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Apocalypse: The Human Race
« on: December 29, 2009, 03:36:11 AM »
Shortly after my group's game 'Star Wars: Children of War' came to a conclusion, I started planning the next game I was going to run.  The others kind of wanted us to swing back to D&D but i had something else in mind.

I wanted a post-apocalyptic type saga, so I put together this faux movie trailer and sent it out to see if the others might be interested in my 'vision'.   

Here's the trailer.  At 5 minutes it is a bit longer than a real movie trailer, but it was also meant to introduce the background to the world I intended to create, using my home-brew RPG system called 'GWN'.

It does seem to end abruptly, that's because the last 3 seconds got cut off when I saved it to photobucket...but it was just a big 'flash' and a 'coming soon' board.

After we started playing, I wrote basic synopses of the game sessions, for posterity. I'll post them here if people are interested.

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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2009, 08:08:36 AM »
Dude, I DEFINITELY want to read these...
Lists of games I play:
-- Star Trek Online
-- KOTOR (1 and 2)
-- Terraria
-- TF2
-- Magicka
-- Left 4 Dead 2
-- Garry's Mod
And nearly any other F2P game on this planet.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2009, 07:15:49 AM »
Okay then.  I'll just have to dig them up from wherever I have them saved...


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2009, 04:03:37 AM »
Some of the events and concepts from this game deal with mature subject matter, reader discretion is advised. I'll tone down anything too graphic, but I know different people have different levels of moral sensibility.  This game was intended to deal with survival in a post-apocalyptic world as real a manner as possible (considering the premise).

Some background before we begin:

The zombie plague:
I wanted the best of both worlds; the classic Romero zombies: corpses that stagger along with slow but mindless determination, and the newer fast zombie types as seen in ‘28 Days Later’ and the Dawn of the Dead remake.

So the way this plague worked was that initial infection had a very fast incubation resulting in ‘ragers’ that would sprint after victims and attempt to infect them.  If an infected rager was killed in any manner except by brain injury, they would fall, and then re-animate as a ‘Roamer’ zombie, a slow, shambling, mindless automaton.  (Or a ‘Lurker’, a zombie that just waits silently wherever they are for a hapless victim.)

Roamers were depicted as so mindlessly determined that if they saw prey drive by in a vehicle, they would follow with a nearly supernatural tracking ability, catching up hours, days or even weeks later, and bringing others with them.

It had been 17 years since the zombie plague, and the governments attempt to use nuclear weapons to cleanse the major population centers.  Generally the only survivors would be those in defended static positions, sending out scrounging parties, and having to deal with hordes of roamers being attracted to their haven.  The other option was to stay mobile, and never let the trail of roamers that would be inevitably following ever catch up.

Roamers were the only zombies typically seen, as all 'Ragers' eventually starve to death and then reanimate as 'Roamers' or 'Lurkers'.  If a zombie managed to bite a person however, that person would become a 'Rager' within minutes, even seconds, and this could thus spread through a group of people or a haven like wildfire.  Thus the main thing was to NEVER get bitten...and to 'take care of' anyone who did very quickly.

Some of the important game mechanics focused around monitoring stress levels; lots of things built up stress and it was a cumulative effect that we assessed at the end of each game day.  

Creature comforts such as a good place to sleep, clean clothes, good food, something new to read, sexual release (with self or a partner) etc could reduce stress levels.  Stress levels that got too high had the potential to negatively effect a character in profound ways, including eventual mental derangement/ suicide.

Nutrition and Hydration were two other factors that were assessed and monitored daily, as well as careful tracking of fuel and ammunition levels.

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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2009, 05:54:47 AM »
The story begins at a location near Boulder Colorado.

As civilization crumbled, many ‘safe zones’ were established.  These fell one by one.

The location at Boulder began as a military checkpoint, a walled compound that was meant to screen refugees trying to flee west where one of the largest of the safe zones was being built.

In the early days, not much was known for sure about the way the plague worked, and soon the soldiers were given orders not to allow anyone to pass the checkpoint.  Many refugees camped around the compound, outside the walls, hoping that the soldiers manning the walls could keep them safe.

Eventually the soldiers were given orders to withdraw.  The refugees were left on their own.  A few of the soldiers refused to fall back and leave the citizens defenceless.  They opened the compound for the refugees.  These deserters helped keep the compound protected for the civilians who moved in.

Over the next 17 years, the small community of 200 or so remained viable by sending out scavenging parties over the wall.  The civilians had turned the community into a small democracy, with the former military men in a police/security role.

In order to control the number of mouths that needed feeding, strict rules were enforced regarding procreation.  It was believed dangerous for the community to have too many new children.

Over the years contact with other survivors became less and less, as did encounters with marauders.

Lately however, scroungers sent out to the west have not been returning.  One scouting party that did return reported seeing a large band of marauders with many trucks and busses camped out in one of the rocky mountain passes.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
« Reply #5 on: January 02, 2010, 01:16:59 AM »
For reader information; (this was not general knowledge to the players at the start)

The initial player characters:

Raul: A hispanic-American handyman and automobile enthusiast.  He was one of the refugees that occupied the cantonment near Boulder.  A one-time street tough and kick boxer, he was most valuable to the community for his skills with mechanical devices.

Bruce: A white Canadian originally from Alberta.  A former police officer who  just recently found the 'Bedrock' cantonment a few months previously after years surviving on the road.  A big strong man, Bruce has managed to keep his humanity intact, and is basically a decent person trying to keep himself alive, but not at the expense of others.

Sawyer: A white American with tattooed arms. A new addition to the cantonment.  He was brought back by a scavenging party a few weeks prior.  He's a pretty big tough guy and looks the part.  He hasn't told anyone much about himself, but he's concealing that he was a convict on death row.  Society fell apart just in time to save him from lethal injection for the murder of an entire family during a home invasion robbery.

Just a couple months previously he was traveling with some other survivors, before picking the moment to turn on the toughest guy, overpower and shoot him with his own gun.  He then took everything of value from them and left them to wander with nothing.

Lucas: A white Alaskan. An avid hunter and outdoorsman all his life, surviving in the wilderness hasn't been as hard on him as with most people.  He showed up at Bedrock almost a year previously.

Some NPCs of note in the first game:

Delmore: A black American national guardsman.  One of the original occupants of the cantonment.  Haunted by his disobedience of the order to retreat.  Has served as a wall-guard at Bedrock ever since.

Mike: A white American, a former garbage collector in New York city, who fled in the exodus west during the great panic.  He was one of the original refugees who camped out around the cantonment. A nice guy who tries to avoid conflict.

Stacey: White American, blonde.  She's the nasty archetypical white trash girl, who got two young kids in the cantonment.

Debbie: White American, brunette. Also known as 'Bedrock Betty'.  Former school teacher.  Due to medical reasons she is incapable of conceiving, thus the cantonment council has mandated her to be the town prostitute, in order to reduce unwanted pregnancies. A broken spirit.

Hope: White female. Red-haired teen. The mayor's daughter.  She grew up in this world, and has no knowledge of the pre-apocalypse civilization.
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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
« Reply #6 on: January 02, 2010, 02:01:46 AM »

****These aren't really meant to be 'stories', they are just synopses of the game sessions, so there won't be a lot of dialogue or other typical story elements.  I'll post them intermittently, so those keeping up with them aren't confronted by mass of text.***

27 Sept 2023 (17 years after the fall of civilization)

Raul heard the rumours that the mayor has fallen ill.  He couldn't help but have flashbacks to the early days of the great panic. He quietly packed his belongings in the night, and went about to whisper to some of the others that he suspected that the mayor had come down with the slow-burn version of the plague.

In the middle of his warning to Bruce, they both heard a scream and blood-curdling growl come from the center of the walled-in tent-city that was Bedrock.  It took only moments before the place was turmoil and panic.

The vehicle compound was a separate walled in area, with a metal gate in between.  When they got there there was already a crowd trying to unravel the chains that sealed the place.  The infection was spreading rapidly from person to person, turning them into bloody,raging monsters.

When one of the infected came charging at the group, Raul tried to fend it off.  He kicked it, but to little avail.  Moments later two of them were tearing him apart.  ( of the player characters was killed just 10 minutes into the very first game session.  That sets the tone like no other.)

By that time, some of the others had gotten past the gate and managed to slam it shut behind them.  

One of the cantonment procedures was to keep fuel drums in one area, and the vehicles un-fueled, as there were many more vehicles parked there than they had gasoline to run.

The group that had made it through found themselves working against time to get out of the cantonment before the sheer number of raging infected managed to scale the internal wall, or open the hastily chained gate.

Bruce selected a Chevy suburban and yelled for help rolling over a drum of fuel.  Delmore was right there helping him. Sawyer saw them working, but was mostly eye-ing the M16 the soldier was carrying slung over his back.

Sawyer offered to keep watch while they worked if Delmore loaned him the weapon.  Delmore refused and Bruce demanded that Sawyer go get another fuel drum to load in the back.  Sawyer told him to screw himself and both men nearly got into a physical altercation.  Bruce drew his beretta 9mm and turned it on Sawyer, telling him to find something useful to do.

 Sawyer spat and then set about finding a suitable vehicle to prep on his own.  Most of the cars were unserviceable, scavenged for spare parts, sitting on flat tires.

Lucas was using his bow to shoot ragers that were trying to get over the wall, and Hope joined him, using her crossbow.  Debbie and Stacey had made it through.  Both women waited anxiously.  Stacey, sensing that Bruce was in charge, began begging him to go back and help her get her kids.

Bruce couldn't look her in the eye.  He continued working to fill the fuel tank, pretending not to hear.

Mike showed up from the chaos of people trying to flee, and offered to help.  Bruce told him that they needed to get the other gate open, the one that led down the long walled-in drive way that connected the cantonment with the highway.  He ran off to do that, with Hope running over to help him.

Just as the first ragers came tumbling over the internal wall to get up and sprint towards their prey, they got the chevy going.  Bruce was driving, with Delmore in the passenger seat.  Debbie, Lucas and Stacey were in the back. Sawyer, unable to locate a suitable vehicle for himself leapt in the truck as it stopped at the next gate, waiting for Mike and Hope to finish with the chain and swing it open.

Hope and Mike got it open and the chev drove through, but as they tried to swing it shut, the ragers were upon them.  They both turned and ran, but Mike was caught almost immediately and was dragged down.  Hope went sprinting like a gazelle.

The driveway was just over a kilometer long, ending in a sliding metal door.  On the other side was the ever-present crush of the shambling roamer zombies.  Bruce was aware that Hope was running after the truck, but he had to drive fast in order to get the outer gate open before the sprinting ragers could catch up.

When they stopped, Delmore got out and took up aim with his M16, trying to see the ragers running after Hope in the dark, but unable to pick them out.  Lucas got out and got an arrow ready, while Sawyer and Bruce pushed the rusting, seldom-used sliding gate.  As soon as it was open, the shambling corpses started coming in, and Delmore had targets to tend with.  Lucas also began shooting...trying to keep them off Bruce and Sawyer as they heaved.

When it was open just enough, they both ran to get into the suburban...both for the driver's side. Bruce and Sawyer had a momentary showdown.  As the zombies staggered closer and the ragers still running after a nearly-exhausted Hope approached from the rear, they stared into each other's eyes...and then Sawyer was staring at the business end of the 9mm.  Sawyer relented and jumped into the back.

Bruce gunned the engine, wanting to wait for Hope.  The others in the truck were screaming and yelling at him to GO! GO! GO! as the zombies surrounded the vehicle.  He tore his eyes away from the mirrors and plowed through the corpses and out onto the night-time highway.

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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
« Reply #7 on: January 03, 2010, 03:31:38 AM »
Another game mechanics-related note, that may explain

One of the characteristics each of the characters had when first being created was a 'Hardness' score.  This was a value that said how comfortable they were with taking human life.  When it had to be done, a roll was made against this value.  A failure required them to hesitate for a second or two, and then allowed them to do a re-roll.

Obviously there were situational modifiers to the role.  As things happened to a character, it was possible to raise this 'Hardness' rating.  Some like Sawyer, who was a bit of a miscreant, had little to no trouble taking a life.

Others like Bruce, a former cop, had the ability, but not the will.  Delmore, a national guardsman had the training, but not much experience.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
« Reply #8 on: January 03, 2010, 04:41:06 AM »
Summary of events:

Sept 28, 2023

The survivors of the 'Bedrock' cantonment escaped the outbreak of Class 2 infected, in a Chevy Suburban.  They consisted of Bruce, the take-charge former cop; Sawyer, the mean mother****er; Lucas the outdoorsman, Delmore the black National Guardsman , Stacey the white-trash blonde and Debbie the quiet brunette.  They lost Raul the mechanic who went down fighting,  Mike the garbage man who tried his best to help out and paid dearly, and Hope the mayor's daughter who got the compound open, struggled to keep up but was ultimately left behind.

Driving east in the pre-dawn, they eventually came across a hummvee ambulance surrounded by a half-dozen roamer zombies. Vinnie, a one-time soldier was inside, taking a nap, secure from the moaning, banging undead.  He was waiting for daylight to clear away the zombies and repair his fuel line leak.  

(This was the first appearance of another Player Character, who missed the first session.)

Bruce and Lucas picked off the zombies with rifle and bow, and offered help to the soldier.  He was grateful for the help.  They looked for the leak as the first step to repairing it, but more zombies slowly but surely closing in from the fields, they decided to just put fuel into the tank, from the drum despite the leak, in order to drive to a safer location for a repair.  

The two vehicles rounded a wooded blind curve in the road and came to a clog of rusting automobiles from a multi-car pile-up from 17 years ago, and the traffic jam it had caused.  At least one zombie was seen to be trapped in a car.  

Forced to stop here, at least for a while, Vinnie the soldier checked under his hummer again and saw a split in his fuel line.  He told the others as they began searching the wreckage for a replacement.  Vinnie was nearly grabbed and bitten on the leg by a lurker trapped under one of the wrecks.

Lucas went rummaging through the vehicles looking primarily for any food that might be had.   Bruce took the time to refuel the Suburban from the gasoline drum they took from the cantonment.  Sawyer and Delmore were arguing about what he should be doing.

The argument got heated and degenerated from trash talking to racial slurs. Sawyer elbowed Delmore in the mouth, and then glared at him, daring him to do something back.  The two women began telling Sawyer off in Delmore's defence.

 Despite the noise of the confrontation, they heard a car approaching from the other side of the blockage.  It was a sharp looking 2007 Mustang, in suprisingly good condition.

A Japanese man, wearing layers of leather and padding, sporting a high-powered rifle stepped out, and called out to the others.  His greeting wasn't very friendly, and was more of a demand for the others not to reach for any weapons.

(This was another introduction to a Player Character who had missed the first game)

This redirected Sawyer's temper, and the next moment, they were both aiming guns at each other from opposite sides of the rusting road-jam and shouting at each other to 'drop it.'

Miraculously, the others tried to stay out of it, continuing their scavenging efforts.  Lucas nearly got bit by the same lurker that Vinnie encountered.

Eventually, seeing that the shouting was attracting roamers, Bruce stepped in to end the stand off, trying to reason with both.

Once the situation had cooled, the Japanese man, Ken, offered some of his precious duct tape to help fix the fuel line, while the others tried to scrounge a suitable replacement line from the wrecks.  The Zombies were now very close, quietly tottering, drawn by the shouts and noise.

Ken got back into his mustang and began turning it around, while Vinnie got the hummer going.  He went off the shoulder to bypass the block, and after a brief hang-up on a tree, he succeeded, with the suburban right behind.

Further down the road, they spotted a garage/gas station and a cluster of buildings.  Parking on the street, Lucas investigated the interior, while Ken and Sawyer, deciding to work together, went looking for gasoline.  

Vinnie walked around for a bit looking for hostiles, and then decided perched himself on top of his hummer in overwatch, with his old Lee Enfield rifle.

The women remained in the SUV, with Bruce and Delmore on guard.  A close call with a zombie in the gas station servicing bay sent Ken and and Sawyer back up to the street.

Lucas called out with alarm, and backed out of the cashiers booth quickly, allowing Vinnie to cap the zombie who was stagerring after him with his Lee Enfield.

The group talked about the possibility of staying for a while to repair the gas line, but they noticed a ring of zombies closing in on the little town and they vacated the area rather than trying to board up the gas station.

Further down the road they began to notice more infill and signs of built up areas. They pulling into a WAL*MART parking lot.  They parked in the center to have a quick discussion on how they wanted to look for supplies.

While they were doing this, they saw a station wagon pulled in at high speed.  

This was a survivor who had seen them drive by and had come after them to make contact.  

(This was yet another Player Character intro.  The Player of the character Raul who had died right off the bat in the first session.  In this session he had been sitting at the table for the whole session, waiting for the chance to get introduced.  As a result he had gotten it into his head that the others were incompetent and decided his character was going to show them how things were done.  This just explains a bit of his following behaviour, and how...ironically he never even introduces himself to the others by name.)

The new comer jumped out of his station wagon and berated them for being slow and awkward as a group...just sitting there yakking instead of getting the supplies and getting out.  He thereby tried to take charge on the excursion into the WAL*MART.  

The group then parked the vehicles in front of the entry doors to act as barriers.  They hammered through the lower panel of the glass doors and made a quick search for food and ammunition.

Delmore and Vinnie guarded the barracade.  At first the national guardsman resented being told to stay behind, saying he's done nothing but guard a wall for fifteen years, to which Sawyer spat back : "You're the ****in' marine,and you got the M16."  obviously still pissed about the earlier interactions.

While guarding, Delmore and Vinnie talked a bit about the military.  Delmore denied being a Marine, and admitted he used to be a National Guard artilleryman.  Vinnie impressed him by letting him know he was a US Ranger, but downplaying it, and went back to watching the zombies in the distance stagger closer.

Not long after finding a meager amount of food and bullets, the entry team realized there were zombies in the mall, thumping up against a glass partition.  They abandonned ideas of trying to clear them out and made a beeline back to the vehicles.

The 'New Guy' tried to get them to reduce the number of vehicles to conserve gas.  He said he could take more people in his station wagon.  Ken was unwilling to leave his Mustang, and Bruce noted that their SUV was just as useful.

Vinnie the Ranger, decided to leave the hummer ambulance behind, with Bruce shaking his head and muttering to himself.  In his opinion that vehicle was too valuable to leave behind...leak or no...

They ventured further into the city limits, stopping in neighborhoods to send scrounging parties.  After a few hours of searching, and lurker and roamer avoidance, they turned up some meager amounts of fuel and foodstuffs.

They even got attacked by a wild cougar that had stalked and attacked Ken.  The animal was killed, and Lucas lugged the body for eventual preparation as food.

A few close calls had been had, with Sawyer and the 'New Guy' getting surprised in a house by a child in the cupboard.  Ken, Vinnie and Lucas had meanwhile gotten into a mess of zombies in a wooded backyard, and were making a methodical retreat through a series of backyards..

While waiting for Lucas, Ken and Vinnie, Sawyer and the 'New Guy' decided it was a good idea to just drive off and leave the others, since they'd been gone so long.  

They tried to convince the others to drive away while Bruce was getting some sleep in the suburban.  An argument erupted when Delmore would have none of it, risking another fight with Sawyer, and  the 'New Guy' who seemed to be on Sawyer's side. The others returned, defusing it before the confrontation turned violent.

Delmore decided he was not ever going to trust Sawyer...he didn't know what to think of the mouthy 'New Guy'.

With the bit of extra fuel, they headed out on the highway going north, travelling a few hours, weaving around stopped and wrecked vehicles on the road.

Late in the afternoon they spotted a relatively secluded ranch, and quickly and quietly made sure the barn was empty of threats and then pulled their three vehicles in.  They braced the doors and prepared for the early autumn nightfall.

Bruce helped prepare the cougar meat while Lucas skinned the beast and prepared the hide for possible future use.

They divvied up the cooked meat equally.  Sawyer said he should get more food than the others since he was bigger.  Ken, of slighter build, stood up to him and demanded that everyone gets an equal share despite how big or small they are.  Sawyer saw a certain steel and determination in the Japanese man's eye, and didn't press the matter, though he mouthed off a fair amount.

They set up a senry list.  A brief argument took place about whether the two women should be on the list or not.  Sawyer and the 'New Guy' argued that they don't do anything else useful, and Ken and Delmore arguing that they are women and thus deserve to be protected.  They've been through a lot and need more time to get stable.  

In the end they were not included on the list.

Bruce noted to himself how stressed out he was after the current turn of events, and wished he still had a lot of the things he relied on before settling down in Bedrock.  Everyone was absorbed in personal plans for the coming dawn.

The 'New Guy', before turning in, offered the comfort of his air matress to either of the women to share with him.  They told him, to go **** himself.  He told the 'b-****es' that he'd have no trouble taking that literally.  Have to get the stress relief somehow...

