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« on: May 30, 2011, 10:12:16 PM »

Just a lil' somethin-somethin I'm trying out

     Remember when you were a kid, and you joked around about stuff that you would think never would happen? Things like contact with extraterrestrial life, world war three, the last season of American Idol. I mean, really; Simonís gone so thereís no real point of watching. Plus, the show has run its race, paid its dues, and jumped the shark. Who even watches it anymore? But yeah, joking about things like judgment day and, heaven forbid, the zombie apocalypse.

     Well, surprise.
     I donít know how it happened. I donít know exactly when it happened. All I knew was that all of a sudden, people went apeshit crazy and started eating each other. Where was I? I was on an A.P. Environmental Science field trip with my class up to the San Juan Islands. We were planning on staying a few days up on Orcas Island, observing . . . well, the environment.

     We got off the ferry well enough. Things at the port seemed awfully quiet, though. Still, we headed up on a bus to the park where we would be lodging. We had to stop midway though, because Mr. Largeís (Yes, his name was Mr. Large) spastic colon started acting up. He wandered off into the shrubbery by the road and didnít come back. Actually, part of him came back. I think it was his intestine dangling from the mouth of some vest-clad outdoorsman. Needless to say, the bus driver booked us out of there. We had to head up to camp though, couldnít go back to the port. Have you ever tried to make a school bus do a U-turn on a crappy off-road trail? Not easy. Our driver, who was old and not the least bit healthy, had some heart attack or stroke or something and he died before we could get anywhere. Pretty quick too, all the sudden he just sagged on top of the steering wheel.

     You know those little safety talks that bus drivers give you before you start the trip? Like what to do if something happens to the driver, or if the bus turns on its side, and where to find the body fluid cleanup kit? Then you also know how nobody ever listens to those. Needless to say, the bus careened off the road and wedged itself in between a couple of trees.
So here we are, here I am. Reid Robertson Harrow. Stuck in a crashed bus with a bunch of crazy teenagers and a potential zombie apocalypse and not the faintest idea of whatís going on or what to do.

That's just great.


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Re: Pugetpocalypse
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Serious and funny... cool.