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Commando Defection: I Got It Done.
« on: February 19, 2009, 01:23:47 PM »
Hey guys! It's been a while, I know, but I finally finished the Commando Defection fic, got bored, came back to the site. Found out I was still logged in. So I'll post the old story, and then post the new one underneath it. Enjoy.
In the early days of the Galactic Empire, several squads of Commandos defected to the beginnings of the Rebellion, after being told to commit Order 66. This is the story of Phoenix squad as well as Mu Squad. This is the first installment, regarding Phoenix squad.

   Phoenix squad moved through the shadows of  Utapau, waiting for the clone troopers to move through. They then threw themselves down onto the next level, letting their shields absorb the blows. They checked their armor, an upgrade from the old Commando Armor, and looked for knicks. They were none.
   Phoenix 01, Both, crouched into a crater, and took a look to his left and right. Nothing but droid, so to speak, corpses. Forward was another “alleyway”, which were far too open for the likes of them.
   Both was short for Bothan, as he was very good at stealth operations. His armor was made with stygian-triprismatic polymer, along with a stealth generator and an enhanced shield. He had requested all of these, as his squad was often put on missions more dangerous that the other squads, while he also had more enhanced knowledge of droid repair, as he had often studied these things in his spare time.
   Pheonix 02, Sith, jumped in beside him, and ran toward a spider droid shell. He crouched inside it, and relieved it of the heavy cannon, having done this several times before. It could only be used for a short time before he had to abandon it, through the fault of the low battery charge, but it would work for a few minutes.
   Sith was his nickname because he had collected several lightsabers, and was relatively proficient at using them. He could not defend himself against blaster fire well, but he could cut down droids if left with no more options. The name Sith came from the fact that he could be slightly sadistic, as well as the fact that the three lightsabers he had collected were crimson, and were all from Sith.
   Pheonix 03, Adenn, crouched and walked through the center of the path, and then threw himself out of the path of clone troopers. The rest of his squad hid in the shadows of the alleyway.
   “Sir, I have detected an anomaly, a lack of space in the alleyway.”
   The clone Commander looked toward the talking clone, dismissing him with a wave. The clones kept walking, but the Anomaly clone looked into the alleyway, seeing the commandos. Adenn leaped across the path, grabbing the clone and ripping off his helmet. The clone tried to shout a warning but received a vibroblade through the neck. He fell back, then was caught and slowly lowered to the ground. His helmet was replaced and his weapon still was clutched in his dead hands. The clones kept walking.
   Both checked the tags. CT-12998. Wonderful, he wouldn’t be missed. They moved through the alleyway a little ways, before they heard chatter on the radio.
   “Sir, where is 998? He’s gone. Do you think he checked the anomaly?”
   “Let’s check.”
   Pheonix 04, Tracyn, turned into a side bend. He took cover, out of sight of the troopers. They walked toward the body, when he realized that the trooper would bleed past the seal of his helmet. Haar'chak.
   They clones looked at the clone trooper, then looked down the pathway. They raised their weapons, and some flipped switches on their blaster rifles, causing pinpoint laser sights to pop onto the walls. They swept the pathway, waiting for any other “anomalies” to pop up. When one did, they had orders to blast until nothing was their. They believed it to be droids, but little did they know that a group of commandos had defected as they saw Obi-Wan die. They did not believe in Order 66, no matter how much they had been told that the Republic came first. They had been told of the Order only recently, but had not intended to commit to it.
   The clones walked in spearhead formation, with two of them guarding the rear. Adenn did not hold his position, but instead went through the side alley, then waited for them to pass. As they did, he was switching to his Anti Armor weapon, a separate thing, as opposed the DC-17AA. He had a rocket launcher in his hand. As they all came into view, he fired. His shot caught one of  the clones in the side, killing him instantly, and the blast killed a third of them, and burned the rest badly. He switched to his deece, and mowed the rest down in the crossfire, watching them die painfully.
