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this is up on but, regrettably, that isnt the place for clone centered fan fics.

Rex - Part One

“Rex, can I ask you a question?” Commander Tano had once asked him.

Rex didn’t bother to point out that she just did. “Anything, Commander.”

The cabin of their ship buckled violently as the anti aircraft flak began to hit closer. He gripped the overheard tighter.

“This is my first command drop against … non-droids.” She said.

More explosions. Fire. Shrapnel.

“What do you feel when you kill a living creature?” She finally asked.

Rex slammed an energy pack into the bottom of his blaster, and switched the safety off. He nestled the weapon against his armored shoulder. The crowded LZ below them was getting closer.

“Recoil, sir.” Was his cold, robotic reply. Recoil from the kick of his rifle as he mowed down his enemies.

But that was months ago. She didn’t ask him personal questions anymore.
“Where’s Commander Tano?”

“Out scouting. She’s trying to find a way out of this mess. She said to hold tight”

There was a scoff. “Hold tight… to what?”

“Yo, take it easy. She’s in the same situation as us, man.”

Captain Rex of the 501st Legion watched the three stormtroopers banter around the small campfire. The night sky was dark, and the fire danced across their grim faces. He could tell who they were by the sounds of their voices.




Three. And him. They were the only survivors of Torrent Company, because four days ago his company had been wiped out in a massive droid ambush. Now, alone with Commander Ahsoka Tano, they were on the run, desperate to reach friendly lines.

Rex sighed. The chances of them surviving weren't favorable.

His soldiers’ armor was as burned and torn and damaged as his was, proof of the nightmare that they had been living through for the better part of four days. Their armored hands were a mix of soot black from combat, and a deep crimson stain from the blood of their brothers. The barrels of their original blasters had been warped beyond the point of repair, and now they wielded the weapons of their fallen comrades, spitting out vengeance for their deaths with each angry shot.

Not like vengeance meant anything to the droids. They were robots, they were emotionless and cold, the perfect killing machine. They knew nothing of revenge, or vengeance, of mercy or pity. They killed. Little wind up killing machines. Rex hated it of course. He had been taught that psychological warfare was just as important as a steady aim, or a quick trigger finger. But against droids … it was all worthless. And not just worthless, but pointless.

It didn’t matter how many he killed, how many he blasted, how many times he put his power armored fist through the chest cavity of a droid, because they always returned. They kept coming. A never ending, unrelenting stream of metal and lights and bolts. A tide of gun carrying robots whose sole purpose of creation was to kill him.
But, no matter how many times those droids tried, they always failed. Rex had an uncanny ability to survive where others couldn’t.

Was it worth it, though? To survive? To survive and what? Fight some more? Of course, that's what he was bred to do. Fight and fight and fight until one day, he wouldn't be able too. Beacuse he would finally die.
And why wouldn't I want to? He thought bitterly. This nightmare would finally end...
Maybe he wanted something more.

Rex put his head in his hands.

He wondered if it was really worth it in the end run, the constant fighting, the constant fearing. He vaguely remembered overhearing what General Skywalker had once told Commander Tano:

“Snips, fear at this point has the consistency of gravity.”

Which was completely, inexorably true. As far as Rex was concerned, his emotions now had only two dials: Disgust, and anger. Fear - it was always there, waiting, lurking to strike him when he was most vulnerable. To freeze him, to kill him.

He sighed again with the hopelessness of it all. He could feel the all too familiar sensation wash over him, the feeling that made him drift away from the other three stormtroopers in order to detach himself. The feeling that they were all going to die.

Rex laughed out loud at the situation. Yes, they were all going to die.

“What’s so funny Captain?” It was Eddie. Rex could see the small Fleur de lys tattoo under his left eye flicker in the flames. He was the only trooper not wearing his helmet.

Rex shuffled over to the small campfire and took a seat next to him. “Nothing, Eddie. Just … the situation.”

Eddie stared at him. “You have a terrible sense of humor, sir.”

Rex chuckled at this, as did the others. “So what have you troopers been discussing in Commander Tano’s absence?”

