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Blink (after Ni, Cabur)
« on: September 23, 2009, 09:32:53 PM »
Chapter One

"Sir, they've blown up the base! Do we engage the survivors?"

Commander Ryder didn't immediately react to the trooper's comment.


"What are the life-form readings on that transport, trooper?" Ryder finally asked, turning away from the viewport of the Last Chance.

"Er...five, sir."

"I thought so. Comm the Rogue Squad and tell them to get ready to board that bucket of bolts, Deecees on stun only. I don't want anyone getting hurt. Especially not now."

"...Yes, sir."

The trooper looked confused, but turned to his partner at the communications station, who relayed the orders to the commandos waiting in the hangars. Ryder ignored the strange looks he got from the other clones as he turned back to the viewport with a barely audible sigh.

Let's hope it's not too late, boys.

*     *     *     *     *

Zel stopped laughing. Vix and Storm froze, both midway in a new dance sequence, looking at Zero as if he had just spelled out their death sentence.

"You sure you're not suffering from schizophrenia by now, Sarge? I mean, yes the fleet is here, but they're not really doing anything. If they wanted us destroyed, we'd be dead already," Clay tried to reassure Zero.

"Maybe they want us alive to interrogate us," Zero replied, deadpan. "And we all know how good the Republic is at that."

"Not very?" Vix quipped, shaking himself loose from the momentary shock.

"Very," Zero retorted. "Or maybe you're just hoping everyone forgot what they learned in training."

"But that's just the ARCs and commandos--"

"And what if they send in ARCs and commandos, huh? What are we going to do then?"

Zero was ready to smack down his companions a bit, when they were interrupted by a synchronized beep from each of their comlinks.


--This is Hunter from the Rogue Squad. Who is this?--

--Cee Tee Triple Six Oh, sir. My comrades call me Zero.--

--Is everyone else online right now?--

Zero looked around. After a moment of hesitation, the rest of them spoke up.

--Zel reporting, sir.--

--This is Vix calling in, sir.--

--Clay here, sir.--

--...Er, hi. My name's Storm.--

Vix glanced over at him.

--Storm, that was the stupidest response I have ever heard. Even I had a better one.--

Zero sighed.

--Shut it, you two...So, sir, what can we do for you?--

--I'd like you to sit back and relax, trooper, because I don't want to have to come in with my big bad Deecee and smack you all with stun rounds. OK?--

--You got that right, sir. We'll be waiting.--

The line went dead, and Zero leaned back into his seat. The others milled about for a moment, then one by one, dropped back into their own seats.

We'll be waiting.

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Re: Blink (after Ni, Cabur)
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Great as always! I rate it Awesome out of Awesome!
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Re: Blink (after Ni, Cabur)
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It's Indiana Vlet!
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Re: Blink (after Ni, Cabur)
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Hunter leaned back in the pilot's seat.

"Fierfek," he sighed. "How does Commander Ryder know all this stuff?"

"Because General Kad told him so," Moonstrike replied almost subconsciously, still cleaning his Deecee. "And the good general may have been kicked out of the Jedi Order before she was 16, but she's still a Force-user, you know."

"This is getting crazier and crazier," Bane grumbled. "Where did the days where droids just lined up for target practice go? When did the Seps get all these wacky but plausible ideas in their heads?"

"Don't know, but apparently Dooku had been watching Bender's group for a while now. Strong loyalties and all that osik."

"Good grief."

"You said it."

The Rogue Squad pulled up beside the Separatist vessel and locked on. Hunter made sure the connection was secure before turning to his squad.

"In three...two..."

"Just get it over with already!" Rebel snapped. "After two, you'll say fifteen, and after that, you'll say a million and count down again! Stop messing around and just say--"


They entered the hard and fast way, the way only experts went in when they were absolutely sure that evac would happen under 2 minutes because of all the dangers of not having evac at all. Hunter was in there and he heard himself yelling something at the man in the pilot's seat instinctively, although he wasn't quite sure what. Moonstrike, Bane, and Rebel covered the rest of the crew.

"You promised no stun rounds."

The man was incredibly calm for such a situation. Maybe Ryder was right: they were crazy in the head.

"Just get on the frikkin' ship before all the oxygen leaks out and we all die. Got it?"

"All right, all right. Keep your pants on," the other sighed.

Hunter wasn't sure what happened next, but when he looked around, the Rogue Squad now had five new passengers, all of them in dirty modified trooper armor, and there were only three commandos to cover them. He didn't like it. He didn't trust them at all. He detached from the other ship as quick as he could and took off towards the Last Chance, hoping to dump them all before he either went insane or they'd be the death of him.

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Re: Blink (after Ni, Cabur)
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huzzah! it's back!
It's Indiana Vlet!
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