   “Ok guys, that’s good. We’ll attract attention. Back to radar silence,” Both was subtle with his anger, but it was there.
   It was just at this moment that clanks were heard on the ground, as well as blaster charging, reloading, and chatter on the radio. So, what is the definition of Irony? wondered Adenn.

Part Two of Five:
   Both rolled across the path to the clone troopers, and checked their armor. They were covered with blaster rifle shots, which could have been droids. He rolled back out of the way of the oncoming troopers, just before they came around the bend. Thirteen clones, in double file came running down the hall, looking straight at the clone bodies. They didn't notice the black shapes in the alley, such was their concentration. They looked toward Boths hiding spot, just as he activated his stealth generator.
   "Sir, I believe we have thirteen problems, just in front of us. Vibro-blades?" Both cursed, then sent a message over their encrypted text channel. Radio Silence. Adenn nodded, across the path. The clones were staring toward the end of the path, and walked toward it, rifles raised. One only had his pistol, and his left leg was burnt, causing a limp. Adenn nodded toward him, flicked out his wrist blade, and slashed the air, and Both thought. He took a second, and nodded.
   Adenn walked behind him, stabbed him through the neck and dragged him down, cracking his radio. The clone was dying when he felt sorrow for having to kill one of his brothers, but they were looking for them. He looked back upon the killing of Obi-Wan.
He had been fighting on the same path as Commander Cody, but was trying to get to the main intelligence on Utapau. He heard the words Order Sixty-Six on the radio, and looked toward the lizard thing that Obi-Wan was riding. He fired his sniper rifle toward the operator of the cannon, but missed, and then shot at Commander Cody, missing again because of desperation. Commander Cody saw him, and ordered a select group of clone troopers to kill Phoenix Squad.
   Phoenix squad moved up behind the other clones, taking three more out. The third screamed when he was grabbed, but it was silenced quickly, though not quickly enough. The clones stopped, jumping away from the back and spinning. They started firing, and in seconds the shields of Tracyn, Phoenix 04, were down. He fired an Anti-Armor charge into the midst of the clones, blowing of the legs off four of them, melting the chest armor on the closest two, and burned them all badly. The clones sceamed as they fell, dying of blaster shots to the chests.
   "Phoenix 04, are you ok?"
   Tracyn nodded, but was holding his side. They broke out a medpac, and treated a pretty mild plasma burn. They replaced the plate from the spare parts they brought along. He got up, cringing in pain. He was glad they couldn't see his face. He reloaded his deece, but did not raise it to look through the sight. He policed the bodies of the clones for any weapons besides the DC-15 series, ammo that he could use, or grenades. He found nothing but a grapple attached to the wrist plate on the commander’s arm.
   “Ba’slanar. Let’s go.”
   The squad moved in unison, from each piece of cover to the next, looking for a ship they might escape on. None of them had special training in spaceflight, but they found that if they could find something, they would figure it out in a matter of only a few minutes. Adenn walked through an arch, then crouched in it, and looked through the holosight. He saw a clone captain, talking to a hologram of a shrouded figure. Adenn couldn’t see his face, but he knew who it was. Darth Sidious, the leader of the CIS, was talking to the Captain.
   “Both, come here. I’ve got a captain talking to Sidious.”
   Both walked over along with Tracyn, and looked toward the figure. He pulled out his own sniper, having replaced it after the latter group of clones. He looked through the holoscope, zooming to the highest setting, and could see clearly the lines on the clone’s helmet, and watched him remove his helmet, revealing the face, the face of the clone’s father, and of Both’s, as well as every other clone trooper in service.
   Why is he talking to Sidious? What orders could he have beyond that of killing the Jedi? Both looked toward the Sith Lord. He looked back at Sith, looked at the lightsabers he had collected. They were shrouded, but they were there. He looked back toward the Sergeant, seeing him talking to one of the clones surrounding him. He hacked into their communication channel.