“Well …” It was Soap who spoke this time. Rex remembered Soap being nicknamed for the amount of time the pretty boy had spent in the bathrooms, but it would be impossible to tell now…

“We were talking about the Clone and Jedi Games, sir.” Soap finished.

“Well, Eddie was talking about how much in love he is with Commander Tano.” Matthias added with a low laugh.

Eddie smacked Matthias across the back of the head. “I’m not in love with her.”

Rex grinned. It was well known across the 501st that Eddie had developed prohibited feelings towards their Togruta Jedi. No formal charges were ever brought up, given Eddie’s highly decorated combat status… but it was a running joke amongst the elite stormtroopers.

“Okay, okay.” Eddie admitted. “But what’s not to love? She’s the greatest Jedi to ever grace our galaxy.”

“Second greatest.” Soap pointed out. “As proven at the Clone and Jedi Games.”

“She got cheated” Eddie replied.

“Why don’t we ask the Captain.” Soap suggested. The three turned their heads to Rex. “You know them both pretty well, right sir? What do you think?”

“About what?” Rex asked.

“About the Games, sir.” Matthias repeated. “You know, the lightsaber duels?”
“I didn’t see the Games.” Rex replied.

Rex could sense their amazed reactions from under their helmets. “You didn’t see them? Everyone saw them! Hell, they took everyone off active duty for the day. They suspended all missions across the board.” Eddie added.

Not Rex's, evidently. He recalled the mission in question, it was black ops, highly secret. He was the only survivor.

“It was everywhere. The comms, the holonet... everywhere.” drawled Soap.

“Eddie was in the Clone Games.” Matthias said with a touch of brotherly pride.

“Really?” Rex asked. He had known some 501st were in the Games, but didn’t think he had an athlete in his own squad.

Eddie gave a huge grin. “Combat Triathlon gold medalist, sir.”

Rex whistled. “Best of the best.” And it was, the Combat Triathlon was the epitome of a clone warrior. No wonder Eddie had survived this far.

“So why don’t you tell me what happened?” Rex suggested, bringing the conversation back on course.

“Okay.” Eddie began. “Well, you know, the Senate held a huge martial competition for all the Stormtroopers and Jedi, to boost morale, you know? Things like shock boxing …”

“Don’t forget the quick draw.” Soap added quickly.

“Or the snipe show.” Matthias interrupted.

Eddie hushed them with a wave of his hands. “Yeah, yeah. Anyways, those aren’t important. No one really cared about the common foot soldier comps. What everyone watched were the Jedi Duels.”

“Oh it was an awesome sight.” Eddie continued. “They were so perfect, so elegant…” He sighed. “Well, they had two different comps for all the Jedi- around thirty- there. The Force duel, and the Lightsaber duel.”

“Naturally, General Skywalker won the Force duel.” Soap mused. “I think it came down to him and General Fisto.”

“The things that Nautolan could do with water.” Matthias mumbled.

“Yeah, but did you see the raw power that General Skywalker had? The last time I saw anything that epic was when we saw that star explode off Shandlar V.” Eddie added.

“That was pretty intense.” Soap agreed.

“Where was Master Yoda?” Rex asked, suddenly interested.

“He didn’t participate. Said he was too old and all that. Something about the soldiers not wanting to see an old geezer fighting” Soap answered. "Verbatim."

Eddie frowned and shrugged his shoulders. “After that, it was the Lightsaber duels. Not lethal of course, but it got pretty close at times.”

“Really close” Matthias added.

“So General Skywalker is winning one duel after another, you know, doing his thing. He was completely unstoppable.” Eddie continued. “But on the other side of the elimination tree was his apprentice, Commander Tano.”

“She was ... frak, she was beautiful.” Eddie said with a laugh. “You should have seen her Captain, she was a furious angel…”

“Get on with it.” Matthias grunted.

“Right, anyways, Commander Tano takes everyone by surprise, I mean, she’s not beating these Jedi, she's wiping the floor with them, she had them completely outclassed. Commander Tano wasn’t even trying…”

“And so General Skywalker and Commander Tano meet at the championships. And well, General Skywalker won, but we all know the General hit her with a cheap shot.”

“No way.” Soap argued. “No one’s better then General Skywalker.”

“Commander Tano is.” Eddie insisted.

