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Off-topic & Chat / Re: Holy Cow!
« Last post by Shotgunchief on November 26, 2016, 12:45:37 AM »
OMG,  way to make me feel old there! ;)

Welcome back,  dude.
I made myself feel old LOL!

A little late, but thanks!
From what I can tell by checking the petition almost everyday, it seems to be growing at a rate of about 100 signatures per day. That seems like a pretty good sign.
General Star Wars / Re: Sign the Petition: Create an Old Republic Netflix Series
« Last post by Vlet Hansen on November 18, 2016, 09:40:59 PM »
Might be hopeless, but why not?
General Star Wars / Sign the Petition: Create an Old Republic Netflix Series
« Last post by Commander Dimal on November 15, 2016, 10:38:24 PM »
With all this new Star Wars stuff that has come out from Disney and Lucasfilm, it looks as though we might only be getting content focused on the Original Trilogy era, and we might never see any Old Republic era stuff get explored. Well now there seems to be a light of hope. There is a petition that has been going around for Disney to create a Netflix series based on the Old Republic era of Legends. This petition has gotten a lot of support in a  short amount of time, and quickly has reached over 100,000 signatures, and has even gotten the attention of some news websites.

I think it might be a good idea for us to sign this petition and spread the word to those that we know who might be interested. Even if petitions rarely ever accomplish much, it wouldn't hurt for us to try, because it might still get Disney's attention and show them that there is at least an interest in the Old Republic era, and that there would be an audience for that type of content if they ever decide to make any. I already signed the petition. How about you guys?

Here is a link to the petition:
Role-Playing / Re: The Old Republic: Hidden Fronts
« Last post by N-11 Commander Ordo on October 26, 2016, 03:32:00 AM »
"A pleasure, Byrren. Explosives are my trade, primarily." Gil said. He noticed his new acquaintance raise an eyebrow every so slightly. Gil wiggled his metal fingers with a smirk. "Don't let the arm fool you. Not my work."

Gil motioned to the Bowcaster in Byrren's lap. "My compliments on your bowcaster. That's an exquisite weapon. They don't hand those out to just anyone, either; I've only seen a handful in my time. Makes me very curious as to what you bring to the table."
Role-Playing / Re: The Old Republic: Hidden Fronts
« Last post by Noldorin Mando on October 11, 2016, 03:55:07 PM »
Byrren eyed the Chiss carefully as he spoke, reflecting that naming their team after an aquatic predator didn't speak much for everyone being in their element. But he ignored the poorly chosen mascot and placed one hand on his bowcaster, rubbing his fingers along the oiled woshyr wood as he shifted over slightly.

As the Chiss left, he relaxed, then turned to his right as a cybernetic arm extended in front of his chest and the man attached to it introduced himself.

"Gillick Yorvan. Call me Gil." He said pleasantly.

Peltawu took the metal and and shook it. "Byrren Peltawu. Either one works. What'd they get you in for?" He asked, noting Gil's glance at his bowcaster.
Role-Playing / Re: The Old Republic: Hidden Fronts
« Last post by N-11 Commander Ordo on September 28, 2016, 02:37:50 PM »
Gil scanned the audience crammed into the small transport. Quite the efficient group of killers had been assembled for this operation. He had briefly chatted with a few of them already, learning their basic histories and skill sets. The SIS had done well bringing together a diverse bunch, that was for sure. The Styanax was the perfect mascot.

Gil was curious about this Chiss. Very few of that species were not aligned with the Empire, and Wishbone's Imperial accent indicated he had 'crossed over' to the Republic. Fascinating. When Wishbone suggested that they get to know one another, Gil turned to his left and extended his cybernetic hand to the man next to him.

"Gillick Yorvan. Call me Gil." He said pleasantly. The man was a little older, and carried what looked like a custom Wookie Bowcaster. Not many mercenaries packed such a unique weapon.
Role-Playing / Re: The Old Republic: Hidden Fronts
« Last post by Drake Vhett on September 15, 2016, 07:34:40 PM »
Chapter 1: Landfall

The scout vessel shuddered as it exited hyperspace, gently waking any aboard who had fallen asleep. The quarters were tight, but the two dozen beings had managed to find their own private spaces as best they could. The tension was heavy and put a damper on any conversation among the assorted contractors.

