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Mando'a grammar help?


Vlet Hansen:
Haran'be tab shi nu hiibir de ade kotep luubid bah mar'eyir jate'shya yusta!

If I'm right, the direct translation would be
[spoiler]Oblivion (possesive suffix) path only not taken by people brave enough to find better road[/spoiler]

Intended to mean
[spoiler]The path to oblivion is only avoided by those brave enough to find a better road[/spoiler]

Inspired heavily by early Mandalorian religion, Kad Ha'rangir and all that... So, does it look like I have it right? Suggestions?

Parjai Tal:
Well one problem is that there's no passive voice in Mando'a, so the sentence would have to read something like:

Only people brave enough to find a better road avoid the path to oblivion.

My best translation of that is:

Shi adate kotep luubid mar'eyir jate'shya goyust nu'hibiir (lit. do not take- I couldn't find a word for avoid) goyust bah haran.

Since word order determines meaning like in English I think that's the most accurate translation (as far as I can figure out at least).
I hope this helps!

Vlet Hansen:


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