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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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The faces:

These pictures were scoured from the 'net by my players (for personal use...I never at the time intended to post them anywhere.)

They had to find pictures of people to represent their characters.  The restrictions were: They had to be portrait-type: I didn't want flamboyant actions portrayed.  They had to look like real people, not super-heroes.  They had to be close to the appropriate age, or within reason, considering who they were at the start of the zombie plague, and considering its 17 years later.

The NPCs images I selected myself.

The image sheet was printed so that each player could have it on the table in front of them.  This game was heavy on character interaction and dramatic role-play, and it helped to have the same mental image of the person you were dealing with as everyone else.

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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Summary of events:

Sept 29, 2023

While taking his turn on watch, Sawyer tried to get Delmore's M16 away from him.  The soldier had the weapon in his sleeping bag with him.  Sawyer, reaching in, was instantly face to face with the black man's 9mm Beretta.  Sawyer backed away with some scathing words.  Delmore promised him that if he ever came around him again while he was sleeping, he wouldn't hesitate to blow his head off. 

Desert Eagle in hand, Sawyer turned back to keeping watch out the window of the loft.  Part way into his watch, he saw a prick of light in the distance, up in the Rocky Mountains, in an otherwise dark landscape.  He contemplated this during the rest of his watch, long after it vanished.

On Ken's watch, he noted by moonlight, a zombie out staggering in a field.  He kept an eye on it.  Eventually he noticed a few dozen more corpses making their way slowly down the road they had come in on.  He went to wake Bruce and the others.  They observed for a while longer in silence, and then Ken went down to his car quietly to get his big rifle.  Bruce urged everyone not to shoot, saying that it was in their best interests to take them out quietly in melee, someone on watch with with a rifle just to make sure they don't get overwhelmed.

After some discussion, they agreed this made sense.  They were galvanized into action when they heard the first zombie banging against the boarded barn door. By the time the fighting party was ready, there were three of them at the door, and three dozen more staggering up the lane.

The women were getting scared, especially Stacey, whose outbursts of near-hysteria earned her sharp words from the men.  Bruce, Sawyer and Ken prepared to face the hoard at the doors, which were already shaking and bulging inward under the pounding.  They told the women to open the doors so that the men could keep their weapons up and charge out at the zombies. 

The women were too terrified to do it so Bruce, the default leader, prepared to open the doors himself, and he ordered the women to close the doors after the three of them went out, and to open them again if they needed to retreat.  The others took up overwatch from the loft.

When the doors were opened and the first walking corpse forced its way in, they were quickly reminded it was not an easy thing to face a mass of zombies, even the slow ones.  They had to nail a corpse directly in the head, hard enough to break through its skull and destroy its brain, while avoiding the grasping arms of the others. By the time the second one was forcing its way in, they were still trying to deal with the first.  Bruce made a quick call to get the doors closed, while Sawyer and Ken finished off the two intruders.

They slammed the cross bar into place, and Bruce got the Suburban parked up against the doors while the racket of the methodical banging and moaning zombies increased.  Up in the loft, The 'New Guy', who had since introduced himself as Brock, had his pump-action hunting rifle braced and began to sight zombie heads through his scope.

After expending all of his ammunition, over fifty rounds, in a dozen minutes of stress-filled marksmanship,  there were only a coulple dozen stragglers remaining.  Bruce took out a few of them, but it was Lucas who took care of the mop-up, firing skillfully down on the zombies with his compound bow by light of the moon. Although the first one, whom they nicknamed: 'Zombie chief' , finally went down with three arrows standing straight up in his skull, most took just a single well placed arrow to drop.  There were only a few left, but he was down to just a few arrows.  He was unwilling to use them, in case he needed them for hunting in the future.

"There's only a few left, Sawyer pointed out.  If you kill them, you'll be able to recover all those arrows you fired."  Lucas couldn't argue with the logic, especially when Ken handed Lucas a few more arrows, saying "Here, you can used these better than me."

It took only a few more shots before the area was clear of zombies.  Because it was still just 3:30 in the morning, everyone tried to get some more sleep, trying to secure themselves against the chill of the autumn air. 

On Bruce's watch, just before dawn, he climbed down from the loft to put his rifle back into the suburban, and was startled by a hand that grabbed his shoulder from behind.  Whirling around with his drawn pistol, he saw that it was just Debbie, who had followed him, worried that he might try to leave them.  He said he would do no such thing, and escorted her back up the loft where she curled back up in her nylon jacket with a rolled bath towel as a pillow.

When morning light came they were up and looking at the carnage of the previous night at ground level.  Lucas went about pulling his broadheads and arrow shafts out of the skulls of the fallen zombies, while the others organized themselves for a search of the ranch buildings.  There was some concern when Lucas cut his finger on one of his arrowheads through a tatter in his leather biker gloves.  He assured the others he was fine, but he'd only gone part way to the farm house before he staggered a step, doubled over and vomited a blast of blood at his feet.

Ken was right beside him and raised his sword to cut him down, but couldn't bring himself to do it.  Cursing, Sawyer stepped in and slammed the wood axe down onto the infected man, and then again, cutting him down.  They watched the body for some time, but he remained motionless. 

(This was the second dead player character)

Brock was first to scavenge into the freshly dead mans pockets, while Sawyer carefully tried to removed the infected blood splatters from his face without getting any in his eyes nose or mouth.  Ken took out a rag to help him, apologizing for his hesitation.

A search of the farm house turned up a trio of zombies in the basement.  After dispatching them, they got a small supply of canned foodstuffs.  A zombie that was roaming in the back yard came crashing through a screen door at Ken, but it was eliminated by a snap shot past his ear by Bruce. In addition to a few minor items, Brock salvaged a gold watch that brought back certain memories for him.

The rest of the day was spent resting up.  People on sentry duty noted wandering zombies out on the open fields in the distance, but they didn't seem to be an immediate threat.  While enjoying the simplicity of a rare hot meal cooked on the charcoal barbecue, Brock revealed that he is so bitter because he used to be a member of the Los Angeles SWAT team, and when he finally attained his dream, the apocalypse began and took everything he worked for away. Ken observed that events must have changed Brock...made him different than the man he was before.  Ken didn't think Brock behaved much like a cop.

Bruce revealed that he was a cop too, from Canada.  He has maintained the value of groups, but has no tolerance for trigger-happy morons, like the one whose misplaced shot took off his ear.

Ken apologized again for his earlier hesitation in killing the infected Lucas, revealing, somewhat reluctantly that he used to be a professional hit man, part of the Yak ku za, used to killing for money.  Now, with so much death, and the uselessness of money, he hasn't been the same either.  He needs to find something to keep on living for, or he knows he isn't likely to make it much longer.

A bit later, Sawyer admitted to the group to being a hardened convict and murderer in the previous world, who actually prefers the new world to his incarceration in the old.  His flippant attitude towards things disgusted Bruce and Delmore, while Ken seemed introspective.

Stacey was broken up, with the stress of having lost her children. She'd once been a teenage mother and had kids she'd lost in the early days of the plague.  Losing two more at Bedrock that had seemed so safe was a almost unbearable she said, though Bruce got the feeling she hadn't cared about those kids nearly as much as she was pretending.

Now having seen Lucas fall victim to the plague seemingly at random, over a little cut to his finger..she was breaking into near hysterics before being told once again to cool it. She withdrew into her ball and wept.

The sentry heard the distant sounds of vehicles, and possibly the roar of a big diesel far away to the south that seemed to drift in and out at different times on the wind.  There was some speculation on this, but no one knew what it meant for sure, aside from the fact that it was coming from the general direction they had fled the day before.

Later in the afternoon, with the women still psychologically distraught, and beyond approaching for the possible relief of 'baser needs', Bruce, Brock and Sawyer, at different times, tried to try to relieve their personal physical frustrations in private, but the current events were too much on their minds.  Only Sawyer seemed oblivious, utilizing his well-worn Hustler magazine to have himself a party for one.

As the afternoon wore on, it became clear that the number of zombies in the vicinity was slowly increasing, and the closest were wandering inevitably closer.  Plans for a quick evacuation were being made, when Brock, who'd once worked construction, estimated it would take no more than 15 zombies to eventually break into the building at any point.

In late afternoon, Ken rigged up some molotov cocktails with some of the gasoline and empty juice bottles, and people made sure their things were handy and ready to evacuate.
As the sun went down, they could see the clouds begin to roll in on a cold wind.  They prepared to get what sleep they could, but it wasn't long before the first zombies began thumping against the barn.

As quickly and quietly as possible they gathered their things and filed down the ladder to get into the vehicles.  Ken lit up his first two firebombs and smashed them down over the heads of the zombies from the loft window.  With one more smashed against the front wall of the barn itself, he dashed to the ladder and got into his mustang, where Vinnie was waiting in the passenger seat.

Bruce, with Delmore, Sawyer and the girls, rammed the suburban right through the side of the wall, with Brock's station wagon and Ken's Mustang right behind.

The overcast night was absolute blackness.  Bruce followed a dirt road out behind the ranch that quickly devolved into a dirt path, and then an uneven field.  After a few moments discussion he turned around and eventually found his way to the barn again, that was engulfed in flames.  He mowed his way through the burning zombies, the others right behind, until he came out onto the highway and hung a left heading back south.

A washed out bridge made them take a detour, moving down the highway at slow speeds and avoiding stopped and wrecked vehicles.  Several times they stopped to get their bearings, conscious of their precious fuel supply.

By light of their headlights alone, in the overcast black night, it was difficult to make out direction.  They couldn't even see the Rockies on the western horizon.  It was hard to determine what was passing by on either side of the road.  The world was reduced to the highway illuminated as far as their headlights.

After almost an hour of driving, they pulled into a side road where there was a house and a sturdy looking outbuilding.  The outbuilding was quickly cleared, and was found to be a car enthusiast's hobby garage.  They pushed two old classic cars out to make room for their vehicles. 

They sealed the rolling door and did another quick search.  They lifted the trunk lid of one of the remaining cars.  They found an armless and legless zombie inside. Bruce slammed the lid back down, and everyone cringed at the loud bang it made, to drift off into the night.  He got a lot of dirty looks for that one.

They set about trying to make themselves comfortable enough to wait out the night.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Summary of events:

Sept 30, 2023

The group prepared to sleep in the hobby garage the best they could.  Bruce, slipping into the role of natural leader, talked to the girls about taking a turn on watch, explaining that it's more fair as a group to divide the burden.  He even suggested that they take a shift together so they wouldn't be as scared. 

He quickly found out that neither woman wanted to spend any more time alone with the other than absolutely necessary.

  Debbie, who had sometimes been referred to as 'Betty' by Stacey and Delmore, asserts that her real name is not 'Betty' and does not wish to be called that any more.  Stacey says that it's a valid nickname that stuck, and since she'd been called that for so long back in the 'Bedrock' cantonment, as in "bed-down with bedrock betty, the town whore," that she was not about to stop using the term.

After the harsh exchange and near physical fight that followed, Bruce agreed that it's not in the best interest to have them on watch together.

Debbie admitted that she doesn't feel secure on watch alone.  If one of the 'fast zombies' got in, like back in Bedrock, she doesn't feel that the men would be able to wake up fast enough to react if they were all asleep, and so at least one fighter-type should be awake at all times.  Bruce considered this.  Betty ended up sharing her watch with Bruce, While Stacey used the unresolved nature of the issue to slip away and not participate in the sentry roster at all.

Ken made sure that he stayed inside his Mustang with the doors locked to sleep.  When Sawyer objected, on the grounds that he needed to eventually get him up for his turn at watch, Ken told him to just knock on the window.

When Ken did take his turn at watch, he widened a hole in the pegboard that covered up one of the windows, allowing him to keep an eye out.  The night was still cold and absolutely black.

In the pre-dawn light, the group, in various stages of wakefulness, detected the muttering of a small engine getting closer.  A look out Ken's improvised viewport showed them a guy on a 4-wheeler ATV driving across the field from a subdivision, on his way to the highway.  His route was going to take him close by the garage they were in.

Sawyer, with motives unclear, ran out the door to try to chase him down.  Bruce was not far behind, if only to keep a leash on Sawyer.  Ken went to his car to grab his heavy rifle and set up the bipod, so he could keep an eye on the exchange from a good vantage point.

The ATV rider saw them chasing and slowed down.  Keeping the engine going, he kept them at a few dozen meters distance.  They had to shout back and forth to talk, all the while drawing out any zombies in the area.

The new guy was afraid of them, not wanting to get caught by marauders, if that's what they were.  Sawyer and Bruce wanted to know who he was and where he came from, but were getting increasingly pissed-off at the situation being a zombie-magnet.
They argued  back and forth, not making any headway in trusting each other.

Sawyer finally told him to drop any and all weapons, and Bruce ordered him to immediately turn off the vehicle.  He mentioned that they had a sniper with a rifle trained on him.  This was enough to spook the rider and he took off at high speed.

Bruce and Sawyer ran back to the shelter of the garage, hoping the zombies that were shambling and staggering across the fields from the suburbs would follow the rider and not them.

This hope died as they heard the ATV circle around and come to idle directly beside the garage, on the blind side.  The guys inside the garage were really pissed now.  Ken loaded up his mustang in case he had to make a run for it. 

Talking through the boarded up window, Bruce made a deal with the new guy: he could come along with them, if he would abide by the will of the group, and contribute to their overall survival.  A small horde of shambling zombies was steadily converging on their position.

Once that was settled, Bruce and Sawyer got a wire and tied down the throttle on the ATV hoping it would lure the zombie away if it took off on its own.  Ken told them they were foolish, and berated them for not paying more attention to the behaviour patterns of the zombies over the last decade and a half.

Ken was proven right, as the zombies began pounding on the walls of the garage, ignoring the ATV as it tore off down the road.  Everyone jumped into their vehicles; Vinnie got into the Mustang with Ken; Sawyer and Bruce had another standoff on who should drive the Suburban.  With the zombies building, Sawyer decided again not to argue the point...yet.

Brock started up his station wagon, and was joined by the new arrival, who introduced himself as 'Ben'.  (This was the replacement character of the guy who had previously played Lucas.)

Stacey, Delmore and Debbie got into the back of the Suburban, and they all peeled out of the garage heading south.

After a couple hours of slow, cautious driving, they stopped once to fill water bottles from a small lake by the side of the road.  Delmore and Sawyer ventured down to the water's edge.  Sawyer warned him about submerged zombies.  Delmore thought about it, then decided that Sawyer was just trying to make a fool of him, and waded in clear of the weeds to fill the water bottles.

there was no water zombie incident. Delmore felt good for not listening to the 'di'kut'. Sawyer thought Delmore was an 'shabla idiot' for not listening to his warning.

 They pulled into a farm down the road.  The new guy, 'Ben' went out into the farm field to forage for any wild crops that might be growing.  Ken went with him to keep an eye out.

Delmore watched the women and the vehicles, while the others searched the farm house and out-buildings. In an upstairs bedroom they found a writhing body covered by a blanket.  Under the blanket was a naked woman tied down to the bed.  She was gagged and struggling, but her milky eyes showed that she was a zombie, but hadn't been one for very long. Sawyer stabbed her through the skull with his knife.  In the closet was a male zombie wearing nothing but leather chaps, with gnaw marks on his face.  He was also dispatched.

They surmised that the girl may have been a rape victim of a group of marauders.  This gave them a few moments of introspective thought as to who might be around.  They weren't too sure about the guy-zombie with the chaps' story.

Meanwhile, out in the field, Ken and 'Ben' saw a pair of fast street bikes come ripping down the highway heading south.  As they passed the farm they slowed and turned.  They stopped, the riders looking at them, revving their machines.  They had full leather suits, and riding helmets with rifles strapped across their backs.  One of them lifted his visor to use a set of binos.  Ken took aim at that one with his heavy rifle.

When the motorcyclist spotted this, they quickly took off down the road.  'Ben' went back to rooting around for potatoes, finding just one.

The remainder of the search took a few more hours.  Just before noon they heard an ominous rumble coming up the highway from the south.  In the distance was a convoy.

Six motorcycles were out in front, followed by a half dozen cars of various types.  Behind them, the convoy included a big tractor-trailer, a school bus, a dump truck, a few 4x4 trucks and a tanker truck.  They did NOT look friendly.

Everyone went running to their vehicles.  Stacey asked to get in with Ken and Vinnie, thinking the fastest car would keep her safe from the approaching convoy if they were marauders.  Vinnie leacherously offered her a spot on his lap, but at a harsh word from Ken he leaned forward to allow her to slither into the back seat.

Bruce led the flight with the SUV, keeping the speed relatively low to conserve gas. He figured they could deal with any bikers, they just needed to keep ahead of those big trucks and hope for the pursuers to run out of fuel first. Brock's station wagon kept close.

Ken  revved his mustang, and pulled out into the lead.  He was thrilled to let his muscle-car flex a bit.  However, he was spending too much time looking in the rear view mirror, and ended up off the road at a bend.  He kept from wiping out with some skillful driving and coaxed it back onto the blacktop.  The SUV and the Station Wagon passed him, while he was getting things back under control.

Ken noted that the motorcycles had broken off from the convoy and were closing fast. 

He accelerated hard.  The muscle car quickly caught up to the others and passed them again.  He raced ahead, trying to get a really big lead so that they could lay an ambush for the bikers.

When Ken saw the turn-off he wanted, he hit the brakes, but overshot it by a few meters.  He spun around to stop in the gravel of the shoulder.  Vinnie got the window open and he took aim at the bikers with his 9mm as they passed right by the Suburban and station wagon and came into range.

Vinnie used his skills as a Ranger to brace himself in the window frame. Firing two shots he took down one of the bikers before the others raced onwards down the road out of range.  By then Bruce and Brock had driven by, and Ken got the car turned around and pointed the right way.  Vinnie called out that they had more company from behind...

Two cars had detached from somewhere unseen at the rear of the convoy to power on ahead in pursuit.  They looked to be trans-ams, with sheet steel welded over the windshield and windows, and with reinforcing around the body.

Ken poured on the speed, and before long he had caught up to Bruce, Sawyer, Delmore and Debbie in the Suburban, passed them and was looking forward to chasing down the bikers.

By this time,Brock's station wagon was getting up to a good speed and had outdistanced the suburban by a good amount.  Ken raced past him.  Brock noted that the bikers had pulled off the road around the next bend at a built-up intersection.  He wondered briefly what they were doing before he saw the Ken slam down the brakes, the mustang's tires spewing blue smoke and laying down a patch of rubber.  It swerved hard-right to avoid spike strips the bikers has thrown down. 

The mustang went off the road, Ken aiming to cut across a vacant lot, and come up onto the road running to the right.  Instead, Ken lost control, across the grass and gravel patch and ended up slamming sideways into a concrete light post.

Brock managed to hit the brakes soon enough to avoid the spike strip.  He pulled off and went across the vacant lot to where Ken, and Vinnie were shaking off the stun.  Stacey, in back seemed hurt badly from the impact.  Brock and the new guy 'Ben' told them to bail out and get into the station wagon.

Ken refused, since the Mustang's engine was still straining to run despite its mangled appearance.  Ken vowed he'd drive it as far as it'd go rather than abandon it with it's nearly full gas tank.  He worked it off the post and then put it in drive. The wrecked car hauled itself onto the road.

Meanwhile, the two armored trans-ams had caught up to the Suburban and were trying to box it in and force it off the road.  Sawyer, who had been yelling at Delmore to use the M16 on them repeatedly, finally got Bruce' handgun and cranked the window down.

Just as the trans-am recovered from a failed attempt to muscle the heavier SUV off the road, Sawyer leaned out and fired several shots into its tires.  The front tire blew out and the car immediately pinioned into a sideways skid and went off the blacktop into the ditch.

The other car was nudging the SUV from behind.  Bruce slammed on the brakes, but the marauder decelerated fast enough to avoid a hard collision.

Just then Debbie screamed 'Look out up ahead!'

Bruce saw the spike strips, and was luckily going slow enough to avoid them.  They headed off-road to where the mustang was just starting to get some speed.  The Trans-am came to a stop in front of the spike strips and revved its engine.  The leather-suited  bikers ran out to collect the spike strips.

Sawyer and Bruce both urged Delmore to take them out.  Delmore brought up the M-16 and methodically set the selector to repetition, aimed and controlled his breathing.  At 150 meters he took one out with a headshot through the motorcyclist's visor.  After a few breaths and a long trigger squeeze he repeated the feat, dropping another.  By then, the other bikers had gone for cover, and the trans-am squealed its tires into a 180 and went back down the road.

Delmore, who was sweating profusely, and shaking slightly, was congratulated as they got back on the highway heading east to catch up with the others.  Delmore didn't tell anyone that that was the first time he had ever shot a living person.

