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I’m writing/compiling a history of the Mandalorians.  I am doing this by taking the wookieepedia article, and just stuff I know really happened, and combining them.  But, I haven’t been able to find any timelines for Mandalorian history.  Can someone please help me out. And I could use help w/ making sure the wookieepedia article is correct.  Please help.

Ky'ram Parjai'Kote:
The Wookieepedia article I believe was written by Mia Getal'mesh and shadowxander on here; they totally revamped it with tender love and care.

Here's an excellent timeline I found on TFN...goes up to ROTS, but that should get you started...




# ANCIENT TIMES: A Golden Age: The legendary Conquerors [until 1000 years BANH]

> Unnamed alien-reptilian warrior species conquers an unnamed System close to the Gargon system in the Mandalore Sector and all of its worlds, renaming it after the glorious conqueror: MANDALORE. From there their culture spreads conquering more systems, becoming the Mandalorians, creating Mandalorian Space covering multiple sectors in the Outer Rim and Wild Space close to the former Sith Space. The Leaders name was from then on a title given to the Leader of all Mandalorians, Lord Mandalore.

> 3996 - The Lord Mandalore feels his armies need another Crusade and decides to attack the Empress Teta System.
> He challenges Ulic Quel Droma to battle. However, when Ulic defeats the masked Lord Mandalore one-on-one on the planet Harkul, the Mandalorian warriors become Qel-Droma's servants. Ulic and the Mandalorians win many battles against the Republic.
> The invasion begins, Aleema (Sith Acoylyte) abandons Ulic to be captured, using Lord Mandalore to replace him. Mandalore is aware of Aleema’s treachery and secretly intends to rescue Ulic. Mandalore informs Ulic of Aleema's betrayal.
> During the Battle of Onderon, the Mandalorians try to retake the City of Iziz, but are repelled by Republican forces. Mandalore is shot down and killed by the beast on Duxn, the Demon Moon. Soon after another Mandalore arives, searching for the Lords mask and becomes the New Mandalore taking it as his own.
> Even after the Sith had been defeated (SITH WARS) the Mandalorians continued to battle the Republic pressing on with major assaults starting the MANDALORIAN WARS.
> 3986 - A particularly vicious and merciless bounty bunter named Jigger Wraith plagues the Republic during this period. Because he utilized a specialized form of weapon known as a "Mandalorian Ripper," some thirty-seven Mandalorians are mistaken for him and unjustly executed before sightings of Jigger Wraith ultimately decline.

> 3976 - Twenty years after the defeat of Exar Kun, the Sith came to the Mandalorians with an offer to battle the Republic. The Mandalore agrees and the Mandalorians begin to make their presence felt in the galaxy again. They conquer several worlds on the Outer Rim, careful to choose only non-Republic worlds to build up his forces and to set up for his attack. After much debate, the Senate decides to leave the Mandalorians alone as long as they don’t go after Republic worlds. In the years that follow, the Mandalorians stockpile resources from their conquered worlds and prepare for invasion. Many warriors from lots of species were recruited and trained to the Mandalorians warrior code forming the Mandalorian Army out of lots of smaller Mandalorian Armies, and due to the fact many humans joined, soon the Mandalorians shall become a human dominated Army.
> 3976 - The Mandalorians considered Kashyyyk as a potential target for invasion during the early days of their galactic conquest, but did not follow through with such plans. In order to fight effectively with their Basilisk war droids, it would be necessary to use heavier weaponry to completely eradicate the forests, and to prevent guerrilla warfare by the native Wookiee population. In the eyes of the Mandalorians, though, "turning a few continents into glass" is very often a worthwhile tradeoff for the ease of conquering a given world with little resistance.
> 3965 - Gladiatorial death-matches are outlawed on the planet Taris in this year; from this point onward, only contestants agreeing to fight in the weapons suppressor-equipped arenas will be allowed to do battle for credits. With this development, Bendak Starkiller -- former Mandalorian soldier and reigning arena champoin -- will "retire" undefeated from the sport in disgust over the new policy, refusing to partake in any further duels unless they are completely to the death.
> 3963 - The Mandalorian War begins, as the masked warriors invade three separate sectors of the Republic in a vast offensive. The Senate, even as it sends its’ entire warfleet to the attack, petitions the Jedi Council for aid. The Council refuses, preaching patience, but many in the Order do answer the Senate’s call. Among them are Revan and Malak, two young Jedi Knights who rallied many others in the Order to the Republic’s cause in defiance of the Council. Revan proves to be a brilliant military tactician, and the Republic wins victory after victory…The Mandalorians are outnumbered 5 to 1, but are kicking Republic shebs. But, when the Jedi join the fight, the Mandalorians find them selves on the losing end of the War.
During the early days of the war, the fighting spreads closer to the Outer Rim worlds, including the planet Cathar. The Cathar reputation as fierce warriors appealed to the Mandalorian sense of honor, and so they seek to test themselves against this world. Their military forces converge from space, bombarding the surface, first destroying all interstellar communications relays and orbital spacedock facilities, and then descending to the surface...slaughtering most of the planetary population while they sleep, or as they flee. However, because they had fought against Exar Kun and the Mandalorians during the First Sith War, the Cathar realize why they've truly been targeted, and that there would be no mercy for their species or their world in the end. And because the Cathar were not members of the Galactic Republic, they are left to fend completely for themselves. Not even the Jedi Knights are permitted to intervene.
Although originally goaded by the Sith into the very act of starting the war against the Republic, the Mandalorians discover that the Sith have just as abruptly departed -- retreated into their empire, sealing themselves off from the rest of the galaxy. The Mandalorians estimate that it will be centuries before they once again return.
While chasing pirates and smugglers through the asteroid fields of the Crispin system near the very edge of the galaxy, a Mandalorian force led by Canderous Ordo accidentally awakens what appears to be a living Yuuzhan Vong coralskipper laying dormant within an asteroid belt. The ship sprays fire all over the Mandalorians' shields, destroying several of them, and then subsequently leaps into hyperspace. The Mandalorian ships attempt to track the Vong craft, following its wake all the way to the galactic rim, where the ship then escapes into the vast void between galaxies. Canderous's forces figure that anything wishing to commit suicide out there in the great emptiness is more than welcome to do so, and break off any further pursuit.
The most powerful healing substance in the galaxy at this time -- kolto -- can be found on only one world: Manaan, a water planet inhabited by a fishlike species known as the Selkath. Kolto's healing properties are highly prized by both the Old Republic as well as the Sith Empire, but to the Mandalorians, having possession of healing agents was inconsequential, as they simply carried around enough firepower to pulverize entire cities without much concern for personal injury.
> 3962 - During the Battle of Althir, many Mandalorian soldiers under the command of Canderous Ordo (including his comrade and good friend Jagi) are sent on a suicide mission by Canderous, in direct contravention of their orders. For five days, the Althiri manage to hold off the Mandalorian forces, keeping them to the outer rings of their world, preventing them from attacking Althir directly. Ordo's task was to assault one of the Althiri flanks with a feint; to draw them out with his own units. Once surrounded, the bulk of the Mandalorian forces could attack them from the rear and defeat them en masse.
However, things don't go as originally planned. Canderous sees an opening in their flanks, and disobeys his orders by launching a direct frontal assault upon the central Althiri fleet. By attempting to fend off the main Mandalorian force, the Althiri allow their fleet to get split in two, with their vulnerable center exposed. Ordo turns his forces and attacks these center groups, utterly decimating them. Several of the surviving ships scatter and flee, with several attempting to dive through the plane of the planetary rings in order to escape them. In the end, though, he and Jagi are the only survivors of this maneuver, despite defeating an Althiri force approximately ten times their own size. The battle gains Canderous personal command over an entire subsect of his own clan, but Jagi forges a personal vendetta out of his desire to track down and kill Canderous after the war ends, for his role in this act.
In the initial days of the Republic's entry into the war, the Mandalorians believed that its enemy utilized "shameful" defensive tactics, such as placing major military bases within and adjacent to major civilian population centers. They felt that the Mandalorians would not use "appropriate force" against their bases in the major cities...which is proven fatally wrong when the complete annihilation of these cities by nuclear weapons and the like begins.
When the Republic joins the battle, their forces are not that much of a threat to the enemy, but once the Jedi Knights Revan and Malak defy the will of the Jedi Council and take command of the fleet, this changes. Revan's gift of tactical genius completely turns the war around, but he also commits several rather "unsavory" acts, such as leaving several "non-strategic" civilian planets completely undefended -- stripped of their forces and open to attack -- in order to accomplish the "greater goal" of winning the entire war much more quickly than would otherwise happen. Some Jedi, such as Bastila Shan, manage to ignore Revan's call to war at first, but are later drawn into the conflict against the Council's protestations. To the Jedi Masters, Malak and Revan are only offering a "quick answer" to the galaxy's problems, and feel that much woe will come from the entire affair, and the easy solutions they are offering. Bastila's as-yet-unmanifested Battle Meditation abilities will ultimately prove to be a decisive factor in the years down the road.
> 3961 - Revan leads an army of Jedi and Republic forces against the Mandalorians on the planet Taris, saving the life of Juhani in the process.
At the Battle of Jaga's Cluster, Mandalorian commander Cassus Fett completely destroys a major Republic force, and personally kills the captain of the Republic flagship himself. In the years to come, Fett's whereabouts will become unknown, having escaped justice during the war's aftermath, and he will eventually become the most wanted man in the galaxy, thanks to his part in this conflict. (Assumption: This Fett will have offspring to later live on Concord Dawn, after all the Fett line was Mandalorian by blood! and not only adopted orphan with Mandalorian training.)
> 3960 - After three years of one-sided battle, the Mandalorian War ends at Malachor V with the unconditional surrender of the Mandalorians to the Republic. The Mandalorians hold no grudge against the Republic forces, not even Revan – all they wanted was to fight the best “in a battle that would be remembered for centuries.” And they certainly got that, thanks to Revan. But instead of returning home, a third of the Republic’s fleet under Revan and Malak disappear deep into unexplored space, claiming to be after the remnants of the Mandalorian warfleet. For months afterwards, no contact is established and the Republic fears the worst...
For the Mandalorians, the war against the Republic was supposed to be the most glorious battle of their entire history. However, the cost to their side (to say nothing of the Republic) was enormous. When the war began, the Mandalorian leaders did not fully realize what it might cost them to actually LOSE a war...something that had never happened before to them on this scale. At the war's end, there are not many Mandalorian forces still remaining operational. Lord Mandalore himself is killed in hand-to-hand combat with the Jedi Revan -- which elevates him in their eyes, since the best of the Mandalorians themselves were unable to ever defeat him for the leadership of the race.
Following the final battle over Malachor V, those still remaining were stripped of their weapons and ships. During the Mandalorian surrrender ceremonies, Malak and Revan force the clan leaders to destroy their personal Basilsk war droids by their own hand, as the two Jedi watch. And those who hadn't yet fled were left with nothing to call their own: no weapons or armor...only the honor of having fought in the war they'd just lost. For many of them, this was not sufficient. While the rest of them (including Canderous Ordo) are sent into exile on the Outer Rim, others among them attempt to recapture the essence of their old glory days -- by raiding worlds. To the other Mandalorians, these outcasts are nothing more than bandits, now. Others become animal poachers on worlds such as Kashyyyk, using stealth fields to sneak up on creatures in a cowardly fashion before attacking them. These renegades now have no place in Mandalorian society, according to most of the survivors.
> When the Mandalorians were defeated and capitulated after the MANDALORIAN WARS, their army was disbanded and send back to their homes and their space will be annected into the republic many centuries later on during another Sith War conflict.
> Many former warriors became bounty hunters and smaller merc groups teamed up, while others became farmers or officers, journeyman protectors, etc. Some Mandalorians created a merc army for hire continuing the mandalorian tradition becoming the new Mandalorians while the original bloodliners stay on their homeworld and keep to themselves within Mandalorian Space regrouping.

