “Not hired to kill you,” Verd replied. “No, I will not kill you.”
     He fired his blaster at the binders holding Prudii’s wrists together. Prudii sagged forward and stood a little unsteadily. Verd holstered his pistol.
     “They paid me to hold you until they got away,” he told Prudii. “Not to deal with you after.”
     “You’ll let us go?” Prudii asked.
     “You bet,” Verd replied. “In an hour. After they are offworld. Then, I’ll tell you where they went.”
     “Thanks, Verd.”
* * *

Two hours later, Prudii’s ship was hurtling offworld at top speed. They were headed for the remote world Athiss, in Sith space.
     The shipment they’d gotten here was fifty crates of black market weapons. Each crate held enough weapons to supply a squad of Imperial commandos. That meant fifty squads of Imperials with weapons the Republic couldn’t match.
     “Time for Operation: Hammer Strike,” Prudii said to his squad.
     “Four-Ex,” said Jorgan, “display the map.”
     M1-4X displayed a hologram of the spaceport on Athiss. The shuttle with the supplies was going to land in docking back 81, and Havoc Squad would be in 97. Thanks to Verd, they knew a faster hyperspace route to Athiss.
     “Elara and Yuun will come in from the spaceport rooftop and lay down covering fire, while Vik and I will attack from the main entrance. Jorgan and Four-Ex will be our recovery team.”
     Time to get the op started.

Prudii stood with his body hidden from sight of any soldiers inside the docking bay. He charged his rifle and glanced around the corner. The shuttle’s landing ramp came down, and two commandos exited.
     “Now,” Prudii ordered.
     Yuun front-flipped from the roof and attacked one of the commandos with his electrostaff. Elara took the easier route and rappelled down before opening fire with her pistol. The rest of the security team ran from the shuttle.
     Prudii rolled in and opened fire, full auto. His rifle caught one guard full in the chest. Prudii emptied his clip and reloaded. Vik followed him in, vibrosword swinging.
     “Elara!” he called. “Scan the area!”
     “Two in the shuttle,” she confirmed. “One pilot, one officer. Officer’s got a…thermal detonator!”
     Prudii turned and leapt away as the grenade rolled down the ramp. The explosion sent him flying into the far wall. Suddenly, out of the control tower, ten Imperial troops came in, rifles raised.
     “Surrender now!” ordered the captain. “Now!”
     And suddenly a roaring inferno engulfed the bay.

Verd landed in the docking bay and turned on his flamethrower. The fire killed the officer first, but the other troopers were protected by their armor.
     He fired an explosive dart into the neck joint of one trooper and fired his pistols at another. The eight remaining troopers turned on him.
     Prudii raised his rifle and fired at one of the other troopers. Verd looked down and saw that Prudii was covered in flames, as was his Weequay ally.
     Prudii rolled through the dirt to put out the fire and then leapt at one of the remaining Imperial troops with his knife. Eventually, they defeated the squad of Imperials.

“Jorgan, Four-Ex, load the bomb.”
     “Yes, sir.”
     The two walked into the shuttle. There was the sound of a scuffle and a tied-up Imperial pilot was tossed down the ramp.
     Prudii smiled to himself. He took his helmet off and walked over to join his brother. Verd was looting a rifle off of one of the troops.
     “Thanks, vod,” he said.
     “You’re welcome.”
     And then Verd activated his jetpack and was gone.

An hour later, the op was over. The weapons had been torched and thrown into the nearest star, much to General Garza’s annoyance. She would have liked to have the weapons for the Republic. But illegal was illegal.
     “Well, I can’t question your motives,” Garza had to admit. “I’ll let you off. Return to Coruscant.”
     “Yes, ma’am.”
     As the comlink turned off, the squad dispersed. Prudii tapped his helmet and looked around. He’d go back to Coruscant, all right. If there weren’t an op for him to take, he’d request time off.
     He’d find his sister. And he’d make up for all he had lost with his family. Then he’d return to his life in the military.
     And he’d live it happily.


Mandalorians / Mando'a spoken in the Old Republic
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you heard me! Some bounty hunters speak our language in TOR! Wanna see it? Skip to the 5:00 mark in this video. That's not the exact spot, but it'll give you some extra info on what's going on. This guy teaches you the Resol'nare.