The mustang, struggled to maintain a speed of 50km/h.  It was leaving behind a trail of oil, coolant spots and other fluids.  Brock kept the station wagon close by, to pick them up when the engine finally died.  A cold autumn rain began to fall.  There was no signs of pursuit.

After 20 kilometers, the engine was smoking badly and they pulled off on a side road up to a cul de sac where the first few houses of a subdivision had been built.  As the mustang caught fire, everyone pitched in to douse the flames.  After clearing out a garage they put the vehicles in, and salvaged the fuel from the dead mustang.

Bruce, performed first aid procedures on Stacey, making her comfortable and warning against the effects of possible whiplash, concussion and watched for signs of shock.  Vinnie and Ken seemed shaken, bruised but otherwise unhurt.

When Bruce and Sawyer asked 'Ben' if he wanted to come and search the three houses, he said his name was 'Will' and had no idea why they were calling him 'Ben'.  Sawyer and Bruce were both puzzled and exasperated, but they went on with the search, with 'Will'.

The search led to a confrontation between 'Will' and Sawyer.  While arguing over who got to keep some scavenged articles, 'Will' a pretty skinny older guy shot his mouth off and Sawyer was about to pummel him.  Will ducked behind Bruce for protection.

Bruce told Sayer to lay-off, and shoved the convict up against the wall.  A long, cold, stare-down followed, until Sawyer broke it off and gave a murderous glance at 'Will'.  They continued their sweep.

Meanwhile Ken had found himself a functional station wagon in the one garage and was pumping fuel into its tank.  Vinnie was watching over Stacey, who had lapsed into unconsciousness.  He decided, 'first-aid wise', to loosen restrictive clothing, mainly her shirt. 
He then proceeded to take her chest-temperature.  With his palms.  Brock just shook his head, to which Vinnie responded with a what-the-hell? shrug.

As the rain got harder, the first zombies began to show up around the garage.  Bruce and Will went out and made some noise to lure them away so the others could open the garage and prepare to move out.  They were worried that the marauders would be conducting a methodical search of the area, and wanted to leave under the cover of the weather, before darkness forced them to use their headlights and possibly give away their position.

They followed a series of back roads before finally driving off-road up an embankment onto a major highway heading north toward Wyoming.

The rainy weather brought dusk early, and they stopped at a trailer-home affixed to a double car garage to take refuge for the night.  They discovered a Ford F-350 superduty crewcab in good condition, and considered adopting it.

Stacey was feeling much better, and as they gathered in the living room, swathed in blankets against the damp chill, Sawyer brought out a bottle of tequila he'd recently found.  He passed it to Stacey, who said it was her second favorite drink, next to coors light.  Sawyer passed it around the room, to every person except to 'Will'.  He even gave Bruce a swig.  When Delmore refused, unwilling to accept anything from Sawyer, Sawyer said he'd earned it, with those good shots with the rifle earlier. Delmore grinned and took a few swigs.

Not to be outdone, 'Will' then revealed his big bottle of Rye and shared it around.  They feasted on some barbecue potato chips and doritos to help pump up the group spirit as they huddled in the near-darkness, listening to the patter of cold rain on the trailer roof and the window  panes.

They knew Brock had had a bit too much to drink when Stacey yelled at him. He was grabbing at Stacey's breasts. 'Hey, what?' he slurred. 'Vinnie can cop a feel, but not me?  I deserve to get me some titties.'

Sawyer and Bruce pulled him off and manhandled him down the hall.  He slurred some insults and then stumbled out to the garage to pass out in his station wagon.

Shortly after, concerned, Stacey wanted to know where she should sleep.  Both women osik-canned the idea of them sharing the 'kids' room.  Stacey agreed to go to the 'master bedroom' as long as Bruce went with her.  Bruce said he'd set up his cot at the foot of the bed, saying that she needed to recuperate. Stacey pouted and went to bed.

'Will' took the top bunk in the kid room, and Debbie took the bottom.  Ken said he'd sleep in his new vehicle.  Sawyer intended to take the couch in the living room.  He and Bruce stayed up for a while talking about life, while Vinnie made up a bed in the SUV.

Stacey came out to the living room, wanting Bruce to come and investigate a noise she heard.  Bruce noted the veiled invitation, and politely declined.  Sawyer grinned came to 'investigate the noise' instead. 

Stacey she got pissed off, and tried to lure Bruce to her room in increasingly less veiled terms.  Finally, after all her attempts had failed she stormed out to where Bruce was and yelled at him 'Do you want to shab or not!?'  When he said not this night, that she needed her sleep, she called him a faggot, and took Sawyer instead.  Sawyer proved willing enough, and as soon as the door was shut he threw her down on the bed and did her senseless.

A bit later, Bruce was still thinking.  He still had needs, but he couldn't stand that lazy, obnoxious, blonde tart.  He went to Debbie's bunk and asked if they could talk.  He led her back on the couch, swathed in a comforter where she talked a bit about her hurtful past, and wondered what was the use of being alive.  Especially if she can't ever contribute to the human race by having children.  Bruce softened her disposition.  She admitted she was forced to be a whore back at the cantonment and resented it.

But with his soft demeanor, she eventually agreed to indulge him anyway. She trusted him to keep her alive at least a while longer.  Bruce promised he'd do everything her could to keep her safe.  He tried to ignore the image of driving away from that girl, Hope, when they fled the cantonment.

Delmore walked in just as she was about to start showing him some oral gratification.  Delmore said he'd been on watch and was now wondering where he was supposed to sleep.  Bruce told him to go to the bottom bunk in the other room, since Debbie wouldn't be there now.

Debbie's blowjob soon evolved into her straddling him followed by an energetic session.

In the other room, sounds of this drifted in to where 'Will' and Delmore were listening.

"osik man, they're fuckin alright."  Delmore said bitterly.  "Didn't even invite me.  I must have tapped that shebs like a hundred times back at the cantonment, now I don't even rate a second glance."

'Will' just sighed and said that maybe his turn was coming still.  They both tried to get some sleep, but just before dawn were woken by the sounds of moaning.  They soon realized it was an encore sex session in the living room.

"Guess it's better than waking up to a zombie." Delmore said, and they both chuckled.  They lay listening, waiting for another day to start.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Summary of events:

Oct 1, 2023

In the predawn light, Sawyer woke up next to Stacey.  Concerned that he hadn't been woken up for guard duty, he investigated and found Bruce and Debbie in the living room.  Sawyer berated Bruce for sleeping in, and then went back to lift the blinds in the bedroom window.  There was a zombie standing right outside the glass, in the cold drizzle.  It immediately noticed the living person and began trying to break through the glass.

Everyone got roused quickly.  'Will' who had discovered an AK-47 (no ammo) while snooping around the house traded it to Ken for his bow.  'Will', Ken and Bruce then went out to silently take care of the half dozen zombies that had begun to gather; Ken used his katana sword, the other two used bows.  Once the immediate area was clear, they went back in to talk about plans.  They had been generally wanting to head North, where the zombies might freeze over the winter months allowing them freedom to scrounge.  They also hoped to not have to deal with many people there.

At about 8am they heard a pair of street motorcycles speed up the highway heading north.  They looked to be with the marauder group they had tangled with the day before.

Bruce and 'Will' took a brief hunting trip in the grassy plain, and came back with some assorted small varmints, while the others packed up gear and transferred fuel from Brock's station wagon into the newly adopted 4x4 crewcab.  Brock was very adamant that the truck belonged to him, and him alone, if he had to leave behind his station wagon.  Everyone agreed that the off road capability was better than being confined just to roads, so they agreed, if only to shut him up.

Vinnie and Delmore kept an eye on the highway for any sign of zombies or marauders. Everything was clear until 10am when they first spotted a stream of undead staggering up the highway from the south.  They surmised that the undead were following the motorcycles that passed by a few hours earlier, but would certainly home in on them when they got closer. The first ones would be banging on the trailer home in about an hour or so.

They made further preparations, while debating where they wanted to head.  Bruce, who was feeling the pressure of leadership wanted the plans  put to a vote instead of him dictating his own ideas.

Brock, being difficult urged everyone to think hard on a logical plan rather than go by an ill-advised majority whim, based on people who didn't have a clue what they were doing.  (which his attitude indicated meant anyone who wasn't him.)  The general plan stayed 'North', maybe British Columbia for a start.

Debbie, in the general conversation, mentioned that she wanted to contribute more, like cooking, and doing dishes and laundry.  Vinnie who was keeping an eye on the zombie progress let the group know they were 'here'.  The group loaded up and pulled out, heading north.

They continued on the interstate, passing into Wyoming. A brief search of a truck stop topped up their water supply.  They made good use of a rain bucket under a downspout. They also found a map book, and a hard cap for the back of 'Brocks' 4x4 truck.

Further down the freeway, they encountered a police cruiser with California Highway Patrol markings.  With lights flashing, it pulled out to block the way as they group was crossing an overpass.  It was an armor-plated modified vehicle, with the letters 'SoLA' spray painted on it. 

The group slowed to a stop, and a passenger got out of the police car.  He was flagging them down, signaling that he wanted to talk.

Vinnie and Brock noticed that the motorcyclists they'd seen pass by the trailer home that morning came out of hiding to block the overpass behind them.

 The group wondered what S -o-L-A meant, but surmised that they must be with the Marauder group.  With some reluctance, Bruce went out, unarmed, to talk with the emissary, who had left his police car, with his hands up.  Sawyer slid over into the suburban's driver's seat.  Delmore watched Sawyer with apprehension.

Bruce was concerned about the driver of the armored car, hidden behind a plate of steel.  He ordered the driver of the cruiser flipped down the armor plate on the door and showed his hands as well, or he wouldn't come out to negotiate.  The plate was lowered and he saw a pair of hands extend.

Brock, driving the 4x4 with Vinnie and Will, suggested that Vinnie and 'Will' climb through the partition into the cargo bed of the crewcab to take up aim on the bikers behind them and watch for tricks.

The spokesman, a puerto rican, said he represented the 'Saints of Los Angeles', and their boss was impressed with the way they evaded them the day before.  He thought they showed skill and tenacity.  The Boss wanted to meet them and offer them membership in the group.  Bruce said they just wanted to be left alone. 

The Puerto Rican responded by saying that if they don't join with wolves, they are going to end up being sheep, and they will be hunted and slaughtered.  Bruce noted that if they refused it meant a fight right now.  The Puerto Rican said that his instructions were to make the offer and bring them back to talk to the Boss. 

If they refused to join, the orders were to let them go and come back to report.  After that one day of grace, they would be open season again.
The Puerto Rican man said Bruce could go back and discuss it with his people.

After a quick discussion, they decided they did not want to join marauders for a variety of reasons.  Delmore tried to talk just Sawyer into joining the marauders, "You'd be better off as a marauder.  It suits your personality more." he said with distaste.

Brock said that there was no way he himself was going to start at the bottom of a gang and have to work his way up, when he was already a top dog here. 

Sawyer said they shouldn't even answer.  "shab 'em.  We just run the blockade and get around the car."

They others worried though about more marauders that they couldn't see.  Delmore said "If we got to fight, then we got to fight, but if there's a chance we can get by without getting shot at, we would be fools not to take it.  'specially with people packed so tight in these trucks.  Someone is gonna get hurt."  The group agreed to try to pass peacefully, and take advantage of the promise of 1 day's head start.

They drove closer to the blockading police cruiser so that Bruce could yell out the window that they refuse the invite  The Puerto Riccan, back in the car yelled back that they were 'fuckin' dumb motherfuckers.'  Immediately the driver brought up a pump action shotgun and began to blast away at the suburban's engine grill.

Sawyer slammed the gas pedal down, spinning the wheel wildly to get between the front of the cruiser and the guard rail, causing sparks as it scraped by.  Ken, from the passenger side of the 4x4 -rewcab leaned out to shoot into the cop car, splattering the shotgun-wielding driver.

The bikers behind the group dropped down out of sight.  As the suburban passed the cop car, Sawyer and Bruce noted that spike strips were being hauled across their path, pulled by thin wires from behind the wreck of a tractor-trailer. It was a hidden group of marauders.  Sawyer, preferring not to risk going over the steep embankment, slammed the brakes, skidding to a halt just before running over the spikes.

A marauder at the side of the road sprayed the side of the truck with 9mm rounds from a MAC-10 submachinegun. Bruce immediately jumped out, and was promptly shot by a crossbow. Another bolt quivered in the body of the truck. Hurt but functioning, he crawled to the edge of the embankment where he could see two crossbowmen reloading.  Three shots took down the submachinegunner while he changed his mag.

Sawyer jumped out and ran to where he could see the marauders. He fired a shot with his desert  eagle, taking out one of the crossbowmen who was frantically reloading.  As he watched, the remaining crossbowman got a crossbow bolt through his neck from an unknown shooter, and fell down, gurgling.

Meanwhile, 'Will' lifted the back hatch on the  truck's cap for Vinnie to try to acquire targets, while Brock drove the truck past the front of the police cruiser to stop on the other side of it, right behind the suburban.  Vinnie took a shot with his Lee Enfield rifle at the view slit in the passenger side armor of the police car.  His bullet penetrated the armor plate just below the slit.  Ken leapt out of the truck and swiftly ran to the cop car. 

As a pistol barrel came up to the slit, Ken began to move like the skilled martial artist assassin he used to be. He threw himself to one side, dodging the desert eagle shot, which just missed 'Will'.  Ken rolled, ending up with his back up against the car.  He jerked the door open and fired a shot in, killing the Puerto Rican in a back-splash of blood.

Vinnie, keeping watch down the road with his scoped rifle, spotted one of the leather-clad bikers moving along the guard rail . Vinnie fired a shot that skipped off the pavement near the target.  The biker aimed his M4 rifle and peppered the back of the truck with a series of shots.  Vinnie adjusted his point of aim, and took him out.

He then scanned with his scope, and spotted the other biker moving up the other side.  The next shot wounded him, and the biker went to ground, shifting his position to take cover behind the guardrail posts.  Vinnie controlled his breathing and slowly took up the slack on his trigger, as he saw his target folded out the legs on his M4 rifle's bipod.  Vinnie's shot splintered the wooden post, but it made the biker jerk the trigger and miss his own shot.

Meanwhile at the front of the group, Delmore had grabbed his M16 and standing up in the door of the suburban, braced himself across the roof of the vehicle.  He took out the last marauder in the front group with a headshot. Sawyer and Bruce moved down to check the bodies.  Bruce noted that one of them was still breathing.  He executed the man with a 9mm round to the face.  Sawyer looked around for the mystery-shooter; whoever had put a bolt through the neck of the other marauder.  He spotted a slim figure swathed in a burlap tarp nearly 200 meters distant stand up and wave at him, then duck back down the rise and disappear.

Vinnie, back at the rear, scrambled down out of the back of the truck to take up another fire position off the embankment.  'Will' grabbed his bow and moved up to the police car for cover.  When he spotted the leather-clad rifleman he released an arrow.  The arrow found the mark, wounding the man again.  While this was happening, Brock and Ken had been pulling the bodies of the Puerto Riccan and the big fat black/chinese driver out of the police car.  Brock jumped into the drivers seat, with Ken beside him.  He got the car turned to its left and cruised up alongside the  marauder rifleman who was trying to keep in cover. Ken leaned out and shot him through his helmet at nearly point blank range.

Over the next several minutes they rapidly secured the area, collecting weapons and useful items, as a ring of far away zombies slowly converged on the commotion. They loaded one of the Katana motorcycles into the back of the truck and siphoned the gas from the other.  The mystery crossbowman came up riding a horse.  It turned out to be Hope, the pretty looking red haired, freckled teen who helped them escape the Bedrock cantonment, and who got left behind.  Bruce was overcome with the shame and guilt of the memory of leaving her behind that he failed to notice an altercation growing between Brock and Sawyer.

They had decided to leave the police cruiser behind so they could go off-road if necessary. They'd begun to siphon out its gas.  Sawyer objected, insisting again and again that they bring the armored-up vehicle with them.  He insisted that it was good protection and represented many man-hours of work; too valuable to just leave for the marauders to use against them again. 

When he physically stepped in to stop the siphoning of the gas, Brock got in his face, and pushed him back. Sawyer headbutted him, and the fight was on.  Delmore noted to 'Will' that he certainly wasn't going to stop a fight between those two di'kute.  "With any luck they'll kill each other." Delmore said.

Brock managed to get the convict into a chokehold and was strangling him, before Sawyer used his brute force to power out of the older man's grasp, and began pounding his fist into his face.  By then, Bruce had roused himself from his memories to see the commotion.  He had had to draw his pistol to break it up. 

While they argued over the issue, Vinnie was disturbed to discover the marauder-bikers weapon looked very familiar.  It was a silencer, bipod and laser-sight-equipped M4 rifle.  It was like the one he was issued to him years ago as an Army Ranger.  He'd been on a domestic operation when the Apocalypse started flaring up.  He got chills when he read the serial number.  It wasn't like his rifle.  It WAS his rifle.

 He'd had it taken from him by a very nasty group of raiders that had managed to capture him and two of his Ranger buddies he'd survived with.  It has happened several years ago.  They had tortured him until he had managed to escape and evade.  This memory brought out a primal reaction in him, and he urgently informed the group they had to leave immediately.  "Now.  RIGHT NOW!"

With the others still preoccupied with the argument, Vinnie gave up trying to convince them and jumped into the suburban, giving them the ultimatum to get in now, or he was going to drive away. 

Delmore saw the way he was acting and immediately jumped in.  Hope, who had been convinced that she couldn't bring her horse, yet refusing to let anyone butcher it, gave the noble animal some water, turned it loose and got into the suburban, not wishing to get left behind again.

The others finally relented, getting into their vehicles.  Sawyer took the armored police car. Stacey got in with him.  Down the road, they had to stop so that Sawyer could get back some of the gas that had been siphoned out.  Brock took objection to Sawyer helping himself to the contents of 'his' truck, spawning another shouting match.  Bruce ordered Brock to 'cool it.'

Darkness crept up early, due to the rainy weather, and they turned off the main freeway looking for someplace to shelter for the night.  They soon spotted a ranch, out on the expansive rolling field of the high plains.  While sweeping the quonset garage, Ken stumbled upon a figure crouching in the shadows.  Before he could react, the thing launched itself at him, growling and screeching, with arms flailing and blood vomiting from its mouth.  A Rager! 

Bruce fired his pistol, hitting it in the chest, and it still kept coming. Another shot, and then one to the head put it down.

Continuing the sweep, Ken next found a shed that had a bar shoved through the latch.  When he removed the bar, another infected berzerker burst out of the door and leaped onto him, bringing Ken down and trying to bite through his padding and armor. He kicked it off, but before he could get up, it was on him again.

'Ben' shot an arrow into the infected thing's head, just missing Ken's face.  The infected slumped over, blood dripping from the corpse.  Ken got out from under it, trembling, and trying to get the blood off of him.  He went to sit in the truck, still shaking from the near-tragedy.

They moved into the ranch house, and fortified the second floor as full darkness hit.  There were signs that people had been there not many days before; they found a corpse staked with a metal spike through the head to the wall of a bedroom.  Several locations were coated in dried blood.

 They gathered in a relatively safe area of the large house, and Debbie cooked a hot stew out of ingredients people pitched in.  Hope explained how she had escaped the zombies that overran Bedrock by climbing the wall and then a rock face.  She witnessed the 'Saints' arrive, clear out the complex and set up camp.  They looted the accumulated goods of 15 years worth of assembled living.  A teenage girl had survived the zombies by climbing into a car trunk.  When the marauders found her, Hope could only watch as she was repeatedly gang raped by 15 men, and then loaded onto a schoolbus with other destitute women, and a few naked white men, with ropes ties around them.

Hope then left the area on a hilly trail.  She soon found that Vinegar, the horse, had gotten away.  Together they rode, trying to stay clear of the marauders.  Two days later she saw the bandits laying in wait at the overpass. She hid, hoping to slip by them in the night, until she saw the suburban and the 4x4 truck show up.  She saw their fight break out.  She came to help and shot the one marauder with her crossbow.  She reiterated how large and organized the gang was, seeming to have no home, moving and scavenging nomad-like.

 They noted how the 'Saints' all seemed to be non-whites, except for the men who were apparently prisoners that Hope described.  The group, particularly Brock, Sawyer, 'Will', Vinnie and the women realized their fate if they had gone and accepted the invite to join.

 They settled down to pass the night hours, with dark thoughts weighing heavily. 




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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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This is the 'Saints of LA' marauder-gang police cruiser that Sawyer insisted on taking.

It was originally a CGI of a police CHP interceptor. (I'd give credit here if I knew who did it.)