> 3959 - Assassin droid HK-47 is constructed by Darth Revan shortly after the beginning of the Second Sith War. He/it will be programmed with secret assassination protocols, submerged beneath his primary programming. HK-47 is sent on a killing mission into Mandalorian space, but is damaged and unable to return to the Dark Lord. He is captured by a Mandalorian, who reprogrammes him to kill the Lord Mandalore. HK confronts this Mandalore, and his quickly defeated, reprogrammed and sent to kill the traitor of a Mandalorian.
> Jedi Knight Kraal hunts down a group of Mandalorian bandits plaguing the civilians in the area on Dantooine.
> Canderous tells the hero all manners of warstories, from his first experiences with a Basilisk War Droid to a strange encounter on the Outer Rim with an asteroid-like fighter that escaped beyond the galaxy. He tells Thresh he loathed the Republic's cowardly tactics in the Mandalorian Wars, hiding behind children and families and putting bases in civilian cities. The Mandalorians’ bloodthirsty reputation may have been well deserved, but they weren't savages by nature -- only by necessity.
> Kashyyyk: The Heros help a wounded Wookiee avenge his murdered comrades by killing a Mandalorian hunting party.
> Starforge Planet: Revan encounters a group of stranded Mandalorian raiders whom he is forced to slay.
> 2019 - The Gen'Dai Durge is born

