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P.D.C. Commando
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Year: 2056

 -Helmet cam video streaming-

"Blues, inbound!" Sarge yelled. Fahal watched as another wave of BlueStar terrorists get dropped in from a helicopter. BlueStar was a terrorist group that was just found in 2047, and had technology that was even better than the U.S. Army itself. Fahal fired, and got one of them in the stomach. The terrorist flopped over, bleeding. After that, Fahal aimed at another terrorist and pulled the trigger.
"Reloading!" Fahal yelled as he pulled his current clip out, dropped it, and clicked a fresh one in place. His squad - Sarge, James, Hal, and Threa (pronounced Thray-a) - were covering him as he reloaded. After he was done, he looked back - and saw a BlueStar tank that he had never heard of nor fought before.
"Get down, get down, get down!" Sarge ordered just before it shot and blew a hole into the building behind them. Everyone ducked, and James grabbed his rocket launcher from the ground. Army intelligence assumes that the BlueStar had been found around 1996, and they had been hiding in the Caucasus Mountains of Asia/Europe, getting ready for a full-scale invasion of all the countries surrounding them. Seeing that they hadn't been disturbed from their research and getting ready for war ever since they got there, they had some pretty high-tech weaponry and armor.
"Lighting it up!" James yelled, and a thick trail of smoke led straight to the tank. They heard an explosion. Fahal peeked his head up, and the smoke cleared. It wasn't even scratched. The tank shot again, and this time it hit the building to their right.
Static appeared on the video box in Fahal's HUD, and then he barely saw his commander.
"Pull - chrtzzzz - there - chrtzzzzzzzzz - fast - chrtzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - they have - chrtzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - the rest of the-" The commander was saying before being cut off.
'They took the rest of the city?' Fahal thought.
"Lets get out of-"

-End of helmet cam video-


Year: 2367

"BlueComet? Who the heck are they?!" The general said to the reporting commander.
"That's what was painted on the side of their command ship." The commander said. Someone had invaded the planet of Hargel, and the general of the P.D.C., or Planetary Defense Corps, was just getting his combat report.
The general took another look at the casualty report.

Human deaths: 76,927,823

Battlecruisers: 37
Destroyers: 23
Cruisers: 41
Fighter Carriers: 19
Fighters: 239
Fighter Bombers: 127
Bombers: 43

"How could a terrorist group, of all things, kill that many ships, and still have the firepower to wipe out the entire population of Hargel?!" The general yelled.
"I don't know sir, but I think we should retaliate." The commander said.
"You think we should retaliate? We have to retaliate. We can't let them get away with killing over seventy million people!" The general yelled. "Commander, tell the fleets Alpha 1 through seven to prep their ships for battle."
"Yes, sir." The commander said before he walked out. When he got to the elevator, he hit the button that get's him down to floor B16, the hidden hanger of the P.D.C. stronghold on their most militarized planet, Planet Shayman Haw. The planet was named after the founder of the P.D.C., Shayman Haw. The commander walked straight through all the chattering pilots, captains, and crewman to the Admiral's lounge, where he knew they would all be at, at this time. He opened the door, and saw all the Admirals sitting in chairs, talking.
"I would like to speak with the Admirals of the fleets Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Alpha 4, Alpha 5, Alpha 6, and Alpha 7 please." The commander said. Seven of the Admirals got up, and went to the briefing room. The commander followed. All the Admirals sat down.
"As you all may know by now, Planet Hargel was recently invaded by a new threat that calls themselves, BlueComet. General Yuranean has ordered your fleets to launch a counter-attack immediately. We can't get any intel on what they have over there, as our probes have been wiped out as soon as they got there. The general expects you to do your best to take Hargel back from these terrorists. Do I make myself clear?" The commander briefed the Admirals. They nodded, and walked out.
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Re: P.D.C. Commando
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Chapter 1

Year: 2369

Ramon flew the Apocalypse Squadron fighter around the enemy BlueComet fighter carrier, and made his run past their hanger, blasting a few of their fighters.

