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Kal Squad: Shorts
« on: January 27, 2010, 08:23:15 AM »
So, here’s a little short that I wrote for Kal Squad. Just something to keep y’all interested. Let me know what you think please. If you like it, then I’ll put more up every now and again. Cheers!


Kal Squad: Training
Training Ground, ARCA Company Barracks, Coruscant
181 days ABG

     “No, no, no. That’s not how you do it”, said Ve’vut to his brother Slice. “You have to grip the hilt like this”. He showed him, all four fingers and thumb wrapped solidly around the hilt of the polyplastoid weapon, “You have to keep you thumb on the hilt too, otherwise you don’t have the strongest grip, and less control of the weapon. See”?

     Slice moved his thumb accordingly, rolling the instrument around in the air a few times to get the new feel for the weight. “Nice”, he commented, “feels, more balanced”.

     “See? What did I tell you”?

     “Oh shut up mir’shebs. Where did you see this anyway?”

     “The Jedi Temple oddly enough”.

     “The Temple? What were you doing there”? Slice asked, his voice a mixture of curiosity, amusement, and perhaps mild jealousy.

     “Remember that little “job” that Camas had me do for him”?


    “Well, I escorted some high-ranking Senator and his son to the Temple because the Senator thinks that his son might be Force-sensitive or something”, Slice noted that Ve rolled his eyes at this point. “So when we get there, the “clone” is left to stand around and try to not get in anyone’s way. And let me tell you: I have never felt so outranked”!

     Slice laughed. “Considering that every Jedi is an officer I’m not surprised”.

     “Yeah, so as I was trying to be invisible in my lovely gold armor”…

     “Which you need to repaint by the way, you make a shabla nice target you know”.

     “Don’t interrupt: it’s rude… Anyway, as I was standing there, I started watching these Padawans in a side room with the… little-green-what’s-his-name-General”?

     “That would be Yoda, you di’kut”.

     “Yoda. Right. So I started listening to him talking to these Padawans about how to hold their lightsabers properly”, he said indicating the weapon in Slice’s hand, with his now-proper grip. “Then, if you can believe this, the little fella’ drops his cane, pulls out his little short lightsaber, and after they all bow all polite like to each other, he proceeds to drop all six of ‘em”!

     “Really? How did he manage to do that”? He’s not exactly a springy young guy is he”.

     “Oh trust me vod, he’s plenty springy”!

     “Hm, that so sounds like something that I should check out for myself”, Slice said with a familiar tweak to his mouth. “Oh wait! I’m just a soldier. I only go where I’m told, with no privileges… Hmm, what to do? What to do”?

     They were interrupted as Ram’ser and Fixer, stepped out onto the training field, both carrying polyplastoid weapons as well. Ram’ser, Ve’vut noted with a groan, had a particular twinkle in his eye that meant that this would be a particularly intense session.

     “Ah fierfek, and it was turning out to be such a nice morning”…

So, can someonetell me they they go about centering the title in the page please? I can't figure it out, LOL.
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Re: Kal Squad: Shorts
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Sorry. This site doesn't let you center. I've tried.

Awsome short though! I needz moar!!!


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Re: Kal Squad: Shorts
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2010, 02:01:26 PM »
Great job:) I really love the dialogue and the squad dynamic you've created here. I'd love to see more.