# OLD TIMES: The feared Soldiers

> 1000 - In the wake of the Battle of Ruusan, the Gen’Dai bounty hunter Durge, who had been hired by one of the Dark Lords of the Sith, goes into hiding to escape the Jedi.
> 200 years before ANH, the Mandalorian's destroy the Ithullan race.
> 100 years, Durge was hired to kill the leader of the Mandalorians. Though he succeeded, the Mandalorians struck back and managed and subdue Durge. Leave it to the Mandalorians to devise a means of restraining a Gen'Dai. They turned Durge's longevity against him, finding ways of inflicting pain throughout his scattered nerves. He was a victim of unspeakable torture, unable to die. Durge was able to escape the Mandalorians, and retreated to parts unknown to hibernate and recover. It took nearly a century to undo the damage the Mandalorians wrought. Though his physical body had healed, Durge's already dangerous psyche was pushed further past the brink of sanity. When Durge emerged from his slumber, he sought vengeance on the Mandalorians. He was cheated of his revenge as he learned they were all but extinct. He soon found purpose, though. He had awakened to a galaxy at war, a galaxy where the Jedi Knights led clone soldiers in battle against the automated troops of the Confederacy. The charismatic Count Dooku lured Durge into his ranks, and the ancient bounty hunter relished an ironic twist in his quest for retribution.
> Mandalorian Merc Group was best Army for Hire in the galaxy
> 68 - Jango Fett is born on Concord Dawn
> 58 - A split occurs among the ranks of the Mandalorians, and a fierce splinter group called the Death Watch is created. Its’ leader, Vizsla, vows to conquer the galaxy. The leader of the main Mandalorian group, a reformed murderer named Jaster Mereel, wages war against the Death Watch on his homeworld of Concord Dawn. Forced to flee after his group is scattered by Vizsla’s forces, Jaster takes refuge in a wheatfield where he meets the Fett family. The father of that family, who had replaced Jaster as Journeyman Protector of Concord Dawn, feeds Jaster secretly. But very soon Vizsla and his troops come and kill the entire family, burning the house and the farmland to the ground… the entire family, that is, except for 10-year-old Jango Fett. He is found by Jaster, and joins him and his group of Mandalorians. Burning for revenge, Jango leads Jaster to the nearest town to ambush Vizsla and his men. The streets are soon filled with blaster fire, and a teary-eyed Jango faces Vizsla with a blaster and guns him down while Jaster and his men finish off the Death Watch. With that brutal act, Jaster formally adopts Jango into the Mandalorian Supercommandos…
> 52 - 16-year-old Jango Fett finally gets his first assignment as a Mandalorian squad commander. The assignment: To rescue a rookie security force on Korda Six from a mob of angry locals and return them to their Korda Defense Force employers. While Jaster Mereel leads the rescue force itself, Jango and his troops will provide covering fire. A third Mandalorian unit, led by Montross, will provide air support. All the information Korda has given indicates the job will be easy… Korda Six. The Mandalorian ships enter orbit and fly into an ion cannon shooting gallery. The ships crash on the surface, and the troops are immediately set upon by angry blaster-wielding natives. Jango and his battered squad seek cover in the trenches. Jaster and his forces join him, and Jaster orders the air squad to abort and provide cover. Montross refuses and presses the air attack against the natives. The air unit is wiped out, and Montross gets blown down by a grenade and pulled back toward the trench by Jaster. Jango, meanwhile, uses the attack as a diversion while he leads some troops after the security force. Instead, all he gets is an ambush by… the Death Watch!! This whole mission was a setup!! And miles away, Jaster and Montross are confronted by a tank commanded by Vizsla (who survived Jango’s blaster bolt of years ago). Jaster snarls that Montross is out of the Mandalorians if they survive. Vizsla attacks and blows Jaster to the ground. An angry Montross shoots away on his jetpack, leaving Jaster to take a salvo of turbolaser bolts. Jango emerges from the woods just in time to see Jaster fall. Grieving, he drags Jaster’s body back to the ships and confronts Montross. The other Mandalorians back him up, and Montross stalks away with the words “You’ll kill them all, Fett.” Fett then orders the Mandalorians to begin a hunt for Vizsla…
> 34 - After several years of hunting, Jango Fett and the Mandalorians finally track Vizsla and the Death Watch to the planet Galidraan. The governor there promises to give Vizsla up if Jango and his warriors wipe out a group of insurrectionists. The Mandalorians do so, killing every single one. When Jango returns to the governor, he is ambushed by Vizsla and his men and narrowly escapes. The whole mission was a setup!! And to make things worse, Republic Cruisers appear in the skies – the governor has called in the Jedi to take down the Mandalorians, blaming them for the deaths of numerous innocents (the so-called “insurrectionists”) as well as women and children (that the Death Watch killed). An injured Jango limps to his camp just in time to witness the Jedi swarming in, swinging first and asking questions later. The leader of the Jedi group is Master Dooku… Before it’s all over, all the Mandalorians – except Jango – are dead. And nearly half of the Jedi are dead as well. An enraged Jango goes berserk, killing several more Jedi. Not with his weapons. But with his bare hands. Finally he sinks to his knees, lost in grief as the Jedi apprehend him. Dooku is greatly shaken – “What have we done…?” Dooku realizes the Jedi have been used as assassins, and is further grieved when he is forced to turn Jango over to the governor as a slave…
> Only few survived who left the Mandalorians before Galidraan or were expelled. Last true Mandalorian was the sole survivor of Galidraan, Jango Fett who became a Bounty Hunter years afterwards. The Mandalorians of Mandalore Sector wern´t extinct and wern´t involved into these battles.
> Senate guards and Royal guards: The Senate Guards came from the famous Echani Masters of the Echanii Republic, later including Mandalorian metal into the armor. The Royal Guards were a modification of these Senate guards, specially trained by the Emperor in many arts, Echanii was their main style of fighting, but the look of their armor was inspired by that of the former Mandalorian Death Watch merc group, who seem to have kept some ancient battle suits of the KOTOR Era Mandalorians whose armor looked similar to the guards in helmet style. (Note: The Sith Guards in KOTOR have, too, a similar armor style).

