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Fanfiction Forum Guidelines
« on: December 27, 2006, 08:11:46 PM »
This forum is the place to post any clone fanfic you may have written!

Here are some preliminary guidelines for posting here.

1) All fanfic here must features clones from the Star Wars universe in a primary role. No slash or anything even close to explicit sexual content. Keep the violence, language, and sex at a level in-line with something you might see in an official Star Wars movie or book, please. Crossover fanfic is fine - as long as there are clones, it's good!

2) Please start a new thread for each story. But do NOT start a new thread for each chapter or section of a single story! One story, one thread. Exception: if there's a really really really long period in between postings, you *may* start a new thread... but this is discouraged as it makes it hard for new people to find all the parts to your story.

3) If you desire, it is ok for you to have a separate feedback thread for a story, so that you can keep the text in one place unmired by interruptions. But this will be up to you to police and I don't want you bothering me or the mods to move people's posts. So you might want to link to your feedback thread with big flashing neon text about a billion times.

4) You can either copy and paste the text of your story into the body of your post (though there's probably a character limit, so be careful), or upload it as an attachment. The forum should allow .doc, .pdf, and .txt attachments. Attach files by clicking the 'Additional Options' link on the post screen, and then browsing for the file you wish to upload.

5) Posting works-in-progress is encouraged.

6) Do not post anything you did not write yourself, unless you have the author's permission or are simply recommending a story posted elsewhere (recs are allowed and encouraged). Plagiarism will get you banned.

7) It's encouraged to leave feedback for other writers. However, constructive criticism is the key. Any personal insults, or even general comments like the person's writing is "complete crap", will be deleted and the poster warned and possibly banned. If you won't take time to say what you think could improve the story, or something the author did well, do not post at all. I'm not going to let this place turn elitist. Writers of varying experience and talent are here, but we're all equal. My personal view is it's always better to write than not; and if you don't like it, don't read it.

Aside from your own fiction, here are some other things you can post in this forum: General writing advice, continuity or factual questions you need for your story, clone fanfic recs, and general discussions about fanfic.
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