   “…kill them. Find them before they escape, or you will receive their punishment instead. If you wish to be electrocuted by Sidious, slack off, but be reminded you will not die quickly. Now, find the traitorous commandos, or…”
   Both cut off the transmission, and motioned for his commandos to come up, motioning for sniper attachments. They switched, and he ordered them to pick off the few clones there, and he killed the Sergeant, along with the clone speaking with him. He shot the controls of the cannon, along with the pilot of the LAAT Gunship.
And here's the first of the new stuff! It starts off with Mu Squad.
     Mu squad leader Slash, RC – 1209, looked through a window onto the plains of the world of Rhanne. His squad was here on a mission to remove the leader of a rebellious group who labeled themselves the GLA. The GLA, Galactic Liberation Army, wasn’t so much an army, as a small collection of ragtag fighters who could throw large amounts of firepower at an enemy and hit them with a lucky shot. They really stood no chance against the Commandos, who were now serving a Galactic Empire.
   Husk, named that for the odd way he never left a body in one piece, was cleaning his Deece as the tank, a transport tank he didn’t know, nor care to know, the name of, rumbled on through the grass. He had replaced his sidearm with a plasma weapon which acted much like a flame thrower, but instead hurled plasma at the enemy. It was a relatively short range weapon, but it was also one which did a large amount of damage in a short amount of time.
   Andro, whose name was short for android, because he had half of his body replaced with various machine parts, was sitting on the far side of the jolting plasteel fortress. He was fiddling with the wires on one of his legs, the one which was blown off by a landmine, attempting to wire a weapon into it. There was a tremendous crash from above, causing him to tear one of the wires in half, which made his leg cease its function. He cursed, and began to fix the damage.
   Lastly, Lem, called that because he was surprisingly good with trees, was twiddling with his Deece as well. He removed the standard blaster attachment and replaced it with a rather odd looking sickle shaped attachment. He opened a window for a second, took aim at a boulder sized rock, and fired. The sickle collected the energy of the shot, and magnified it with a piece of a crystal. The laser fire streaked to the rock, melting it entirely in half a second. Lem looked down, pleased with his invention. He closed the window, just before a rocket rammed into the wall next to it.
   “Right, Commandos. Time to kill something.” Husk was the first one out, and the first one to find a target. The woman who he fired upon took the bolt, turned, and returned fire without a single sound. Andro took out a sniper, scoped through to a short, robust man, and fired. The man’s chest exploded, and he crumpled, his comrades merely dragging him back.
   Lem took to the top of the tank, dragging around the heavy cannon and blasting a good swathe of earth from the enemy’s terrain. He took his time, carefully missing the places he had already hit, only going to scar the enemy soldiers. When he had finished with all he could do, he jumped off, joining the fray in seconds. He pulled out a vibrosword, hacking at a soldier who had the courage to jump at him. The man’s arm dropped, then his head.
   Husk had pulled out his plasma flamethrower by now, producing horrendous casualties with the highly effective weapon. When the fighting was finished, only one commando had actually taken any sort of damage, while the resistance had been crushed, the last remaining soldier retreating to shelter. Slash had a blaster bolt score on his upper arm, and the wound was mild, only requiring a swab of bacta, and a stitch. They regrouped, and returned to the tank.
   “Ok, so that was easy. Are we supposed to continue to find the leader?”
   Slash shook his head, and glanced at each of them.
   “Do you remember Phoenix Squad?”


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Re: Commando Defection: I Got It Done.
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Right. I'm just going to post the rest.
   Both was watching two rats duke it out on the sands of Tattooine when he got a com transmission. He looked down to see who was buzzing him. It was Tracyn, and Both switched his helmet mike on.
   “What?” His voice was cold, unforgiving after so many years hiding, evading capture. Both was one of the few commando’s who had defected from the Republic when it turned to the Empire. He was the only one with a full squad. The others had gone on to be mercenaries, like their father. Both was also the only one who continued to fight the Empire with his squad.