#THE DARK TIMES: Fate & Glory around the CLONE WARS

> 32 - For two years, Jango Fett has toiled in slavery aboard a spice transport after being sold by the governor of Galidraan. When pirates raid the transport, Jango sees a long overdue opportunity for revenge. He joins the pirates in killing every single one of the slavers and returns to Galidraan. He breaks into the governor’s palace and finds the blue-and-grey armor of Myles, one of his former fellow Mandalorian warriors. In Myles’s honor, he dons the armor as his own and then holds the governor at gunpoint. He gets out of the terrified old man the location of Vizsla and the Death Watch – on a ship heading for Corellia.
Jango catches up with the ship before it can reach Corellia and literally flies through the cockpit windows in his armor at Vizsla. The elder warrior is saved by a secondary explosion that dazes Jango, allowing him to knock him out. He races into an escape pod as the vessel starts to break apart, but Jango comes to and leaps into the pod after him. The brawl continues all the way down to Corellia’s surface, where Vizsla shoots a poison dart into Jango. The queasy warrior juts blades out of his sleeve and slices Vizsla’s belly open. It’s not enough to kill him – but the giant dire-cats the blood attracts is. Jango collapses and passes out as the creatures tear Vizsla to shreds.
He awakens the next morning to find three kids hovering over him. He staggers to his feet, actually thankful for the poison (since it make the dire-cats decide he was “bad meat”), and puts his helmet back on. He walks off into the sunset, in search of a job…
> Jango, a Hunter now, had encounters with other former Mandalorians who turned evil and didn´t honor the Mandalorian Code any more and killed them, making himself a name as best Bounty Hunter in the galaxy.
> BOUNTY HUNTER: Aboard his Solar Sailor, floating in the depths of space, Count Dooku receives a holo-message from his new master, Darth Sidious. The Sith Lord has become concerned about the Bando Gora, a fanatic cult that’s attacking industrial interests across the galaxy. This cult is led by none other than Dooku’s last Padawan Learner, the now berserk darksider Komari Vosa. She threatens the Sith masterplan, so Dooku is tasked to wipe her and the cult out. And while he’s at it, Sidious wants Dooku to find a genetic donor for the planned Clone Army Sidious’s scheme requires. He suggests Dooku look amongst the deadliest, most brutal mercenaries in the cosmos. Dooku agrees and decides to kill two mynocks with one stone…
Outland Station, a distant outpost where beast fights are the pastime. Up in the rafters of the beast arena, a Muttani named Meeko Ghintee guides his chosen beast to victory via a cranial implant. Suddenly, a figure in blue-and-grey Mandalorian armor appears behind him. Jango Fett has arrived to claim the bounty on Meeko. The criminal panics and falls into the pit arena floor, with Fett in hot pursuit. Meeko guides his red borhek into Jango’s jetpack, leaving the hunter fighting the beast as he escapes. Jango guns the beast down and continues the chase through the space station. He comes upon a Gran adviser of Meeko’s, who he “recruits” into leading him to his prey. The two head into Merchant Row, a bazaar of shops and alleys. From there, they find Meeko in his hideout as he examines the purity of the death sticks he and his henchmen are dealing. Meeko again flees and puts his men between him and Fett. Another chase through the streets, but Meeko steals a speeder and zooms off. Jango buys a jetpack from the speeder vendor and takes off after the stolen speeder. The speeder crashes into a door into the docking bays, and Meeko limps into the bays with Jango still hot on his trail. After several close calls with conveyor belts and sharp drops, Fett catches up to Meeko just as he reaches his ship (the Longshot). Jango shoots out the vessel’s weapon turrets, sending it back to the ground.
Jango hauls the injured-but-still-alive Meeko to his employer, a female Toydarian named Rozatta (owner of Outland Station). Rozatta then gives him a message from a guy named ‘Tyranus,’ who offers a jaw-dropping five million credits for the killing of Komari Vosa and the destruction of the Bando Gora. Roz warns Fett against it – no bounty hunter has survived an attempt on that group. Fett takes it anyway and heads off to Coruscant on Roz’s advice; a small-time death stick dealer named Jervis Gloom may lead Fett to the cult. But he’s not the only one Dooku contacts – he also calls upon Montross, a former member of Jango’s Mandalorian squad…
Jango’s rickety old ship, Jaster’s Legacy, limps towards the entertainment district of Coruscant. Speaking to Jango in his cockpit over holo, Roz scoffs at him keeping such an old relic for a vessel. She says he’s so obsessed with the man who took him under his wing – why don’t he find someone to take under his wing? Jango laughs at the thought and lands near Jervis’s reported location. Jango quickly snares three of Jervis’s men and finds his factory. After turning Gloom in to the police, Jango takes the dealer’s craft and flies it into the industrial district and a death stick factory Gloom pointed out to him, owned by one Groff Haugg. On a hunch, Jango has some of the death sticks stored there analyzed and learns they contain a powerful, mindaltering drug not found in the usual death sticks. He tears through the factory, tagging and bagging several henchmen in search of Haugg. He eventually finds him… frozen to death in a carbon freezer by Montross! Jango battles his former lieutenant, but the traitor jeers him and escapes. Jango, undeterred, checks the factory’s computer. He notes that a senator must be involved to keep the operation so quiet, and he finds a holo of that terrified Senator wanting to know if the “bounty hunters” are coming after him. Roz recognizes the green Twi’lek as one Senator Trill, and gives Jango his penthouse address. He finds the building is crawling with Coruscant security, and he faces a dangerous shoot-and-climb ahead. But he is the best, and makes his way into the Senator’s penthouse where he demands the location of Vosa from the terrified Senator. He gasps out that a Dug kingpin named Sebolto is manufacturing a new kind of death stick on Malastare with the Bando Gora’s help. A police assault ship appears in the skies over the skyscraper and loudly demands Jango release the Senator. In response, Jango flings Trell off the balcony. He then blows up the police ship for good measure and flies off Coruscant.
Up in orbit, Roz (on holo) notes that Fett can’t just walk into Sebolto’s realm. But she does have an “invitation” – Bendix Fust, an inmate in the Republic’s Oovo IV maximum-security prison, has a 50,000 living bounty on him posted by Sebolto. Montross is now said to be in the Gazzari system (Groff was evidently more afraid of the Bando Gora than him), so he won’t have to worry about him this time. Roz urges him to consider retiring, settling down, maybe have a kid. “Not in this life, Roz.” Meanwhile, on another planet, a fearsome horned alien warns his female leader that their Coruscant contacts are dead. The woman tells him that the contacts are replaceable – but the bounty hunters, if they surface again, are to be dealt with…
Following a cargo vessel in through the planetary asteroid belt, Jango lands the Legacy under the planetary shield. Breaking into the prison proves surprisingly easy, but getting Fust is not – just as Jango reaches a vent to Fust’s cell, a woman in purple spandex and a veiled hat busts him out herself and starts a riot! A furious Jango fights his way through an alarmed army of prison guards and escaped cons alike and escapes the prison. He spots the newly-incarcerated Meeko along the way and fries him. When he reaches his ship, he sees the woman and Fust trying to break into it. As he starts to berate the woman for wrecking his plan, a blue-and-gray vessel shoots down out of the sky – and blows the Legacy to atoms!! “That ship’s mine,” Jango snarls as it flies away. Forced to join forces, the three sabotage the reactors powering the planetary shield. Jango then sneaks into a hangar adjoining the reactors and steals the vessel (a prototype Firespray-class police vessel) and vaporizes the other five prototypes. He deactivates the Firespray’s transponder to trick the officials into thinking that ship destroyed too. He takes the woman and Fust with him to Malastare. The woman introduces herself as Zam Wesell, and notes she already knows who Fett is. He doesn’t know her, though, and calls her a reckless amateur. Elsewhere, Montross figures out he was tricked and learns about the prison break. He heads for Malastare himself.
When the Firespray reaches Malastare, Jango is dropped off in the jungle while Zam (on Fett’s orders – he threatens to kill her if she refuses) presents Fust and acts “charming” for Sebolto. Meanwhile, Fett treks through the jungle towards the Dug crimelord’s lair. Gran, Dugs and Nexus block his way. He fights his way to the base, but finds Sebolto has retreated to a fortress nearby. With Zam covering him with his sniper rifle, Fett accesses a secret passage to the palace and confronts the Dug kingpin. Sebolto panics and jumps down an underground pipe into a death stick factory. He knocks himself cold on the wall just under his escape route, however, and falls into a molten chemical vat. “That’ll be a sour batch,” Jango mutters. But he explores the death stick factory anyway and meets the spooky Bando Gora for the first time. He also finds Montross’s ship, and again battles the traitor. This time Montross is on a skiff, and again he escapes as Zam rejoins Jango. The woman demands to know what’s going on, and Jango finally tells her about the Bando Gora. He notes that a freighter in Sebolto’s hangar had Huttese markings on it, so the Hutts are involved in the Gora’s “instant brainwashing/recruiting” scheme. As the Firespray flies to Tatooine, Montross monitors them via a listening device planted on the ship and heads there as well. Once in Tatooine orbit, Jango calls Roz for info. She tells him that an old friend of hers, Watto, told her that Gardulla and Jabba are in a heated feud for control of Tatooine. Since a gift is required to meet with a Hutt, she tells him that Watto placed a bounty on Jabba’s behalf (in return for a finder’s fee) on one Longo Two-Guns and his band of bandits. Jango decides to meet with Jabba while Zam meets with Gardulla. Roz also asks if he’s come up with a new name for the Firespray. He has. “Slave I.”
A short time later, Jango presents Jabba the Hutt with the corpses of Two-Guns and his gang. Jabba approves, and tells him that Gardulla is the Bando Gora supplier. He’d appreciate it if Jango were to terminate her. Jango agrees. He flies the Slave I into a Tusken canyon near her palace, as he overhears on his helmet headset Zam being captured by the Hutt’s henchmen. He successfully breaks into the palace and finds Zam in a cell. When he refuses to let her out until after Gardulla’s been dealt with, she screams for the guards. Brought before Gardulla, Jango learns that Zam is a shapeshifter – talk about two-faced! Jango is stripped of his weaponry and thrown into a pit to be eaten by Gardulla’s pet krayt dragon. But they forgot his mini-torch, which he uses to cut his way through a grate at the pit’s side. After retaking his weapons and fighting through the palace, he feeds Gardulla (after she refuses to tell him where Vosa is) to her own dragon with the words “Jabba sends his regards.” He then leaves Zam in the cell of the now-empty palace. He calls up Roz again…and this time, it’s Montross on the other end. He’s tortured Vosa’s location out of Roz! Jango snarls that Montross has just signed his own death warrant and high-tails it to Outland Station. He finds it rigged to blow, with a dying Roz lying on the floor of her office. She just barely has enough life left to slip a holodisc into Jango’s hand before expiring. Jango flees the exploding station and follows the coordinates Roz gave him – coordinates that led to the fog-enshrouded moon of Kohima, in the Bogden system.
The moon is a nightmare of gothic churches, cathedrals, catacombs, and graveyards flooded with acid. The horrible spirits of the Bando Gora are here in force, and Jango makes good use of his flamethrower to dispatch the demon creatures. And soon, he again encounters Montross. This time it’s to the death, and Montross dons his own Mandalorian helmet to wage the battle. After a hard-fought contest, Jango leaves the wounded Montross to face the Gora’s wrath. Jango then heads into the massive castle of Komari Vosa, but is overwhelmed by dozens of Bando Gora who present him to Vosa. She tortures him, vowing to make him her slave. Zam Wesell suddenly appears, her blaster aimed at Jango and Vosa both. Vosa ignites two lightsabers and easily blocks Zam’s shots, sending one back into her. Dazed, Zam shoots Jango’s shackles off. “We’re even now.” Jango reclaims his gear and confronts Vosa in her throne room. Vosa is extremely quick and nimble, but Jango is barely able to wrap his metal cable around her and gun her down. “Which will it be, bounty hunter,” she gasps. “Dead or alive?” Before he can decide, her neck suddenly snaps…