“She’s good.” Matthias admitted. “But no one beats The Chosen One.”

“Exactly.” Eddie said. “That’s why he won, you can’t afford The Chosen One losing to his padawan.”

“Nope.” Soap repeated. “There’s just no beating Skywalker.”

“I thought.” Rex interrupted, “that it would be clear who won?”

The three stormtroopers traded glances.

“Well sir…” Eddie finally said. “It got kind of weird at the end.”

“What do you mean?”

“They had been trading blows for about five minutes, sir, and it was obvious General Skywalker was holding back…” Soap said.

“So Commander Tano was getting infuriated. They traded words. But they were quiet about it. No one could hear them. It was between the two of them.”

“Commander Tano must have said something that cut deep, because General Skywalker’s face twisted up and he started picking up the tempo, and the fighting got worse.”

“How so?”

“Sir, they started wounding each other. Light slashes across the leg, or the arm.” Matthias said.

“And it became more and more violent. Until finally…” Soap said quietly. “Finally they were tired, and exhausted and battered and then they were embracing each other, lightsabers at each others throats.”

“And they just stood there, staring at each other.” Eddie continued. “We didn’t know what was going on. Everyone was waiting for it. And then …”

“And then,” Matthias jumped in. “General Skywalker, sliced through Commander Tano’s lightsaber hilt with his, and had her at his mercy. He was proclaimed the winner.”

“See.” Eddie insisted again. “Cheap shot.”

Soap grunted. “I don’t think so.”

“Anyways” Matthias said irritably. “You’ve seen them both in action, Captain, who do you think would win?”
Rex thought about it. They were both masters of their craft, and deadly with their weapons…

But where Anakin was wild and furious, Ahsoka was calm and reserved, where Anakin was viscous and brutal, Ahsoka was the image of graceful elegance. Both had their headstrong tendencies, but when it came to the art of lightsaber dueling, they were as different as night and day, male and female…

Yin and Yang.

The Light and the Dark ... Rex quickly shook his head at that last blasphemous thought.

But when he thought about it again, Rex honestly didn’t know. On one hand, he had seen Commander Tano single handedly tear through dozens upon dozens of battle droids without any effort at all. But on the other hand, he had seen General Skywalker destroy entire regiments in a righteous anger akin to that of a vengeful god. And the Jedi held his own against all of the Dark Jedi opponents that were thrown at him.

Rex looked around at the expectant gazes of his subordinates. He didn’t know. He’d have to see the actual duel for himself.

He was about to tell them that when Soap’s head exploded.

“Ambush!” Matthias cried out in shock.

Reflex saved Rex’s life, he rolled backwards, and a short volley of blaster fire shattered the log he had been sitting on. Stupid! He thought, he had let his guard down, and now Soap had paid for it.

“Grenade!” Rex heard someone cry over the short screams of blaster fire. It was Eddie, firing off his blaster in one hand, while hurling a grenade straight into the ranks of droids with the other. Frak how that tropper was fast...
Rex followed the arcing orb until it landed at the feet of about ten droids. It blew outwards, destroying the droids instantly and sending scattered fragments in a wave of concussive force. Rex let the surge of raw power hit him, and he rolled with it, drawing his dual blaster pistols as he rocked to his knees.

He aimed wildly with his pistols, fired and fired, letting the red beams slice through the droids weak armor like butter. He could see five droids in his field of vision alone, and they were awfully close. Rex ran, trying desperately to avoid getting hit with blaster fire, still firing away madly…

He collided into a droid, used his running speed to tear through the midsection with a power armored knee. He used the momentum to carry him into the droid behind it and he twisted his body and put a well placed elbow into its metallic head. It fell to it’s knees, decapitated, but Rex was already gone…

Shooting and shooting, his pistols finally ran dry and Rex cursed. He took three ungainly steps as he pulled back his arm and rocketed an empty pistol at the head of the droid in front of him. It struck with a resounding clank, and the droid’s aim became erratic as it tried to regain balance. It found it’s footing just as Rex’s open palm hurtled through its face plate, destroying it instantly. He whirled around, chaos everywhere…

The clubbed butt end of a blaster hit Red in the side of his head, and he dropped, his vision momentarily blacked out. When he looked up from his back, a battle droid stood over him, it’s blaster aimed squarely at his face.

