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The Life of a Street Racer
« on: August 07, 2011, 03:58:11 PM »
I wrote this about a year ago. So, it wont be that good. But, allwell.

Half of you will hve no idea what is happening, because this a follow up to a story which has been erased from my PC. I'll try and clarify parts, though.

Oh, yeah. A street racer is a person who races cars on the streets (illegally) for money. This is story one: The life "Blacklist 1".


Incoming transmission...
Code Verified...
Opening Confidential Data...
Please select alias...
Confirmed: Selected Blacklist 1; Nickname: Elusive...
Changing status to: Wanted; Level: International.


Northern Beach, Seabay city

"Well well well. Look who we have here. Another kid waiting for his sentence to jail?"
  Elusive, former territorial king of Seabay, parks his tuned Chevrolet Corvette Stingray alongside the other racers cars. Elusive ignored the man with the ease of having heard it all before - because he had.
  "Wrong way round, my friend." Replies Elusive, "That M3 GTR doesn't stand a chance."
  "Neither do you," one of the crowd inturepts, "This guy is Number One on the Blacklist. Your lucky to even be here, lined up next to Cross."
   "Shut it," Cross said, "I don't need you, wannabe. You let this hobo through to me," he got into his M3 and started the engine. "Now, Frank, be a good little mechanic and get my parts ready for his car."
   Elusive had almost forgot: His pinkslip. The key to getting the keys for another rivals car. It was a risky game - a childs game - but he had won 14 times. What was stopping him winning this last one?
   "I'm not racing today," Elusive said slowly, "I left my 'slip at the police checkpoint. Tommorow, okay?"
   Cross nodded and drove off, leaving tire smoke. The crowd dispersed. And now Elusive could go get his pinkslip from the other side of the checkpoint.

Police Security Checkpoint, outskirts of Seabay

Elusive bought his 'vette to a halt a quatre mile away from the checkpoint. He would have to plan this carefully.
   The police on foot were no problem. The one stuck in the cars all day - they were the challenge.
   And to think I basically owned this place, he thought. Now look at me.
   His tight escape over the vast chasm was close. Now they had built a bridge there. If they had done that any earlier, his escape would have been easy.
   Wait, no. None of the police made it over. The helicopters crashed into the trees around it. Now what will happen if I have to escape again?
   Elusive put it out of his mind by charging down the road at full throttle and smashing through the police roadblock. His personal mechanic, Neville, could fix up the dents later. He picked his moment in all the confusion to pick up his pinkslip and get back to his 'vette. By the time he made it, however, the police had regrouped and were now attempting to arrest him.
   It's just like old times.
   Even the radio chatter was like old times. Elusive could tap into the police frequency with the help of former undercover cop Nikki. Hell, she had been his girlfriend at one point, before he had to skip town.
   Does she still love me?
   "Dispatch, dangerous driver heading west on 23rd street!"
   "Roger that, Charlie Two, detailing a roadblock to form up at the junction to highway 206."
   "I need more Code 4 units. I'm still code ten!"
   Elusive bought his car up alongside some scafolding, and clipped it. It fell ontop of 2 of the 6 vehicle chasing him. And that's exactly when he heard his worst nightmare fly over head...
   "Heli Delta fourty-nine, on scene."
   "Monitor possible escape routes and inform all Code 6 units."
   "Roger that, Dispatch."
   Elusive decided that he had two ways of escape; a forest or trying to trick out the helicopter by entering a tunnel and exiting the way he entered.
   The odds weren't good either way.
   But he had a reason to escape now, and it was more than some cash; he was going to find Nikki and tell her how he feels.
   And thats when he made his choice.


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Re: The Life of a Street Racer
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2011, 04:58:33 PM »
heh heh heh.



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Re: The Life of a Street Racer
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2011, 06:28:11 PM »


"Oh god!"
  The police radio was breaking up, probably because Elusive had just went into a forest and nothing could keep up. His LSD was set for more breaking power to his rear than acceleration. It was just as well; split second reactions were needed, and more breaking power would mean you would get out alive. His 'vette had been pure speed until a crash into a fire station had put him in hospital for months - under a different alias, of course.
  "Where's that helicopter?" He murmered.
  He drove deeper and deeper, and now all he was recieving on the police frequency was static. They must've broke up, he thought. But where to now?
  Elusive was lost, and his sat-nav was getting no signal. Seabay had some of the largest forests, volatile deserts, and built up areas a city and its sub-urban areas could have. He continued on, knowing that if he was heading north, he'd reach the area of his garage by midnight. But he didn't know.
  And noone knows how many lives I ruined to get here. Yes, Elusive had framed, blackmailed and even injured people who wouldn't leave him alone, and stopped hm from getting his revenge.
  Cross stole my car and my life. What did everyone expect?
  Just as he was pulling up onto what looked like a public trail, something fell ontop of his car. Elusive wasn't aware of much apart from faint images of him being dragged out of his car, his vette in pieces, before he was kicked in the stomach - hard.
  "Well well well," said Cross, "Looks like Mr. Big Boy wont be racing tommorow."
  "You..." Elusive couldn't speak, "You... chweatwer." His voice was distorted, with w coming out with his r. He was thrown into a van, and that was him.
  Or so he thought.
  "Pull up!" The van stopped. "Now go get the burgers whilst I get the replacment parts for the corvette."
  Elusive knew it was now or never. He jumped through the opening between the storage area and the drivers seat, and sped away with the still active engine.


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Re: The Life of a Street Racer
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2011, 05:57:13 PM »
Safehouse E-N, city outer-suburbs, 0900 hours

"Nikki? Cars ready!"
  Nikki was woken with a thumping heart. She had a nightmare. Of Elusive being captured and tortured after arriving in town. But he isn't here, she thought, he left me and everyone else in the dark.
  Tired and lonely, Nikki occasionally strayed outside the city limits to find him. With no luck, of course. Otherwise she would have thrown him of a cliff. Nikki, now on the verge of tears for some reason, focused on the real world now. Her world.
  "Yes, Joe. I'll be there in a minute." Joe was a simple mechanic who accidentally got on the wrong side of the law. Nikki took him in, and her part of the deal was to keep him safe. His part was too fix and modify her cars.
  Today it was her favourite: A Ford GT40... one of the very few MKIII or more betterly known as the road-versions of the 1950's racer. She had found it abandoned and broken a few months ago.
  "Okay..." Joe was faintly annoyed. Nikki had learnt enough about him.
  If only Elusive was here now...
  Elusive was Nikki's only friend through school, and then when she was thrown out by her parents, Elusive was her protector. When he became a racer, Nikki became his mechanic, due to her high skills in engineering. Eventually a strong bond was formed. They became more than friends.
  There was one thing she never told anyone... Elusive and her were engaged.
  The last race Elusive did was to pay for the wedding. When he bolted, Nikki lost hope. She knew his many secrets; that he had a nickname that was once Star, that he raced Cross under this name who had sebsequently cheated and took his M3 GTR. Elusive joked he prefered his 'vette, but Nikki knew the beemer was his pride and soul. Even Nikki struggled to get past that silver car.

Unmarked van, near Safehouse E-N

Oh, Jesus...
  Elusive had made it to Safehouse E-N, his former home. He pulled up his car and used the remote. I still worked. If this place is abandoned, he thought, I will spend my time re-doing it.
  He parked his car in the darkness, and went off memory to his former room. To his surprise, it was how he left it.
  Elusive fell asleep and had easy, nice dreams knowing he was were he belonged... home.


Ha! Nikki and Elusive in the same place without knowing!