…and Count Dooku enters the room and congratulates Jango. He has a new offer for the bounty hunter: To come to the planet Kamino and donate his DNA and his expertise to creating and training the perfect army – exact clones of Jango himself, grown at twice the normal rate and programmed for absolute loyalty and obedience. Jango considers this, and agrees on one condition – that he take the first clone, unaltered, for himself. The deal is struck, and Jango flies the wounded Zam off the moon of Bogden in the Slave I…
> Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas places an order for a massive clone army with the Kaminoans. Not long after (or maybe some time before?), Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas is killed. In actuality, it is Darth Sidious who impersonates Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas in his meeting with the Kaminoans. The secret clone army would be created from a single source. An agent named Darth Tyranus selected the clone source: Jango Fett whom he meets on the moons of Bogden, a man whose natural combat ability and high endurance level would produce the ideal soldier. As the clone-source for the entire clone-trooper army, Jango Fett cooperates in devising the design of the armour, based on his experience. He also helps train most of the first-generation clones himself. Jango knows that Darth Tyranus, who recruited him for the clone-army project, is actually the Separatist leader, Count Dooku. As part of his compensation, Jango Fett receives a perfect, unaltered clone of himself, whom he names Boba Fett. Ministerial assistant Taun We serves as a Project Coordinator for the clone army. Taun We has studied human emotional psychology to ensure that the clones are developed into mentally stable individuals. Chief Scientist Ko Sai, serene yet exacting, oversees the clone-army project’s biological aspects, ensuring that clones are of the highest quality. She also supervises the delicate redesign of the genetic codes that make the clones independently intelligent, but preconditioned for obedience. No other scientist in the galaxy could so capably manipulate the genes of other species. Under Kaminoan Chief Scientist Ko Sai, the clones’ genetic code was altered to accelerate their growth to twice the normal human rate, and their mental structure was subtly reconfigured to make them obedient to authority. Comprehensive training shapes the identity and abilities of the clones throughout their development. The result of this colossal project is an army of identical soldiers produced in a world of clinical efficiency.
> Clone Army created on Kamino and trained by Jango Fett and other warriors, some of them former Mandalorians, others he recruited for their moral and fighting abilities, strategic and tactical thinking etc.. One of the best was Kal Skirata. Jango personally selected and trained them to be quasi Mandalorians now. His unaltered clone, and only son, Boba Fett shall become his heir, while he made sure some more independent clones (ARC) had special tutelage and instructions by himself
> JANGO FETT: In a little room, a young boy plays with a toy of a blue-and-grey Mandalorian warrior, locked in play battle with a tiny battle droid toy. His nanny MU-12 serves him dinner, as he waits impatiently for his dad to get home from work…
And in a palace somewhere else, a real blue-and-grey Mandalorian warrior shoots his way into the palace of Black Sun Vigo Antonin. The warrior, Jango Fett, tells Antonin he’s been sent by one Dreddon the Hutt, and allows the man a last drink in Dreddon’s honor before blowing his brains out. He then travels to Dreddon’s planet for his payment… and finds his employer also missing his brains. He’s caught by surprise, as a red-haired slave girl holds a gun to his back. He recognizes her instantly – Zam Wesell, a fellow bounty hunter. As they half-threaten / half-flirt with each other, Jango tells Zam of his killing Antonin. She was hired by that guy to assassin Dreddon, she exclaims! Now they’re both out of a payday! Reluctantly, they lower their weapons and part ways.
Jango returns to the rainy, watery planet of Kamino and a reunion with the little boy… his son, Boba Fett. But no sooner does he arrive than he receives a holomessage from a Dug named Fernooda, who offers him a job on behalf of an anonymous employer. Jango hates to go, but he does need to make up for lost money. He does play with Boba one time before he leaves to meet Fernooda on Coruscant. Fighting his way through a pair of would-be killers in a cantina on Coruscant some time later, Jango is offered 50,000 credits to find a religious idol from the world of Seylott. It had been in the mysterious employer’s art collection, but was stolen. Jango demands double-price, if the mystery man won’t reveal himself. Fernooda agrees, and Jango flies to Seylott. He tracks the thief to the ancient temple the idol originally came from. A couple of close scrapes later (a giant pit, a giant insect), Jango confronts and guns down the thief – a Force-sensitive native who insists with his dying gasp that the idol stay where it is. “Return the infant to the womb… for it is the destroyer of worlds… or suffer the infant’s rage…”
Jango heads out of the temple with the idol – and Zam Wessell again gets the drop on him. Taking the idol, she reveals Fernooda hedged his bets by hiring her too, and she decided to let Fett do all the dirty work. She prods Fett at gunpoint into pulling off his mask, and is immediately jumped by the insect. Jango grabs the idol back up and runs… but can’t find it in himself to let Wessell die. He runs back and throws Zam’s explosives at the beast, then grabs Zam and jumps into the pit, firing his jetpack to blast them to safety. The insect is vaporized in the explosion. With a grudging thanks, Zam lets Jango keep the idol and leaves once again… “until next time.”
Fett heads to Coruscant and hands the idol over to Fernooda. Once his payment’s in hand, he grabs the Dug by the neck. “You lied to me. No one’s ever lied to me twice. This business relationship is at an end. Don’t contact me again. Because if I ever see you again, Fernooda, I will kill you.” After he leaves, Fernooda in turn hands the idol over to the mystery man – a robed and hooded Annoo-Dat general who now plans to use the idol’s power, vowing “Nothing will stop us from destroying the heart of this corrupt, sickly Republic.” Jango, meanwhile, returns home to the welcome hug of his son and promises to stay a while – “Nothing could drag me away.”
> ZAM WESELL: At the Jedi Temple, Mace Windu calls an emergency meeting of the Jedi High Council. Informants have received word that General Ashaar Khorda, an infamous criminal who tried to take over his world, has gained a mystery weapon that could destroy an entire planet. But which planet? Mace has narrowed it down to three – Alderaan, Corellia, and Coruscant. Oppo Rancisis volunteers to go to Corellia to safeguard it. Eeth Koth will take Alderaan. Mace decides to hunt for the weapon on Coruscant himself, but Yarael Poof disagrees – his mental abilities will allow him to better sniff out this weapon. “A device of such destructive capability must surely create ripples in the Force. Ripples that could be sensed.” Mace agrees and lets Yarael do the hunting.
On Kamino, Zam Wesell lands to find Jango and his son Boba playing ball in the pouring rain (a good weather day on Kamino). She too has learned about General Khorda and his genocidal plan, and she asks Jango to help her find and retrieve the weapon – for free. “Look Jango, you put the artifact in Khorda’s hands… but it could just have easily have been me. I won’t be responsible for an entire planet being wiped out.” Jango isn’t moved at first, saying his son needs him. “How many sons do you think there are on Coruscant?” That makes Jango think back to the time when his parents were killed in a civil war, and how someone came and saved him. He finally agrees to go.
On Coruscant, General Khorda descends into the lower levels of the city in an air taxi. After “paying” the driver with a knife through the throat, he meets with Fernooda the Dug and a group of like-minded people (people with a grudge against the Republic, that is). What he plans today will be a suicide mission, but one that will strike a deathblow at the Republic’s very heart. A little later, in an alley, Yarael saves a boy from a street gang by projecting a mental image of a rancor. He then continues his hunt, sensing the artifact through the Force. Elsewhere, “Fernooda” meets with Jango… and slowly twists and morphs itself back into Zam. “I’m a Clawdite Jango, it’s what we do.” She reports Khorda’s planning a stealth action – and being very quiet about it. So, she asks Jango, “If you had to place an explosive where it would cause the most damage… where would you put it?” The power relays at the planet core, he answers. They set off for there.
Khorda and his gang (including the real Fernooda) reach the power relays first, but are confronted on either side by Yarael, Zam and Jango. Between the three of them, they manage to take out the gang. But Khorda hurtles the artifact into the power relays and then hurtles a knife into Yarael. Jango guns him down. The artifact falls out of the relays, glowing and preparing to blow. Zam stretches her arm out to incredible lengths to snag it, and with the last of his life and mental energies, Yarael stabilizes the artifact. The two bounty hunters return the “infant” to Seylott to the thanks of the natives. The two apologize for the death they caused the last time they were here. “We are not unaccostumed to grief,” the native chief says. “We are a dying people. Soon we will be gone… but now our secrets can die with us. Go in peace… but do not return.” The two return to Kamino, where Zam gives Jango a goodbye kiss before taking off.
And at the Jedi Temple, a funeral is held for Yarael Poof as his body is put to the torch. Mace wonders who it was who aided him in his final battle, noting that “heroes do sometimes come in the most unexpected of guises.”
> 24 - On Kamino, Jango Fett returns from a mission on Panna and joins his son Boba as he practices spearing some rollerfish. Back at his apartment later, he is contacted by Count Dooku and told to bring him Rodd, Groodo and Holowan alive. He offers him 150,000 credits now, another 150 upon receiving the prisoners. He muses on his encounter with one of Holowan’s “Razor Eater” droids on Balmorra – and notes that Groodo’s compound of Esseles is guarded by a squadron of them. He decides to take Boba with him on the mission as a learning exercise.
Meanwhile, on Trandosha, Cradossk (head of the Bounty Hunters Guild) meets with Techno Union foreman Wat Tambor, who also wants the three for endangering his investments on Fondor. He offers 150,000 each on all three – that is, for delivery of their severed heads.
Jango heads for Fondor first, to capture Senator Rodd. He and Boba start their search at the Senatorial cruiser docked at the orbiting Lunaolver Delta station. He spots Cradossk’s ship (the Merciless Captivator) docked at the station as well and decides to follow him. Leaving Boba to plant a tracking beacon on Rodd’s ship (as well as another certain job), Jango starts to search for Cradossk. He finds him and his thick-headed son Bossk at the Sienar Systems Diplomatic Headquarters. He stuns Bossk from behind before he can kill Rodd, who escapes through an emergency tube. Returning to Slave I after ignoring Cradossk’s call for them to join forces, he and Boba take off after Rodd’s ship. Back on the Captivator, Cradossk drags Bossk’s knocked-out body aboard and takes off as well. Tries to, anyway. Boba had sabotaged the engines as his other job.
Slave I follows Rodd’s ship to Esseles and Groodo’s compound. It in turn is followed by a ship Cradossk stole. Jango fires a seismic charge back at the stolen ship and keeps on going. They find Rodd’s ship docked at the orbiting starship yard of Groodo, so Jango boards it and learns Rodd ejected in an escape pod. On his way back to Slave I, Jango is intercepted by a terrifying, giant droid – a Razor Eater. He traps it with the hangar’s tractor beam and rushes back aboard Slave I. He heads down to the planet and lands at the city of Calamar. Leaving Boba behind again, he heads for a cantina to learn more about Groodo’s compound. For a good price, the Ishi Tib bartender points him toward a secret mine shaft into the place. Heading there in a swoop, he sneaks into the compound’s basement. From there, up to the second floor where he corners Rodd and Groodo’s son, Boonda. The young Hutt summons another Razor Eater. Jango flings an Audiobulb player into the droid’s mouth, exploding its’ head. After knocking out Rodd, Jango gets out of Boonda that Groodo and Holowan have taken off somewhere. He has Boonda deactivate the remaining Razor Eaters, then carries Rodd back to Slave I. Turns out Bossk (unaware it was Jango who stunned him earlier) is waiting for him outside the ship. He tells him his father wants to meet with him…
Leaving Rodd in Boba’s care, Jango meets with Cradossk in a docking bay. The elder Trandoshan makes it clear he wants Fett to join the Bounty Hunters Guild. He even allow Jango to keep Rodd as a sign of good will. Jango curtly refuses and returns to Slave I. A groggy Rodd is there – but Boba isn’t…