I used photoshop to add the armor, the wear and the graffiti.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Oct 2, 2023

Brock was awake, doing his early morning watch shift. He saw Ken get up from under his blankets.  Even in the darkness he could tell Ken didn't look well.  He was sweating and shaking a bit, not just from the cold.  He heard Ken mutter something about 'having to get , to get away'.  When Brock asked him what was wrong he said 'nothing!' and then staggered out of the room and stumbled down the stairs. Brock heard the front door get unbolted and then heard Ken stagger outside.

The hairs raised on the back of Brock's neck.  Sometimes the zombie plague was slow to take over the host.  It's what they called a 'slow-burn'.  He remembered the rager was on top of Ken the previous day trying to bite him. 

Cautiously, Brock got out his pistol and followed him, creeping quietly down the stairs.  His adrenaline began to pump up when he heard Ken outside the house, at the edge of the porch groaning.  Remembering that Ken had been splattered with infected blood mere hours ago, Brock slowly opened the door and took aim.

Ken was squatting at the edge of the porch groaning. His face was contorted with pain and he was sweating profusely.  Brock sighted his pistol and took up the slack on the trigger.  Then it occurred to him that Ken had dropped his pants.  Brock was relieved to find out it was just a case of the  s h i t s.

Ken was still obviously in distress.  As others awoke, they soon found that Ken wasn't the only one who was sick.   Ken had been through this before in southeast asia. He surmised that they were suffering from dysentery, probably from the water they had drank from the pond a few days ago.

Ken, Bruce, Delmore and Stacey were all feverish, and in danger of rapid dehydration.  The others located a well and set to boiling water on a wood stove. 

Hope took some water to a separate room to sponge bath.  Brock lecherously offered to help her.  She gave him a shocked and uncomprehending look.  She had been so sheltered by her father the 'mayor' of the cantonment, that she was quite naive when it came to the intimate interactions of men and women. 

When he elaborated, she quickly and forcefully pointed out that her daddy said she wasn't allowed to let any boys touch her!  Brock replied pointedly that he was no 'boy', and added that her daddy wasn't here,  and that she was a big girl now.  She said it didn't matter and left the room to clean up in private.

Later in the morning they began clearing out the filth and the corpses that were in the house, including the one who had been spiked to the wall through the head. They were made uneasy when they realized that the body had been partially flayed-alive.  The pattern of the skin cuts resembled a setting-sun scene; like someone had been making the torture into a work of art. They wondered what sort of people might do that and why. Hope helped to clear out the remains, wrapping the body in a blanket to help reduce the risk of any infection.

Hope was then assigned to guard duty, scrambling nimbly up a drain pipe to the roof of the house to keep a watch out. Debbie was taking care of the sick, who were sweating and approaching delerium, and still not in control of their bowels.   The others decided to search the other buildings on the lot. 

In the barn/utility building, Ben was nearly attacked by a raging infected person.  Luckily it was chained up and it reached the end of its chain just a breath away from him.  He put it down with a single shot to the head.  They then heard more growling and realized there were several more under the floor boards in a room below. They didn't know what to think.  Why had the ragers been chained up?  Had they been chained up before they turned?

Since Ragers eventually starve to death and reanimate as roamers, these things must have only recently been infected.

Before they could figure out what to do, Hope was calling for their attention up on the roof.  By the time they came to the door, they saw a pair of beat up old pickup trucks coming down the gravel road.  They quickly ran behind the house, out of sight and told Hope to scramble down and get inside.

The  arriving trucks turned into the lane and pulled up to the Quonset shelter, but had to stop outside because the group's vehicles were now parked in their spots.

 Two men got out of the trucks, in farmers overalls and with shotguns.  A dog jumped out of the back of one truck, and started barking at the house.

That's when Sawyer and Brock stepped out with their weapons ready to confront them. 

They told the guys in the dirty overalls to move along or they'd get shot.  The rednecks were enraged by the situation.  "Y'all better get offa this here property! It don't b'long to you!"

The verbal standoff continued for some time.  Finally after repeated threats, the rednecks got back in their trucks and drove back south down the road.  Vinnie watched them through his rifle scope, able to see them on the open plains for quite a distance.  They stopped a couple miles down the road, possibly to converse.  When some zombies drew near, Vinnie watched as they dispatched them quickly and efficiently with cracks to the skull with the butt of their shotguns, and then drove over the corpses, and then backing up  several times to do it again before driving away.  Vinnie remarked how they had no fear of the zombies whatsoever, as if totally desensitized to violence.

The group surmised that these were the people responsible for the torture in the house. Likely on survivors they found wandering.

The group decided to go back into the barn and find a way to the lower level.  When they sent 'Will' down to investigate a trap door in the floor, he found more ragers who were also chained up in the darkness.  After killing them all, they found many crates full of stuff, probably taken from the captives before they were turned into ragers.

Grabbing everything of likely value they could carry, they decided to start preparations to get out of the area in case the demented rednecks came back, possibly with others of their kind.  It was late afternoon and the weather was still wet and cold. The sick ones were getting no better despite Debbie's efforts.  The room was so fouled with the stench of vomit and excrement that they couldn't stay there any longer anyway.

They ditched the katana motorcycle out of the back of the truck, after siphoning its gas, to make up an area that the four sick people could lie in, shrouded in pillows and blankets.  Sawyer was driving his modified police cruiser, with Vinnie. Brock was driving his truck, with Debbie and the sick people.  'Will' was left to drive the suburban. 'Will' was originally assigned to be Sawyer's co-driver, but he quickly refused and hopped into the suburban instead. Sawyer and 'Will'/'Ben' didn't get along at all.

Brock made a point of trying to get Hope as his passenger, to ostensibly to read the map, but she revealed that she didn't know how to read.  She'd only been a toddler when the apocalypse started.  Debbie volunteered for map reading.

A few kilometers down the road, they came to another ranch.  This one also had signs of recent habitation, so they kept driving. It was then that Sawyer realized he still hadn't done anything about his car's cracked fuel tank!  He kept an eye out for a roadside garage that might have a quickie repair kit.

They drove until it was too dark to drive without headlights.  They saw a sign telling of a town just 3km ahead.  They pulled off the road down a long driveway to another farm.   The secured the building and made the sick ones comfortable, and set up a guard shift for the night.

While on watch, Vinnie noticed intermittent lights over the hill from the direction of the town.  He passed the knowledge on to the next person at the end of his shift.

When 'Ben' was waking up Brock for his shift, he said that Hope was gone.  Still partly asleep, and not quite comprehending, he asked what the shab he was talking about.  'Ben' said that Hope wanted to investigate the lights.  'Will' said he told her not to, but he wasn't sure if it really sunk in with her.  When he went to find her a while later, she was gone.  'Ben' said he was going to go look for her. Brock, still dazed, shrugged and said 'whatever'.

(It was obvious to the group by this time that the guy known as 'Ben'/ 'Will' had mental health issues, one of which was a multiple personality disorder.)

The others woke up when they heard the suburban's engine start.  It was 'Will', on his way to go find Hope.

Not wanting to yell, at him out the window, and attract zombie attention, they watched 'Will' pull out onto the road and drive over the hill in the direction of the town.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Hope, the girl that survived the fall of Bedrock, and whichever name the neurotic little man is going by at the moment.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Oct 3, 2023

Stacey, Delmore, Bruce and Ken were still suffering from dysentery, and the resulting dehydration. Everyone else: Vinnie, Sawyer, Debbie and Brock, were waking up to the disappearance of Hope, and dealing with 'Will's unilateral mission to take the suburban and go looking for her.  They were pissed off at Brock telling 'Will' to go and angry that the sound of the engines and the headlights of the suburban had made them a target, for both zombies and any other trouble that might be out there before they were prepared to set out for the day.

Hope joined into the conversation, wondering what all the fuss was about.  (!) Everyone did a double-take.

When asked where she'd been, she said she'd just gone to sleep in the closet where she felt safer. 'Will', not seeing her had just invented the fact that she had left.

  When it had gotten light enough to drive without headlights, they went looking for 'Will'.  They found him parked down the road.  He had gotten out on foot to walk to the top of the ridge, so he could view the town.

There was a river separating them from it and what appeared to be a bridge with a barricade in the middle.  The only other way across they could see was a train trestle off to the west. 'Will' said he hadn't seen anything of Hope.  Sawyer moved to deck him, but Vinnie grabbed his arm.

They told him what had happened and they all went back to the house.   When they returned, Sawyer, too-politely asked 'Will' to give him a hand with his car.  'Will' was wary. When he approached, Sawyer attempted to punch him in the face, and nearly did but for 'Ben's fast-footwork and hasty retreat.  "Don't you ****ing do something so ****ing stupid again!" Sawyer shouted after him.  'Will' flipped him the finger as he ran up the stairs to the house.

Later the group (the ones healthy enough to care) discussed the town. Because of the barricade, someone would have to go on foot.  Fearful of getting robbed by more marauders they decided that the person to go would leave behind everything but the bare minimum.  Sawyer volunteered to go.  Hope volunteered to.  Brock was fine with that, but Bruce, despite his illness said there was no way he was allowing Hope to go.

In his sickened delirium, he said that he was responsible for her now, since he left her to die, and she came back to him.  "You wanted to leave behind things of value so they don't get robbed.  Just look at her, a pretty young teenager.  She alone could set a lot of men fighting to the death, even against Sawyer."  He said there was no way he was going to allow it.

Brock dryly informed Bruce that he wasn't in much condition to do anything about it, but still he relented and volunteered to go in her place.  Hope still wanted to help, so she was invited by Vinnie to be his close cover while he took up an over watch position up on the ridge with his rifle.

Sawyer and Brock walked out to the barricade on the bridge, while Vinnie covered them.  It was an old army roadblock complete with sand-bagged .50 caliber machine guns rusted into solid hunks of junk. It was impassable for vehicles, but people on foot could weave around the obstacles. On the far bank they found an old army encampment, with tattered tents and frames, including a medical tent, and a couple armored vehicles rusted into immobility.

The town’s main feature was a tall apartment building, which looked to have greenery growing on top of it, and from nearly every apartment balcony.  As they looked through binoculars they caught movement.  It was inhabited by the living.

They decided to signal with a mirror, hoping to at least make contact and find out what they were about. Even though the day had turned somewhat sunny and warm, there was no response.  They hiked through the barren town to the building, but stopped when they saw over 500 walking dead clustered around the base of it.

They realized then that the occupants were trapped inside.  They went back across the bridge and climbed up to where Vinnie and Hope had been watching.

When they got there, Vinnie told them that four people had showed up at the bridge not long after they left it, looked around and then went into the bushes.

Brock and Sawyer marched back down and crossed back over.  After a short wait they met up with the other four strangers Vinnie had seen through his scope. They were four men, three whites ranging from late 20s to early 60s, and one black in his early 40s.  They were armed with an assortment of melee weapons.

A discussion revealed that they were living with an undisclosed number of people in the building, and that they lived peacefully under a 3 man council.  They were glad to meet outsiders who weren't degenerates or marauders.  They said that many of their salvage parties had been ambushed.  They were willing to bring them in to talk to the council in return for some news and possible trade.

They led them back to the building.  They showed how they had erected a reinforced chain link fence from the underground parking of the apartment to another building on the block, far enough away that it was out of the radius of the dead crowd, creating a walkway.  They could sneak into the deserted building, open a locked door and gain access to the fenced-in path that led through the crush of the zombie horde to the inhabited building's ramp down into the parking level.  

The parking garage held an assortment of vehicles, and they had a stairwell that had access to the floors above.  They said all other stairways had been welded shut or destroyed, isolating them from ground level.

They met with the council, and noted that each member carried a firearm, while no one else in the colony did. Once the council was assured that the ill members Brock mentioned were actually suffering from dysentery and not the plague, they gave permission for the others to come and stay with them until the sick were healed, as long as they agreed to give up their firearms for the duration.

They hiked back and with the vehicles scouted out a way across the river to east and then made their way to the building. The building dwellers lured the zombies away from the gates so they could open the fence line to let the vehicles to the ramp down to the garage.  Sawyer made a deal to get his gas tank fixed, and they all agreed to the suggestion of the council regarding their weapons:  The dwellers gave them a box to lock them in, and gave them the key to hold onto and then took the box away to a secure location.

They were then given double occupancy rooms.  Brock convinced Hope into sharing an apartment with him, pointing out they could still have separate bedrooms.  He added that there weren't enough apartments offered for everyone to have their own.  She didn't really like the idea, but relented.

Sawyer shared a place with Stacey.

Debbie took care of Bruce in another apartment.  Delmore and 'Will' shared an apartment, leaving Vinnie and Ken to team up.

As a welcome, the residents of the building brought them a fresh salad and apple pie for their dinner.  The colony then ensured they all had access to a hot bath.  With the hot water, Debbie washed everyone's clothing.  It seemed everyone could relax for the moment.

A later visit from the first four guys they had met,  made them feel even more welcome.  They introduced their wives and kids.  Each man had 2 wives, except Henry’s son Stan who had only one.  They said that was the way things worked ever since the 'professor' founded this group.

'Ideally, there should be 3 women per man, to ensure the best genetic disparity', they said, 'but women were not easy to find nowadays.'

Vinnie said that on the road, women were generally a lot of trouble.  Often more work keeping them alive than they were worth.

They responded that it was actually the opposite in the long run.  If they were going to outlive the zombies, they needed to ensure viable generations.  Women were the most vital commodity. With children, their numbers were swelling. They had already sent a splinter group to establish a new colony a few days ride to the east.  They kept in occasional contact by bicycle couriers.  This was a fundamanetal diifference from the way things were run back in Bedrock.

One of their new friends, Eddie, even suggested that they might think about leaving the women here when they go.  They would be more than welcome.  In the meantime, they were urged to concentrate on recuperation.  

When the group tried to warn the colony people about the marauders they'd seen, they were not worried.  They said they were perfectly safe in the tower.

When asked about the 'professor' they said he had passed away several years ago due to heart failure.  He was originally a social politics professor at Berkley.  He led them away from the nuclear-damaged west coast, across the mountains to the interior, where they picked up other survivors and eventually established their community.

When the group told of their plans to go northwest, they were warned to stay away from the coast, especially around Seattle.  It was heavily radioactive.

While they rested, Sawyer casually commented to Brock that firearms or no, they could probably take over the whole place if they wanted to.  Brock cautioned him, saying that they could be overwhelmed quickly if they tried.  Sawyer was unconvinced.  In his estimation these people were not fighters.

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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Oct 4- Nov 7, 2023

The group had found a safe refuge for the time being among the 'tower dwellers' who had made a bastion of a multi level apartment building.

While the sick ones recuperated from their brush with dysentery, the others busied themselves with exercise and other pastimes.  They were restricted to their own area until everyone was well and the council figured out what to do with them.

Hope spent a lot of time on the balcony, amazed at the view, and contemplating the vastness of the world that she was only really seeing for the first time.  Brock seemingly dropping his perverted motives for the moment, volunteered to answer some of her questions, and tried to use the atlas to illustrate the concept of their travels. 

She wondered where all of the buildings and goods came from, and he tried to explain civilization.  She ended up even more confused.  The old world didn't make any sense to her at all.   He suggested she learn to read, and she said that Debbie was teaching her letters, but it seemed hard and pointless.

Sawyer came over to talk to Brock.  Hope went to her own room.

The two of them talked about plans of trying to take over.  Sawyer was convinced that even with just a knife he could easily take care of any or all of the weaklings who lived there.  Brock cautioned him about their numbers, but generally agreed that taking over was a valid option.  The more they talked the more angry they seemed to become and the more spite and hate they piled on their benefactors.

Hope, had overheard the whole conversation from the balcony, and was concerned about what these two deviants might be starting up.  The idea of turning on the people who had shown them hospitality didn't seem right to her. She climbed over the rail and leaped from one balcony over to the other until she got to Bruce's apartment.  There she told him what she had overheard.

Mean while, 'Ben' had gone looking around and got a tour of the building.  He tracked down a small machine shop on the fourth floor.  He made a deal with the fabricator that worked there to help the old fletcher make arrows, if he could  make some for himself too.  The man gave him 5 ready-made arrows to pay for his help, instead of 'Will's suggestion of keeping half the arrows he made.

When he got back to the apartment he shared with Delmore, the black man teased him about not taking care of him while he was sick, and joked that 'Ben' ought to fetch his slippers, get him a blanket and suck his dick.  'Ben' flipped out on him and told him to 'watch it!' And used some nasty racial insults.

Delmore was too shocked by the bizarre and sudden reaction to respond.  Delmore didn't bug him any more that day,  though Delmore eyed the strange man with suspicion.

After a few days Ken explored the place, once he was feeling better and got a general tour.  He asked specific questions and learned important points about the layout and defense of the place.

Eventually Delmore had a talk with Bruce about their travel plans.  He said that now that the weather was getting quite cold that it was stupid to go further north.  He had no desire to live in an igloo.  Bruce reminded him that they had a vote on the subject.  Delmore said he didn't vote to go north.  He just said he'd go where Bruce went.  Now he was just pointing out that it didn't make sense.

 The original rationale had been to go north so the zombies would freeze up during the winter, but then they had to fight the freezing cold, but now they were talking about going to the coast where things didn't freeze, it just rained a lot.  So then, Delmore pointed out they'd have to deal with the cold, wet weather as well as the zombies.  He'd rather go where the weather was always pretty good, and they only had to worry about the zombies, since they were easy to handle if you were careful.  Bruce said the other aspect was that they hoped there'd be less people there in the North East, maybe around Vancouver.

'Why?' Delmore demanded.  Because its so hard to live there they all died off?  If it was as easy as was being made out, then there'd be hordes of people already there.

Bruce said he'd keep it in mind.

When he was feeling better, Bruce went next door to confront Brock about his fermenting plans to overthrow the place.  Brock blamed Sawyer for it all and said that he himself wanted to avoid violence if he could, but still, in his mind he was justified in taking anything that he felt entitled to for his own personal survival. No one was going to stand in the way of his own survival.

In the semi-heated debate they agreed that Sawyer was capable of becoming a chaotic loose cannon. Brock now claimed that he was only in conspiracy with Sawyer in order to try and stay in the loop as to his plans and try to steer him.  Bruce wasn't buying it.  He couldn't understand Brock's position through all of his double-speak, and Brock made no effort to make himself understood beyond voicing his personal opinions that the inhabitants of the colony were sick degenerates engaged in a big ‘science experiment’, chiefly because they had decided to try and save the human race through a breeding plan.

 His biggest mud to sling was the idea that they may try to take the women captive and force them to breed.  Bruce wondered if anyone had actually said something like that.  Brock reminded him that Bruce had been feverish and wasn't there when they first met the council.  Brock reserved judgment on that until he could hear it for himself.

By the end of the exchange, Brock had been arguing more and more irrationally and desperately, talking himself into a corner to the point that he entrenched with the idea that he was an enemy of their benefactors.  He said he was more in favour of taking everything they could, through trade if possible, or force if necessary, and getting away from the colony, and making a dash for the coast of British Columbia as they originally planned.  Bruce was firm that he wasn't going to allow anyone to do something that would make them all unwelcome, and would rather at least spend the winter in the colony before moving on in the spring.

Ken had been talking to Sawyer.  Ken suggested that if he was intending to try and take over, it would be better to infiltrate for a while until you learned everything you could and were in a position of trust.  He illustrated by providing some bits of information he'd gleaned already by being friendly and helpful.  When Bruce arrived to talk to Sawyer, they were both there.

When Bruce confronted Sawyer with his plan to take over, Ken interjected, and explained Sawyer's new plans on his behalf.  Bruce wondered why Ken was speaking for what Sawyer was intending.  He asked if Ken was Sawyer's puppet. Ken, feeling disrespected, said that Sawyer was just being smart about it and taking Ken's advice on keeping things secret for a while.  Bruce argued with Sawyer in the same manner he had taken with Brock, and with the same outcome.

After a couple more days, even Stacey was feeling better.  They had a group meeting, where they discussed the plans, including Sawyer and Brock's viewpoints.  Delmore was disgusted and Debbie and Hope were both against doing anything against their benefactors.  'Will' suggested that, Sawyer especially, should just go and join the Marauders and live the kind of life he seemed to enjoy.  Delmore agreed, reminding them that was his suggestion back a few days ago.

Sawyer argued that the Saints were large and powerful, and he didn't want to risk tangling with them, but these colony people were weak, and it would be easy to take everything they've got.

"Like what?  What more do you need?" Debbie asked.  Sawyer didn't know, maybe more guns...whatever they had that he wanted.  He didn't know everything they had but he imagined a lot.  Above all, he didn't want to follow anyone else's rules.

Ken was indifferent either way, but he said they should at least wait a while to see how things played out.  Vinnie seemed to agree.

