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Red Eclipse
« on: November 26, 2011, 09:06:13 PM »
“We have your next assignment.” My master explained

My mind wandered as my master started to explain. I had been a Jedi for two days. “I must stop calling him master, I am no longer his padawan.” I thought.

“Jake, are you listening?” My master asked “You must pay attention if you are to succeed.”

“Yes master Ren, I am listening”

“Good.” He said “Now, you must go to the planet Dyneria and inspect some strange events. We expect sith involvement, but we are not sure.”

“What should I look for?” I asked

“anything unusual” He said, in the tone he had when he was unsure. “ It could be a simple as a break in, or as evil as a mass murder.”

“I will leave immediately” I stated “I’ll take my starfighter and...”. “Wait” he said, his hand in front of me “I have transportation arranged. For this mission, you must not draw attention.”

I don't like going anywhere without my starfighter. But, I agreed and headed for the cargo ship heading for Dyneria. Light glared off the hull of the modified freighter. The freighter had seen better times and wasn’t the best thing to look at.

The ride was uneventful, and the man beside me smelt like bantha poop. The planet, like the freighter, had seen better days. Most of the land was sand and rock. What wasn't rock had plants on it. The small spaceport sat perched on a plateau and led down into the small village. The spaceport was filled with people begging for water. Hiding my face under a plain cloak, I made my way out of the ship and into the port.

The shock wave hit me and I flew forward into the wall. The force softened the blow and I landed onto the floor. The room spun for a moment until I shook my head to clear it. The freighter sat on the pad  with the top and side ripped out and smoking. Seats landed on the sided of walls around the pad. My ears were still ringing. I ran towards the freighter while people ran away. I reached out through the force. “Good” I thought. “No one was killed.” The ground became scorched and littered with debris as I neared the wreckage.

The wind billowed through my cloak as I stood examining the wreckage. The explosive had been placed inside the ship and the piece of the hull had been ripped outward. Peoples cloths and luggage lay strewn around the ship. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a hooded figure walking toward the exit. I tried to sense him through the force, but all I could sense was metal and circuits. “A droid!” I realized. I moved towards it and followed it down into the town. It seemed not to notice me. It moved between the shacks and building, no doubt intending on loosing any pursuit.

Leaving the town, I dodged in and out of rocks, following the droid. It wound in and out of paths, riverbeds, and long forgotten building. It ended at a cave. It entered and I followed, staying in the darkness of the cave wall. After about 100 meters of cave, a light shined through a doorway. The droid entered the door. I dashed through and was momentarily blinded by light.

“Who are you?” A voice asked, filled with artificial venom. But also something kind lay underneath.

“I am a Jedi knight.” I stated “and who are you?”

“A Jedi! Here?!” The voice said, surprised.

My eyes adjusted and cleared. The room was large and rectangular. It had a bed in the corner and a stack of books on the nightstand. A small kitchen lay along the wall with another door and couch beside the door. The source of the voice, a young dark haired girl around my age,18, wearing simple farmers cloths, lay sitting on the bed with a book open.

“Leave Jedi, before I decide to kill you.” She had risen from the bed and stood in front of me, lightsaber hilt in hand.

“Why are you hurting these people?” I asked. I knew I had said the wrong thing as she approached. Her hair waved around her as she activated her lightsaber. Its red blade hummed to life.

“Leave now, and you wont be hurt!” She yelled. She sounded frightened. I activated my lightsaber and entered a defensive stance. She jumped into the air and out blades clashed.