Bossk presents Boba Fett to Cradossk, thinking he knows something “about the guy who shot me at Fondor.” And if he doesn’t, they can eat him. Cradossk is enraged at his son’s stupidity – “Use your nose, numbskull! This boy’s scent is almost identical to Jango’s!” Bossk is stunned from behind – again – and Jango comes in to snatch up his boy. After he’s gone, Cradossk makes a long-distance comm call. When Bossk wakes up hours later, he finds a recorder in his hand with a message from Cradossk: The man who shot him is en route to Kuat to capture Holowan.
The last thing Jango wants is for the galaxy to know he has a son. But Cradossk has obviously figured it out, so Jango decides to take Boba back to Kamino. They are met at the docking bay by Zam Wesell, who Jango hires to impersonate Hurlo Holowan before the captive Senator Rodd. From this they learn Holowan is supposed to be on Kuat, under the protection of her wealthy merchant father. Jango then hires Zam to capture Holowan alive, and bring her to him on Commenor. Payment is 100,000 credits. After Zam takes off, Jango contacts Tyranus (Count Dooku) to arrange the payment. He also informs Tyranus about Cradossk being on the hunt as well. Then he reassures a sad Boba that he didn’t fail him. “But we both learned that you’re not ready for this kind of work. And I learned that I’m not willing to risk your life. But you…you’ll be ready soon enough. And when you are, we’ll take on the galaxy together.”
Zam steals a late-model Subpro starfighter, the StarNailer, for her trip to Kuat. When she reaches Kuat orbit, her ship is surrounded by patrol ships – which is just what she wanted. Once docked in the orbiting space station, she acts (and looks) a dumb old man named Marby Welcus, who gets thrown in jail – right next to Bossk, arrested for stealing a ship himself. Using some fake explosive “skin,” she busts out of the cell, k.o’s some guards and assumes the appearance of one of them. Out of the jailhouse and back in her female form, Zam steals a ticket for a ferry down to Kuat City. Back at the jailhouse, Bossk breaks out through sheer brawn and fury...but again gets cornered in his stalled-out starfighter at the docking bay.
Zam reaches the opulent House of Holowan and fights her way in through the phalanx of security droids. She stuns “Holowan,” who changes before her eyes – she’s a Clawdite!!! When the decoy wakes up, Zam forces out of her Holowan’s real location, her underground laboratory. When she gets there, Hurlo sics a Razor Eater on her. Zam hurtles it down the pit it came in from and crushes it between the closing trapdoor. Holowan then sends a genetically-altered felinx after her. Zam guns it down, snatches up Holowan and takes off in Holowan’s ship. Once on Commenor, she triumphantly accepts her payment from Jango and gives Holowan to him.
Jango decides his next stop is Balmorra, where Groodo’s brother lives. But first he’s got to get Cradossk off his and Boba’s case, and to do that he’s picked up something from Kamino to show him. Something in a cabinet. Something that, when opened, makes Zam scream in wide-eyed horror…
Inside the cabinet is little Boba Fett. Dead.
Zam is sickened, repulsed. She never imagined Jango could be capable of something so…evil. Jango quickly reassures her it’s not the case – what’s in the cabinet is a mindless clone of Boba fast-grown by the Kaminoans. He hopes when he presents it to Cradossk he’ll think it’s the real boy – and think twice about bringing Jango into the Guild. That taken care of, he and Zam interrogate Holowan and confirm Groodo’s at Balmorra. Specifically at the well-defended castle of his brother Rigorra, the planetary warlord. Jango tells Zam not to come along with him; Groodo is his and his alone. Zam accepts the order, but warns Jango that Bossk is after Groodo as well. Back on Trandosha, Cradossk is contacted by Wat Tambor and told the bounty’s been called off. (He will be paid in full regardless.) Realizing nobody’s told Bossk (and he’s still on Kuat), Cradossk hires the nearest bounty hunter to Kuat to pick his son up – the cyborg Skorr. Furious when he learns the bounty’s off – and that a professional has already picked up Holowan – Bossk orders Skorr to take him to Balmorra. “This hunt isn’t over!” Skorr decides he doesn’t want to risk the wrath of the son of the Guild’s head, so he does…
Jango lands near the castle and heads into the adjacent town where he runs into Aurra Sing. Over drinks, Jango learns that Aurra is hunting Rigorra himself, for “personal” reasons. They decide to join forces and take both bounties down as one. While Jango breaks into the castle, Aurra will take out the comm tower and cause a stampede at Rigorra’s livestock shelter. The plan seems to work, until a flower plasters itself over Jango’s gauntlet, snakes up under his helmet and blasts toxic pollen into his nose, knocking him out. Aurra spots Jango on the ground and examines him – joining him on the ground a few seconds later thanks to that flower. The two bounty hunters’ capture is announced before Groodo and Rigorra in the warlord’s music room. (Rigorra was in the middle of singing as a lounge act – something that must be seen to be believed.) Unnoticed, Bossk and Skorr swoop down toward the castle. Taking the controls himself, Bossk flies Skorr’s ship through the castle walls and into the music room. An incensed Skorr shoots a stun bolt into Bossk (in the back of the head). But again, the toxic flowers are waiting and Skorr is soon neutralized as well....
Jango, Aurra, Bossk and Skorr slowly awaken in the middle of a large, packed arena. Rigotta joyously croons that they’ve been fatally poisoned by the flowers – unless they can find three droids containing the antidote within their chests. (“You call that singing?” Bossk jeers. “Don’t quit your day job, fathead.”) The Death Run begins as a swoop gang tears into the arena and trapdoors open under the prisoners. All four fall down shafts, but only Jango and Skorr fall into a round chamber together. Jango speed-draws and shoots Skorr’s blaster out of his hand, running into a cavern where a giant arachnid awaits. Gunning that down, Jango follows a footpath (and then a hole) down into another cavern; this one with a river of molten lava. He climbs a treacherous trail of stalactites over the river – only to confront a giant scaled serpent. After another difficult melee, Jango finds himself blasted with water and trapped in a rapidly filling pipe. It bursts, sending him into a pool with a fearsome stunfinn. Jango sends a toxic dart into the fish and swims up into a cave with a slowly descending ceiling. Diving through a tiny passage barely in time, Jango next faces a Mark X Executioner droid. Another difficult fight later, Jango has the first part of the three-part antidote. Two more Mark X’s appear, and Jango deals with them as well. Just as he mixes the three parts of the antidote, he doubles over in pain and collapses…
With trembling hands, Jango finishes the mixing and sips the antidote. Immediately feeling better, he sets off in search of Aurra. Finding a flight of stairs, he follows it back up to the arena. And this time, in addition to the swoop gang, a Razor Eater is waiting for him – the same one who nearly killed Jango 8 years ago!! Behind Jango, Aurra staggers up into view, firing an explosive bullet into the Eater and blowing it to bits. Jango feeds her the antidote, and Aurra follows the explosive with a stun bolt into Rigorra. Pandemonium breaks out in the arena, and Groodo tries to slither away. Jango stuns him as Bossk and Skorr blast through the arena wall. (The flowers weren’t fatal to either of them.) Jango again manages to distract Bossk long enough to stun him, and then Slave I arrives on remote to pick up the unconscious Hutt.
Jango delivers Rodd, Holowan and Groodo to Count Dooku on Geonosis, and he then departs. The three fear the worst, but Dooku says he has decided not to kill them: He’s working on a certain secret project, and Fondor figures into that project’s future. He wants to hire them to work on the project. Of course, he’ll kill them if they refuse. They accept his offer. Later on Trandosha, Jango presents the dead clone of Boba to Cradossk (as well as the knocked-out Bossk and Skorr). The clone works as Jango hoped he would, and Cradossk decides Jango’s not Bounty Hunter’s Guild material after all…
> 23 - A campfire on Kuat, in the dead of night. A young boy in a robe and hood staggers into the camp, begging for aid for his father. The campers (freedom fighters) are startled – giving the boy the chance to fling a thermal detonator at them. He races for a particular tent in the wake of the explosion, and campers who pursue him are cut down by sniper fire from the nearby woods…the sniper fire of Jango Fett.
The leader of the group, Larbo, drags Boba into a tent alongside him as Jango wades into the remaining group outside. “The greedy barons in Kuat City hired you, didn’t they? This has their stamp all over it – a bounty hunter sent to wipe us out, to destroy our efforts. Our people are slaves. Do you know how many men are willing to die for our freedom?” The boy doesn’t care. “Before or after today?” Larbo sticks his blaster in the boy’s face and screams to be let go as Jango rushes in. “What kind of man would use his own son as bait?” Boba knocks himself out of Larbo’s grip just as Jango throws a detonator in the man’s face. Boom.
On Slave I as it races into orbit, Jango reports his success – and Boba’s – to Count Dooku. Now the ruling families of Kuat can commence seizing the colonies and begin integrating their corporations together. Dooku is especially pleased to hear of Boba’s performance, and asks to be kept informed of his progress. After his holomessage end, Boba confesses to a bit of…remorse. “You are right to examine your enemy,” Jango tells him. “But what he fights for is not important to you – sympathizing will only prevent you from completing your mission. Your loyalty, your honor – those are the things that matter. As you grow into a man, remember: In battle, there can be no mercy. That is the way of the warrior.” Boba accepts
> 22 - Obi-Wan Kenobi leaves Coruscant in a Jedi Starfighter, on a mission to deliver a message from the Jedi Council to its allies on Albecus. Mace Windu instructs the Obi-Wan to return quickly; Yoda believes the dark times are coming, and Windu foresees much trouble on the horizon. Obi-Wan plots a course around an asteroid field -- but the starfighter's proximity alarm goes off! Someone is after the Council's message: Jango Fett, piloting the Slave I! In an attempt to escape the onslaught, Obi-Wan maneuvers the Jedi Starfighter into the nearby asteroid field. Jango attempts to shoot the Jedi down with a hidden missile launcher. Obi-Wan avoids the blast, but his fighter is damaged. The Jedi converts his ship into Fight Mode, and disables Slave I. Obi-Wan continues on to Albecus, but he has a feeling that he will see the mysterious starship - and its unknown pilot - again...
> ATTACK OF THE CLONES: Count Dooku hires Jango Fett to kill Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo for the Trade Federation leader Nute Gunray. Jango then turns the job over to his friend Zam Wesell, but the first few Assignements go wrong. On Naboo as well as en route to Coruscant every attempt fails. Even the hidden detonator on board the Senatorial Cruiser kills only a decoy Senator. So Jango gives Zam a last chance donning her two kouhuns. When this attempt fails as well and the Jedi capture Zam Jango has to kill her with a Kaminoan Kyberdart, but now the Jedi had another trace leading Obi Wan Kenobi to Kamino, Jangos home. There Obi Wan finds out about the Mandalorian Clone Army Project which is made for the Republic on Jedi orders, without them knowing anything. When he meets Jango, Jango tries to hide the fact he was on Coruscant, and prepares his leave of Kamino after Obi Wan left his appartment. Back on Kamino, Obi-Wan sneaks into Jango’s apartment and finds it empty. He rushes out to the landing platform of Jango’s ship and finds him and his son packing up to leave on his ship, the Slave I. Jango is wearing Mandalorian armour! A vicious fight erupts, and Jango escapes to his ship and takes off.... but not before Obi-Wan is able to tag the vessel with a tracer. Obi-Wan leaves Kamino in his starfighter, tailing Jango through space. Soon, Jango realises that Obi-Wan is following him, and he takes ‘Slave 1’ into the asteroid-filled rings of his destination, Geonosis, to try to lose the persistent Jedi Knight. A fierce battle ensues between the two ships. Although Obi-Wan is not the skilled pilot that Anakin is, he dodges asteroid after asteroid, firing.... Jango makes manoeuvres, firing back.... Obi-Wan is forced to hide behind an asteroid, and Jango believes that he has killed him and travels on. Obi-Wan, still in one piece, follows the trace to the rocky surface of Geonosis; two large Federation Droid Control Ships loom in orbit. On Geonosis Jango helps capturing the Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Senator Amidala, who came to rescue Obi Wan Kenobi, which was caught earlier days ago. But while the Jedi send forces to rescue all of them, Count Dooku has them in the Geonosis arena for fulfilling the death sentence. The Jedi arrive just in time and a furious battle starts. As the battle rages on, Mace Windu and Jango Fett go one-on-one as the savage Reek breaks loose in the arena. Jango and Mace fight fiercely, but eventually Mace decapitates Jango, defeating the evil bounty hunter once and for all. A grieving Boba Fett dons his father’s helmet and escapes in ‘Slave I’.