From the cockpit area stepped a middle-aged Chiss, probably one of a thousand not part of the Empire. He had introduced himself as Wishbone, the handle the group of mercenaries would know him as before they made the jump to hyperspace.

Wishbone stopped at the opening to the hold, and patiently waited for the murmur of conversation to die down. He held a datapad in one hand, the other resting on the wall beside him.

"Listen up! We are making our approach to Abregado-rae from the edge of the system, so there is no turning back now. As such, I will give you the final details. First, welcome to Taskforce Styanax. For those who don't know, this is a Styanax," Wishbone said as he held up his datapad for all of the mercenaries to see. There were some nods and mutters among the group, many satisfied with the deadly-looking creature their unit was named for.

"Styanax are native to Tralus, they keep to deeper waters and strike with a stinger that saps the energy of what it hits and leads to paralysis. Fitting, since you will need to keep to the shadows and sap the Empire's strength where you can. We have a small operating base set up where we will land. It is shielded against scanners and hidden in a series of canyons. We have automated defenses as well as native rebel fighters guarding the perimeter," Wishbone continued. He tapped a few buttons on his datapad, and a wave of notification bings swept through the group.

"You all have your preliminary role assignments, fitted to your skills. You also have your associated callsign. When communicating over the comms, in earshot of non-task force members, or whenever you think someone else might be listening use them. The Empire has a nasty habit of using the personal information of contractors to kidnap loved ones and other detestable things. We want to avoid that, so we have also put SIS assets in place to keep an eye over anyone who might fit that descriptor. For their safety of course, nothing for any of you to worry about," Wishbone continued. His tone, Imperial accent, and the content of his speech seemed to unsettle many of the mercenaries. Nonetheless, they kept their gripes to themselves, for now.

"Now then, I understand that many of you have not worked together before. I suggest you all aquatint yourselves as best you can. We have another two hours at our creep to get to Abregado-rae, in one and a half I'll finish my briefing"
Role-Playing / Re: The Old Republic: Hidden Fronts
« Last post by N-11 Commander Ordo on September 15, 2016, 04:39:22 AM »
Name: Gillik Yorvan

Age: 32

Race: Human

Appearance: Gil is 6' tall, with an athletic body type that isn't overtly large, but well muscled and toned. He has blonde hair which he keeps short. His right hand is cybernetic almost up the elbow, and he is missing the tip of his right ear. He is very calm, collected, and usually friendly, and never seems to be fazed by anything.

Specializations: Demolitions, Infiltration, Hand-to-Hand combat, small-unit tactics

Equipment: In combat, Gil wears light armor that is tailored to moving quietly and unseen, though it provides less protection than full armor would. He carries his commando's blaster rifle, and a family pistol from his grandfather. His cybernetic hand contains a black vibroblade, a short range dart gun, and a datapad. He has mastered the use of many types of explosives, and carries whatever the mission requires.

History: Gillick 'Gil' Yorvan was raised in the core worlds by parents who were both prominent actors. His grandfather, however, was a war hero who instilled Gil with the ideals of strength, service, and the importance of the warrior in the universe. Gil turned away from the life of luxury and enlisted in the Republic military when he came of age, much to the horror of his friends and parents. He was recruited into a special forces unit where he mastered the arts of demolition and infiltration, succeeding in numerous operations during the war against the Sith. He lost his hand and much of his ear in an explosion, a training accident during a live-fire exercise where a new recruit had not properly prepared the charges. He prefers to handle them himself now. Gil left the army at the end of the war to fight on his own terms, taking up mercenary work and almost immediately finding employment through an old contact of his in the SIS.

Although he his calm and genuinely friendly, Gil loves his job, he loves combat and wouldn't trade it for anything. His teammates observed that in combat or on a mission he was still always calm, but also became ice-cold and efficient. He has often thought that his upbringing around actors gave him unintended training for this; he finds it easy to 'flip the switch' between his deadly mindset on the field, and his relaxed personality back at base.
Off-topic & Chat / Re: what happened today?
« Last post by dredwulf60 on September 13, 2016, 06:07:09 PM »
The Legend of the Three Rings.

The Engagement Ring.

The Wedding Ring.


the SuffeRING.

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