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Re: To Train The Elite
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"I think I might go fishing. I remember growin' up we'd jump into the sea with nothin' but our skivvies and a knife. Kill the biggest fish you ever saw. Twice the size of a man," Gerd responded, gesturing with his hands. "Those were the good old days. What about you? You're mandalorian, probably had a osik'la childhood. Seems a common theme with you lot"

"Only if you were anti-social." Mag said sarcastically as he entered the lounge. Taking a plate of the offered food, he examined the 'meat' with suspicion. He decided against it, and sipped some water with a sigh.

"First Platoon wins!""And how do you figure that?""The others cheated.""I say they improvised.""They cheated!""THEY ADAPTED AND OVERCAME!"

Find an excuse to win.

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Re: To Train The Elite
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Name: Lucky (RC-0555)

Rank: Seargent

Skillz: Assassination, infiltration, CQC (Close Quarter Combat)

Quote: Nothing I love better than getting behind a trandoshian merc and sticking my knife down his throat and hear that muffled scream!

Quirks: Loves to get in close and kill, kinda puts himself at risk a lot. Also left handed.
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Re: To Train The Elite
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OOC: You do realize this game is set on the premise that the players are either Trainers or Clones being trained? And that the premise of your character is  not in-line with the RP?

Drake is flamboyant, and may go over the top, but if he were not that extrovert then who would move things along?


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Re: To Train The Elite
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"Jotik over her yanked on them one too many times. I'm too sore to thing about how sore I am" the boy responded.

Tomad gave a snort, "Better than cracked ribs any day."


Cin shook her head as she finished her soup.  "Farming and medicine. Best childhood ever."  she grinned and sat back. "Anyone up for a game of dagger toss?" She had a feeling the rest were either going to show up and join them or they were sticking to their own quarters for a while.

OOC: i don't mind a bit for having other players join in, but please check the bios posted on the first few pages and make sure you understand the time frame if you need help or ideas feel free to ask  :)


"Ash" thanks to Mereel!