They postponed any decisions until after the official meeting with the council.

The council made clear that they could leave if they wished, or stay and join the community.  When the group asked if they could leave later, the council said that situation had never come up with new arrivals.  People always chose to join them, given the chance. 

In light of their views, they said they would try to run a system whereby they could stay and work, and for every day of work, the council would be able to give them a sort of severance pay if they decided to leave.

The council also suggested that Debbie, Stacey and Hope were better off for everyone staying in the colony, but ultimately the decision was theirs. When asked about the enforcement of laws, the council said that the worst crimes, such as the willful murder of women or children, called for capital punishment.  Other offenses usually resulted in a prison sentence where the guilty walked on treadmills or rode stationary cycles to generate electricity to charge batteries, in return for their continued food.

The council agreed to give them time to decide.  With this knowledge the group went back to their area to converse.  During the deliberation, Delmore commented that they might as well send Sawyer down to the little room to ride a bicycle right now.  This caused a bout of trash-talking between them.  Brock interjected that Sawyer and Delmore might as well fight now and get it over with.

 Delmore said that he wasn't going to, because if he fought it, he wouldn’t stop till Sawyer was dead.  This caused another bout of verbal sparring.  Brock interjected and threatened that he wouldn't hit Delmore, he'd just throw Delmore off a balcony.  Delmore stared at him, sputtering with indignation, but didn't push the matter. Bruce warned Brock not to threaten anyone, and steered back to the topic at hand.

The consensus was to stay, work and see how things fared after winter.  'Will' was able to work in the small fabrication shop, while the others were immediately employed in salvage parties.  They helped bring in a late season harvest from a local farm field and the whole community got together for a big harvest season dinner.  The stress that had worked into their systems slowly dissipated, and they began receiving steady nourishment, though Brock continued to be irate, and clearly wished he was back on the road.

After a couple weeks, Vinnie and Delmore were manning the colony lookout, and the girls were helping to winterize the dwellings while the rest were dropped off in a little town to the east with a party to do some salvaging.  They were allowed to take their own firearms out of the colony as long as they turned them all in again upon return.

While they collected useful supplies, Sawyer nearly got bit by a legless zombie that was face down in a gutter, covered by a light dusting of snow.  It nearly bit through the leather of his boot, but its teeth tore out instead.  The others were on it immediately, hacking with machetes, and Ken tossed a throwing knife, all of which failed to stop it from trying to gum Sawyer's boot until one mighty swing from Bruce chopped through the skull and notched into the toe of Sawyer's boot.

Sawyer glared at Bruce...and there was a tense moment as they both wondered whether the skin had been broken.  Both were ready to fight to the death if the change started to come across him.  But it didn't. The notch had not gone deep enough.

Later in the week they heard that another salvage party had failed to return from their foray to the south west.  Vinnie and Bruce suspected it was the degenerate rednecks they had run into just before finding the tower colony.  The group offered the council their services to sweep and destroy the threat.  They sold them on their talents; the council agreed to send them out to do a pre-emptive hunting mission to eliminate the threat to their salvage parties.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Nov 8- Nov 14, 2023

The group made plans to go out and eliminate the degenerate rednecks.  The night before, Bruce visited Hope.  He told her that he noticed that she was uneasy around Brock, and made the offer to move in with him and Debbie.  Hope said it was okay, so far had left her alone in her own room and besides, they'd all end up together again soon.  They had been told the colony was about to shift to its 'winter mode.'  This is when everyone moved to the inner apartments. They had been heavily insulated with lots of salvaged materials to help keep as much body heat as possible. The ratio was upped to 8 per apartment to contribute the body heat.  They were told it was cramped, but effective.

Bruce also told her how sorry and guilty he'd been feeling, ever since he had driven away without her that chaotic night at 'bedrock'.  Hope wasn't sure what to think.  She had thought it had been her own fault for not running faster to catch up.  Bruce promised that he owed her, and would give her whatever he had in his power to give.  Hope couldn't think of what she wanted, so Bruce told her to save it for when she did know what she needed.

Meanwhile, Brock scrounged up some cardboard and writing utensils.  Using the atlas, he spent the day drawing himself a map that would lead him back to Los Angeles, his pre-plague home.  Later on he revealed to the others that once they were done with the attack on the rednecks, he was taking his truck and leaving.  He said he'd told everyone time and again his feelings on matters, and decided he was done with them.  He also said that any of the group who wanted to come was welcome.  None took the offer.

Delmore told Brock he was crazy.  For one, LA had been nuked, for another, all this time he'd been the biggest pusher and arguer for going north, now he was turning around to go south.  Brock had no answers to give Delmore.

Sawyer wondered how his plans would work without an accomplice, though he didn't bring them up.  Ken urged Brock to stay at least the winter.  Brock said he'd made up his mind.

On the hunting mission, to seek out and destroy the rednecks, Brock led the group in his 4x4 crew cab. Riding with him was Ken, Delmore and 'Ben'.  Behind them Sawyer drove his armored police interceptor with Bruce. (Bruce still wanted to keep an eye on him.) Vinnie stayed back in the colony on sentry duty.

They drove the road back to the freeway, Brock trying to remember the way to the farm they encountered the Rednecks at.  There was half an inch of snow on the roadway, but they made their way methodically.  A few hours into the trip, on a long stretch of freeway, they saw a row of dark shapes coming the other way, far ahead. It was a convoy, including some large trucks. It was the Saints!

The group spun their vehicles around and made the best speed they could back down the freeway.

Brock got too ambitious with his speed in the show, going off the road twice into the gravel shoulder and then sliding into an overpass guardrail.  Delmore yelled to watch what he was doing, and Ken gripped the dash tighter.  Further down the road, he lost traction again and hit the ditch like a ramp, catapulting the speeding truck into a roll.  The wrecked truck tumbled over three times, coming to a rest upside down.

Seeing this in the rear view mirror, a couple miles further, Bruce told Sawyer to stop.  Sawyer said "No way.  They're probably all dead anyway!"  Bruce insisted that they at least go and check.  To this end, he grabbed the wheel and slammed his own foot on the gas until Sawyer relented, and pulled a U-turn.

Everyone in the wrecked truck had sustained injuries.  As they tried to shake off the shock of the crash, the convoy pulled up alongside.  They could hear people getting out of vehicles.  Brock managed to unhook his seatbelt and slither out the compacted window with his M4 rifle.  Bracing himself on the wreck, he fired a series of shots that dropped several of the people that were running to the wreck with clubs, crowbars, meat cleavers, machetes and other melee weapons out.

He traded shots with some other marksmen from the convoy, taking out a couple of them before he caught a round in the throat.  Brock went down writhing, spurting his life’s blood onto the snow.  'Ben' had been knocked unconscious by the crash, but Delmore had gained his wits, and was desperately trying to free his M16 from the tangle of the seat belts.  Ken finally wriggled free of the wreckage and pulled his Katana.  He crouched in the cover of the wrecked truck, waiting for the onslaught.

When four of the marauders ran around the back of the wreck where Brock had gone down, Ken quickly dispatched them with a flurry of cuts from his Katana, taking only a small cut from knife.  A dual machete-wielding Mexican leaped onto the top of the wreck with a battle yell, but Ken quickly planted the katana blade in his chest.  He pulled, bringing the bandit in an arc overhead and slamming him down onto his back.  Ken yanked the blade free and took up a ready stance for the next customer.

Delmore, giving up on the tangled M16, drew his 9mm Beretta and got himself out of the wreck.  Not waiting for the next attack, he went running across the field, zigging and zagging and dropping prone at irregular intervals, trying to make it for the low hills 200 meters away.  Ken went running with him, imitating his evasive maneuvers.  The marauders, wasted a few shots on the fleeing men, and then dispatched several warriors with axes, crowbars and blades to catch them.

Meanwhile, Sawyer had stopped the car on a rise a quarter mile down the road.  Bruce told him to drive on up to help, seeing that their comrades were putting up resistance, and yet Sawyer still refused. To Sawyer it looked like a prison yard attack --victims getting mobbed.  He knew what that was like and he wasn't going to get involved.  Staying out of things had kept him alive.  Even with Bruce pointing his pistol at him, Sawyer refused to go and help, telling him there were too many, pointing out the two big rigs, the dozen trucks and cars and SUVs,  the two dump trucks and the tanker trucks, not to mention the dozens of people with guns and assorted weapons.

When they saw Ken and Delmore make a break for it, Bruce warned him he was going to shoot him in the head if they didn't get in there to help.  Sawyer yelled 'shab it!' and slammed down the gas pedal.  He tore up one side of the convoy.  He ran into a group of them, running people down, with bullets glancing off the cop car's steel plating.  At the end of the row, he spun around and angled up the other side.

Using Sawyer's submachine gun, Bruce fired out the side view slit to riddle the tanker truck with bullet holes as they passed it.  As they reached the front of the convoy however, a Molotov cocktail slammed down onto the hood of the car.  Sawyer tried to keep the wheel straight, despite the blinding flames, but he ended up going off the road.  When he hit the ditch, snow-laden bushes spilled and doused the flames.    Revving the engine, trying to get traction on the snow-covered grass, he fishtailed back up toward the road.  He noticed that the lead transport truck was revving its engine, sending up clouds of black smoke from its stacks.

When he got back on the road, Sawyer turned the vehicle to try to get away from the big rig, but his tires were doing more spinning on the snow than gripping.

The big-rig rammed into the back of the car, popping some of the armor plates and the trunk lid free.  The rear end crunched up like an accordion.  The jolt boosted the car ahead, and despite the damage, Sawyer steadily put distance between them and the big Peterbilt.  He was trying not to go too fast though, fighting to stay on the road.  He saw the convoy had sent a couple armored trans-ams after him, but he managed to stay ahead of them.

Meanwhile, Ken and Delmore were halfway to the hills when Delmore just couldn't run anymore.  He stopped, and turned around.   The pursuers were very close.  He took a couple shots with his pistol, gasping to catch his breath. They missed their marks, and his third shot jammed the weapon.  As he struggled to clear it, the closest marauder swung a sledgehammer at him.  Delmore was hit a glancing blow as he slipped backwards in the snow.  Ken, realizing Delmore had stopped had turned and was making his way back to help.

The marauder slammed his sledge hammer down into the prone Delmore's ribcage with crunch, and the black man spat up blood.  Ken ran in with his katana flashing, wishing he had the stamina of his youth.

One of the marauders, losing his sword in the fight spotted Delmore's pistol and dove for it.  Too late he realized it was still jammed, and Ken took off his head.  With the last marauder of the group finished, Ken saw that the convoy had moved on, to chase the fleeing Bruce and Sawyer.  He tended to Delmore and saw that he was suffering from a shattered ribcage.  As he treated him for shock, he saw that zombies were slowly closing in.

He dragged him back toward the wreck to try and help Brock.  Ken immediately determined that Brock had no pulse.  He grabbed Brock's M4 rifle, just as Sawyer and Bruce came driving up alongside. 

They had outrun and outsmarted the convoy.  When they'd gotten far enough ahead to get out of view behind a rise, they had taken an off-ramp and quickly got the car into an underpass then came back after the convoy had passed by. The convoy kept following the original tracks in the snow.  Moving quickly, they got 'Ben' out of the wreckage, collected Ken's heavy sniper rifle, and then piled into the mangled police interceptor the best they could.

Heading back to the colony, they were disheartened to realize that the convoy was still following the tracks they'd left in the snow earlier in the day, potentially tracking them all the way back to the new colony.  Just before nightfall, they saw that the convoy had pulled off into a farm area just short of the colony, behind the hill Vinnie had once used to scope out the town.

They quickly drove past the marauder camp and soon got across the one unblocked bridge east of the town and made it back to the safety of the colony building. Delmore was given into the care of the doctor there, and was given torso bandages and bed rest, though the doc said he was busted up really bad.

They reported to the council what had happened, asking for any kind of supplies they could use to booby-trap the one bridge and ambush the convoy when they tried to cross.  One of the young men of the colony came to the group and was interested in helping; A rustic, cowboy hat-wearing youth calling himself Sampson.  He gave lots of clever suggestions for helping to booby trap the bridge.

(This was the new character of the guy who had been playing Brock.  Luckily he already had his next character made.  For more info on how that came about, see the other thread.)

In the end though, the council said they didn't feel threatened by the marauders, even though they were clearly the Saints of LA that the group had dealt with before.  The council, three older men, pacifist-types, said they felt secure in their tower, especially since winter had come, and they prepared for the cold.  They knew they wouldn't have to venture out much for quite some time.  They were content to let the SoLA move on, freeze, or starve. 

The group eventually convinced them however to give the group access to sticks of dynamite, Molotov cocktails, and some ammunition.  The council gave them reluctant permission to do whatever they felt needed to be done for the safety of the community.

The convoy didn't try to cross the bridge that night, nor the next day, though the group saw lights over the hill that led them to believe they'd set up a more permanent camp.  Sentries reported that marauder cars crossed over the eastern bridge and drove around the town, scouting out the area, while others reported seeing some of them on foot up in the hills with long-range rifles.  It looked like they were preparing to lay some kind of siege.

Many in the colony were starting to get agitated and worried.  Bruce wanted to go in and see what they were up to, and Sawyer and Ken wanted to cause them some grief.  While they discussed plans, Bruce wanted to try to save the prisoners they had on the school bus, while Sawyer was dead set against it.  A truck pulled up outside the building, and one of the marauders started calling out on a megaphone that all they wanted were the ones they'd been following.  If they turned them over, then they promised to leave in peace.

Ken set up his high caliber rifle and promptly blasted the speaker's head to crimson mist and bone chips. The othersdrove off fast as they could.

That next night, Ken, Bruce and Sawyer went out on foot, taking the young Sampson with them as a guide.  They crossed the river via the train trestle, and snuck up to a vantage point where they could see into the marauders camp from the side.

The Saints had circled their vehicles, wrapping the outer perimeter in chain link fencing.  There were some trucks and cars there that hadn't been in the convoy, likely outrigger scouts.  They had put up scaffolds for fort-like towers at the ends of the cargo trailers for marksmen on sentry.  Inside the perimeter they had a dozen tents, including some military type modular tents.  They had erected spotlights on masts flooding the outer perimeter with bright light, and keeping the interior dark.  The group heard at least one generator running.  They estimated at least 120 people must be living inside their perimeter. Outside the makeshift fencing over one hundred zombies had gathered.

The group crept back to the tower before they could be spotted, and reported to the council. They demanded that the council put together some sort of raid against them.  The council had had enough of demands from the group.  They accused the group of looking for confrontation for their own ends. They took back the defensive supplies they had given, and suggested that they were free to leave whenever they chose.  In fact, if they left, the marauders might just go after them and leave the colony in peace.

When they left the meeting, Bruce reminded everyone that they were guests, and they'd have to behave themselves and abide by the council, even if they were wrong.  They'd just have to wait until the council asked for their help.  Over the next few days, there was no more contact with the marauders, and the group tried to live as ordinary members of the colony.

Ken and Sawyer asked about Sampson's background, and he told them he came from a farm collective that helped each other through the troubling times.  They had buffalo farms and the fencing kept out the zombies.  He said he'd been sent out a year ago to find other survivors to coordinate with, and that he'd sure like to go back there.  Maybe in the spring. He didn't want to drive his 'road boss' scooter in the snow.

Ken and Sawyer laughed at his 'moped', and then asked some more questions.  They started to consider paying the farm collective place a visit.

 Stacey burst into the conversation to tell Sawyer she was moving out of the apartment they shared, to go live with someone else, who will treat her better.  Sawyer blew it off, saying he could have her back any time he wanted.  Eventually the group shared a single two-bedroom apartment for winter accommodations. It was extra-insulated and on one of the lower levels, with carpeting over Styrofoam on the walls and ceiling, and had a sealed balcony.  Stacey moved into a different unit, with another group.  Delmore was still in the infirmary.

A few days later, Vinnie reported that sometime in the night, the marauders had erected smaller encampments at each of the bridges.  They were just  four or five vehicles parked in a small perimeter at each, with a half dozen guards.  It seemed like the Saints were trying to draw a noose around the colony.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Sampson.  The character to replace Brock.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Nov 15- Nov 17, 2023

The group was feeling a little bit frustrated, wanting to be proactive, yet forced to wait.

Vinnie visited Delmore in the infirmary.  He was doing okay, considering his broken ribs.  Dr.Cranton, the colony MD was looking after him, keeping the pain under control with diluted horse tranquilizers. Vinnie talked with him a while about his past.  He learned that the SoLA had came to the Bedrock cantonment where Delmore and some of the others had lived.  The Saints had harassed their collecting parties with increasing frequency.  They may have eventually moved in to attack Bedrock, but then Infection broke out in the cantonment that fateful night they ended up on the run.

This worries Delmore, as he recounts the tale.  He believes now that it may have been the marauders that somehow introduced the infection as a form of bio-warfare.   Vinnie agrees to try and get word to the tower-colony council, but they don't want to hear it. 

The council has just agreed to meet with two representatives of the Saints of Los Angeles, to discuss a partnership of peace in order for both societies to get through the winter.

When the two representatives of the vicious marauder group had arrived, the council ordered everyone to their room and to stay out of sight.  Vinnie was given his regular sentry duty at a balcony.  The representatives of the SoLA were given access via the garage, and escorted up the staircase to the council's top floor by the guards.  They hadn't brought any firearms that needed to be confiscated.

Vinnie, one floor below the council level began to wonder why the meeting was taking so long.  He was starting to get nervous about what Delmore had said.

  He suddenly heard gunshots above.  Unable to leave his post, he told his runner to find out what was happening.  When the messenger didn't return, Vinnie went upstairs to investigate.  When he got to the hall, and looked up the stairwell,  he saw a bloody, infected, rager come running down the staircase.  He fired at it in a panic and missed. Then it was on him!

 He tried to get free by hitting it with the butt of his rifle, to no avail.  It was tearing through his leather overcoat, when suddenly another sentry blasted its head off with a shotgun, splattering Vinnie with gore.

Without a moment's respite but to wipe the blood away from his mouth, two more infected came charging down, taking down the other sentry like a couple rabid attack dogs.  Thinking quickly, and possessed with terror, Vinnie ran down the hall heading for an alternate staircase.  The rager, hot on his heels reached out and caught him by his hood, but he tore it free and threw himself down the stairs.  The thing was still right behind, screaming and growling, making him unable to take even half a moment to turn and engage.

He tried to lose it on the next floor, running down the hall, with the thing just beyond arms reach.  He got to another stairwell and went running down, leaping to the next landing, getting off a few floors down, finally losing it. 

He took a moment to catch his breath and then made for the central staircase of the apartment building.  As he ran down the central stairs he encountered more of them coming down after him.  He was able to shoot them down before they got to him.

When he got to the right level the others in the group were staying on, he yelled to them, saying that the zombies were loose inside and they had to get the shab out.  Fearing the worst, they had kept most of their things packed into the suburban.  They grabbed what they had and fled down the stairs, amid the growing panic all around them.  Vinnie tossed Sawyer his pistol and suggested they take up the rear, covering each other in bounds, but Sawyer was already leaping down three flights of stairs before Vinnie even finished the sentence.

Down on a lower level, Sampson, the young farm hand, could hear the coming commotion from above.  Sampson grabbed his things and made his own way down toward the parking garage.

On the lowest defensible level, all the staircases had been eliminated except for the central one leading down to the parking garage. Two guards were posted at all times.  When the group arrived in advance of the chaos, the guards didn't know what to think.  They were supposed to keep unauthorized people from getting in, not people from fleeing out.

Vinnie and Bruce went to the infirmary on that level to collect Delmore.  Doc Cranton refused, saying that he shouldn't be move unnecessarily.  When they explained that the infected were loose in the colony and coming, the Doc said the best bet was to barricade themselves in, and wait for the guards to eliminate the infected.  Vinnie told him to get out of the way, and when the doctor wouldn't, he then smashed him in the face with the butt of his rifle.  Bruce and Vinnie helped Delmore up and out, and Vinnie grabbed and armload of medical supplies on the way out.

Bruce convinced the two axe-wielding guards to come along, and get away with them. They all raced down to the garage level.  Sampson had already made it down there and was trying to tell his mechanic friends to clear out.  They didn't believe him, until the others arrived and two bloody bodies fell down the elevator shaft to land with a splat.  The mechanics then ran to the stairs and went up, hoping to save loved ones.

The group and the two guards, Chad and Ortese, got into the suburban and took a GMC van.  They drove up the ramp, and Sawyer, driving the suburban tried to ram through the chainlink fence and through the zombie hoard that had built up.  He didn't have enough momentum.  He backed up, nearly ramming the van that was behind him, driven by Bruce.