Fanfiction / FINISHED: Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Czerka Crisis
« on: December 10, 2011, 04:41:00 PM »
This is a story I wrote about what my characters (and my brothers' characters) will be in The Old Republic. Me: Jaysen, Prudii, Methic. My brothers: Degan, Tori Deltablaster, Teran.


A blaster bolt whizzed by Prudii’s head, nearly taking the spotlight lamp off his helmet. He managed to turn and hide behind a chunk of rubble, barely dodging another hail of blaster bolts.
     “Republic scum!” called a voice. “Surrender!”
     How had this op gone so wrong? Prudii wondered. It had been a quick in-and-out, a short demolitions mission. He could’ve planted the bomb, gotten out, and detonated it, leaving the Separatist city without energy for weeks–enough time for the Republic to launch an attack.
     But they’d been waiting.
     Prudii didn’t really want to be here, in the center of a small-faction war on a smaller planet. With the war against the Sith Empire going on, he could’ve been on any number of big-name missions. But instead he was stuck here, shooting insurgents instead of Sith soldiers.
     “I’ll give you three seconds!” called the insurgent.
     These guys were just guerrilla forces, self-trained. Any academy recruit could’ve taken them out. But he, Prudii, was hiding behind rubble. Squeezing his blaster rifle, he prepared to respond.
     “Two seconds!”
     “No chance!” Prudii called.
     He leapt from the rubble and fired his rifle. Three rapid shots caught the leader in the chest, and he staggered. Prudii fired the rifle’s grenade launcher attachment, and two of the insurgents toppled. That left two more.
     Launching himself at one, he slammed the stock of his rifle into the Duros’ soft head. The alien crumpled. One more. Prudii turned and shot the human; a clean, single shot to the head.
     “That aught to do it.”
     Prudii looked down and saw the leader stagger to his feet. He’d been wearing an armored vest. Prudii slung his rifle over his back, grabbed the guy, and slapped a pair of stun cuffs on him.
     “Up,” Prudii ordered.
     He stripped the man of his vest and weapons, and then shoved him to the ground. The man started to protest, so Prudii shoved the muzzle of his sidearm into the man’s chin. He shut up.
     “Base, this is Prudii,” the soldier said into his comlink. “Ready for pickup.”
     “Understood, Sergeant,” replied the man at the other end. “What took so long?”
     Prudii hesitated. “Best I tell you in person.”

Republic Commando Game / I made a discovery!
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Okay, so you know the "Arena A17" multiplayer map? I was reading the description yesterday, and...

Arena A17 is the Killing House mentioned in the novels! Read the description; it says "...referred to by the commandos as the Killing House..."

Sa-weet! 8)

Clone Wars Era / Vode An - tribute to the clones
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Mandalorians / Pretty cool video
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Fanfiction / Remembering His Troops
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In the Grand Army, one was lucky to get a sanisteam, let alone a water shower. When the Leveler picked up Torrent Company, then, Captain Rex new he was in for a treat.
     Captain Pellaeon of the Leveler always made sure the hot water on his ship was fully stocked, because he knew how much clones liked showers. Rex smiled as his gunship docked. He could see the man now, standing in the hangar and waiting for the clones to disembark.
     One thing about Pellaeon, the man was loyal to his men.
     Rex took his helmet off and walked forward, saluting Pellaeon. The other man smiled and walked up to face Rex.
     “Now, now.” Pellaeon chuckled. “We’ve been through this. No saluting me as long as we’re both Captain.”
     “Of course, Captain.”
     “Race you to the shower, sir!” called Coric.
     Rex turned to face Coric, who had his helmet off, as well. With a wink, Coric was headed to the showers. Rex glanced back at his other troops, turned, and followed Coric.

