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Darkness Beneath
« on: September 10, 2012, 11:50:47 PM »
“And, Stay down!” The armored assailant yells over the roar of the Coruscant underworld. Crimson blood pools around the old mans head, soaking into the the weathered walkway. His shoulder is charred where A blaster bolt found its mark, and he bleeds out of multiple knife wounds. His nose is broken where A solid kick hit it. A group of the low lives circle him like birds, picking at the scraps. His few possessions, gone. The old man, looks up, makes a muted motion with his hand, and falls back into the pool of blood. A thug kicks him in the side. No movement. The birds, done picking with their meal, retreat to their speeders. After they are gone, the only sign that they were ever there, is an old man in a brown robe, laying dead in the walkway.

Thump! Step, Step. Thump! Step, Step. Thump!

Nole Outlander walks slowly through the streets. The pounding in the back of his head, never ceasing to annoy him. He finds himself walking down an empty side street overlooking the speeder lanes. Everything has become a blur. The only constant, the thumping in the far reaches of his mind. Everything is dusty and decaying. A dense layer of filth fills the air. Little light reaches down into this part of the city planet. What little does, only makes the dust and decay more prominent. Each step he takes labors through the air until it hits the ground.

Thump! Step, Step. Thump! Step, Step. Thump!

He vision blurs even more. All he knows is that what he's looking for, whatever it may be, is ahead. A dark blob appears on the walkway. The shapes and colors muddle, becoming more and more clear as he approaches. He picks out A host of shapes. A circle, and A rough rectangle. “A head and body” Nole thinks, picking out the legs and feet in the blur. Around the figure, A substance pools. Now, he can pick out individual details. The liquid appears to be originating from the person. Blood, he realizes. The mans disfigured nose. The tears and rips in his once clean, brown robe. The charred area surrounding the majority of his shoulder. The thumping increases in his head.

Thump! Step. Thump! Step. Thump! Step. Thump!

The blood now pools around the fabric Nole uses for shoes. The life of the man bleeds through and makes contact with his feet. Cold as ice, it sends a shiver up his spine. The gruesome scene before him does not disturb Nole. Murders, robberies, and rapes are common in the lower levels. Just another person in  the wrong place at the wrong time. The mans hand lays at an angle that makes a small gesture towards the buildings that lay along the walkway. The thumping increases to a fever pitch.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

He turns, looking toward the wall. Nothing stands out. He leans down on one knee. Nothing stands out. He lays on his stomach. Nothing stands out. A speeder passes overhead, and A piece of polished metal glints from inside A cracked open maintenance hatch at the base of the walkway. He tries to clear his head, to push the thumping away. Reaching inside, he uses his back legs to force more and more of his arm inside. His fingers brush along a smooth cylinder. He pushed harder, grabbing the object and pulling out of the hatch. The thumping returns, louder and at the forefront of his mind.


He fingers brush over the cool metal, picking out each feature by touch. At one end, A cap. At the other, what feels like an emitter of some sort. Near the middle, A button he assumes is the activator. He weighs it in his hands. Heavy. The object is oversized in his hands. Orientating it so the emitter is facing out, he thumbs the activator...