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Re: HALO: Rosenda's Story
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As Nophes walked in through the secret passageway, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She just watched Rosenda assassinate Sharpe`. Now she had to pay double! Nophes saw the General charging at Rosenda, and Rosenda charging at him. So she pulled out her Energy sword, and waited to strike.


The general knew what was coming, because she just assassinated Sharpe`, the toughest Kig’yar in the galaxy. The general was not happy. He saw her coming, so he grabbed his Plasma rifle off of his side. When she was only less than a foot away, something jumped out of the shadows, and decapitated him.
“She’s mine.” Nophes said with saliva coming out of her mouth.
“Nophes, glad to see you’re still alive.” Rosenda said, while bowing sarcastically.
“You WILL pay for Jorrain’s death, and Sharpe`s as well.”
“Not if we can help it!” yelled Major O’Dollen, running down the hallway.
“But you will pay for Captain Brown’s death.” Pvt. Loran said.
“Ha! Do you honestly think you can defeat me?” said Nophes mockingly.
“No, we know we can defeat you.” Rosenda said bravely.
“Take your best shot!” Nophes shouted.
Just then, they all grabbed out there Rocket launchers, and charged at her. Before Nophes could even start to run away, they had already taken aim, and fired.
“Say hi to Jorrain and Sharpe` for me.” Said Rosenda sarcastically. “Troops, throw me the detonators, and let’s get out of here.”
“Yes Ma’am!” they all replied.