   “We have company. Imperial dropship. Looks like they’ll be raiding.”
   Both chuckled, the sound a humorless interpretation of laughter. He pulled out his weapon, a sniper from the Empire. It worked, since his deece had gone out of production so many years ago. He also had a customized E-11. This one still fired in the full auto, but it was more accurate, could be used in close combat, and made little noise.
   Adenn walked up to him. He pulled out his weapon, his original deece. It had been retrofitted to use an E-11 clip, but it still shot pretty well. He nodded to the E-11, then started asking questions.
   “Do you have enough ammo for that? If not… I have a few crates back at base.”
   Both nodded, turning to face him.
   “How are the sensor jammers working?”
   Adenn took a rock from the ground, threw it, and watched it explode in laser fire. He then waited a second.
   “I’d say they’re working fine. And the sensors aren’t bad either. No-one’s coming this way, so they wouldn’t have heard us either.”
   Both nodded, and then Tracyn jumped down from one of the shelters that made up their camp. His armor was pockmarked, unlike the rest of theirs, because he was always the one taking fire, and never replaced any of the parts anymore. The gold which had originally streaked his arms and legs had been scarred off, and only flecks of it remained.
   “Tracyn, one last time, replaced that armor. We have a full suit, albeit from another squad, but we’ve repainted it and everything. We can’t have you killed by some blaster shot that hit you right where your helmet is gone.”
   Tracyn grumbled for a second, but then a voice blasted over the radio, in all suits but his, that reported that the contacts were Storm Commandos. He then turned to the shelter with the armor, and ran to it. When he came back out, he was resplendent in his new shiny armor.
   “You know, Both, we could have foreseen this being a problem a while ago... What with the double suns and all.”
   Both actually laughed this time.
   “Yeah. Just blend in with the rocks. We can’t have you killed in that new suit meant to keep you alive.”
   When Adenn came running back, he looked at the two of them. The he thought of something.
   “Where’s Sith?”
   The blood red armored commando was sitting on a craggy rock, with his sniper out and a saber in his left hand. He looked back at them, knowing they couldn’t see him. His cold, dark laugh was broadcast over the entire channel. The commandos jumped, but turned to look at all of his secret hiding spots. They couldn’t see him, and were glad. Neither would the storm commandos.
   The Imperial dropship hurtled out of the sky, landing with a crash in the sands of Tattoine. Husk jumped up, checking on the pilots. They were dead, necks broken from the fall. Mu squad jumped down onto the sand. Andro sank a little, because of how heavy the bionics were. The squad walked through the desert, to where the camp was supposed to be. Slash checked his suits radar. There was a slight disturbance, where the traitorous commandos were rumored to be.
   Husk walked to a column of rock, looking at the splash of craggy rocks. Andor and Lem walked to the edge of a large rock outcropping. There was movement, but it turned out to just be a sand rat. They looked around, just before Lem’s left arm exploded in a flash of a laser. His shield failed, and his skin was charred. He went down, looking for a light trail. The light had faded, and so there was no way to tell where it had come from.
   “Anyone got a medpack? I could probably use one.”
   Lem opened up his pack, his arm throbbing. He opened the medpack, swabbing the bacta onto his burn. It was pretty bad, and was from a sniper rifle, judging by the fact that his shield broke. He turned to the rest of his squad. They were gone, all in cover. He berated himself for his stupidity, and jumped to cover. Just as he did this, a streak flew by his face. He turned, following the trail, seeing a blood red commando jump off of a rock.
   “There’s one! We’ve got ‘em!”
   The entire squad opened up with their weapons. The rock cracked and burned, with small chunks being taken out by every shot. Three of the shots found a target, splashing on a commando’s shield. The commando disappeared, and the Storm Commandos rushed towards the rock outcropping. Mines popped up, blowing away Andro’s real leg, and destroying his mechanical arm. He fell, screaming a curse at the defected commandos.