Sometimes, Rex would allow his men to take their showers first, but at others, they insisted that he go first, being CO, and all. This time, he allowed them to insist he go first.
     As he took off his armor plates, he thought back to the previous battle. He’d lost many more men, and others had been wounded. Coric–lucky old Coric–had taken a blaster bolt to the knee and shoulder. Neither had pierced armor.
     Coric had been with Rex since before Christophsis, and Rex was going to put in a request for Coric’s promotion to lieutenant upon return to Coruscant.
     General Zey would love that.
     Rex thought back to all the men he’d lost in Torrent Company. Christophsis had been the first real hard-hitter. He’d lost a lot of good men there when Sergeant Slick had turned sides.
     Then had been Teth, where Rex had lost all but five men. Coric had been one of them.
     After that had come JanFathal, and the deaths of two of Torrent Company’s shinies. Poor kids were killed in their first real battle experience.
     And of course, there had been Hevy. Hevy had died on the Rishi moon to get out a signal to General Skywalker. Though not technically a part of Torrent Company, Hevy’d had the right spirit.
     And there had been Sergeant Denal, Rex’s loyal right-hand man, who had been killed at the hands of the bounty hunter Cad Bane. Yes, Denal had been a sergeant on his way to commander.
     In more recent memory were the second campaign on Geonosis, and the battles of Felucia and Saleucami. Rex had been injured on Saleucami, forcing Jesse, Hardcase, and Kix to continue on without him. He was lucky to be alive.
     And then there was the Citadel. That blasted prison where Even Piell and Captain Tarkin had been taken, with its insane warden, Osi Sobeck. There he’d lost a rookie named Charger and–
     Blast it, Echo, Rex thought. Why’d you have to be noble and ARC trooper-like? We could’ve found another way off Lola Sayu besides the shuttle, the blasted thing wasn’t worth your life…
     Well. He couldn’t be brought back. Fives had been taking it hard, but Rex hadn’t seen Fives in weeks, since he was off doing ARC trooper things, and he was no longer a member of Torrent Company. By technicality, anyway.
     In Rex’s book, if you were once a member of Torrent Company, you always were. Fives’ blue ARC armor would always be a welcome sight.
     And then in this most recent conflict, Rex had lost two rookies. He hadn’t even gotten a chance to learn their names.
     Well, enough of the past. It was sucking the enjoyment out of the shower. The hot water felt good against his taut muscles, and he was reminded that he hadn’t slept in days. He quickly rinsed himself, toweled off, changed into the off-duty red uniform clones wore, and headed for the dorms with his armor slung over his shoulder.

* * *

The next day, Rex was up early. He looked out the viewport. They were still in hyperspace. Well, time to get to work. He wasn’t helping anyone standing here. Before leaving the dorms, he stuffed one blaster into his belt. Best to be prepared for anything, he’d learned.
     He didn’t do much, but he did carry some useless containers to the garbage chute. A clone was never truly off duty, in his opinion. But then he thought back to the rumors he’d heard, something about a mission that had never happened.
     Citizens had reported seeing armored beings battling at a dock, one with a lightsaber. And Rex had heard that Commander Gree and the 41st had been on leave that week.
     Rex had his own suspicions as to who it had been. There had also been word of a shooting across town, but all that had turned up were a few bloodstains. That wasn’t nearly enough evidence to convict anyone of anything.
     Rex personally thought it had been Sergeant Kal Skirata, and Gree had confirmed that Skirata had been around Qibbu’s Hut, the spot the 41st had spent most of its off-duty time.
     Gree also said that there had been two squads of commandos, another Mandalorian, two ARC troopers, two Jedi, and some shiny. Suspicious enough, Rex decided.
     Not that he’d ever do anything to investigate–if Jedi and clones had been involved, then it had certainly benefited the Republic.
     As Rex dumped the containers down the garbage chute, he heard something like a scuffle going on. Quickly, he whipped out his blaster and ran into the main corridor.
     He saw two of his men wrestling with someone in a black coat and a mask. The man was holding a blaster, and Rex’s men were trying to keep the barrel pointed upward.
     But to Rex’s horror, as he watched, the man overpowered one trooper–Forr, one of Rex’s new shinies–and blasted him. 
     “No!” Rex shouted.
     He didn’t hesitate. He leveled his blaster and shot the man, straight in the chest. As the man fell, the other trooper–Tenn–ran to Forr.
     “Why?” Rex asked the dying man.
     “Y-you clones…killed my…f-f…family…”
     Rex realized that this man must have had a son–or father, or brother–in the militia resistance in the last battle. The 501st had pretty much wiped out the resistance.
     “I’m sorry,” Rex said.
     The man turned his eyes to Forr. “M-me…t-too.”
     Rex stood when he realized the man was dead. He turned and walked over to Tenn’s side. The trooper was desperately trying to revive Forr.
     “Let it go,” Rex said quietly. “He’s gone.”
     “He was my brother,” Tenn pleaded.
     Rex nodded his understanding, picked up Forr’s body, and walked away. Tenn followed slowly, his eyes studying the floor.
          Looks like I have another man to mourn, Rex thought.