“Clone scum.” It said monotonously.

Frak you, tin can. He thought. Then he decided to say it.

“Fr-” the droid exploded, and he reflexively lifted his arms to cover his face. But not explode, Rex noticed when no shrapnel had hit him, but implode.

He looked around and saw the tell tale sign of Commander Tano as her green bladed lightsaber danced a flurry of destruction among the remaining droids. She cart wheeled to one, let her blade carve through the droids midsection, before spinning and destroying two more with a point of her index finger and a single thought. She ran, deflecting bolts of energy with her lightsaber as she charged the last remaining droid, flipping behind it and slicing through it’s torso twice, in an X fashion. Her lightsaber was sheathed before it fell to the floor in scattered pieces.

She had saved him again. Like she had done countless times before. A long, long time ago, he would thank her, but then it had became so commonplace that he took it in stride.

And now? It was to be expected. He nodded at her.

“Head count.” He ordered into his communications link.

“Still here, sir.” Matthias responded.

“Alive and kicking.” Eddie shouted. He didn’t have his helmet on, but his ear piece was in. Rex turned around and saw him surrounded by no less then seven droids. Eddie gave him the thumbs up and he returned it.
“Commander.” Rex nodded as Ahsoka Tano ran up to him. She was sweating, and her face was tired, worn out. There was a blaster burn on her left shoulder. It had scorched through her Jedi robes, and he could see where the skin had charred.

“I found a way through.” She said, then looked around. “I’m sorry. I should’ve came back sooner.”

“No sir, you arrived just in time.” He replied.

“Did we lose anyone?”

“Soap.” He answered. He pointed to the troopers body.

Ahsoka followed his vision and saw the gaping hole in Soap’s faceplate. She put her hand to her mouth. “Poor, poor Soap. I‘m so sorry.” She choked out, but stopped when she heard her voice break. She walked over to his body and draped her Jedi robe over him.

She cared, Rex thought. She truly cared. It’s what made them follow her. It’s what made them love her. It’s what made them die for her.

She turned abruptly, a fierceness in her eyes. “We need to move.” She ordered.

“Sir.” Rex answered. “Let’s go boys, gather the equipment.”

He saw Eddie throw away his blaster disgustedly, the broken and battered form useless. He had used it in a way its creators had never intentioned : as a club. He picked up Soap’s rifle, wiped the blood off of it and slung it across his back.

Matthias trotted to his side. “Good to go sir.”

Rex glanced to where Eddie was playing with what was left of his helmet. "**** this noise." He swore suddenly.

There was a harsh blast of laughter from Matthias and Rex let out a low chuckle. He saw a small grin on Ahsoka’s face. In a time like this, the little humor they could muster amongst themselves was all they had.

Rex nodded. “After you, commander” he said.

Ahsoka nodded grimly. She turned and began walking, to where, they didn’t know, but they didn't need too.
They would follow her to hell and back.
It was an amazing sight, on top of the mesa where Ahsoka had brought them. And even more amazing was the view. A solid line of droids, tanks and artillery were arrayed in the large field below them, all facing away. There must have been thousands. And across from them lay a city in ruins, occupied by the dug in Clone forces, and what was left of Commander Cody’s army. It was so close, he could taste it. He stepped back down from his vantage point and sat on the ground next to Eddie, Matthias and Ahsoka. They sat in the confines of a rocky ravine.

“That’s a lot of droids.” He finally said.

“Understatement of the year, sir.” Eddie replied.

“Do we have a plan?” Matthias asked.

Ahsoka Tano looked up at the high sun. “We need to wait a few hours.” She said. “When the sun is setting. We’re going to have to somehow make a distraction, and then break through the weakest part of the droid lines when their attention is diverted. Simple, but not so simple.” She sighed. “I wish Sky Guy were here, he‘d know what to do…”

Rex put a hand on her shoulder. “We have faith in you, commander.”

She looked at him and smiled weakly. “Thank you Captain Rex.”

