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The return to Dxun
« on: May 24, 2012, 02:19:00 AM »
My first story here. About a mental mandolorians mission to locate the Dxun base.

The return home.
Mandalore walked slowly away from his ship. The vessel was an illegal mass of junk, literally. He had found pieces of old ships and put them together, making one very dangerous craft. But he didnít mind. That was the type of person he was.
The surface of Dxun was mysterious and dark. The rains penetrated through the tree canopy and he could hear the sounds of animal shrieks, too far away to tell what they were coming from. He put his hand on his custom built blaster rifle; again it was his own design.
He came across a river and next to it was a cave. In this cave was the ferocious Zakkeg. He saw this as no threat, and walked through the river rather loudly. Others would have been cautious, even with the best of weapons by their side. But this just added to his title. Fearless, brave and smart.
What others saw was a deranged, crazy and stupid man, who had no sense at all. They had learned to speak better of him. But they werenít alive long enough to put this lesson to action. He had called himself Mandalore purely because he found the last Mandaloreís body, and taken his helmet. No other mandalorian looked at him as a leader. This was why he was alone.
He trudged across the other side of the bank when he heard a large splashing noise behind him. He looked at the middle of the river and smiled. The Zakkeg was advancing towards him, but didnít see the explosive charge under the water. Mandalore took out the detonator, smiling before pressing the detonate button.
The Zakkeg barely moved, but the rocks around it forced it down the river and over a nearby waterfall. Mandalore heard the beastsí cries before it hit the bottom with extreme force, dying from the impact. Mandalore smiled and resumed walking to his destination. He felt he was close when he noticed a very unnatural structure ahead.
His location was the abandoned mando camp, which had been unoccupied for centuries. He was going to build his new empire here, he could feel it. He rounded a bend and found himself at the entrance of two canyons that formed a two meter gap close together. His heart sank, for his location was above the canyons.
He heard a sound behind him. Turning around two figures in dark uniforms closed in and started blasting. Mandalore pulled out his custom rifle and sent a burst of shots at the two hostiles. His rifle quickly jammed up due to the bad design and weather leaving him with only his pistol. This pistol had been handcrafted by his great grandfather, who was a great warrior and had been turned on by his leader.
Mandalore spun around and shot down one of his new enemies. The pistol didnít send blaster bolts to the hostiles surprise, but instead fired projectiles. Mandalore was too busy firing at the last remaining enemy when a big, bulky figure came from above the canyons and jumped on him with lightning fast speed.
'That'll make 'em think twice...maybe even three times,' Scorch after blowing up trandos with a turret.