Fanfiction / A quick Mando short story
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Okay, this is a quick short taking place during the ongoing series Fate of the Jedi. Several events from the novel Allies will be shown and referenced, so for those of you who've read it, you'll understand.

* * *

Seventeen-year-old Vevec Skirata glared through the scope of his Verpine sniper rifle, his visor pressed closely to the glass. Ahead was a Naboo-native animal, a kaadu.
     Vevec’s grandfather–Ba’buir–Ordo Skirata was in Theed, trading live nuna for provisions. Clan Skirata had lived in the sanctuary of Kyrimorut for over sixty years now, and Vevec’s childhood had been spent there. While Ordo had gone shopping, he’d let Vevec go hunting.
     So here he was in the swamp, aiming his perfectly calibrated rifle at the heart of an unsuspecting kaadu…
     There was a sound nearby, and Vevec grunted as the kaadu took off. He sighed and lowered his rifle. Turning, he found a yellow-armored female a few steps behind him. Anyone living on Mandalore in the past three years had heard of Mirta Gev Orade.
     Formerly Mirta Gev, she was supposedly the granddaughter of Mand’alor Boba Fett. Rumor had it she had married Ghes Orade just before Darth Caedus’ tyrannical rule had been brought to an end.
     “Hey kid,” Mirta said.
     “Hi,” he replied curtly.
     “Don’t be like that,” she said.
     “You spooked my kaadu.”
     “Relax, kid.”
     Vevec paused, looking at her holstered WESTAR-34 pistols. She took after Jango, or so Vevec had been told. He raised an eyebrow and removed his helmet.
     “What are you doing here?” he asked.
     “Supply run,” Mirta replied. “So, are you going to tell me your name?”
     “Vevec,” he replied. “Vevec Skirata.”
     “Hmm. Any relation to Jaing Skirata?”
     “My great uncle.”
     “And I’m–”
     “Mirta Gev, I know. So, where’s Ghes?”
     “Doing the same thing you did. Hunting kaadu.”
     Vevec turned and scanned the area. The kaadu seemed to have gone by now, and he didn’t think there was much chance of it returning.
     Suddenly, Mirta’s comlink beeped. She pulled it from her belt and an image of Boba Fett appeared. Mirta smiled at him, but Vevec thought it was slightly forced. He’d heard of the torture she’d gone through, and he could only assume she was still getting over it.
     “Mirta,” Boba said. “Have you heard?”
     “No, what?”
     “Daala’s hired us out to blockade the Jedi Temple.”
     Mirta’s lips pursed in thought. Vevec tried not to eavesdrop, but she was standing too close to avoid listening.
     “Are we taking it?” Mirta asked.
     “Not us specifically,” Fett replied. “Blockade’s already in progress.” He hesitated, and then turned to look at something. “Turn your helmet to the local holonews.”
     Mirta did, and on instinct, so did Vevec. The man sounded too shabla much like Grandpa Ordo. Vevec blinked, tuning in to the holonews. An image of the Jedi Temple appeared. Several Mandalorians in tanks or on foot surrounded the Temple, various weapons raised.
     As Vevec watched, a young female Jedi, maybe three years older than he, walked from the Temple and toward the Mandalorian that seemed to be the leader of the group. They exchanged words, and the nervous reporter kept on babbling.
     Javis Tyrr, Vevec thought.
     Suddenly, there was the whine of a blaster, and the Jedi fell, dead. Vevec heard Mirta suck in her breath, and he knew he had done the same. The Mandalorian yelled something toward the Temple, and Tyrr went on with his incessant report.
     “Shab, Ba’buir,” said Mirta. “She was just a kid!”
     Vevec realized that not only had the Jedi been a few years older than him, she’d also been a few years younger than Mirta. The two girls could have been friends in another life.
     “Yeah,” Boba replied. “Beviin and Vevut are practically hemorrhaging, coming up with various ways to kill that Mandalorian who shot her.”
     “That guy has all the earmarks of Death Watch,” Vevec commented.
     “Eh?” Boba muttered. “Who’s that?”
     “Oh,” replied Mirta. “He’s Vevec Skirata. Ordo Skirata’s grandson.”
     “Ah.” Boba waited for a moment. “Tell your grandfather I said hi, and that I’m still stronger than him.”
     “Didn’t he use to dunk your head in–?”
     “I let him.”
     With that, the comlink went dead. Mirta glanced at Vevec, gave a sloppy salute, and jet-packed off, probably to find Ghes. Vevec put his helmet on and walked back toward where he’d parked his rented speeder. He’d need to be back to Theed, soon.
     And no doubt Ordo would be interested in what he’d seen.