"Blue, on my six!" Apocalypse Eight yelled across the radio. Ramon checked his radar, and saw an orange dot being followed by a blue dot (Blue dots mean BlueComet, and orange means P.D.C.) in his squadron being chased by a BlueComet pilot.
"Hold on Apocalypse Eight, I've got him in my sights." Ramon replied. He had been fighting the BlueComet for two years, ever since they had started fighting them. They had been fighting above and on the planet of Hargel one week after it was invaded, and it was a tough battle so far. The BlueComet had just kept coming, taking back ground bases just after we fought to get them, and the battle in space was endless. He had been assigned to six different fighter carriers, being assigned to each new one after his old one was demolished. Right now, he was assigned to the P.D.C. Phoenix. Ramon got a lock on the BlueComet fighter, and launched a AF68 missile. It struck, and the BlueComet fighter was left floating in space.

"Thanks Apocalypse Five, I owe you." Apocalypse Eight said with a sign of happiness in his voice. It didn't last long. About ten seconds after he said that, he was shot down by an enemy Anti-Fighter missile. Ramon looked to the right of where Apocalypse Eight had been, and saw an enemy fighter. He turned towards the BlueComet fighter, and managed to get a lock. He pressed his thumb down on the trigger, and lasers impacted on the enemy fighter's engines, and then it exploded.


Ramon landed his fighter on the P.D.C. Sand Dune. Once again, he had been re-assigned to a new fighter carrier. The P.D.C. Phoenix had been destroyed by an enemy barrage of missiles.
"Welcome to the Sand Dune, Lieutenant." A commander greeted as Ramon opened the ****pit of his fighter. Ramon took off his helmet, and climbed out.
"Good to be here, commander." Ramon said as he shook the commander's hand.
"I suppose you're the Apocalypse Squadron leader?" A voice said from Ramon's left. He turned, and saw a man with the decagon patch on his shoulder, which indicated that the man was a general. The patches for the ranks in the P.D.C. were different from what planet defense militia had. A triangle patch means your a private. A square patch means you're a corporal, a square patch with a smaller square in the middle means you're a sergeant, a pentagon patch means you're an officer, a hexagon patch means you're a lieutenant (Ramon's rank), a hexagon patch with a smaller hexagon in the middle means you're a lietenant first-class, a hexagon patch with two smaller hexagons inside of it means you're an admiral, a heptagon patch means you're a commander, an octagon patch means you're a level-one general (no, no stars), a nonagon patch (9 sided) means you're a level-two general, a decagon means you're a level-three general, a decagon patch with another decagon in the middle means you're a level-four general, and a decagon with two smaller decagons inside means you're a level-five general. Ramon saluted.
"No sir, I'm Apocalypse Ei-"
"Not anymore. Your squadron leader was killed, and you're gonna take his place." The level-three general said. "And by the way, you have permission to speak freely."
"Sir? You mean I'm being promoted to a lieutenant first-class?" Ramon replied. He was excited about becoming the squadron leader, and he knew the general had noticed.
"Yes, lieutenant." The general said as he pasted the small hexagon into the middle of his patch.
"Thank you, sir!" Ramon said as he saluted again.
"Well, your welcome. Now, it's back to business. We need your squadron to hit an enemy base down on the ground, which we've been trying to take for days. We'll have Yellow Squadron follow you guys in, covering you, because you won't have the maneuverability to take them down, nor will you have the firepower." The general explained.
"So we're gonna be flying bombers?"
"Yes, lieutenant. We need that base demolished, because we know that if we just take it again their gonna launch a counter-attack a we'll lose more men. I'd rather have them lose their men, and a base instead of them just losing a base and then taking it back, giving us more casualties. Now that you know what we need, go brief your men and have them ready to go planet-side ASAP." The general ordered.
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