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Small changes in the past few days

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I've been fiddling with the forums in the last couple days. I think that after 7 months of doing no programming, no websites, and none of any of that stuff I used to do for a job, I'm starting to slightly miss it. A bit. ;)

Anyways, the changes are minor but I think they add a bit more character to the forums. You can choose the country you live in by editing your profile, and your flag will show up underneath your posts. I did this because I love flags. :) Also, your gender icon (male or female) will show up beside, just to make the flag look a bit less lonely. If you don't fill out your country or your gender, no icons will appear under your name.

I also added a bunch of new optional profile fields. These will ONLY show up when someone views your profile, not on your posts. They are all completely optional, but it's a way to share more information about yourself if you desire. Extra fields include:
- Real Name (because I doubt many people in real life call you RC-110934235... and knowing your first name can make you seem more human)
- Occupation (because I'm nosy; if you don't have a job yet, put "student" and/or what you aspire to be)
- Xbox Live ID (for gaming purposes)
- Xfire Username (for gaming purposes)
- Interests/Activities (for rambling on about other things you like... and who knows, maybe there's someone else here who shares your obscure hobby)
- Favourite Delta (pretty self-explanatory)
- Favourite Omega (ditto)
- How did you find Brothers All? (because I'm curious)

I will entertain any suggestions for other fields.

Alright, I will now focus my attention on updating the main clonecommandos site. It'll be nothing huge, but I hope I can get some things updated before I head back to base on Saturday.

Mereel Skirata:
very cool!!!  I just changed it all  :D

A-77 Commander Fordo'Ad:
Why is "I just came across it!" in the Favorite "Delta/Omega" Section?

CT-1199 Oronk:
Got mine going thanks Amy :D


--- Quote from: A-77 Commander Fordo'Ad on January 02, 2009, 02:12:49 AM ---Why is "I just came across it!" in the Favorite "Delta/Omega" Section?

--- End quote ---
Very good question. It wasn't like that before... dunno if that was me or the forum.

Fixed, I think. *Jedi mind trick* You saw nothing. ;)


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