* * *

Boba Fett sat back and watched the recording again. Daala was a friend, and there was no way he’d have said no to her request…but if he’d known the Jedi would have sent out a Padawan to negotiate, he would’ve sent someone less violent than Belok Rhal.
     Much as he hated to admit it, the Skirata kid may have been right. Boba had thought he’d squashed the Death Watch remnants years ago–or Shysa had. But not even the craziest di’kut would’ve shot a kid on the steps of her home. It was just sick.
     Boba needed to have a talk with Rhal.
     He figured that if he didn’t get to Rhal first, it would be a contest between the Jedi, Mirta, and Goran Beviin. Of course, if Beviin reached Rhal, then a few dozen other Mandalorians–probably including Novoc Vevut and Jaing Skirata–would be with him.
     No. Daala was already reassigning Rhal to a slavery dispute in the Outer Rim. The man had a job to do, and so did Boba. Boba’s was to keep pursuers off Rhal until his contract was complete.
     Boba reached for his comlink.

A scowl crossed Ordo’s face as his comlink buzzed, and the scowl was complete when he saw the caller’s ID.
     “Skirata,” he said.
     “Hey, Ordo. How you doing?”
     “Cut to the chase,” Ordo said bluntly. “What’s up?”
     “I’m sure your grandson has told you by now.”
     Ordo sighed. Boba Fett had never been good at this kind of thing.
     “Of course he has,” Ordo replied.
     “I need you to do something,” Boba said.
     “I need you to make sure–”
     Ordo continued listening as he piloted his modified five-person fighter off Naboo. Vevec was in the back, probably using the ‘fresher. Ordo wanted this call to be over before he got back.
     “–He’s just made a lot of enemies by killing the girl,” Boba continued. “But he still has a contract with Daala. If he doesn’t come through, I look bad. So–”
     Ordo punched in Mandalore’s hyperspace coordinates but did not make the jump. The communication would be cut off by the jump, and even Ordo wasn’t rude enough to do that to the Mand’alor.
     “–You to keep his followers off his tail.”
     Ordo nearly fell out of his seat in surprise. This man–this Belok Rhal–had just killed a young woman in cold blood, and Boba wanted him to protect the chakaar?
     “No way.”
     “Ordo,” Boba started.
     “Don’t say that like we’re old friends,” Ordo replied. “You know that we aren’t.”
     “All right,” Boba said. “What do you want?”
     “I don’t want anything,” Ordo replied, and hung up.

Boba tossed the comlink down in frustration. Okay, that was one dead lead. Aw, shab, who was he going to get to watch Rhal’s back? He couldn’t ask Mirta in good conscience, not with the way she reacted to Rhal’s attack. And Beviin would likely kill Boba just for asking.
     Who, then?
     He sat there for probably twenty minutes, agonizing over whom to send. And the more he thought about it, the more he decided against it. Of course Rhal didn’t need a bodyguard! He was a Mando! Why had Boba even thought of sending one?
     Feeling much better, Boba went to sleep.

Vevec and Ordo sat side-by-side in the cockpit of Ordo’s fighter, looking at the holoscreen. The three-day hyperspace journey to Mandalore was almost over, and they had hopped out of hyperspace briefly to get news on Belok Rhal.
     Apparently, he’d been arrested on some backwater Outer Rim world. Good enough for him, Vevec thought. The mad deserved worse. But bad men rarely got what they deserved.
     As the fighter jumped back into hyperspace, Vevec smiled to himself. As long as Belok Rhal was behind bars, Vevec was happy. As Ordo jumped back into hyperspace, Vevec thought he saw a smile on his Ba’buir’s face, too.