> As the Clone Wars begin, Durge escapes his captivity with the Mandalorians and is lured into the service of Count Dooku on behalf of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.The Republic clones were cast from a Mandalorian genetic template. Though the galaxy may be bereft of true Mandalorians, their legacy lived on in the form of clone troopers. Durge would take great satisfaction in being able to kill legions of his sworn enemies.
> CLONE WARS: The GAR Mandalorians fight for the Republic while Jango died at separatist side killed by Jedi Master Mace Windu.
> To add to their Droid Forces non-droid soldiers the Separatists enlist the aid of the Mandalorian Warriors from the Mandalore Sector, who didn´t acknowledge the Mercenary Groups armies that had been destroyed by the Jedi but as well didn´t want to have Mandalorian Blood sprayed at Galidraan. So the Lord Mandalore took the offer for revenge and sent his armies to help the Confederacy of Independent Systems to repell the, as they called them, "fake" Mandalorian Clones and their Jedi Generals. For the first time after centuries, the glorious Mandalorians were back fighting the Republic, the Clones, and the traitor Jango Fett. (Note: This is their view, though both Mandalorian lines have true Mandalorian heritage and legacy!)
> BOBA FETT YOUTH NOVELS #1: For 10-year-old Boba Fett, life on the waterworld of Kamino is good. Proud of his father and what he does, he strives to memorize Jango’s bounty hunter code