On his second ram attempt, he made it through the crush of undead, and the van came right behind.  They took off down the road that led out of town, away from the river.  They didn't want to go in the direction of the Saints' camp.

Just outside of town, they spotted a road block made of two mining dump trucks.  When they tried to off-road it to the train tracks, the van got stuck.  Sawyer, driving the suburban made it to the tracks and kept on going.

Vinnie jumped out of the van and ran to a nearby ridge to get a vantage point on the roadblock, while Bruce got Debbie into the van drivers seat.  He and Hope then got behind the stuck vehicle and pushed to try and get the Van free.  Slipping on his face in the muddy grass, Bruce cursed and pushed again with all his might.  The van lurched forward several meters before bogging down again, spraying mud behind its spinning tires.

From the low hill, Vinnie could see the roadblock.  He saw two guys get in one of the big trucks and start driving toward where they had seen the van go off the road.  When it got less than 100 meters away he took a shot with his Lee Enfield and took out the driver.  He went running over to the driverless truck, but the other occupant took over and turned the big beast.  He started driving right for Vinnie.  Vinnie stopped, aimed and fired a shot through the front windshield, taking out that man as well.

Vinnie climbed up into the truck and found one of the men had a motorola radio.  He tried to impersonate the dead man, in an attempt to make the other guys at the roadblock drop their guard.  He then used the dump truck to get the van un-stuck by pushing at its rear.  The van, now free of the mud followed behind the dump truck as Vinnie drove it toward the roadblock.  He stopped 200 meters away, and propped his rifle on the front of the dumptruck.  He took out the one guard who was armed with an M60 machinegun.  The other guard took cover, spraying 9mm round from his uzi and climbed into the cab of his mining dump truck.

Vinnie put his truck in gear and drove up close enough to leap over onto the other truck.  He shot at the man taking cover inside.  When the black man surrendered and dropped his weapon, Vinnie shot him in the head.

Sawyer, Sampson and Ken who had been watching the proceedings from safety down the road, drove up.  They all looted the bodies, and then took the dumptrucks that were laden with buidling supplies.  They drove as a convoy for nearly 150 kilometers, until the dump trucks finally ran out of diesel.  They then carried on with just the van and suburban.  They turned off the main highway, and wandered some back country roads until they came to a small airport just before dark.

A quick search of an airplane hangar showed no zombie presence, and they stayed the night.  There were no zombie encounters that night, and none seemed to be in the area by morning.  A search of the area turned up a couple vending machines full of snacks, some V-8 juice and a small quantity of water remaining in a water dispenser.  They found the skeletal remains of a security guard, with his equipment.

While looking around the surrounding grounds, Hope found a metal hatch leading to an underground area, and ran to tell the others.  Vinnie predicted that it was a nuclear bunker or missile silo.  Leaving Chad, Ortese and Ken to guard the vehicles, the rest went down to explore it, and found it was a vast complex in heavy disrepair, the bottom filling with dark water.  Graphitti covered many areas.  They scrounged until they found some pistols with tins of sealed ammunition, some sealed batteries, and a small quantity of military rations.

A floorplan showed that it was indeed a 3-silo ICBM launch facility.  When Vinnie found a geiger counter, and put fresh batteries in it, he determined that the site had a definite radioactive level.  Unsure of what dosage was safe, they left the facility, only to find that radiation levels were higher above ground, and in the airplane hangar.  Even the snack foods and the bullets, water and batteries registered radiation levels.

Unsure of whether they should discard the items, they loaded up and drove. Sawyer passed a few bags of the potentially contaminated chips to Chad and Ortese to try.  The former colony guards readily accepted, unaware of the debate about radiation had gone on.  The others were disgusted when they found out the ex-con was using the two as guinea pigs, but none of them said anything.

 They passed other launch sites with their silos open, until finally making their way back to the main highway.  They drove another 100 kilometers before the radiation levels dropped off to negligible.  They turned into a driveway and pulled up to a ranch house intending to spend the night.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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When I ran that last game, I used this as a resource and for images of the abandoned missile base:

It's quite cool.

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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Freaky. Yet cool. Me likey.
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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Nov 18- Nov 20, 2023

At the ranch, the group parked the van and the suburban out in front of the farm house.  People were starting to feel nauseous and queasy, from their radiation dosage. It was already approaching sun-down.  Bruce, Sawyer, Sampson and ‘Ben’ were checking out the farm house. A zombie burst through the screen door at the back to attack Sampson.  He tried to fight it off, but it bit through his leather coat before it was killed.  Sampson was left laying on the ground, clutching his side in obvious shock and pain.

Bruce and Sawyer both saw the look Sampson's face and knew immediately that he had been bitten.  Sampson was in denial.  He wasn’t sure he’d actually been bit or not, protectively clutching the wound, he was telling the other two to stay back.  Bruce demanded to check the wound.

When he caught a glimpse of the flesh in the dim light, he saw that it was swelling and turning purple.  He instantly pointed his pistol at the young man.

Sampson tried to calm Bruce down, sweating and nervous, holding both hands out to forestall the gunshot that would end his life. "I'm not bitten....I'm not, dude.  Please.....don't shoot" he begged.

 Bruce couldn’t pull the trigger though, as he still seemed just too human.  He was waiting for the virulent disease to overcome him, trying to keep his aim steady.  Sawyer said he’d better do it, just to be safe. No sense being all sentimental where group survival was at stake.  

When he heard Sawyer say, 'I'll do it!',  Sampson finally snapped.

Sampson leaped up and fled the house out the back door.  Sawyer chased him immediately, firing several shots, one of which grazed him, but Sampson escaped into the darkness.

Ken came in to see what the shooting was about.  He noted that there were a couple of zombies out in staggering in the yard, and probably more coming, drawn by the noise of gunfire.  Greatly annoyed, Ken started trying to fortify the doors and windows with kitchen appliances and furniture.  Bruce and Sawye, the old enemies however were preoccupied with their newest in a long line of arguments.

Their argument about what to do with Sampson quickly spiraled out of control when Bruce decided he’d had enough of Sawyer once and for all. He drove a powerful right hook across the convict's head.  The brutal fight that erupted ranged all over the kitchen, clattering dishes, breaking the table, and splintering cupboards.  Vinnie and ‘Ben’ stayed clear of it, and Ken yelled at them to knock it off and help fortify against the zombies, but they were too deep into senseless combat to listen.

Sawyer, battered and bruised, finally slammed Bruce’s head into the counter-top and then onto the floor, beating him finally into unconscious.
 By then the others had come into the house from the vehicles; Brian and Ortese helping the convalescent Demore.  Hope and Debbie were in shock at the amount of blood from the hand-to-hand fight.  The two new guys, guards from the tower colony that had come with them, Brian and Ortese, wondered what kind of demented group would fight each other in such a time of peril, and said as much.

Sawyer,dripping and spitting blood, yelled at them; "Shut the **** up.  That's the way it is.  You don't like it, get the **** outta my house.  You keep looking at me like that, I'm gonna give you what he got, mother****er!"

  They didn’t know what to make of him, since he was acting like a lunatic, so they left the kitchen to try and avoid another fight, and went to the living room.

Sawyer followed them, all riled up and full of rage, and wanting to exert his dominance.  Brian, no small man, told Sawyer that he and Ortese now claimed the living room as their space, and it he didn’t leave there was indeed going to be another fight.  

Sawyer purposefully came into the livingroom and sat down on the easy chair.  Brian warned him once more, brandishing his wood axe.

Sawyer stared at him for a while, and then ruefully agreed to leave, but as he passed Brian, Sawyer quickly shanked Brian in the kidney with his concealed knife.  Brian staggered back.  Ortese moved to block Sawyer, and then Brian swung the axe and hit him with a terrible gash across the skull that knocked him to the ground. Sawyer, knocked nearly senseless surrendered and begged not to be killed.  Brian stood over him, dripping blood.  Ortese tried to bandage him, while Brian tried to think clearly on whether he should kill the helpless Sawyer.  He took Sawyer's pistol and knife away from him and told him to get away.

Ortese bound up his Brian's wound, and then when no one was paying attention, they both left.  Stealing the suburban, and most of the group’s supplies they drove off into the night.

Meanwhile, Sampson who had been hiding in the dark, trying to keep ahead of zombies that were congregating toward him, came around to the front of the house.  He waited until it was clear.  Once Brian and Ortese left, Sampson crept into the farm house before Ken finished re-blocking the front door.  Sampson ran upstairs, and slammed right into Vinnie who was searching the house with ‘Ben’.  Vinnie wasn't sure what the whole argument about Sampson had been. He didn’t seem like a zombie to Vinnie, so Vinnie assumed the issue was resolved.

Sampson fortified himself in an upstairs bedroom and set empty cans as an early warning if the door opened, and then hid himself in the closet.

Vinnie went downstairs to tell the others that he saw Sampson upstairs.  Sawyer, enraged again,  took the pistol off of Bruce’s unconscious body, as Debbie was trying to care for him.  Sawyer was intent on killing Sampson one way or another, but realized he was too weak and disoriented to do it right now.

Ken had had enough of the fighting amongst the group, and Sawyer’s antics.  Looking out for himself, he had gone up stairs to find the attic. It was a trap door with a folding ladder.  He got up into it, and pulled the ladder up behind him. He took refuge ther, away from the chaos that seemed to be infecting everyone.

The rest spent an uneasy night and most of the rest of the day.  People were very sick and vomiting from the radiation they had absorbed.  Bruce was awake, but still quite badly battered.  Vinnie was making Delmore as comfortable as possible, but noted that his internal bleeding had started again, and his other wounds were infected.  Without their supplies from the suburban, almost everyone was out of food and water and were beginning to feel the first hunger and thirst pangs.  The zombie moans and pounding were all around the house starting to wear on peoples nerves.  Some started to wonder how long the walls might hold up.

Sawyer had recovered a lot of his strength and was making plans to go upstairs to find and kill Sampson. Hope said that if Sampson was a zombie, he’d have come down looking for them by now.  Sawyer said that he was obviously just doing a slow turn. Slow turns were not unheard of when bitten by a shambler.  He asked Vinnie to go with him to kill Sampson. Vinnie agreed.  When they came into the bedroom and triggered the cans, Sampson got ready to shoot whoever opened the closet with his crossbow.

Vinnie opened the closet and saw Sampson.  Sampson looked up an Vinnie, but didn’t shoot.  Vinnie turned to Sawyer and said. “Zombie my shebs, Zombies don’t use crossbows.”

Sawyer yelled that he saw Sampson get bit and was going to turn soon.  Vinnie said that he’d kill him when he turned then, but he wasn’t convinced, and backed away.  Sawyer, unwilling to stick his own head around the corner to get a shot withdrew.  

Sampson, watching through the crack of the door, realizied Sawyer wanted to kill him that badly. He popped out and shot Sawyer in the head with the crossbow when his back was turned.  The bolt wasn’t a direct hit and furrowed his scalp.  Sawyer ran back downstairs and tried to drum up some support fir killing Sampson.

Bruce said he didn’t even have a gun anymore.  Hope told him that the gun Sawyer had was probably the one he'd taken from Bruce.  Sawyer hoped Vinnie would lie about the situation to back him up, but Vinnie, true to the Ranger code kept himself morally straight and told the truth about the incident with Brian and Ortese, how Sawyer had pressed the fight and how Sawyer had taken Bruce’s pistol.

Bruce, still in shock from having lost the fight, and in effect being tossed out of the de facto leadership position, told Sawyer he wanted nothing to do with him again, ever.  If he wanted to kill Sampson, he was on his own.  Meanwhile Sampson was throwing mattresses and furniture over the banister to try to block off the stairs.

Ken, relatively comfortable in the attic, called down to the others that the house was totally surrounded by zombies.  He said that anyone who had had enough of the in-fighting could join him in the attic.  But not Sampson; Ken wasn’t convinced he wasn’t going to turn into a zombie yet.

Sawyer was unwilling to try to go after Sampson by himself.  He got Vinnie to help him bandage his head wound.  Hope said that she thought everyone was going crazy.  Sawyer said that he was just trying to look out for everyone.  He said Sampson was as much a liability now as Hope’s father had been back at her cantonment when he got infected with the 'flu'.  

Hope, angrily denied it.  She said her father had come down with Influenza according to the camp doctor.  The zombie infection had gotten into Bedrock some other way.  She said it was wrong to kill someone who wasn’t a zombie, just because they were sick.  She said she’d had enough of this nightmare of not feeling safe and climbed upstairs.

Sampson, seeing no threat let her pass.  Hope asked Ken if she could come up to the attic.  He lowered the step ladder for her.  In the attic Ken gave her a bit of food and water.  She saw that he had been carving a hole through the ceiling to let himself up onto the roof for a potential getaway when the zombies broke in.  Hope started to feel a little safer again.

Bruce, realizing that Sampson was still thinking rationally and trying to defend himself asked to come up unarmed and talk.  He came up, inspected the wound again, and realized that by a miracle the zombie teeth had pierced through the leather, but had just pinched his flesh, giving him a terrible purple bruise, but without breaking the skin.

He returned to the ground floor to report that Sampson was fine, and probably not going to turn, though everyone watched him closely.  Sampson stayed away from Sawyer, and vice versa.  Even Sawyer seemed to relent, following Bruce's customary leadership.

By nightfall, things were getting worse.  It finally hit home that the zombies were eventually going to break in, and even if they didn’t they were going to die of thirst and starvation.  Delmore’s condition continued to worsen, and everyone was still dizzy and sick with radiation poisoning.

Bruce, in frustration went up to talk to Ken.  He took out his own frustrations of helplessness on Ken.  Ken, heated, argued back, feeling insulted that he was accused of hiding and abandoning the group.  Ken said that in his opinion,  their in-fighting, such as  Sampson, Sawyer, Bruce and the two new guys showed that there was no group anymore.  It was gone, and he was looking out for his own welfare, and now Hope’s too because she had seen reason.

Bruce told him that if they didn’t figure out a way to get out of here they were all going to die.  Ken told him to speak for himself, as he already had a plan to escape.  Bruce said that not all of them were capable of going out through the roof.  He wasn’t going to abandon Delmore in his condition.

Ken told him he can make his own, better plan, if he wanted, and he’d help if her could, but he was keeping his own roof-escape, and wasn’t going to stay and die for anyone.

They explored the basement and found heating oil that they might be able to use. While they were down there they heard a single gunshot.  They went up to find Vinnie standing over Delmore.  Delmore had a fresh bullet in his forehead.  Vinnie, very somber said that Delmore was gone.

“You shot him?  Please tell me that it was his choice,” Bruce said.  Vinnie just stared at him for a moment.  "I had to take care of a brother," Vinnie said.  "I’ve done it before.  Don’t worry about it.”

Deep into the night they all worked out a plan. The heating oil they found in the basement was put into containers for Molotov ****tails.  Sampson, still freaked out about having been hunted, advised that one of the most important things they do for survival was to get rid of Sawyer.  He’d already shown himself a huge liability.  No one was willing to take that step, and try to take out the big convict personally however.

They needed to try to cut down on the mass of zombies on the outside.  There were thoughts of using Delmore’s body as bait.  Vinnie stepped in, and said “No way.”  He’d kill whoever tried to defile the body.  

They tried to lure them to the doors from up on the roof and then threw the doors open, luring them into the farm house, while they climbed up to the attic and out to the roof.  A lot of zombies came inside, but there was still a lot to jump over to get clear.  Bruce and Ken threw Molotov ****tails down onto the zombies, despite Sampson’s warning that they’d burn the house down.  The zombies staggered into the house, and caught the house on fire.

Amid the rising smoke, Ken volunteered to try to jump over the horde and get to the van.  His leap fell short, and he landed amidst the zombies.  He fought and thrashed and managed to get clear of the grasping arms without getting bitten.  He ran to the van, and started it up.  He rammed into the zombies trying to clear them, and hit the house.

The others came to the edge of the roof and jumped down onto the roof of the van.  Vinnie reversed and got clear of the zombies as the house quickly went up in flames.  Down the lane, everyone piled into the van, and Ken drove down to the road and head east on the highway.  They realized the van’s gas tank was nearly on empty and they had no more fuel.  

After a short drive down the highway they saw a small town.  Hungry, thirsty, tired, sick and exhausted, they slowed down preparing to enter and scrounge for fuel.

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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Nov 21- Nov 23, 2023

At the small roadside town, still sick and nauseous from radiation, Bruce and Sampson team up to search for gas in the cold windy night.  Vinnie and Sawyer search another area of the town.  Most of the town had been burned down.

Sampson and Bruce talk about Sawyer being a liability.  Bruce said he took the van keys so they don't have to worry about him taking off on them.  Sampson reiterates that he would rather he did just take off and leave the group.

Meanwhile, searching a garage, some massive wild dogs attack Vinnie.  They knock him down and try to tear at his throat. They are particularly big and vicious.  He tries to shoot with his pistol but they are shaking and thrashing him too violently to get more than a grazing shot on them. Sawyer helps to fight them off, then uses some peroxide on the neck wound. Vinnie, more proficient in first aid, talks Sawyer through bandaging him up.  Sampson and Bruce soon show up at a run.

They all head back to the van.  Hope has killed a few of the gathering zombies with her crossbow.  They consider that since they are nearly out of gas they may have to end up walking.  They decide there is nothing of value in the burned-out town and decide to drive on what they have.

Hope asks Sampson to share some of his crossbow bolts.  He puts her off, saying that he will do it later.  She asks why later?  Why not now? He puts her off again, thinking up excuses, including that he needs them more than her, because he goes out scrounging.  She argues that she was keeping the vehicle safe, and if she didn't need them, how come there were four zombies with bolts in their brains just outside the van? She assumes he's just a greedy bastard being an shebs, and tells him to hurry up and get eaten by a zombie already so she can take what she needs.

A little way further down the highway, they come to a bigger town.  Once again they send out the search parties.  Before he goes, Sampson approaches Hope and gives her a few crossbow bolts.  She's still angry but accepts them.

Vinnie is getting delirious with hunger, thirst, blood loss from the dog bite and general exhaustion. He is starting to have minor hallucinations. He is feeling weak and trembling.  While they are searching he sees what, in his state, he believes is a 'nice doggie', and goes to pet him. 

Sawyer, observing, sees Vinnie reaching for something, saying "nice doggie".  Sawyer comes closer to see that it is a crawling, legless zombie and knocks him away.  Sawyer kills the corpse and guides Vinnie back to the van.

While Bruce and Sampson are exploring, they head down into a cellar/ tornado shelter.  Sampson reaches the bottom of the steps, and as he shines his flashlight to the left, a zombie grabs him from behind, and latches on.  It knocks off his cowboy hat.

Bruce tries to stab the zombie in the head with his blade.  He gets the zombie, but doesn't pierce the skull. Sampson is flailing and trying to throw the undead off him.  In the chaos, Bruce nearly cuts Sampson with the now infected blade.

Suddenly Sampson's cries of alarm and struggle change to shrieks of pain.  Bruce can tell he's been bitten, even as he finally pierces the zombie's head.

Sampson is on the floor quivering and twitching. Bruce starts backing up the stairs, with a growing feeling of dread.  The cowboy grows still.  He twitches once...then again.   Suddenly Sampson flies to his feet, full of bloody rage and bloodlust.  Bruce runs, slamming the doors shut and thrusting his machete through the handles to lock it.  He runs from the banging doors back towards the van.

He gets there, out of breath, trying to tell the others what happened. They hurriedly prepare to leave, but Hope is nowhere to be found.  Sawyer says to just leave, but Bruce refuses.  They decide to wait for her to come back. Vinnie, still groggy, grabs his rifle and gets up into a fire position on the roof to wait for the Sampson-rager.

Almost an hour later, Sampson has beat down the doors and has tracked down Bruce. He comes charging around the corner of the street.  Vinnie identifies him, running toward them.  He squeezes off a single shot and takes him down.  Hope, hearing the gunshot comes running from where she was searching some houses. 

She had decided to go out trying to prove her usefulness. Again. She is upset to learn that Sampson actually got bitten and turned.  She somberly takes the remainder of his crossbow bolts, and fetches his trademark cowboy hat.  She was thinking about the last thing she said to him.

(Yep.  That player has lost ANOTHER character.  It was pretty much just some really bad luck this time.)

Since its nearly dawn, they wait in the van, getting what sleep they can until sun-up.  Food and water are critically short.  Bruce and Debbie haven't eaten in almost 48 hrs.  The meager amount remaining is shared out.  Vinnie, feeling a bit better after some sleep, notes that Bruce is looking right out of it.  He's seen that 1000 yard stare before.  He suggests he stay with the girls and gets some rest.  He tells Hope to see if she can care for him a bit.

Debbie hears this. Insulted at the insinuation that Hope is closer to Bruce that she is, Debbie points out to Vinnie that she, herself, will take care ofBruce.