Mandalorians / Favorite LOTF Mando
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Mine has to be Kad'ika, Venku Skirata.

Fanfiction / Return of the Republic
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Here it is... 8)

Chapter 1

Luke Skywalker stood still as the Star Destroyer reverted to real-space. Below, the planet Ossus hung like an orange jewel among the stars.
     “Beautiful,” he said.
     “Yes,” hissed young Saba Sebatyne.
     A few years Luke’s junior, Saba was a Barabel. Master K’Kruhk had discovered her on Barab I just before the fall of Coruscant. Luke had taken her on as his temporary apprentice. As a Jedi Knight, there hadn’t been a more opportune time to train a Padawan.
     Luke glanced to his left and his heart sank. The Mandalorian Kad Skirata was standing alongside Jedi Padawan Mara Jade. Luke had taken a liking to Mara the first time he’d met her. And now, she was standing there, holding hands with a Mandalorian.
     “Are you jealous?” asked Saba, with a flurry of sissing.
     “No,” Luke lied.
     Sissing was the Barabels’ way of laughing, Luke knew, and the Barabels had a very strange sense of humor that only other reptiles seemed to understand.
     They were also very sensitive to emotions.
     “Go over and talk to her,” Saba whispered.
     “Saba, I can’t just–”
     Luke sighed, motioned for Saba to stay where she was, and moved over to where Mara and Kad were. To his discomfort, they were now facing each other, and he had both of her hands grasped in his.
     “Hello,” Luke said.
     Embarrassed, Mara smiled shyly and took her hands away from Kad, who seemed more annoyed than angry.
     “Hi, Luke,” she said.
     “Hello, Jedi Skywalker,” Kad greeted.
     Luke stumbled over what to say next, glanced back at Saba, and cleared his throat. It seemed as if his tongue was a desert, and the oasis had been long evaporated.
     “Um,” he said. “Lovely view, eh?”
     More annoyed, Kad said, “I was just saying as much to Mara.”
     “Ah. Um, sorry?”
     “Yes, of course,” Kad replied. Coming from a Mandalorian, it sounded more like a threat. “I understand. But now, if you would be so kind…?”
     Luke cleared his throat again. What to do?
     “Actually, I came over to ask Mara if she wanted to have lunch in the mess.”
     Kad’s face softened. “Ah, I didn’t realize you two were…”
     “We’re not,” Mara quickly said.
     “Oh. Excellent then!” Kad beamed. “Perhaps we could all have lunch, then?”
     Luke realized what a huge mistake he’d made.
     “Of course,” Luke mumbled.
     “Excellent,” Kad said. He seemed almost…cordial. “Then we will meet in the mess. I’ll be bringing some friends.”
     To Luke’s anger, Kad leaned down and kissed Mara’s forehead. As he walked away, she watched him go. Luke felt his face redden and used the Force to calm himself.
     “Mara,” he said.
     “Don’t say it, Luke,” she replied.
     He found himself worried that he’d angered her.
     “Mara, if you like him more, then…”
     “Luke, he approached me. I have no interest in him. Other than learning how to fight Mandalorian-style, of course.”
     “You’re using him?”
     “No!” Mara exclaimed, seeming hurt at the accusation. “I intend to tell him what I want at lunch! If you’ll just give me some space to do that.”
     “He’s bringing friends,” Luke said, changing the subject. “Is it a Mandalorian tradition? Maybe he thinks you like him. What if–”
     “Luke!” she said. “Since when do you control my social life?”
     As she stormed off, Luke kicked himself mentally. That could have gone better. And he was almost sure he could hear Saba in a fit of sissing.

Anakin’s starfighter exited hyperspace somewhere above the water world Mon Calamari. The Republic was relocating, jumping every which-way to keep away from the Vong. Some of the survivors from Coruscant had made for Mon Cal, others Ossus or Yavin.
     “Beautiful,” a pilot said.
     “Cut the chatter, Red Three,” Garven Dries said.
     Anakin bit his lip. He’d lost many men in Shadow Squadron during the Battle of Ithor. Shadow Three; Noirah Na–a Jedi Knight female human–had been among those that had not returned.
     “All wings,” Obi-Wan Kenobi said, “prepare for landing.”
     Anakin twisted his controls and headed for Mon Cal.