Mia Ge'tal'mesh:

--- Quote from: Ky'ram Parjai'Kote on March 18, 2011, 09:38:45 PM ---The Wookieepedia article I believe was written by Mia Getal'mesh and shadowxander on here; they totally revamped it with tender love and care.

--- End quote ---
This is true.  Took a while, but The Mandalorian article (plus the ones on Death Watch, New Mandalorians, and True Mandalorians) are all fully legit.  We hit a bunch of the other Mando-related articles too, like "Vhe'yaim" and all the ones with Mando animals--including strills! :D

Ky'ram Parjai'Kote:

--- Quote from: Mia Ge'tal'mesh on March 18, 2011, 11:46:31 PM ---This is true.  Took a while, but The Mandalorian article (plus the ones on Death Watch, New Mandalorians, and True Mandalorians) are all fully legit.  We hit a bunch of the other Mando-related articles too, like "Vhe'yaim" and all the ones with Mando animals--including strills! :D

--- End quote ---

^_^ And I enjoyed every minute of reading it. Was much better then "The Mandalorians did this. The Mandalorians did that. The Mandalorians were jerks, consequently they got owned."

And no, that is not a direct quote.

Grunt Trooper:

--- Quote from: Ky'ram Parjai'Kote on March 19, 2011, 10:11:10 AM ---Was much better then "The Mandalorians did this. The Mandalorians did that. The Mandalorians were jerks, consequently they got owned."

And no, that is not a direct quote.

--- End quote ---
Oh I thought I had read that on there at one point...

I really would like to know more about strills. I want a strill no matter how smelly they are.


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