When the others are outside of the van, Vinnie gives Bruce a shot of medicinal morphine to take his stress down.

Ben butchers the wild dog carcass from the previous night.  He does this up on the roof of the van.

While searching some more later on, Vinnie sees another pack of wild dogs coming across the field.  He and Ken get a vantage point on the roof of a shed.  He shoots several of them, and Ken cuts some down with his sword as they bark up at them on the shed.  They also see some distant zombies making their way across the rolling plains toward them.

Heading back to the van, they hear a yell of rage.  As they run closer, dragging dog carcasses, the yell turns into a soul-wrenching cry of sorrow and moan of despair.  They see Ben up on the van's roof.  He is hunched over the bloody carcass.  Fearing the worst, the others prepare to fight.

Ben turns around to face them with a look of pure outrage.  "Look!  Look at my hair!"

They see his beloved rats' nest of hair is coming out in clumps due to the radiation sickness.  The others are relieved, considering what they suspected might have happened.  Soon Vinnie, Ken, Bruce and Debbie are also losing their hair.

When they head back out to scrounge for fuel, Bruce wakes to find both women are crying.  He is still dazed himself, between being drugged and malnourished and radiation sickened.  He tries to comfort Debbie, but soon passes out due to his lingering sickness and exhaustion.

Finding only a single gallon of gas, they take it, and decide to drive slowly down the highway.  Since everyone is still so tired, Debbie volunteers to drive.  Bruce sits up front with her and tries to make conversation, but she seems distant and withdrawn.  He finds, in the meager conversation, that she was married once before, and inadvertently brings up the fact that its probably good that she can't have children, which is deeply upsetting to her.

Just after sundown, they pull into a promising looking farm house.  They do a sweep, and find it empty.  Sawyer claims an upstairs bedroom and barricades himself in, not trusting the others.  Downstairs, Vinnie breaks apart some furniture to start the fireplace, and Bruce helps by dismantling some cupboard doors.

'Ben', wearing a hat made of uncured wild dog pelt, that he calls his 'hair', sets about preparing and cooking up some of the dog meat for the group.   After the meal, Ken finds a room, and invites Hope to share it with him so they could 'watch over each other', like back in the attic.  She agrees.  Bruce and Debbie prepare to sequester in the downstairs bedroom. Vinnie is concerned with everyone neglecting security.  He is angrily adamant that he's not taking the middle of the night watch yet again, just because he's the only one with any discipline. Bruce agrees, and if Vinnie takes first he will take second.

Debbie is feeling miserable.  She cries, upset that she is old and now her skin is red and blotchy and her hair is gone, and she feels horrible. Bruce, with morale issues, and medical problems of his own isn't much comfort for her.

Ken convinces Hope not to sleep in the closet, and to share the bed with him.  When he gets closer to her, she warns him off.  She tells him that no boys are allowed to touch her.  Ken points out that he's a man, not a 'boy'.  Hope includes men with boys.

Vinnie wakes Bruce and then goes to sleep on the couch by the fire.  Bruce later wakes Ken, who finishes his watch and bangs on the wall of the upstairs bedroom to wake Sawyer.

In the morning they start to search the grounds.  The temperature is hovering around 0 degrees celsius...the freezing mark.  They discover that they are only a half mile from a golf course.  They avoid the zombies near it, and enter the clubhouse. A search turns up some minor supplies, and a Subaru Outback in reasonable condition, but no fuel.

They walk back toward the farm house.  From the field they see a pair of reinforced cars driving fast down the highway.  The cars don't slow or stop, still heading east out of sight.  They are disgusted to think that the 'Saints' might still be following them, though they didn't see any SoLA markings.

Back at the farm house, they find several zombies clustered around it.  They move in to dispatch them, as freezing rain begins to fall.  Inside the house, they gather all containers they can to catch rainfall.  Vinnie uses some of the shampoo they found to clean out the sink, and then he and Bruce begin filling it with rainwater.  They heat some of the water over the fire in order to take care of hygiene.  After a hot meal things seem to be going well.  Bruce is starting to come out of his slump, feeling more human again.

At night, Ken tries showing off for Hope, trying to get her to notice him in a sexual manner.  He uses his workout routine and martial arts exercises and tries to entice her to participate. She doesn't seem interested, and he eventually relents.

In the morning, Bruce wakes from a restful sleep, his morale slowly returning.  When he rolls over,however, he finds blood in the bed. He soon discovers that in the middle of the night, Debbie opened her own wrists in a moment of despair.  He is devastated and in shock.  He somberly leaves the room to inform the others.

They go out to dig her a shallow grave in the icy falling rain. Sawyer, the murder convict, tries to say something comforting, but Bruce just glares at him in disdain.  Bruce then tells them all that he will say his piece alone.  'Ben' stays with him a bit, offering him a swig of alcohol.  He takes it, then 'Ben' takes some.  Out of respect 'Ben' pours some onto the grave for Debbie.

When 'Ben' leaves, Bruce apologizes to Debbie for not being strong for her when she needed him.  He shakes his head, and goes into the house. 

Ken is bewildered by the suicide, not really sure what Debbie was all about. Hope is heartbroken and withdraws further into herself.  Vinnie acknowledges Bruce's loss, but takes it in stride.  It happens.

Without fuel, they begin wondering how far they are going to get now.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Nov 24- Nov 27, 2023

After coming in from burying Debbie, 'Ben' and Will drink some more.  Vinnie, trying not to be insensitive, reminds everyone about the desperate need to be scrounging in the nearby town, and tries to get the others into gear. They walk to the town as a group, and then split up to search.  They find very little in the town.  A cold rain is still coming down. They get back to the farm house cold, wet and miserable just before nightfall.

They re-barricade the door and those who have some dry clothing change into them.  Wet articles are hung by the fireplace to dry. They settle into night routine, eating the remaining scraps of their food.

In the middle of the night, while on watch, Sawyer detects someone at the front door.  He investigates and finds a man drenched from the rain trying to open the door.  He quickly questions him at gunpoint, and then feeling un-threatened, lets him in.  He's a survivor who has been walking for some time.  Sawyer gives him a place to sleep by the fire.  (Yes this is the new character to replace Sampson)

In the morning Vinnie is startled to see the stranger.  He whips out his gun to interrogate the newcomer.  Sawyer vouches for him, but that's not convincing enough for Bruce or Vinnie.  The new guy, Kyle, tries to explain that he just needed a place for the night, and indicates he'd like to join their survivor group after losing his own comrades some time ago.

While Kyle gets dressed, Bruce makes a snide comment about Sawyer having checked him out, likely 'prison style.'  Kyle is shocked at the implication that Sawyer might be into sodomy.  Sawyer, in a spike of anger, makes a lunge for Bruce, but trips and stumbles.

Bruce draws his one-shot home made 'zip gun' and points it at Sawyer, saying he's had enough of him. Taking a lunge at him is too much for Bruce to have to take, after their major fight. Sawyer, heavily annoyed, says he just tripped and that Bruce is paranoid because he got his shebs kicked.  He draws the attention of the others; "Look, once again Bruce is threatening me with a gun.  It happens so many times I've lost count. "

 Bruce, dangerously close to being psychologically unhinged, demands that Sawyer give up his pistol.  He just doesn't trust the convict at all.

Vinnie steps in and says that he gave Sawyer that pistol to use. Bruce tells Sawyer to give it back to Vinnie or he's going to shoot the con in the head.  Sawyer shakes his head, telling everyone who will listen that Bruce is off the deep end, totally stressed out, and its only a matter of time before he'll be threatening everyone. 

"Point it at your own head di'kut. Pull the trigger, save yourself the misery and save us all the trouble," Sawyer tells him.

Kyle, the new guy, says that for what it’s worth, Sawyer seems like a nice guy to him; he did let him in after all.  If it will help defuse the situation, Kyle says that he will take the gun, as a completely neutral newcomer to the situation.

Vinnie, Sawyer and Bruce, nearly laughing at the absurdity of the suggestion, agree that that isn't very shabla likely.

The standoff continues for some time.  Vinnie tries to talk Bruce down.  Bruce counters that he's not flipping out, in fact he insists that he's quite sane and calm.  Vinnie, points out that he's been drinking heavily lately and is still likely hung over.  Bruce says it doesn't change that Sawyer is the bad guy.

Finally Sawyer relents and gives the pistol back to Vinnie.  Hope and Ken come downstairs and wonder what all the yelling was about.  Vinnie suggests they take the van into town with all of their supplies so they can make their base in the town itself in an old garage he spotted.  It will cut down on time wasted walking back and forth.

On the way Kyle explains that he's a mixed martial artist, who was preparing to hit the big time until the apocalypse started to happen.  He said he's studied styles as diverse as Sankukai karate, Thai boxing, Hapkido and Jeet Kune Do; Bruce Lee's style, (who is a personal hero of his...him and Mr. Miyagi. ) He says that Ken looks a lot like Bruce Lee, and thinks that’s cool.  Ken isn't impressed by the talk, especially when he has to point out that Bruce Lee is Chinese, not Japanese.  Kyle later says he knew that, that he was just joking.

They drive the van, nearly on gas fumes, into the town and park it.  They do a search in the town and turn up a small cache of canned goods. Vinnie gives the pistol back to Sawyer.  While Vinnie, Sawyer and Kyle are searching some houses, they hear the roar of throbbing engines.  They dart across the street as the first few bikes of a motorcycle gang come into view.

Fearing that they've been spotted, they go through a house and out the back and into another house.  They go up to the second storey and watch out the windows. The bike engines have stopped, and they see leather-clad Harley-Davidson bikers searching around.  They are white, scruffy and definitely not the SoLA.  One blows a whistle and then calls out to Vinnie and the others:  "We know you're around here, and you aren't zombies, so just come out!"

Vinnie sees that they're armed with melee weapons and pistols.  He answers them saying that they don't want trouble, they're just looking for food. He grips his rifle, ready to fight.  When asked who he's with, he says they aren't with anyone, just wandering survivors, but he used to be a RANGER.

The bikers call over more of their own, and soon there are a dozen of them.  The leader wants Vinnie to come out and talk.  Vinnie reluctantly agrees. 
Sawyer says he'll go to.  They tell Kyle to stay back and cover them.  "Sure," Kyle agrees, though not exactly sure how to cover them from the second floor of a building...with a baseball bat.

They talk with the enigmatic leader of the bikers, who says they represent the Apoc Angels.  One of the bikers recognizes Sawyer as 'Knuckles' from the time they spent in San Quentin together.  He mentions it to the leader.

The Apoc Angels leader tells Vinnie that he's on their turf but they are willing to overlook it if they sit down and talk with them a bit.  Vinnie, agrees and hopes for the best, calling Kyle out. The bikers tell them to meet them at the garage and then they get their bikes and pull out.

When the bikers, (twenty-odd strong, with a couple 4x4 trucks and a half dozen or so women), are out of sight, Bruce, Ken and Hope come out of hiding, having heard the motorcycles.  Vinnie explains that the Bikers seem reasonable enough.  Bruce is concerned but doesn't have much choice.

Back at the garage, the group points out that the van is theirs.  The Biker's road boss is 'Duke'.  He says that it’s on their property, and everything on their turf belongs to them. But to show their good faith, they aren't going to contest it. They make some introductions.

Duke says they were on their way down to Bikertown from up north in Manitoba but got heavily delayed.  Now the weather is really slowing them up.

The group tells the bikers that  they were just wandering, trying to survive.  Duke says they should come to Bikertown, it's the closest thing to 'real' civilization.  He explains how the Apoc Angels are an evolution of the old Hells Angels, the saviors of civilization, despite being traditional outlaws and rebels.  In the post-apocalyptic world, laws have no meaning, so anyone can be a didn't mean anything anymore.

The true strength of the biker lifestyle is the free spirited yet organized a wolf pack.  He goes on to explain that Bikertown was an oil refinery that was guarded by a security group affiliated with Blackwater International;  Ex military, special forces Navy SEALS and the like. They did an excellent job of keeping the place, and the local civilian workers, secure despite the zombie outbreak and marauders that followed.

But what they had, others wanted.  The Hells Angels and other outlaws and marauders tried in vain to penetrate the defences for months.  One man, 'Spince', united the bikers under the 'Apoc Angels' banner.  Over several years, in a time known as 'The Biker Wars', the organization became large and a mongol horde.  At the end of the Biker Wars, the ultimate prize was had.  The refinery defences were breached and the defenders had to surrender.  They expected only death or worse.

But Spince had control, like a modern Genghis Khan.  He gave the refinery back into the care of the security types, to hold and preserve in his name.  The condition was that Apoc Angels members be always welcome.  They worked out a system of barter and basic currency.  The bikers now have a home base to venture out from, and the civilians have a large group of scroungers that bring back valuables from the greater continent.  The Apoc Angels are the amalgamation of hundreds of renegade bikers and other riding clubs.  Duke's pack is just one of many out on a season of free riding, and bringing back goods.

This tale intrigues some of the group. Vinnie asks about the currency they use.  When Duke says its food-based, the basic unit of barter being the 'c', rather than the dollar.  "Calories?" Vinnie guesses.  "Cans" Duke replies, "A can of food is the universal standard for trade."

Duke says he wants to deal with the leader of this little ragtag group.

Sawyer steps up and says that he himself is the leader.  Bruce counters that.  Duke says that any sane group needs one man in charge.  They'd better figure out who it is, and then he'll deal with that man.

This discussion between Sawyer and Bruce quickly becomes heated.  Sawyer says there is no way he'll follow Bruce any more.  The new guy, Kyle, says that Sawyer seems a decent enough guy. 'Ben' says Sawyer should definitely not be in charge.  He's hated Sawyer for a long time now. 
Vinnie doesn't think Bruce is stable enough lately, and he gives credit to Sawyer for trying to reform his ways.  Hope is unsure and remains quiet...all of the confrontation all the time is making her feel terrible.  Ken says that no one is the boss of him.

Bruce can't believe Sawyer is getting people to think he's a better, reformed person.  This frustrates him more.  He reminds everyone that Sawyer has been ready to leave every one of them high and dry at one time or another.  Bruce calls out to Vinnie, asking why he doesn't try the position of leader himself.  He's got an army background, he should make a decent leader.

Vinnie reluctantly agrees, and no one has any objections to Vinnie speaking for the group, but Ken points again out that no one is the boss of him.

Vinnie goes to talk to Duke.

Duke says his offer is simple: One option is: The bikers will leave the group on their own, probably to die, since the area has been picked over pretty well, and he adds they are in the middle of 'Indian territory'. 

The other option is that the bikers give them fuel for the van, and guide them down to Bikertown in Texas.  In return, upon arrival, the group turns the van over to the bikers.

Vinnie asks about what they'd do then.  They'd be stuck there, with no means of travel or payment.  Duke reminds them its a barter system down there.  Surely they have things to trade.  Vinnie wonders about the value of their items.  Duke tells him that the knife he's carrying could be traded in for the equivalent of 10 or maybe even 15 cans. A pistol might fetch 50 to 80c.  The van is worth about 300c.  He gestures at Hope, and says that very pretty red-haired girl would be worth twice a typical woman.  Maybe like 200c.

Vinnie says that she isn't for sale. She doesn't do sexual things, not even with the japanese guy that has been watching over her lately.  Duke says that if she's a virgin, her price might even double.  If they didn't want to sell her outright, they might think about just renting her out for a while.  Just something to think about.

Bikertown is a four day trip, maybe a week depending on road conditions.

Vinnie, after some tough thought, agrees to their terms.  When he goes to pass on the info to the others, Bruce is worried about ending up stranded in a town of cut-throats.  He also points out that they have almost no food.  Are the bikers going to feed them too?

Vinnie goes back to ask Duke.  Duke is mildly annoyed.  He says he doesn't usually re-negotiate contracts, but since the group is getting along well and cooperative, he'll consider it.  Vinnie tells him they need food.  Duke says they have a lot in the back of the truck, but they are bringing it back to Bikertown.  It's a season's worth of employment.

Vinnie says they don't have any cans to buy food with...they can't very well buy food with food.  Duke explains that the 'can' is the universally accepted currency, but everything has a can-equivalent trading value.  He reminds him about the knife.  Duke says he'd trade 10 cans of food for it.  Vinnie, thinking of the group, offers up his M4 assault rifle.

Duke says that'll feed them for the whole trip and then a bit more. He promises to give him a bit of 'change' at the end, depending on the length of the trip.

While they rest, the bikers warm up with a trashcan fire.  They are chilled to the bone from riding in the cold. The group shares in the biker's communal pot of stew. It's not a lot...the bikers don't like to 'eat' into their profits too much.

Sawyer talks with his old buddy, Longley, a very large, round and bulky biker who used to be an enforcer for the original Hells Angels.  He had been serving time in prison for multiple assassinations, including a cop.

 He tells Sawyer about some of the other groups the Apoc Angels are perpetually at war with, including The Ghost Wolf Nation, (a band of 'redskins'), The Brigade (and bunch of army guys and wannabes that took over Ft Hood.), The Lords of Death ( a bunch of anarchist sickos), The Road Pirates and Redliners (A recently merged car racing and automotive combat group), and The Texas Rangers ( Used to be survivors centered around a group of Law enforcement types, until there was a leadership overthrow.  Now they are marauders.) He says that Sawyer probably already knows about the Texas Rangers, since his buddy Vinnie says he was one. He then shakes his head.

Sawyer says that Vinnie is no marauder.  He said he was indeed a ranger, but he meant ARMY ranger.  "Whoa" the biker says and quickly goes to pass on that info to the two guys that were planning on knifing him for belonging to the rival group.  They get the word just before they were going to attack.  Vinnie isn't sure what was about to happen, until Sawyer explains in private.

Bruce is feeling nervous around all the criminals, especially he is concerned about the frequent looks they giving to Hope, and wonders about Ken who has been very quiet.  He overhears that a couple of the bikers are ex military, one of them is a very grizzled old 'Nam vet.  Another one, Danny Boyle, apparently used to be a cop himself.  Bruce finds an opportunity to talk to him and find out his story.

Boyle says he used to be a New York state trooper, and when the apocalypse happened, he tried to help people survive.  After a couple years on the highways, he always ended alone and outnumbered.  He had to join with a biker gang or perish. Since then, he's glad he did.  Bruce tells him he's a cop.  Boyle says not to sweat it too much.  The old world is gone.  The new rules are what matters.  As a history buff, he says that groups like this are what survives dark ages and preserves humanity for the eventual return of civilized life.

Bruce notes that there are several women in the biker gang.  Most of them are looking various levels of hot, in that biker-trashy way. He asks about them.  The biker says that every biker pack runs a bit different. Women are generally commodities that get shared around. Outside of Bikertown every pack's leader is the absolute boss, and has a tough second in command to help enforce his will, a 'sergeant at arms'.

 In Duke's pack, before heading out for a season, Duke holds competitions for each woman.  The winner gets to 'keep' that woman as his bitch for the full month or season.

The boss and the sergeant at arms can take any of the women whenever.  The senior and regular members can compete, but the senior members always get first pick as to who they are competing for.  The prospective members...usually kids from Bikertown who want to join the pack can't compete for the women, until they are full members.

He points out one girl in her mid teens.  "That's Nina, she's our newest girl.
Duke bought her in Bikertown for four cases of beer." He explains that all the girls are basically 'married-off' for the season, but the men can loan them out to the other members in return for trade. 

Bruce discusses this with the others, and wonders if any of them might be able to buy some time with one of the ladies. He says he personally hasn't been laid in such a long time.  The others glare at him.  Vinnie points out that Bruce buried his girlfriend yesterday, and that he's the only one besides Sawyer to get any action for months, if not years.

"Still, a week is a week," Bruce maintains, looking hungrily at the wild and loose seeming women.

Vinnie identifies a girl that he finds attractive.
 He asks around and finds she's paired with Ed Cook, the mean, bitter old biker who was a 'Nam vet.  He asks him if he could get some time with the lady.

"You a member of the Apoc Angels?" The old guy spits.

"No," Vinnie replies.

"See those young guys over there?" he gestures to the prospective members. "They are trying to be members, and they aren't getting any action, so why the hell should you?"

Vinnie nods and goes away.

Kyle, asks around and finds one of the ladies, Penny,  is matched up to an older biker named 'Mad dog'.  He recalls from the introductions that Mad Dog went to prison for a while for running a prostitution ring.  He goes up to deal with him, and finds him a relatively friendly sort. They work out a deal, and he introduces him to the girl.  Kyle takes her into the back of the van. 

Sawyer has made a deal with his old buddy, Longley, to borrow his woman, Dawn.  He bangs impatiently on the door of the van, waiting for his turn to use it. Sawyer quickly finds out that her attitude closely resembles Stacey's.  It helps him to give her a good, rough, hard session.

