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Delta Squad: Strange Encounters
« on: February 08, 2011, 11:55:08 AM »
I don't usually do crossover stories, but today I just thought of this and thought it would make a cool fanfic. So, enjoy!

* * * * *

Boss led them down the corridor of the abandoned Republic base. Word had come in that this base had been attacked. Command suspected Separatists, and had sent in Delta Squad. Now, walking down the empty corridors, Boss felt an icy finger touching the back of his neck. He was afraid.

"Boss, why did we ever come here?" asked Scorch. "I don't usually get scared easy, but...something's still in here, I know it."

Even Sev had his rifle raised on guard, Boss noted. They were right, something was here. And fierfek take them all if he was going to go on unprepared.

"Life scanners to highest settings, Deltas," he said. "I don't want to get caught off guard."

"Uh, Thirty-eight?" called Fixer.

Boss whirled. A giant...thing...stood in the corridor behind them. It was clad in purple armor, and had a jaw hinged on either side of its mouth. It carried two strange purple weapons that he hesitated to call guns.

"Identify yourself!" Boss shouted.

The thing leapt forward, firing its weapons. Purple plasma erupted from the barrels, and Boss felt his shields take a beating. Sev ran in hard, ramming his shoulder into the thing's gut. With a cruel laugh, the beast tossed Sev aside. As Scorch came in next, vibroblade activated, the thing threw aside its guns and pulled out an energy blade that activated similarly to a lightsaber.

"Kill it! Kill it!" Boss snapped.

Fixer came in behind it, ripped off its helmet, and buried his vibroblade deep into its head. As the thing collapsed, Scorch dodged aside, barely being missed by the sword it carried. Fixer released it.

"What is it?" Scorch asked.

"I don't know. Let's get it back to HQ. Blast that was scary."


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