He nodded. Ahsoka laid back down, her hands behind her head. She closed her eyes, deep in thought… about what, Rex had no clue, but he knew better then to say anything. He looked at the others. Eddie shrugged, went back to cleaning Soap's blaster, and Matthias leaned his armored head against his rock and Rex could imagine the man closing his eyes in a ritualistic trance
Everyone has their pre battle rituals, he thought. His? He sat against his rock and wondered if this time he would finally die.

Probably not he thought with indifference.

“There has to be some other way.” Ahsoka pleaded. Her voice was hollow.

Eddie shook his head. “It’s the only way, Commander.”

Ahsoka turned her head, looked back at the droid filled meadow beneath them. She shuddered.

It really was the only way. They had one explosive charge with them, but it had no power source to detonate. So Eddie would sling the explosive satchel under his arm and hook it up straight to the power pack on his back. A living, human bomb. He would run as far as he could into the droid lines before igniting, and the resulting explosion would give them a small window to make a run through the lines. Rex, like the others, had tried desperately to think of another plan, but it was their best chance of making it through alive.

"Captain Rex runs like a girl, no offense sir, and Matthias couldn't dodge a bantha if it had three broken legs." Eddie had explained. No one laughed.

The sun was setting, it was almost time. The four of them stood up. Eddie had the explosive under his right arm, the wires connecting directly to his energized power source.

Eddie sighed, surveyed the droids below him. He turned back towards the small group.

“Just one thing?” He asked.

“Anything.” Ahsoka replied.

“A kiss? From the fairest angel to wield a lightsaber…”

Ahsoka looked at him with a hint of embarrassment. “Of course.” She said sorrowfully. She leaned it, held his face in her hands and kissed him delicately on the lips. When she pulled back, he was smiling.

“I can die happy now.” Eddie said with a grin.

Ahsoka laughed/cried. “This is a very brave thing you are doing Eddie.”

“And noble.” He pointed out.

“And noble.” Rex echoed. He held out his hand and Eddie grasped it firmly. “It’s been a pleasure, brother.”

“All mine, sir.” Eddie responded, and their hand shake turned into a hug. Rex pulled away, patted his shoulder.

Matthias held out his hand, and Eddie bypassed it and wrapped his arms around him in a fierce bear hug.

“Hey man! You got a bomb on you!” Matthias said nervously.

“I love you too.” Eddie said as he pulled away. He stuck out his hand and Matthias grabbed it firmly.

“Take this.” Matthias handed him his helmet. “It’ll help you with that extra five feet.”

Eddie chuckled, and slid the helmet on. He looked up. The sun was about to set. He turned away.

“You better start running.” He warned and jumped down the rocky outcrop.

They watched him for three long seconds, then they too began their descent down the ravine. They ran and ran and ran. Rex could hear Eddie panting on the comm link. They made it down the rocky slop in four long jumps and Rex grunted as he landed harder then he intended too and then they were dashing across the field , the droid army arrayed in all its might in front of them.

He saw Ahsoka in front of him wipe away tears as she pulled her lightsaber from her belt. Next to him, Matthias held a primed grenade in each hand.

Panic swelled in Rex as they neared the droid lines. Fear gnawed at him, and uncertainty draped around him like a cloak. They weren’t going to make it. They were going to die. This isn’t going to work.

Eddie interrupted his thoughts. “See you on the other side, sir.” The comm link cut off before he could answer. Famous last words. Rex instinctively turned his head in the direction that Eddie had ran. He could hear the sounds of blaster fire…and then he saw it. A blinding flash of light as if nothing in the world were obscuring his view. A second later and he felt it too, felt the rushing force pick him up like a leaf in the wind, and he was tossed into the air before he crashed to ground, rolling and tumbling like a broken doll… When he finally came to rest, his face plate was shattered and he could see the burning wreckage around him. He tasted blood in his mouth.

He rolled onto his side. Saw his blood pooling around him. Someone was coming to him. An angel? Was he dead? No. But halfway there.

“LET’S GO CAPTAIN!” Ahsoka shouted to him as she dragged him to his feet. He could see her bleeding from multiple lacerations and wounds across her lithe frame. A jagged piece of metal stuck out from her right leg. He picked his heavy feet up and followed her through the broken droid forces. Only a part of the line was destroyed, and the operational droids were responding to the situation en masse, loosing volley after volley of red blaster fire into them.