   Slash took a fire mine to the side, burning him. His shield took the brunt of the blast, but about a quarter of it was taken by his armor. His skin took a mild burn, like a medium sunburn. Husk took no damage, and Lem stayed with his arm wound. He would be sniper support, only rushing when he could no longer get a target.
   Sith looked at his armor, checking whether he had any hits. His arm had taken all of the hits, but the shield had taken all of them. He looked around, watching the Storm Commandos run across the mine field. One went down, and one took a fire mine. The other two, one staying back and one continuing, got nothing. Sith took his sniper out again, looking at the commando who couldn’t move. He put him in his sights. His head turned, as if looking straight at him. Sith fired, and the commando’s head snapped back.
   Tracyn looked toward the sound of mines, and ran to his firing post. He jumped into his stand, back to the cliff, and brought out his new sniper rifle. It shot two shots, one after another, which would first take down shields, then a shell would detonate inside the victim’s body. He took aim at the bend that the commandos would have to go through. One appeared, but it was just Adenn. The commando was running backwards, firing his captured rocket launcher. He turned around again, and dashed to a stealth position. He pulled out his sniper on the way, an analogue of Tracyn’s own.
   Andro looked up at the cliff where the blood red commando stood. He imagined a sniper rifle being pulled out of the cliff, aimed at his face. He looked death in the eye, and saw the barrel of the rifle being brought around. He watched, as if time was being slowed, as the flash of red rushed toward him. His head snapped back, and his life disappeared in a flash of black.
   Both took a round to the side, and his ribs cracked under the strain of his armor bending in. He had evaded detection for a short while, until he jumped behind the leader of the commandos, revealing himself to their sniper. His stealth generator had taken a round early on, so he wasn’t stealthed. He turned, attempting to present a smaller target while still being able to attack the leader. He stabbed with his vibroblade, breaking the seal on his helmet and cutting his spinal cord, throwing off his helmet. The leader’s legs were useless, and he swung his arms around, slashing at him with his own gauntlet blade.
   Both’s faceplate was marred, his visor ruined. Blood dripped from his left eye, a piece of glass in his eye lid. He took a round to the back of the head, cracking his helmet and revealing his 2 inch long hair. He bashed the right arm of the dying commando.
   “Both, is that any way to treat an old friend?” The gruff, deathrattle voice of Slash reached Both’s ears.
   “Slash? Is that really you?”
   The commando nodded, and coughed up a thin line of blood onto the sand. He turned his head back up, revealing a scar that he had gotten on a battle at Utapau. It was a curved scar from the hand of an SBD, where he had shot it, but taken a slap to the face. It was him all right.
   “Why are you doing th—.“ His sentence was cut short by a shot to Slash’s head. Both’s head snapped up, and he remembered he was being shot at. He ran, scooping up Slash’s helmet. When he put it on, instead of the reassuring blue tones of his normal helmet, he saw red. It linked up, but showed everything with a red tone to it.
   Both turned, and began to run away from the rocky outpost. He threw a thermal detonator, arcing it into the hiding place of who he guessed to be Lem. The grenade detonated, blasting the white soldier to the right, killing him instantly, and revealing the color of his armor, brown and green streaks splashed across the chest plate. It was Lem alright.
   “Both, we’ve killed all of them, but we lost someone.”
   “Who?” Both was glad his face was obscured, as the grimace flew across it.
   “We lost R3D8. He took a round from a sniper rifle. His internal electronics are blown.”
   Both acknowledged this, feeling glad that no one could see the grin on his face.
   Good, we thwarted the attack without taking a single casual—. Both’s thought was interrupted as a sniper round intruded upon his skull, blasting his brain, killing him without taking a reflection upon its reasons. Husk looked down, smiling. He had avenged his brothers, for that one man had killed all of them. He turned, just in time to see the rocket that killed him. Adenn reloaded, and grieved his captain for a second.