Czulkang Lah watched as Supreme Overlord Shimrra ascended his throne. Lah shouted in excitement along with everyone else. As the warmaster of the Yuuzhan Vong forces, Czulkang Lah would get special honor for the conquering of Coruscant.
     “Exalted one!” the Yuuzhan Vong shouted.
     “We shall have victory over the infidels!” Shimrra said.
     More cheers. Czulkang watched as Onimi, Shimrra’s jester, slinked up to sit beside the throne. He noted something odd in the eyes of the jester, but he was caught up in the ceremony.
     It had probably been nothing, anyway.

Fanfiction / The Yuuzhan Vong Strike Back
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Okay, this is the ESB parody in my current "what if" scenario. You will see many references to Star by Star, including a mission that Luke and Leia will undertake.

Chapter 1

Anakin Skywalker watched proudly as Yoda severed Luke’s braid. It was hard to believe that just twenty years ago, Anakin had been tempted to go to the dark side. Twenty years ago, Luke and his sister, Leia, had been born.
     “Dub thee I do,” Yoda said, “Jedi…Knight of the Republic!”
     Luke stood proudly, and Anakin resisted the urge to cheer. But this was not the time for cheering. Three months ago, an alien race called the Yuuzhan Vong had invaded the galaxy, attacking the planet Orto Plutonia and its moon, Pantora.
     There had been no sign of the Yuuzhan Vong since the Battle of Helska 4, where Anakin and dozens of other Jedi had led an attack against the Vong. They’d won.
     But Anakin was beginning to have his doubts. Surely, the Vong as a species were larger than that could be held in a handful of ships. He felt that they would return, too soon.
     “Congratulations,” he said to Luke.
     “Thank you, father,” Luke replied.
     As they left the Council chamber, Leia, who had been knighted the day before, embraced Luke. The three Skywalkers met Padme, Anakin’s wife, at the steps of the Temple, where she congratulated her son and daughter.
     “I have received word that the Yuuzhan Vong have sent more ships,” Padme said. “I am being sent, along with Senator Mothma, to engage with peace talks.”
     “You’re not going alone,” Anakin said.
     “Of course not. We’ll have a full contingent of bodyguards. And I wanted to request that Luke come with me.”
     Anakin nodded. At least she wouldn’t face them alone. From what A’Sharad Hett had told the Council, the Vong did not seem like a species to engage in peace talks.
     “We leave tomorrow,” Padme said.

Obi-Wan Kenobi watched as the clone troopers formed up and began taking shots and dummies that had been made to look like Yuuzhan Vong. Apparently, the Vonduun crab armor worn by the aliens had been somewhat resilient to blasters.
     “General,” said Commander Cody. “Good to be working with you again.”
     “And you, Cody,” Obi-Wan replied.
     Obi-Wan felt that he was getting too old for all this, being in his fifties, but Master Windu was well into his seventies, and Yoda was almost nine hundred. If they could still do it, so could he.
     He turned to his right when he heard a familiar voice. He saw Leia talking to a man approximately ten years older than her. Obi-Wan was not her father, but he had been her Master since she was seven years old, and she had only been knighted the day before. It was instinct to intervene, and he fought to look away.
     Han Solo was a good man, anyway. He had fought in the Battle of Helska as the leader of Blue Squadron, and Obi-Wan was sure that Leia would not talk to anyone she was unsure about.
     Still, he wanted to go over there and break it up.

Jedi Master K’Kruhk walked through the Temple, holding his hat in his left hand. He had not fought at Helska, having been left to guard the Temple. He wondered if the Yuuzhan Vong would return to the galaxy.
     He passed the training room, where a Jedi Knight was training a young female human. K’Kruhk recognized the Padawan. She had been brought to the Temple shortly after the Skywalker twins had been born. Mara Jade, he thought.
     As he reached the exit to the Temple, he placed his hat on his head and stepped into the sunlight. He was to go to the planet of Barab I and meet a potential apprentice. He’d never heard of a Barabel Jedi.
     Why had he been chosen to go, he wondered. There were so many other Jedi that could have handled Barabels better than he. A Wiphid, K’Kruhk had little understanding of lizards.
     Oh, well. It would at least be nice to leave the Temple for a while.

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