He saw Matthias in front of him, running and shooting wildly, trying to clear the way. He had no right hand.
Rex almost didn’t see it.

 “MATTHIAS!” He cried as he ran. He put his arm out, as if he too, could use the Force to save his comrade. Too late, the rocket hit the trooper in the hip and blew him too….

Matthias. Pieces of Matthias were strewn, thrown about and landed all around him. Rex almost vomited through his broken helmet. Ahsoka choked out a curse from beside him. He couldn’t tell if it was his blood or hers that matted Commander Tano's clothes to her body.

He ran and ran and ran, and Ahsoka was with him the entire time, her lightsaber deflecting the bolts that should have killed him so many times. This close, he finally noticed how beautiful she truly was. Her reflexes were unlike he had ever seen in all his days in the 501st, and she had managed to not only cover herself from fire, but him as well. His Guardian Angel.

He looked up, saw it, saw where she was dragging his failing body too. A ruined building. The entire city side had lit up in blue flashes as the Clone forces laid down a suppressing cover fire for their Jedi commander and beloved captain. He didn’t think they could make it…

Close, so close. He thought they would die…

…And then they were in the shadows of a building. Panting and exhausted and broken and dying. They sat leaning against the wall, Rex’s arm wrapped protectively around her shoulder. She leaned her head against his heavily breathing armored chest.

She started crying. A choked, whimpering sound. “Oh Matthias…I couldn’t protect him. If only I were faster…if only…”

“No Commander, you did everything you could.” Rex said quietly. He was trying to comfort her. He felt as though he were reading from a script.

She let out a shuddering breath. It wracked her whole body and she winced in pain.

“Stim.” She managed to gasp.

Rex pulled a shot from his leg pack and stuck it into her shoulder. Her breathing slowed and he saw her pupils dilate from the effects of the narcotic.

“If only Sky Guy were here.” Ahsoka whispered. “He would have gotten us through that. He always does, he’s always there.”

There was a moment of relative silence, cut only by the harsh symphony that was his and her breath, and the percussion of blaster fire around him.

“He cheap shotted you.” Rex blurted abruptly, desperate to keep Ahsoka awake and conscious and alive.

“Huh?” She mumbled.

“At the Jedi games, Eddie seems to think General Skywalker blindsided you.”

Ahsoka laughed at this. Spit blood from her mouth onto the concrete floor. A clone trooper rushed into the room.


“Medic.” Rex ordered.

“Yes sir!” The clicking of boots on blood covered concrete. Gone.

“Cheap shot? Oh what a lovely thought.” Ahsoka said with a wave of her hand. “He wasn‘t trying to win, well not until I brought up…” She gasped in pain. Took a deep breath. Rex stuck another stim in her, saw her eyes lose focus for a brief second as they contrasted and contracted. “He beat me. Nothing else to it.”
Rex said nothing.

“Oh he was so beautiful Rex.” She finally said. “He was always there for me. No one knew him like I did. We ... it was forbidden against the Code … but, that wasn’t it… no there was someone else..."

She turned and looked Rex in the eyes. Soldier faced Jedi. Fatalist faced pragmatist.

“I volunteered the company, Rex. I volunteered them to this world so I could run away from it all. So I could try to forget him and her. I selfishly and blatantly used the company, and got everyone killed because I couldn’t handle my own personal problems." She let out a choked wimper. She tried to wipe away the tears, but found that she didn't have the strength.

A guilty pause.

"Force, I'm so sorry.” She finally managed.

“There's nothing to apologize for.”

This seemed to relax her. She leaned back, more exhausted. Her breathing became erratic.

“I loved Anakin, Rex. I thought I couldn’t live without him. I loved him more then the Code itself, did I ever tell you that?”

“Yes.” He replied with a firm softness.

“I knew I must have.” She said and died.

Rex looked up, and didn’t notice the tears in his eyes until the vision of the medic in front of him blurred over.

I survived. I always survive.

“Damn” he said softly.
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Whoa. This is like, AMAZING!!!!

And this is Part One?!

I give it a 4.5/5. You killed Ahsoka, so I dock you .5.   :D JK, JK, 5/5!
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