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SpecOps: Diffuse
« on: April 11, 2011, 04:38:32 PM »
A little fic I'm writing, in which some guy decides to try and start WWIII and a team of SpecOps perssonel try and stop it. here it goes:

The Journal of the 607th
Day 4 of the invasion of Moscow

People never learn, and the Russians are no exception.
  As we all know here, this war started because a small task force shut-down the nuclear capabilities of all countries, and then the goverments decided it was safe to start a war. How? I donít really give a damn.
  But, as the sands of time always suggest, nothing lasts forever. This includes the temporary Ė and all countries have been assured by their nice rulers this is the case Ė shut down of nuclear weapons. At least we canít be seen as cowards by the Japanese anymore.
  Now we go forward, as brothers in arms, to fight for what is right.

Last entry by Pvt. James Joe-Johnson, before his death by a comrade he thought he could trust.


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Re: SpecOps: Diffuse
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2011, 02:08:43 PM »

Somewhere on the Eastern side of Russia, 10 years before the start of WWIII

Failure and defeat go together, and the team of ST-187 - Special Task group 187 - were opting for neither.
  "Well, at least we know we are going to get creamed for a change," said Private Jerry "Ghost" Martin. He stares at the laptop, with the uplink down, shaking his head. "Anyone think we should quit while we are ahead?"
  Ghost had a point. The odds were not in there favour. But they never were. This mission was just harder because the fate of the world rested on its completion. The objective was simple; Shut down all nuclear weapons before someone decides to push a big red button. The estimate was that would happen in ten years time, so they had until nine years to finish it.
  It wouldn't be easy.
  "Ghost, shut it and let Sarge carry on were the general left off," said Ben "Alien" Johnson, "It could be worse. I mean we have enough intel for once.
  "How many time? Intel is not reliable. Remember that last mission? Our intel was outdated by a year and the layout of the target had changed." That was James "Jimmy" Derk, and he was not in the high-spirits-lets-laugh mood, "This is risky. No joking about. Let's hope this goes well."
  No, lets pray it goes well, Bill "Bob" Dinglo thought, Let's pray...