 Bruce tries to work a deal to get time with the woman he heard used to be a porn star.
 He quickly finds he has nothing to trade that the biker who 'owns' her wants.

They stay the night in the garage and get an early start in the morning.  In the van, they follow the convoy of bikes.  The two trucks drive behind the van.  They travel over 400km that day, heading out of Nebraska, down into Kansas.  They stop well short of sundown in a tiny roadside town the bikers seem to know well.

The group gets out to do a bit of subsistence scrounging, and then partake of the communal meal, and supplement it with a bit of their own remaining food to stave off hunger.  Kyle confides to Vinnie that Mad Dog is quite reasonable about renting out his woman.   

The transaction is successful, and Vinnie takes her in the van.  She's seems like a sweet girl, not too corrupted by life on the road.  She tells him she's 20 years old.  He confesses that she looks a lot like a woman he used to work with, and always thought was sexy.  She shows Vinnie a good time, which he takes full advantage of.

Later on that evening, a biker asks Vinnie who to talk to abut having a go at the little 'Desert Rose' meaning Hope.  Vinnie tells him that its not up to him.  If anyone is 'with her' it would probably be the japanese guy Ken, but that not even he has been doing her.

"What's the hold up?  She's perfectly ripe.  Saving her for Christmas?"

Vinnie says he'd have to talk to Ken.  When the biker asks Ken about it, Ken tells him no chance.  The biker accepts this, but reminds him they are going to Bikertown, and its built on trade.  Sometimes you have to be willing to trade what you've got to get something you need.

Kyle takes the time to introduce himself to the biker pack's enforcer, the sergeant at arms, Rick Jameson. 

Others have said that he's the toughest motherfucker around.  Kyle feels it only proper for one warrior to make acquaintance with another. 

He asks the biker where he got his fighting skills from.  "The only place that really counts," he replies.  Kyle surmises that he's a survivalist type fighter. He isn't too friendly, but Kyle didn't expect a man with his job, stature and position to be.  He felt good at least identifying himself, even if the biker didn't think much of Jeet Kune Do, at least he admitted a bit of respect for Bruce Lee.

Another day on the road follows the night.  The air is already getting warmer and they make good time, crossing down into northern Texas from Oklahoma.  Despite the group's nervousness, Duke decides to camp out the following night in the open.  They pitch their tents.  The bikers tell them not to worry about zombies.  There aren't a lot in the area after the biker wars and they always have at least two guys walking perimeter security.

Sawyer asks Longley where Bikertown is.  He says it's just southwest of Houston, about 30km from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  Sawyer asks if there are beaches.  Longley nods. 'Nice.' Sawyer says, remembering the cold they are leaving behind. Another two days on the road and they should be in Bikertown Longley tells him. 


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Should I continue posting these?  There are a half dozen more before the game ended, but it takes a while to re-type them, so I want to make sure it's worth the effort.

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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Please do...I love these...
Lists of games I play:
-- Star Trek Online
-- KOTOR (1 and 2)
-- Terraria
-- TF2
-- Magicka
-- Left 4 Dead 2
-- Garry's Mod
And nearly any other F2P game on this planet.


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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Ah yes.... loyal, loyal Ky'ram.  Methinks you are the only one.   :)


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Re: Apocalypse: The Human Race
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The Walking Dead on AMC has resparked my interest in sharing these.

okay...where were we?

Oh yes:

28 Nov - 2 Dec 2023

Bruce doesn't trust the bikers, but he goes along with the will of the group.  After a few days travel they arrive at a large fortress, like a medieval castle, out in the desert.  Bruce feels very uneasy about not being armed, but the others seem to have no problems, so they enter.  No sooner do they walk in before a net falls down on them from above.  The whole group is tied up in the net and helpless.  Bruce watches in horror as the Saints of LA pull their vehicles into the stonghold.  The leader of the marauder group walks over to the biker leader and hands him a bulging gym bag of supplies.

'You di'kute!' Bruce screams at the bikers, as they drag Hope from the nets and begin tearing her clothes off.  He tries to be brave as the massive chief of the marauders walks slowly towards him, drawing a big revolver.  He points it at Bruce's forehead, smiles and tells him 'goodbye copper'...BLAM!

Bruce awakens from his terrible nightmare, where the bikers have led them to the SoLA in return for payment. He is relieved to find out that it was just a very vivid nightmare. (I actually ran the start of the game as if it that is what was really happening, just to make it seem real.  Just when the SoLA were going to kill the helpless and tied-up Bruce...I told him he wakes up.  Everyone was relieved, even though I was telling it from Bruce's perspective.)

The group is still camped out by the road.  It is the early morning.  There is a chill in the air, but its not frosty.

When everyone gets up and begins packing for the day's journey, Vinnie comes to Bruce to talk about Hope's low spirits, and how to snap her out of it.  Bruce sidetracks the discussion, with something bigger on his mind.  Sawyer.  Bruce asks him why an Army Ranger like Vinnie, who lives with the code of 'never leave a man behind', among other noble sentiments, would end up being buddies with Sawyer who is always ready to leave anyone and everyone behind.

Vinnie says that its Bruce always pulling guns on Sawyer all the time, but not the other way around.  He says that Sawyer is reformed now and he's getting better all the time.  He really wants to talk about Hope, not Sawyer.  He doesn't want to see her 'off' herself like Debbie did.  Vinnie thinks that Bruce might be able to talk to her, since he's known her the longest of the group, and he's a sympathetic person.

They both talk to Hope together, but she still seems very depressed.  She's upset because she thinks she killed Sampson.  She remembers that  she actually said that he hoped he got bitten by a zombie, and then, right after that, he did.  

During the talk, they find out that the reason she doesn't let anyone touch her, is because her father told her that any boy who touched her would turn into zombies, then they'd have to be killed.  She says that when she was 14 a boyfriend kissed her, and the next day he got bitten by a zombie while part of a scrounging party.  Her father told her that she was cursed because of her red hair.

Bruce surmises that in that instance, Hope probably told her father about her first kiss, and he arranged to have the boy killed on the next trip out.  Either that or it was just coincidence, and that her father lied to her because he was so over-protective.  Hope doesn't believe it.  Vinnie and Bruce both try to convince her that the plague doesn't work that way.  Hope, in frustration, threatens to kiss Bruce and Vinnie to prove it to them.  Bruce says that's a chance he'd be willing to take.  

Hope doesn't go through with it.  Despite really believing it, she says she just couldn't bring herself to kill them in such a cruel way, just to prove her father was right.

Later on, Kyle tells Vinnie that he's grateful for what he's done to negotiate with the bikers to keep them fed, and offers to train him to fight in one or more of his martial arts styles.  Vinnie says that he is already trained in hand to hand combat, but he will think about the offer.

That day they travel past the nuclear blasted remains of San Antonio.  They end up camping out off the highway again in a wooded area.  The bikers tell them they are in 'Brigade' territory.  The 'Brigade' is a marauder group that utilize a lot of military supplies and equipment.  There aren't that many of them, so the chances of encountering them are small, but they usually have a lot of firepower. They are based somewhere at Ft Hood, the largest army base in the US.  They drive in hummers and seem to  have lots of ammo for their machine guns.  They kill bikers, or any other groups on sight.

Kyle offers his training again to Vinnie.  Vinnie decides he wouldn't mind picking up a bit of Thai kick boxing.  Kyle begins showing him the basics.  

Bruce asks the ex-cop biker, Boyle, about how he likes being with the bikers.  Boyle jokes with him that he's just 'under cover'. He then explains that he was robbed by the bikers a few years ago, but they left him alive. After wards, he went trying to chase them down, nearly naked and virtually weaponless aside from a sharpened stick.  They liked his spirit and brought him back to Bikertown where he worked odd jobs for a bit, scraping up excrement.

He said he reallyknew that life was getting better for him at Bikertown when he realized he was no longer worried just about day to day survival.  He started to get bored with mere survival, and saw that the bikers had the best of both worlds: a secure base to live in relative civilization, and the open road to see sights, enjoy freedom and scavenge enough to make them well-off.

So he went through the process, got taken on as a prospective in Duke's pack and ended up being a member. Since then they've driven all over North America, and even as far south as central america.  He admits that this time however they are a little behind; normally they have a big 2 ton truck to carry their scrounged salvage, but it rolled and burned, so now they are heading back nearly empty-handed.

Bruce asks more about Bikertown, wondering what to expect, and wondering how safe they are going to be, especially with Hope.  Boyle tells him that there aren't many laws in Bikertown, but the fact that there are laws at all makes it safer than out in the wasteland.  ARMS, the former employees of 'Armed Response Military Security' corporation, are the law enforcers.  Bikers are otherwise top of the chain, then come the civilians that run the town and make it function.  The lowest are the 'Transients'.  Transients are expected to look after themselves.  No one is allowed to just kill them or steal from them, but if a transient goes to ARMS and complains that something was taken from them, without the wounds to prove they fought for what's theirs, don't expect much sympathy from them.

The typical punishment for a transient is to be put outside the front gate.  Soon as the gates close, the guy usually starts running; he's got 5 minutes before the guys in the sentry tower start shooting.

The group travels again the following day, but Duke calls a halt just after noon.  He explains that they are almost out of fuel. He hoped they'd have enough, but the van just sucked a bit more than anticipated.  They find a barn to fortify, and then they pool all the remaining gas into two bikes.  He sends two of his men on the bikes to pick up some fuel from Bikertown, and bring it back.

In the meantime, they set up a sentry roster, and while away the hours playing poker, and throwing blades for sport.  Bruce and Vinnie do more training, and Ken does his own sword practice.  Sawyer gets involved with the biker's card games, but they aren't interested in non-members getting in on the blade throwing competition.

Kyle tries to talk to Hope, about seeing if she's feeling better.  He tries to talk to her about his eastern philosophy, but she ends up thinking his notions are crazy.

The next day the two bikers come back loaded down with fuel containers. They make the last haul to Bikertown.

The group finds that Bikertown is surrounded by progressive perimeters to channel enemy down main approach paths.  They enter into a fenced off gated area where they are sniffed by dogs for any infection.  On the other side of the metal barrier is the sprawling refinery.  People live in wide swathes of areas, like tent-cities around the oil reservoir silos.  The bikers bring them to a transient area and tell them to make a claim on a patch of real estate.  Will puts up his tent.

The bikers take the van as per the agreement, and give Vinnie a couple dozen cans of food as 'change' for his assault rifle.  They are reminded that cans are currency.  If they have anything they want to trade in, to take it to the 'general store/ bank'.

Bruce, Vinnie, Sawyer and Kyle go there and trade in various articles for currency, either cans of food, goods, or strips of stamped metal that stand in for fifty cans worth.  Sawyer buys a 3 man tent for himself, because Will won't let him sleep in the 8 man tent he owns.  Kyle asks to stay with Sawyer.  He agrees.

They look around for work, and find various jobs posted.  They learn that the refinery gets its oil from pumping derricks some 600km to the west, and that every few weeks a tanker truck needs security.  They also see that ARMS hires supplementals to help patrol the perimeter and man the guard towers.  The convoy security applicants need their own vehicle, and in both cases they need to pass an ARMS tryout.

Vinnie, interested, asks some patrons at an outdoor bar, 'The Blind Bomber', serving out of the converted side of a school bus.  They tell him that ARMS tryouts are every few weeks, and that the next is in 3 days.

Sawyer and Kyle are asking about jobs for 'tough guys', and see if the bar needs security. The owner of the 'Blind Bomber' points to the pair of black-clad assault rifle wielding ARMS men patrolling the area.

They go to the indoor bar/nightclub/restaurant called 'Painted Black'.  They find there is a 2c cover charge.  Kyle talks to the two security guys and says they just want to speak to the owner.  When they ask who they're with, Kyle says they aren't with anyone.  The guys tell them to "go shab off; damn transients."

Sawyer says he'll wait outside while Kyle asks about work.  Kyle says fine, but if there's only one opening, he'll take it himself. He pays the 2 can charge; a couple cans of dogfood from his gym bag, and goes in to find the owner.  He offers his services as a good fighter.  The owner, Frankie, says that most of the people in Bikertown think they are good fighters.  He can only support so many security persons; they'd have to prove it.  Kyle asks how, and Frankie tells him he'd have to win a grand match in The Pit to consider him.

Kyle goes out and tells Sawyer.  They find out that potential spectacle fighters for The Pit have to audition.  The best way is at the ARMS try outs.  It's also where bikers see who the good fighters are, when it comes time to select prospectives.

Sawyer, not liking being treated like a 'scumbag transient' goes to talk to his biker buddy, Longley, and see if there's any way he can skip the prospective stage and become a full member of the biker pack automatically.  Longley says that's not done unless he was a patched member of a major motorcycle club from before. Sawyer asks if Longley can vouch for him, and if his prison sentence and history is an asset.  Longley explains that you have to prove yourself to the group, and then they vote you in or not.  They don't know you until they've spent a good deal of time on the road with you.

The group starts realizing they need currency, and they are going to need to eat.  Investigating jobs, they find that working in the refinery is the top job for a civilian, but it's very competitive, and very hard to get. It's a lifetime career in Bikertown.

 Sawyer, Kyle and Vinnie all plan on going to the ARMS tryouts in 3 days, for various reasons; to become a supplemental security man, to become biker prospectives, and/or to become spectacle pit fighters. In the meantime, they go to work on the hog farm, shoveling osik and feed. They are fed bread, beans and given 1c as payment daily.

In the evening, after the first day of farm work, Vinnie, Kyle and Sawyer find a bath house.  Kyle convinces them to get cigars from the general store.  They soak in the hot tubs side by side, smoking their cigars, get hair cuts and shaves and enjoy the relative good life.  Hope finishes her own bath and they bring her along to find some entertainment.  They see that the 'House of Sin' has a live show.

They soon find that it's a live sex show. On the stage, two women are with one guy.  They ask Hope what she thinks.  She says she's never seen anything like that before, and doesn't know what to think. After the show they take her to the 'Blind Bomber'.

Vinnie buys a round of beer, Hope drinking alcohol for the first time.  Hope asks Vinnie about what they saw at the show. She doesn't understand the concept of some of the oral acts she saw.  All Vinnie can really say is that the three were 'having fun'.  It's all about 'feeling good'.  Maybe she could try it some day, he suggests hopefully.

While they are having a relative good time under the patio lanterns of the outdoor Texas bar, a biker from a nearby table invites himself over to see if he can intimidate Vinnie into buying him a drink as well.  Sawyer tells this Biker to shut up and go back to his table.  This of course starts a shoving match between them.

Kyle watches the other bikers, ready to intercede.  The biker throws a punch at Sawyer, and then 'its on like Donkey-Kong'.  When the other three bikers get up to help their buddy, Kyle intercepts and after a flurry of powerful kicks and strikes, two of them are down hard, while the remaining one sits back down.

Vinnie and Hope watch the the show, as Sawyer beats the biker down.   When the biker is down and bloody, the two ARMS guards who have been watching the whole thing, step up and **** their rifles. They see that the bikers are dragged out of the place. Sawyer and Kyle go back to their drinks, feeling pretty good.

Hope asked why there was a fight.  They explain to her how some people are just mean and want to take advantage of people.  Taking advantage is like stealing.  Hope wants to know why people steal, why people don't just go and find a house to scrounge for things themselves.

In the conversation, she is dumbfounded when they explain to her that every house out in the wasteland used to have one or more people living in it.  It's just too many people for her to comprehend.  By extension, it's the first time she'd ever made the connection that all the hundreds of zombies she's seen used to be living people once.

In the discussion, the guys realize that Hope childishlly believes that food and items actually 'grow' in the houses; that after a house has been looted of goods, that they will eventually grow back to be looted again, like fruits on a tree.  No one has ever explained it to her, as she never knew the old world. When they tell her that houses don't generate cans of food, she says that she's not a kid anymore; she doesn't believe in 'The Scrounger Bunny' anymore, so they must grow. The guys just look at each other.  Scrounger Bunny?

Hope explains that one of the guys back where she grew up used to talk about the Scrounger Bunny that left things for the search parties to find.  That's where the treats they brought back for her came from.  But now she knows that houses just grow the stuff.

Before it gets too late, they go back to their camp.  Kyle fishes out a bottle of Cognac he has.  They have a few drinks (Hope coughs it up through her nose.)   Hope says she'd impressed with how they dropped those bikers when they were being rude.  Kyle tells her that he could teach her how to fight too.  Hope says she already knows how to fight.

"Okay, hit me," Kyle says.  The slightly inebriated teenage girl punches him right in the face.  Kyle, caught completely by surprise, shakes it off amid the laughter of the others.  Hope asks if anyone else wants one. Sawyer suggests that Ken's a good fighter, maybe he'd do better.  So Hope goes into the tent, to where Ken is sleeping, and punches him in the face. Ken, wakes up, shocked, and isn't sure what just happened as Hope ducks out of the tent giggling drunkenly.

Grinning, Kyle asks her to do it to him again. This time he blocks it.  He tells her he can train her if he wants.  She isn't interested, and says she's very tired and then gets ready to turn in, anticipating another long day on the hog farm.  Kyle asks Hope if she wants to come into the tent with him and Sawyer.  She is tipsy, but says no.  Vinnie tries to sleep as close to her as he can, but finds Ken in the way.  The men are forced to relieve their tensions alone, in private.

The next day is a long and hot one.  At the end of the work day, they get cleaned up back at their camp.  Hope says that a girl she was working with mentioned that you can get really good 'prepared food' at the 'Painted Black' place.  Kyle says that’s the place with the cover charge. She really wants to go, but doesn't want to go alone.

Vinnie, Sawyer and Kyle go with her.  They find out that pretty women don't have to pay cover.  "Some things never change," Sawyer notes.

The place has got a stage with a pair of brass poles, a pool table, a few card tables and some dart boards.  The pretty waitresses double as the strippers.  There is an interesting menu posted.  Vinnie recommends the pancakes and syrup for Hope.  Vinnie gets a barbecued chicken, Sawyer a beef steak, and Kyle orders the chicken wings. They get some beer, and Vinnie buys Hope a can of coke.

They look forward to seeing their beautiful, perky blonde waitress 'MJ' on the stage.  Hope is interested to know that the women get paid well for getting up on the stage and taking off their clothes.  Vinnie suggests that she might be able to make money that way, if she wanted.  Hope thinks she'd be too shy.  Kyle points out that no one would be touching her at least.  He also suggests that the town has a coral, she might go and work with horses.

A rough and tough looking biker called 'Skeeter' who says he's friends with Duke's crew introduces himself.  They invite him to sit at their table.   Vinnie buys him a beer. Kyle asks him where the town's unattached women hang out.

Skeeter tells him that there is no such thing in Bikertown. All women are pretty much spoken for by one man or another. Like property. The biker leaders pick up new women at the shelter/school when they come of age.  Women who get pregnant are provided with free food and lodging in the shelter until their kid is a year old. The shelter is run by ARMS and a cadre of former teachers.

They ask if it's possible for a woman to be a full member of a bike pack; without also being a sexual toy.  Skeeter says that a lot of women are very useful members of a bike gang, in combat and scrounging and guard duties, even driving, but in the end, their most useful talent his pleasing the men on the road.  No women are forced to belong to a pack, and ARMS will ensure they can leave and work as a civilian at any time, but most seem to like the life as much as the men, as well as the prestige that comes with membership in a pack.

Skeeter realizes then they they are talking about Hope, in a veiled way.  He says a nice little lady like that has lots of options in Bikertown.  They could even make arrangements with the owners of the 'House of Sin' to auction off her virginity.  They could make 'some serious can'.

Sawyer asks if it's possible to start your own biker group. Skeeter says there are 41 registered bike packs.  You'd have to get the biker council to recognize and register your new pack.  There are also independents; transients that go out into the wasteland to scavenge and bring back goods as well.  The only difference is that they have to pay 4c per person on re-entry to Bikertown, and don't get the other perks of membership in a biker group.

They tell him they are going to the ARMS tryouts.  Skeeter lets them know where and when it'll take place.  He says ARMS will be making records, and there will also be a number of representatives from all of the biker packs, scouting out prospective members.  They ask him if he knows if Duke is looking for new members.  Skeeter says he isn't sure, but since they had some bad luck out in the wasteland, they'll be wanting to head out again soon; possibly as soon as next month.

They ask him about The Pit matches.  He tells them that the tryouts are fist fights, but in the spectacle matches they throw random elements into it, including randomly determined weapons, and other oddities.  The prizes are usually not enough to make a living on alone, but the fame garnered can be helpful in other pursuits; if you survive.

They thank Skeeter for his information, and head off to bed.  Still not sure of their futures, they know their first step will be the ARMS tryouts tomorrow.