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Where Loyalty Stands
Chapter 1: Starting Off on the Wrong Foot

   If Kamino had one thing in excess, it was water. Or at least that’s what Cedric thought as he stepped through the doors from the landing pad and was greeting by one of the cloners. Now white wasn’t a bad color in general but it was yet again something they had to much of. The walls and everything else they made appeared to be that color as he took glances around the place.

   “We are so glad to have an Ambassador come to our world from Corescant. Now what can I do for you?” asked the Cloner as the long hands made gestures as he spoke.

   Cedric couldn’t help but get an odd feeling; it was only a year after Genosis and already casualties for clones were high, “I’m supposed to have this squad of clones assigned to me for any diplomatic missions I make. I usually end up in the hostile negotiations as a friend put it.”

   “Very well,” answered the willowy Cloner as he grabbed the documents and read through them. He seemed to pause rather surprised if they ever got surprised and read it once more, “This is rather odd but I’ll show them to you now. They’ll be here momentarily.” With that, he hit an odd button that Cedric hadn’t even seen in the wall and heard an odd ping.

   “I’m supposed to be training a bunch of clones on how to blend in?” muttered Cedric as he yet again checked his chrono and leaned against the wall. It’d been an hour and he never was a patient person. As if answering his call, the door hissed open and four children walked through with military precision. They stopped with an about-face to turn and stare at him.

   Arc-Trooper 836 had never seen a live human from another world beside the other group’s trainer but the fact that this one looked to only be nineteen wasn’t comforting. The guy in looked to be around five eleven, with what could only be called shaggy brown hair and brown eyes, followed by clothes that could only be called common. ‘What was so special about this guy anyways?’ he thought frowning at this newcomer.

   “I thought I was training adults or at least someone my age,” Cedric implied looking at the group of kids in front of him. That line was dangerous in front of a Cloner and could get them killed for not being up to the expectation. He forced down a shiver and stood silent with the others.

   “I assure that they may look young but have the same maturity as you and age quickly. You’ll find them trainable and useful; they’ll make your world proud,” the Cloner tried putting on a human smile of assurance but it failed. Trooper 836 saw the twitch in Cedric’s face and the anger in his eyes in response to the comment.

   “My people age slower and our world was destroyed to almost nothing by the separatist. Palpitine didn’t care and neither did these clone troopers because it wasn’t of strategic value. Tell that to the families that were massacred,” shot Cedric in a bitty fury and then slowly calmed down. Trooper 836 cringed inwardly yet again; at the rate this Cloner was talking he and his brothers were going to be dead. Then Cedric surprised him as he spoke up again, “I find the thought of stealing someone’s life terrible but I need all the help I get for my next mission. So yes, I’ll except them as part of my squad. Now if you’ll excuse us I want to get to know them.”

   “Very well,” bowed the Cloner as he departed with another glance and was gone.

   Now they just stared at each other from one face to another as they stood still. Trooper 836 took the moment to take control, “Sir, what orders do you have for us?”

   “Please call me Cedric,” the guy laughed casually as he stopped leaning, “Sir, is-was my dad or when I’m at negotiations.” Cedric, now standing, walked over to them and smiled politely, “Well you know me, now how about telling me your names.”

   “We don’t have names, Si-Cedric,” caught ARC-473 as he looked back at him and slightly cocked his head as if sizing him up. “Why did you decide to take us anyways?”

   It seemed to knock Cedric off guard and he just froze looking at them before speaking, “I had a bad feeling that you’d die if I didn’t.” He shrugged afterwards and then walked to a nearby door, “Well, follow me. I’ll show you where we’ll be bunking and we can talk on the way.” Falling into step, the Clones quickly followed after him.

   “What exactly can you teach us?” asked Arc 836 as they walked down the hall, “You don’t look very military like with the clothes and haircut.” If he was to protect his brothers, he’d have to get to know this guy quickly.

   “Well I’ll make this yes no answers and you can all answer at once because I’m betting I know the answer already. Do you know the major and lower crime syndicates?”


“How to make underground contacts?”


“How to sift through information from any source reliable or not?”


“How to be good at politics and negotiations?”


“How about music? Can you sing or play an instrument? Maybe dance?”

“We can sing. Why?”

   They had reached the room and Caden hit the panel and ushered them inside to sit down. At was spacious at least because of the lack of things besides furniture and the windows showed the downpour of rain, “Okay, music can be used to communicate covertly as well as be expressive. I’ll explain later and dancing you’ll need to do so that you can get close to a female contact and talk without drawing to much attention. Playing and instrument can give you cover and underground contacts can give you better info than anyone in Republic Investigations usually.”

   ARC-836 was impressed and finally nodded to Cedric. It looked like they could learn from this guy after all. But something tugged at him in the back of his mind. How at this age could he know this or even be assigned a squad? ARC-836 would trust him for now but he’d get to know him better soon and judge from that when the time came. “If you want we can choose our names while you change. You still look wet.” He hoped to have time alone to talk to his brothers about this but they’d of course follow orders, from the Republic.

   “Sounds great, and when I’m done I’ll make some food. I can’t stand the bland stuff that I heard they serve here,” laughed Cedric getting up to leave.

‘Maybe he’s not too bad,’ thought ARC-836 now beginning to think about a name. He still had a lot to go over and apparently a lot to learn.

((Sorry not much happened in this chapter and I promise the next will have more action but I wanted to show in this one how the characters had yet to really trust each other and the conflicts they were having inside. But like I said, the next one will be a lot more adventurous.))


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Re: Where Loyalty Stands (A lot More Action in the Second Chapter)
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((Okay, I believe I wrote this to quickly and didn't proof read it enough. I also find that I didn't give enough of the character personality for you to relate too. Therefore, I've decided to rewrite this and also finish the story I had begun earlier on another site. The chapters are usually long but it had more action and better character exploration. So, once again I apologize because this wasn't up to the standard I hold for myself and I believe you all deserve better than this. Thank you and I hope to make up for this soon.))