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I finally got around to upgrading the forum to the latest version of SMF. This will hopefully fix the PHP errors I know people have been getting. As a result, the old forum theme is gone, but I did my best to quickly put together a similar-looking one.

Any issues with functionality, let me know!

N-11 Commander Ordo:
Thanks Amy! We appreciate it. You're still the best!

Vlet Hansen:
I like the new theme

Commander Dimal:
Just a quick question. Is it me, or does the spoiler tag function on this forum seem to missing from the area around the box where you create your posts? It seems to have disappeared recently, even before the forum layout was upgraded. Was that function removed by mistake, or is this a known problem? There are some spoilery things I want to discuss, and I want to be able to put them in a spoiler tag, but can't do so, and I don't know ho to make them if there is another way to do it.

I'll add the spoiler add-on back when I get a chance. May be a month or so though.


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