Author Topic: Republic Commandos: MIA ( starting chapter, if you wish to join do it soon)  (Read 4115 times)

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You wake up in a prison cell. As you stand up a wave of nausea washes over you. The last thing you remember is being evaced on malastare with the rest of your squad when theCIS overran the planet. You walk out of the cell to a nearby command console. It is completely fried.
"Come to the bridge,yeah you, get to the bridge of the ship... but beware the infected" a voice crackles over your Comm. Judging by the looks of the place the hallway your in is an acclamator's prison block. Your only course of action is to get to the bridge

( you can join at any time as long as your character is a clone and has a reasonable intro)
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I am sorry for posting this but can anyone give me a link to where you can create a commando? I know i have done one but i want to change it.
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